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Mrs. Brown.

That vision made Henrik's blood fire up and loses self-control. He sat over Ophala's chest, placing his hard and mighty rod right in front of her face. Ophala looked at it puzzled, that "thing," she had seen something similar to it before through the secret passages of the castle but never so close as tonight and now. His beloved Henrik was expecting something from him! Of course, Ophala had never been intimate with other men and he really didn't know what he must do or what exactly Henrik was expecting of him, but soon the instinct began to drive her actions on the right path.

Embarrassed but tempted by it, she grabbed that pulsing and warm thing in her hand, gently, and slowly began to strokes it. That new feeling was strange, she could feel it pulsing faster and growing in her hand, while Henrik began to moan softly under that pleasant touch.

Ophala moved her hand faster, following the increase of Henrik's intense moan and groans, till she noticed a sort of white liquid leaking out of the tip of that wonderful cock. Intrigued by that thing, she touched it with her fingers, finding it a little weird and sticky, but interesting. Curious about the nature of that liquid and how it can tasted, Ophala moved her finger to her mouth and licked them clean, maybe it tasted just a little salty and of course it was sticky in texture, but it was better than Ophala was expecting, and more began leaking out of his tip!

This was a totally new experience for Ophala and in her mind she was trying to understand why that was happening right now. Maybe it was some disease Henrik had and her actions had just made his situation more complicated and dangerous, so she suddenly stopped, worried by the possible consequences.

"Was that hurting you, my love?" Ophala asked, feeling guilty and even more worried.

Henrik looked at her, with his deep brown eyes. As he was expecting, Ophala had no experience about sex. After all she was raised as the future heir of the Throne of Lombrady and, of course, it was never permitted for her to have certain "entertainment" with people of the other sex, especially because of her true gender. Henrik smiled at her, trying to relieve the Queen of any fear.

"It's a natural thing my love, don't be worried, that's the proof of how much my body likes what you are doing to it!"

The pretty and gentle smile of the Prince reassured Ophala. She became less nervous, even though, she still hesitated, uncertain what was expected of her. Henrik encouraged her. He slowly stroked his mighty rod right in front of Ophala's face. At first, Ophala was embarrassed by the view, but soon the soft and excited moans of her beloved Prince began to tickle her imagination, making her body excited by the experience.

Still doubtful but tempted by the situation, Ophala moved her trembling hand over that big and incredible rod, soon replacing Henrik's hand. Ophala's hand was so gentle. The sensations it gave to Henrik were intense. He thought that this is the first time she was with a man. It thrilled him and before long, his excitement became too much. He ejaculated copious amounts of white and dense cream from his cock.

Ophala was fascinated by his reaction to her. It was so new and wonderful! Henrik told her that was the proof of how much his body liked her and those words made her so happy! Her mind didn't know exactly what was happening now in that room, but for sure her body did! Ophala allowed her body to lead her in to this new experience and even though her inexperience was not able to explain it, she was quite sure that it felt right.

Pushed by the strong sensations she was experiencing for the first time, Ophala wrapped the tip of Henrik's rod with her tongue, licking it clean from that strange fluid that still leaked out slowly. Then, curious about the taste of that impressive and majestic staff, she moved her tongue along its whole length and back, making Henrik moans loudly.

Her tongue lingered again, the red and swollen tip, making it pulse faster and letting more precum leak out of it.

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