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A night in your D/s relationship.

Not married, not attached. Definitely bi-curious." I say quickly, as Leigh approaches the table.

"Thank you. Keep me in mind. Always. After all, they say the best sex is in your mind, and I'm all about the best sex." Amy quips quickly, sticking her tongue out at Susie.

Leigh has gone all out in the short time between the office and the club. She is wearing her skirt suit jacket, but that is just a cover-up. Underneath she is wearing a Tulle mini-dress, the lace a VERY open weave, off the shoulder with a bow at her cleavage for easy access. I've seen string bikinis with more fabric than the gauzy tie at the sides panties she's wearing. She spent the time to trim her pussy lips, now the fire bush forest stops right above her clit. The dress ends right at the bottom of her panties, and beneath that are matching black thigh high hose, and a pair of the same plain black heels Susie is also wearing. She curled her hair, now raining down around her face in ringlets of red bliss. Her breasts are flying free, with very little droop, nipples barely disguised by the flowers of the lace pattern, clearly no bra required. She is a walking wet dream for a table of walk on the wide side women, thrown down in front of us like a juicy steak before ravenous wolves.

"Holy fuck you're hot!" Gail gushes.

I stand up, but instead of moving to kiss her in welcome, I do the only thing I can do. I pull off my panties and hand them to Leigh as I kiss her. Everybody else does the same, leaving Leigh very confused.

"What are all the panties for?" Leigh asks with a smile, as she stuffs them in her purse.

"It is a proposition. Every single one of us has just offered to take you home tonight. You can sniff them, and choose. Take your time. As you can tell from the change in odor here at the table, everyone finds you very hot and exciting. Besides, you have no idea who kisses the best, who dances the best, whose caresses turn you on the most - and we have hours to find out." I suggest warmly.

"I'm glad I don't have to decide right now, because you are all so wonderful! Would you like to dance, Carol?" Leigh offers me her hand.

"Of course, especially with you!" I say happily.

It is a seventies disco tune, and we bump buns, rub breasts, and hold each other. We are nearing the end of the song as Leigh whispers in my ear "I'm going home with you tonight, but I want to see how far your friends will go if I give them the chance. I think I want to see how much fun this place can be."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, baby!" I say as Lola taps my shoulder to cut in.

I sit down next to Susie. She starts fingering my pussy, then sticking my pussy cream covered fingers back into her mouth, then fingering her own pussy, sticking her pussy cream covered fingers into my mouth, then dipping down into each of us again and again. Demands of "Equal Time!" ring out.

Susie leans over to me and says "When your girlfriend kisses your mouth, she'll be tasting MY pussy. So don't be surprised when she goes home with me tonight."

Lola is putting the full court press on Leigh, grinding her pussy on Leigh's leg, while she grinds Leigh's pussy with her own as they 'dance'. Meanwhile her hands are caressing Leigh's thighs, hips, ass, playing with her breasts, as she kisses her hotly. It reminds me of the last makeout session I had with Yvette before we started eating each other out.

The music changes as Tammy taps Lola out, seeing a kind of bewildered face on Leigh, so she pulls it down several notches, to just rubbing each other's breasts and softly kissing, which while seemingly contradictory, makes Leigh much hotter.

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