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Dana works on his ship and Alyssa works on his body...

Since I wasn't expecting anyone I wasn't dressed for company. I had on some old gym shorts and a stained t-shirt. Naturally being alone and working in a dusty basement I was more concerned for comfort then entertaining. It wasn't until I notice a bulge in the old man's crotch that I realized my outfit was probably a bit too risque for company, especially male company.

When he got off the phone he told me his daughter could not get there for at least two hours and he said he did not know what he was going to do. Told him he was welcome to wait for his daughter in my house if he wanted, but I could not entertain him I had a lot of work to do in the basement. I did however make some coffee and toasted up a few bagels I had in the house and we chatted as we ate. Then I got up to go back to the basement.

As I was walking away from him, I realized that although my shorts fit fine, the elastic in the waste band had worn out and my shorts continually slid down over the top of my ass showing some of my panties. I had to constantly pull them up and I wished I had brought some other clothes with me. Additionally I had decided not to wear my bra as I worked so I would be more comfortable. Unfortunately with my 36 C breasts covered by only a tee shirt I was too underdressed for company. I need to get to the basement and just focus on the job I needed to do.

Well, my neighbor insisted that he give me a hand with my work. He said because I had been so kind to allow him to wait at my house he would repay my kindness by helping me in the basement. I had to accept his offer, and be neighborly, but I knew how tight it was in the basement and I wondered if we could both fit.

As we moved the boxes we were always passing one another in those tight spaces. Just about every time we passed he would take the opportunity to rub his erect cock against me, either my ass or thighs whatever was available. With each contact I could feel that he was getting harder. He played dumb, like he did not know what he was doing, trying to make everything seem natural.

I didn't want to be rude and ask him to leave, I could use the help and he would be my neighbor once I moved in. As we continued to work it got more obvious that he was excited and was enjoying all this contact. I continued to just tried to ignore it but when I quickly glanced in his direction while he was moving a box on linens I could see the tip of his dick coming out the hem of his shorts. It seemed to be struggling to be free. I had to laugh at that, I thought it was funny. I continued to work but I noticed that if I bent over to get something he would slide up behind me and intentionally rub up against me. I was also annoyed at having to be constantly pulling up my shorts.

Thankfully we were almost through. As I tried to move a box and when I did the stack of boxes behind it started to fall. I immediately stood up straight and kept the boxes from falling. I could not move or the entire stack would fall. As I was pinned to this position, my neighbor came behind me, supposedly to help me. But all he seemed to have an interest in was pushing his dick into me.

I guess it a great positions for him to also push the boxes and stuff up, but my worries weren't over since I was using both hands and we were too busy thinking what to keep everything from falling and breaking I realized that my shorts had fallen partially off me ass. In order to try to stop that I was forced to spread my legs like you would if arrested.

I guess this position looked like a wonderful opportunity as my neighbor, still at my back, my shorts were half off, his dick was poking into the crack of my ass and he was now commenting on my hair and how good it smelled and how funny it was that these boxes were in danger of falling.

I was in a predicament, I could feel he was pressing and pushing his crotch closer and more into my ass.

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