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Sports girls get it on with guy.

"If it makes you feel any better," James said, "I'm nervous as hell."


"I'm in front of a woman I find attractive," James shrugged. "Of course I'm nervous."

She flushed, he found her attractive.

Emily took off her coat and bag and kicked off her shoes, she then undid her blouse and slid it off, exposing her heavy-set shoulders and the excess flesh that hung from her upper arms. Her large belly hung over the waistband of her skirt, while the smallish breasts remained encased in a sensible bra.

She watched as he stroked his cock.

"God," she blurted out.


"It is a nice cock."

He smiled, "You have nice tits."


She unfastened the clasp of her bra freeing the disproportionately small breasts, then removed her skirt and pulled down her tights so that they bundled around her ankles.


"I should go," she started saying, suddenly unsure of herself. She went to get dressed but he moved over to her, his hand took her head and he leaned down and kissed her. The two moaned into each other's mouth's and for a moment were lost in the bliss.

When he pulled away, she looked up at him. "You do find me attractive."


His breath was almost a whisper.

James moved his hand between her legs and she breathed in, he felt her moist lips and pushed a finger inside her. Emily groaned and looked away, her breathing heavy, her breasts lifting up and down. They stripped off properly and she got onto the bed, "Do you want to ride me?"

"I want to eat you out first."

She moaned, pinched her nipples, and nodded.

She was shy around most people and men in particular. They didn't usually find her attractive and tended to shy away from her. On more than one occasion she'd been called fatty, but for some reason with James she felt different, freer somehow.

He inserted one thick finger in the crease of her ass, caressing the puckered opening. Emily jumped in surprise even as her pussy clenched with growing need.

Cream oozed from her slit, coating her folds. She wanted more.

Tremors shook her thighs as her inner muscles clamped down hard. James pulled his finger out and circled her opening. She whimpered in need.


He parted her folds with his thumbs and then leaned forward. Emily held her breath, not quite certain what to expect. She'd read about this sort of thing, but no other man had tasted her there

James slid two fingers inside her, pushing all doubts aside. She arched her hips, wanting him deeper. James then buried his face in her pussy and found the bud of nerves at the apex and sucked it into his mouth, lapping at it with his tongue.

Emily cried out at the intensity of the pleasure. It bordered on pain, but she wanted more. He slid his fingers out of her pussy and then drove them deep as he continued to lap and suck on her clit.

He lapped at her swollen flesh, licking and sucking. His fingers found a rhythm, sliding in and out of her slick channel. The contractions started and she knew she was going over the edge.

"Oh, my God!"

She bucked her hips as he frigged her hard. He pulled his face away from her pussy and as he pumped her, her squelching became evident.

Emily didn't care, it was the first real, decent orgasm she'd had in some time, since, well, forever. She came and slumped back down, her breathing fast and shallow.

James kissed the inside of her thighs, the smell of her pussy thick in the air. He groaned as she fluttered her eyes and looked at him.


"James," she breathed.

"How are you?"

"God, that was hot."

"Yes, it was."

She moaned. "I guess we're done now?"

"No," he shook his head.


He knelt up, his cock aching.

"Would you like me to?"

"Only what you want to do," James said. "I won't force you to do anything."

She nodded.

"I need it," she reached over and took his cock in her hand and gently massaged it, her hand moving up and down its length.

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