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Kay has her first experience with another woman.


"Cheers!" We all said in unison.

"I don't really have anything that fit them. I hope you can control yourself darling while their clothes dry." Lucy said staring into my eyes like I was already in trouble. "Wait," my wife looked around, clearly tipsy, then asked, "You didn't start dinner?"

"Don't worry honey, I ordered Chinese food so we could catch up with our guests. It should be here soon."

"Great idea!"

I sat behind the bar to create a barrier between the ladies and me. I learned this was a bad idea a little too late. My wife had stayed where she was in the kitchen but started cleaning up and getting plates and stuff out. Jenni and Katie came at sat with me at the high bar at the edge of the kitchen. I was trapped with them on either side of me and starting to feel helpless to the naughtiness that seemed inevitably on the way.

With my wife busy and talking about her most recent work project, the girls both reached into my lap and started rubbing my cock. I weakly tried to push their hand away but instead they grabbed them and put my hands on their legs. The inside of their legs was so soft and smooth. I lightly traced up and down the inside of their thigh. Both shivered at the same time.

Lucy noticed and added, "You can't be cold, it's like 90 degrees in here. Oh and sorry our air conditioner broke. We are trying a summer without it since we just put in the pool." she continued to ramble still a little drunk.

Katie jumped in, "Oh no, it's just these metal chairs. We are good now." Then she quickly changed the topic. "I wish we had a pool but we have to tan topless on the roof of our building."

"Well, you are welcome back anytime. Just try and give us a little more of a warning next time." I say and look at Lucy. She gives me the third look of the night that says I'm in trouble. I quickly move my hands back into my lap.

"Yes, it has been wonderful to see you both. Of course, come back any time." Lucy adds.

"Thanks!" Katie says just as she gave my cock a good squeeze.

The doorbell rings and Lucy jumps about a foot into the air. Then gets excited and runs to the door. As she leaves the room to get the food, in one quick motion Katie unzips my pants, Jenni grabs my dick and starts sucking vigorously. I tilt my head back, unable to contain the pleasure. She has surely done this before. Then she pops off just in time as Lucy walks back in with the food. Just as quickly as before they shoved my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. As they get up, Katie whispered "Now it's your turn to be left wanting more."

Once Lucy was taking the food out she sent me upstairs to change out of my work clothes. I quickly hopped up and head for the stairs hoping Lucy didn't see the tent in my pants. I took a quick (cold) shower and changed into some shorts and a thin shirt good for warm weather.

As I came down they had put some music on and were sitting at our glass dining table drinking wine and waiting for me. Katie and Jenni were sitting on either side with Lucy at the other end. Katie and Jenni were sitting crossed legged and had let their dresses ride up, clearly not hiding their exposure. Not a hint of panties in sight. No one seemed to mind I even caught my wife staring at Jenni's pussy. Katie caught me looking but said, "Doesn't this look delicious? Don't you just want to eat it up, Tim?" clearly alluding to her pussy again.

"Uh, yeah. This FOOD looks delicious. Don't you think babe?" I looked over toward Lucy to see her drunk eyes staring at their pussies back and forth with her hand slowly moving in her lap. After a second, Lucy's brain finally registers what I said and looks at me. "Uh, yeah you know I like sweet and spicy chicken. Wink wink." She says out loud again and Katie and Jenni smile at each other.

During dinner we were all so close that any funny business would have been far too obvious.

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