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Sandra suddenly discovers a new kink after all these years.

"Beg me for it." Wild with need, she writhed underneath him.

"Oh please sir! Please shove your cock in my filthy fuckhole!" Kitten was only one man in, and already feeling exactly what she'd feared. A profound craving for debasement and the cocks of strange men she couldn't even see. Her client pressed the naked head of his prick to her dripping hole.

"Dirty bitch. Fucking whore." He drove himself inside her with a smooth thrust, and she howled. "Oh yeah, you hot-pussy slut. Gonna fuck you full of cum. I'll have to come back later and see how many loads get left in your pussy today. Would you like that, you fucking slutty cumdump?" The man began to pound her, letting brutal thrusts fall to the back of her cunt. Her hips bucked against him with her delight.

"Ohhh yesss!" she hissed, taking his hard fucking with glee. "Please, please!" Her guest grunted, sliding his cock deep and drawing back out to slam deep inside her again. He twisted her nipples with his fingers and fell on her neck to bite her there. She thrashed against him, her whole body responding. "Oh oh oh oh oh oh!" As he drove himself inside, over and over, her g-spot screamed its joy and begged for more. Bucking against her restraints, Kitten met his thrusts with her own upward curling. This anonymous act of prostitution had opened the floodgates within her. It wasn't the money that drove her into it. It was the sheer heat seated so low in her body. It was the glorious burn of being used roughly by an unseen stranger. "Please sir, please! Dump your sperm in my filthy, ravenous pussy!" Though these "relief stations" came equipped with condoms and were available upon demand, she knew the risks and hadn't mandated them for the use of her body. There was nothing more she wanted than to be a fucktoy, full of cum and ridden hard. The deliciousness of her debasement was a most worthwhile prize.

After a few minutes of steady, merciless fucking, her client seized between her thighs and let loose several shots of his thick cream into her desperate heat. He ground and jolted inside her, lost in the helplessness of his orgasm, and she took every drop.

When it was over he slid out, soft, but most content to watch his liquid ooze from her twat and stain the surface of the bed beneath her.

"T-thank you for using me, sir," she said, trying not to go all mush-mouthed. "Please leave a tally mark on my thigh before you go! I hope you enjoyed my service." Panting heavily, she felt the man grip her leg. A marker sat within easy reach, and he uncapped it with a satisfying click. Seconds later the fine, damp tip met her flesh and she felt the ink do its job. The first mark appeared and let the world know her first load was all thanks to him.

"You have a nice little pussy, slut," the man told her, putting the marker away. "I'll definitely be using you again." She remained lying in place as the now-satisfied client replaced the mini flogger he'd used and went to the terminal to close out his session.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! The monitor declared. IF YOU ENJOYED YOUR SERVICE, PLEASE CONSIDER A 'TIP'! A new pop-up rose, declaring GIVE KITTEN AN ORGASM while another said WAIT FOR THE NEXT GUEST TO GIVE HER TWO. The man chuckled. He left her screaming in pleasure as the machine began to vibe her again.

Kitten's first two hours were busy. They never ceased coming, in all senses. Her second cock of the day marched in just as soon as he could. The booth would not admit a new client until the previous had left, and he'd been rabid to get inside. Without even looking at the secondary monitor, he pounded his way straight up to her on the bed, undoing his pants.

"Welcome!" she gasped out, still coming down from the orgasm she'd been given, "Please use my-" before she could even finish her greeting, he was on the bed, between her legs, already plunging inside. "F-fuckhole!" she cried in pleasure.

"Shut up and just take it, you cunt.

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