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Cary receives a gift.

" Markus didn't respond, and Bethany closed her eyes again, feeling the drowsiness of sleep coming to her as the sun began to heat up the earth around them. Markus's voice was quiet in her thoughts.

"The world will be his cradle."


The sixteen warriors strode up the hill, armed to the teeth. Jack and Adam walked in front, the others all wore the cloaking robes of their orders. They crested the hill and didn't stop as they walked purposefully down the hill towards the Castle Della Nostrum. The sun wasn't yet up, but it would only be minutes. Gabriel felt his heart beating fast, and his head began to throb as he stared at the door.

They stood in silence as Adam blessed them quietly, and Jack cocked his gun and made sure his machete was loose in its sheath. Gabriel's breath was hot in his throat, and something sparked up and down his spine, like someone was running a tiny taser along his vertebrae. His hands started to shake, and Jack stepped up beside him as the Inquisitors pulled out their own blades.

Gabriel looked at Mariella and smiled softly as his eyes started to change colour. "I love you, Mariella." She didn't turn, but Jack scoffed and put his hand on Gabriel's shoulder and called his name. Gabriel didn't answer, just stared at the door, feeling things changing within him, moving inside of him as he felt himself getting stronger. His eyes changed first, and his hands started to burn hotly. Jack shook his shoulder again urgently.

"Kid, what's going on?" Gabriel stared at the door and a slow smile moved across his face. He stretched out his hand and then clenched it into a fist. Mariella turned to him and gasped, her hand going to her mouth as she whispered a prayer. Jack stepped around in front of Gabriel, and clawed his sunglasses off, staring at Gabriel in awe.

Gabriel's eyes were completely blue, and were actually letting out blue smoke, as though his eyes themselves were evaporating. He tilted his head to the side as the Inquisitor Warriors moved up behind him. Adam crossed himself and adjusted his dark vest as the Inquisitors knelt behind Gabriel. He extended his hand and blue flames slowly licked up his skin, until his hands burnt brightly.

He flexed his fingers wide and his smile widened. "They know we're here. They're expecting us. But they don't know." Mariella drew a sword and Jack pulled another gun from his waistband.

"Gabriel?" Jack nervously looked back at Adam, who didn't blink, but instead waited calmly. "Gabe, c'mon, kid, what don't they know?" It held there for a moment, until Gabriel drew his sword, and the blue flames quickly flickered along the blade, and Gabriel pulled his hood up over his head.

"They don't know that they're all going to die."

With that he kicked open the door and let loose a blast of blue fire straight down the corridor, letting out a roar of battle rage. He took off at a run, into the darkness, and the others ran after him. Gabriel felt himself moving through the corridors, smashing away or blasting the dark wolves that reached out for him. He could feel the greatest numbers of them down below, and headed down that way.

They leapt at him, but bloodlust had hold of him, and Gabriel welcomed them with blasts of white-hot flame from his hands or scything slashes of his sword. He breathed evenly, but felt himself smiling as he destroyed the creatures in biblical proportions. He came to some steps, and four of the creatures met him there.

He didn't even slow down, whirling around and booting one of the creatures back into the wall and shoving his hand up into its throat, blasting the head apart with his blue fire. His sword swung around and took the head of another, and he felt himself being lifted off the ground as one of the creatures grabbed him from behind.

Gabriel's hand burnt brighter still as he punched down, feeling the cold, dark heart in the creature's chest as he burnt through its flesh.

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