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She's married to the Corps.


"You like swimming!" Mona echoed. "Exactly!"

"You looked almost like a fish there, swimming towards us," Marianne added.

"A fish?" Mona gasped. "Are you comparing our gorgeous friend to a fish? I know biology is not my favourite subject, but I have never seen a fish species with such a nice body."

"Maybe you have never studied Ukrainian fish?" Anna quipped, immediately regretting coming up with something that lame.

"Maybe I haven't!" Anna could feel Mona's hand on her bare shoulder. "Means it must be about time I did!"

"She must be some kind of mermaid then," Marianne suggested.

"That is possible. We would have to check, you know, below her waistline to verify that." The Norwegian redhead looked as though she was pondering some deep, philosophical issue. "I guess I would be willing to perform such a check. All in the name of science, of course."

Marianne laughed. Anna didn't know how to respond, so she laughed too, nervously.

"Look, the sun is about to set."

Marianne was right. It was really spectacular.

"Wow, I just love the sunsets here," Mona sighed. "They're just so romantic."

With that, she put her mouth on her cousin's lips.

"It's so beautiful here, I just have to kiss somebody."

Marianne responded by extending her tongue. Mona opened her mouth as if to let it in, then pulled back teasingly. The blonde did not give up so easily though, grabbing her cousin's head and holding it firm so that she could insert her tongue. Anna just stared mesmerised as the two 18-year old gorgeous Norwegian cousins made out just a few inches from her face. Not only could she see it, she could HEAR it, every sound made as their tongues intertwined and saliva was exchanged between the two heavenly mouths. It even deafened the splashing sounds as they were using the legs to stay afloat in the water,

Marianne finally pulled back and let out a deep sigh. Mona wiped her cousin's saliva off her lips with her fingers.

"I know," she smiled. "Kissing cousins."

"You do not find it... disturbing?" Marianne asked.

"No!", Anna exclaimed. "I mean, why... It was beautiful."

She felt a hand on her wet hair. Anna turned her head to gaze into Mona's stunning grey eyes. The freckles on her nose were so sexy. Her stunning red hair, dripping. She was still catching her breath after making out with her cousin.

Anna opened her mouth. The moment seemed to last forever. Mona's hot breath on her face. Her eyes dizzy with desire. There was no question. This stunning redhead wanted her. Badly.

The Ukrainian girl had kissed before, but nothing had ever been like this. The softness of Mona's tongue, the delicious taste of her mouth, her hands pulling her closer in the water, so that their delightful naked bodies were embracing. If Mona had been the one to initiate the kiss, Anna was quick to counter-attack, sliding her tongue into the redhead's mouth, stroking her hands down her back. While kissing, they had to stay afloat, which led to some more or less unintended movements - Anna felt Mona's thigh bump against her crotch.

"My turn", a voice interrupted.

"Oh my God, she kisses like an angel", Mona sighed, breathing heavily, reluctantly pulling away. To be instantly replaced by her blonde cousin.

Marianne pressed her soft breasts against Anna's. Gone was the finesse, she just plunged her tongue into Anna's mouth.

"She must be really hot for me," Anna thought, as Marianne's tongue was probing deep inside her mouth. She felt the blonde girls' hands on her buttocks as their tongues' saliva-filled battle unfolded. Her mouth tasted so sweet! Again, the fact they were in water made them bump into each other in funny ways and she could feel Marianne's pussy hair tickling her.

Mona, apparently growing impatient, embraced Anna from behind, cupping her right breast with one of her hands, and planting wet kisses all over her neck.

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