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Ting and I enjoy the mysteries of the Nile with good friends.

The huge warehouse was decorated with green and red streamers and kegs of beer were set into new trash cans full of ice. Rows and rows of picnic tables were scattered along the front. A bar was catered and brought in operated by a professional bartender in a vest. The food was catered by a local and very well known Barbecue company. It didn't take Chucks long to get to know the meat carver and all the burnt black and fat that got cut off the brisket was given to Numchucks as fast as he cut it off.

The back area seem to be where most of the action was. Two craps tables were made and both were crowded along with a few tables that had card games going. The yelling and excitement made it a lively party indeed. The heated warehouse was tolerable but everyone still had on jackets and drinking cold beer.

"Art! Where's Numchucks?" Greeted by the friends that we had made from our routes and rounds.

"By the food, where else?" I replied as I went around shaking hands and handing out some heartfelt "Merry Christmas's."

"I need a beer, tell Numchucks to bring me a beer," The man said drunkenly and perhaps not seriously. I whistled and called Chucks and he came running. Looking from person to person till he spotted me. Wagging his tail as he recognized a few faces.

"I need a cold can, Get the can Chucks." Numchucks took off running. I had an idea of where the coolers were and not really certain that Chucks did either but the gesture was worth the fun. The game of dice got heated up and we all had forgotten that we were joking with Chucks when he come up with a beer in his mouth. It wasn't his brand of beer but the fact he brought one was awesome enough that he didn't complain a bit, in fact relished in Numchuck's ability.

Another friend wanted a beer too as well as to see if he could do it again or was it dumb luck. I sent Chucks after another cold can and he returned with a beer in mouth just as quickly as he could run. The list of people now wanting a beer was paying one dollar a piece to have this Lab retrieve them a beer with the understanding that what he brought back may or may not be their brand. But exchanges and swapping fixed some of that. Numchucks went to work quickly understanding that as soon as he brought one beer and I pointed to who it went to. Chucks would go and sit before them till they took the beer from him.

Then spin around and dart to get another one. It soon became apparent that he was doing this rather a beer was needed or not. I went to the bathroom and passed the front area up and noticed that when Chucks would come for a beer a group of people would open the cooler lid and Chucks would run up and pick out a can with the aid of his new friends he made in this area of the warehouse. He was a charmer.

As I returned to the dice table area and things had died down a bit some new customer Christmas guests had shown up and were eager to play a few games. The tale of Numchucks retrieving beer peaked one mans interest.

"I'd pay to see that," he said. A little tipsy of course this man refused to believe a half a dozen guys standing there telling them they saw this dog, go get a beer. "I bet you twenty dollars that a dog can't go get a beer from a cooler."

I whistled for Chucks and he come running up with a beer in his mouth already. I pointed to the man and Chucks went over to him and sat down at his feet waiting for the man to get his beer.

"No, that don't count. He has to go get one, someone probably put it in his mouth. This is a trick." The man stammered, another man took the beer saying he wanted it if that man didn't. The tension grew thick a moment but I sent Chucks after another beer. This man sent one of his friends to ensure that the dog did what was claimed. After Chucks and this man returned Chucks handed me the Beer and the man's friend claimed Numchucks had help at the cooler.

So ground rules were laid and people posted at the cooler and us back by the tables.

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