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His sub lets him take out the day's frustrations on her.

She thrust her hips against my face, driving her penis deep into my throat. I tilted my head to make a better angle and fought the gag reflex. When she figured the dildo was clean enough, she stopped.

"Now go and rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth and come back here when you're done."

I did as commanded and when I came back to the bedroom, Anna had removed the dildo and was lying naked on the bed with her legs spread.

"Lick my cunt and make me come", she commanded. I slid in between her legs and began to eagerly lick my goddess to orgasm. I knew exactly what she liked. I started at her anus and licked all the way to her clitoris. I sucked on her gorgeous labia and drew them into my mouth. I went back to her anus and probed it with my tongue. I licked up again across her vagina and thrust my tongue into her. I sucked on her clitoris and then began to circle it with my tongue. I slipped the middle finger of my left hand into her vagina and massaged her G spot while I rubbed her clitoris with the middle finger of my right hand. Soon she began to squirm and moan, and then she grunted, "Uh-uh-uh' and went limp. I knew she had orgasmed, so I slowed down, letting her down slowly. Her clitoris is too sensitive after orgasm to stand any more stimulation, so I kissed and licked her vagina, sucking the sweet girl juice out of her and swallowing it. I licked her anus for a while, until she pushed me away and sat up.

"Thank you, that was wonderful", she complimented me.

"Can I come too, please?" I begged.

"No. Maybe later. At Julia's place tonight."

I resigned myself to that and went to have a shower. I played with the penis plug and learned that I could create exquisite sensations by unscrewing the penis insert and sliding it in and out and turning it inside me. I tried urinating with and without it. Without, the urine tended to spray a bit, but with it, it came out in a steady stream.

Later, as I prepared to get dressed for Julia's dinner, Anna told me, "No, you're not wearing clothes tonight." She handed me a short kimono that barely covered my groin.

"This will get you to and from the car, but otherwise, you'll be naked tonight. Naked except for your penis cage, I mean"

I was really turned on by this notion, in spite of myself. My penis strained against its cage as we went to the car. Anna drove us the short distance to Julia's place and when we got there, she insisted I open the driver's door for her. She slowly got out, maximizing my public exposure.

We got to the door and rang the bell. Julia called out, "Just a moment." After a seeming eternity of standing half-naked at her front door, Julia opened it and let us in.

"Come on into the living room and meet my friends," she said. In the living room were half a dozen women of various ages, from about 20 to 50. The only one I knew was Julia. No men, fortunately, or I would have died of embarrassment.

"This is Anna, and her husband Martin", she introduced us. She introduced all the other women, one by one. The 20 year old was the daughter of one of the older women.

Anna slipped the kimono off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stood there naked except for the chastity cage in front of a room of fully clothed women. Anna took my hand and pirouetted me to fully display me naked.

"I bought him a little gift," Julia said. "I hope you don't mind."

She produced a small butt plug with a bright jewel at the end.

"Bend over and let Julia give you her gift", Anna commanded. "Say 'thank you, Mistress Julia'".

"Thank you, Mistress Julia," I repeated as I bent I bent over and spread my buttocks.

Julia squeezed some lube onto her finger and slipped her finger into my anus. She massaged my anus to spread the lube and loosen my sphincter, then she slid the bauble into me. She worked it in and out a few times while she fondled my metal-encased penis.

The other ladies were very curious to see my penis cage up close, so they gathered around while Anna demonstrated it.

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