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They dip their toes into the world of BDSM.

You've caught me at least once, haven't you?" as I continued caressing with my left hand while alternately sliding my forefinger into her cleavage and opening two more buttons with my right.

Her lips were then at my left ear: "Of course I have... (nibble on the earlobe) but it wasn't easy... (tongue in the ear and pivot of the pelvis) because you've been so damn sly about it." I pressed back against her pussy and let out a low moan while pressing my ear into her mouth. Her hands slid up to my shoulders, down my arms, squeezed the biceps, cupped the elbows and continued along the forearms. Her right one ended up atop my left on her right breast. She pressed it into herself for a moment, moaned softly, then lifted my hand and placed it on her waist. With her left hand, she lifted my right one off of her left breast just long enough to come back up with her right, pull the right side of her open blouse away and placed my left hand inside, on the part of her right breast that stood out above a surprisingly soft, shear bra. She then gently guided my fingers inside the bra to her hard, sensitive nipple.

With a sigh, she slid her pussy along the length of my dick and started kissing her way down my neck as she said: "You know... (kiss) I've been fantasizing for weeks.... (nibble) about stretching out beside you... (open mouthed kiss with a lick) & doing almost exactly what you described earlier... (kiss). It's not even 2:40 yet..... (three kisses up my throat to the chin). I promise to make it worth the five minutes it'll take us to get there... (briefly kissing my lips, then moving to the other ear). You're not going to tell me you don't know the back road from here to there, are you? ... No lights... (kiss), no school busses... (nibble on the earlobe), just one stop sign. I'll bet we're there before you get soft...." She slid away until she was nearly sitting on my knees and brought her hands down to squeeze the tent-pole in my pants. I spread my knees, in the process opening her legs wider.

As we softly, silently kissed, my left hand slid slowly from her waist, down her hip, along her thigh to the knee and down her calf to the back of her ankle. She raised her heel as far as she could, moaned softly and stroked my dick as I raked my fingernails up & down her Achilles Tendon. I came around to the front of her ankle, reversed direction and caressed my way up the inside of her calf, gently squeezed the tendon behind her knee with my thumb & two fingers, ran my nails across the back of her knee, and continued up her inner thigh inside her skirt, to the very edge of her panties.

"Oh my, did I cause this?" she asked, squeezing me with that impish grin again. By then, my fingers were teasing her along the edge of her panties, threatening, but not quite lifting the elastic to get inside. Barely touching with the backs of my fingers, I crossed her pussy to the other thigh. Her eyes closed as I stopped at the top her thigh and moved back to press the back of three fingers into her now soaked panties. Her eyes opened to find me looking right into them just as I smiled and repeated her question back to her, "Oh my, did I cause this?" I firmly pressed the back of my middle finger into the cleft formed by her labia, trying to slide my knuckle up to where I thought her clit would be. We held the eye contact as I brought my fingers out, ran them under my nose inhaling deeply and slid them into my mouth, with a smile and an "mmmmmm".

"Oh God, Paul" escaped softly from her lips as she slowly shook her head. "I haven't wanted a man like this in years. Please tell me you're healthy Paul, no STD's, no hepatitis, no nasty anything. Please help me to believe that, Paul."

"Carrie, you need to know that I haven't been with a woman, any woman, in years.

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