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A Private Investigator gets more than he bargained for.

Her voice was very sultry and sexy. I could tell right away that she had money. I quickly called her back.

"Mrs. Tillman, this is James from Benson Motors. I'm returning your call about your interest in a new vehicle" I said.

"Well hello James, yes I saw your flyer at Extreme Fitness and I was wondering about a test drive. I'm still on the fence about a new vehicle. My husband handles financial and if I like it, I'm sure he will purchase one for me. So James, let me freshen up for you and I can be there within the hour. Please have one of those brand new Ford Explorer's ready for a test drive and we can go from there. Sounds good James?" she replied.

I told her sure and thought about she was a woman who knows what she wants and this could be an easy sell if I play things right.

So I quickly scroll through our inventory find one that's fully loaded and pricier. I go and pull a nice black one close to the side door and slapped a dealer plate on it.

An hour went by and I was just standing out when I see a dark brand new Tahoe pull up. And out steps a very sexy white woman. She looked earlier 40's, her shoulder length hair with brown, honey and blonde highlights. She stood about 5'5 and I could from her body no wonder she saw my flyer at the gym. She was very tight and her boobs were either fake or that was one hell of a bra. She had a nice fitting designer tee that showed off her massive tits. And some tan cargo capris with some platform wood heels. Her nails and toes were a bright fiery red. Her eyes blue as ice and her lipstick just a slightly darker pink lip gloss.

I could feel myself getting aroused in my dress pants. Wishing I wore briefs that day instead of boxers to help control my monster when he would awake.

"Hey there James, I recognize you from your flyer" she said giving me sly grin.

"Mrs. Tillman very honored to meet you" I gave her big smile showing my perfect teeth and nice lips.

So we went over to the Explorer I pull to the side and I started to explain the vehicle to her when she abruptly cut me off and said she don't care of the specs and tech talk.

"I'm just a woman who appreciates a good ride James. So how about you give me one" she said smiling.

Caught off guard by what she said I quickly realized she meant a test drive. But the way she said it and her body language started to awaken the monster in my pants. Wearing dress pants it was pretty obvious that I was hard and I caught her looking at the bulge.

Her eyes widen a bit. "Oh excuse me haha. That came all wrong didn't it? I'm so embarrassed haha. I can tell you that got excited by that remark James haha. Nice. Now how about you show me how well the CAR rides James".

I laugh. "Haha, nice. So do you want to pull it out or should I?" I said flirting with her.

"So much tension here James we both can't talk right haha. How about you pull it out first and then when I'm ready I'll take control" She said smiling walking to the passenger seat.

With her statement I was at full attention in my pants. I got in the driver seat and started the car. We drove for a few minutes and were making small talk. I told her about my Army days and she told me that she has been more into embracing life ever since she turned 40.

I couldn't help but notice how good she smelled. I could tell she was looking at my bulge the entire time.

I suggested we stop somewhere and she can take over. She agreed while still looking at my hard on.

I pulled into a park area and there was no one around.

"Mrs. Tillman would you like to see it? I said boldly looking at her.

"I have never been with a black man before and you are very easy on the eyes James and you have sparked my curiosity." She said while putting her hand on my dick rubbing it through my pants.

"Let's just see what I have been missing out on all these years" She proceeded to unzip my pants and grab my hard dick and pulled it out.


She took her seat belt off and bent over and licked the precum off my tip.

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