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Cindy tests how well her Slut is trained.

..No! I can't do that anymore..I felt myself twitching. I put her clothes in the dryer, and started my special dinner, a masterpiece in it's own right: spaghetti!

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder, she laughed when I jumped. I turned around to find her fabulous body barely covered by a towel.

"Uh umm..ahem..I made dinner..I hope you like..." I barely managed to stammer, being, I guess you can say, distracted. "Looks great," she smiled. I smiled back, but she didn't see it, the power went out at the exact moment. " California Power Crisis, gotta love it," we both laughed as I stumbled around, looking for a candle, for one, brief moment, may and brushed against her breast, sending a shiver down my spine. When I finally lit one, I told her to have a seat, and then poured us each a glass of wine, and served my masterpiece. I never though spaghetti could be sexy, but the way her cheeks were pulled in when she sucked a stray strand into her mouth made me twitch a little bit more.

We got to know each other, I found out she was single, never been married, and worked in a major computer company. I told her about myself, single, never married, and was a surgeon. The wine was really flowing by the time she confessed that she found me attractive, I told her how beautiful she was, and we stared into each others eyes. Almost as one we got up and embraced, kissing passionately. We made our way to the living room, never once breaking the kiss, until we got there, then we took off our clothes, quickly.

I wanted to feel myself inside her, and she wanted me there. We both knew it, and didn't want to waste any time. We kissed again, but this time, I let my hands explore. I ran my fingers up and down her back, softly. My hands strayed to her breast, I put one in my hand, and played with the nipple on the other. She let out a soft "MMmm" when I pinched her nipple. Then, my hands went to her ass, squeezing, rubbing. She pulled her head back and whispered in my ear "take me" which I was happy to do. I laid her down on the couch, laying one leg on the back of it, the other over the side.

She smiled at me as I positioned my pulsating erection outside of her slick opening. I slipped it in, making her gasp, then leaned down to kiss her. "Now," she said, "take me." I slide my member into her further, until it was all the way in. Her breathing increase. I started to pump my cock into her, making her gasp each time I pumped into her. Her breasts were heaving as I slammed my cock into her, she started to scream, tell me to, "fuck me, oh yeah, oh yeah, harder, harder, yes, yes, oh GOD!" I felt her vagina tighten as she began her orgasm.

She was thrusting her hips, meeting mine as we both drove ourselves into ecstasy. I couldn't be cuming this quick! But, already, I felt my cock stiffen inside her as she reached her peak, driving me to mine. She screamed softly as a pumped my spewing cock into her. When I had finished, I gradually slowed down, then kissed her again. She looked up at me, looking angelic with he hair spread out behind her, obviously mussed, grinning at me. "Lay down," she said lustily, almost like she growled it. What else could I do? I laid down, and she crawled on top of me, her dripping vagina near my face. I felt her massaging my now limp cock.

I couldn't help myself, I had to taste this woman.

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