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You're alone in the woods with your lover.

Her head and shoulders were propped up on a couple of pillows. Her lover was between her raised legs. Their pubic regions were melded together. There was no distance between their bodies.

"Stephanie, were you fucking him?"

"It looks like it doesn't it? That's another thing a married woman does with her lover. That's part of the illusion. If we were not tight up against each other, it would have showed his soft cock. Here are some more of me fucking my lover."

Just like the simulated blowjob pictures, they were combination of close-ups and full body shots.

"Now we can take a break."

She gave her husband a deep wet kiss. "You liked the sucking and fucking ones didn't you? It was hot doing that. His cock was real close to my mouth. It would have been real easy to give him a nice kiss on the head. That would be a good close-up." She continued, "Even though we were faking the fucking, his soft cock did feel real good against my pussy. All I needed to do was to make him hard and he would have slipped right in."

Chris couldn't wait anymore. He positioned himself between her out stretched legs and slid his cock into his wife's slutty pussy. There was no subtlety, he started pounding her..

"That's right. Fuck me just like my lover."

Stephanie felt more responsive. Her body emanated heat. As Chris thrust in and out of her tight slick passage, he relived the images of his wife with her fantasy lover.

Stephanie was enflamed after reliving her photo shoot. As her husband fucked her, she talked dirty to him, further driving their passion.

The next morning, they were both still very aroused. Chris got out of bed and went downstairs to get them some coffee. When he returned, Stephanie was sitting up in bed. The bed covers were pulled down to her waist leaving her breasts uncovered. She was looking at her session photographs.

Chris said to her, "You really like looking at those. Are you reliving you session with you lover."

"I am. But these are ones we didn't look at last night. Let me show you what else my lover and I did."

The rest of them were sex scenes. Chris couldn't believe how uninhibited Stephanie was acting. He had a difficult time thinking of their fantasy and not Stephanie.

The married woman was on top. There were different angles and focal points. He studied a close-up of just their pelvic areas melded together. He was trying to see if he could see if they were really fucking. But the male model's cock was not visible.

He said to his wife, "These are so realistic. It looks like you are really fucking."

Stephanie replied, "Of course it does. That's the illusion. A married woman is going to fuck her lover. It would have been easier if we were actually fucking. Jeff had to be careful that my lover's cock was not visible to maintain the fantasy."

They continued to look at the sex scenes between the married blonde and her lover. The next series had the married woman on her hands and knees while her lover fucked her doggie. All the sex scenes showed the married woman with a look a passion, her eyes partially closed and mouth opened.

Chris kept studying the photographs. "These look so real. It looks like you were actually cumming." He was pointing to one that showed the wife's face lifted, her neck was stretched out. Her lover was out of focus with his hands clasping her hips.

"It does look pretty real doesn't it? Riva was there to give me support and tips on sexual expressions. I also learned by looking at photographs of Kim and Pamela."

She told Chris that Kim and Pamela were other students who did work for Jeff. Kim was Asian and Pam was black. Riva was another married woman who liked to pose for erotic photographs with other models.

She described Riva as a sexy brunette with a great body. "She is a little curvier than me with larger breasts. Her husband also likes her posing with other male models. So you are not the only one. But enough of that. Let's get back to the married woman fucking her lover."

Chris thought of the photographs of the married brunette sucking and fucking th

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