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Dominant man & submissive woman come together.

"Now show me!" He demanded.

"Wh...what?" I stuttered. "

Show me what you look like all dolled up you little Faggot!" I just stood there and stared at him. "Hurray up Faggot or I'm going to get rough!" He let me go and sat in the desk chair. I was crying and shaking but not because I was scared. It was excitement and anticipation. I quickly slipped off my boys clothes.

My dad laughed when he saw me. I don't know if it was because my hairless pale skin looked frail or my tiny cock that resembled a clit. "Well you definitely are equipped for this sort of thing" he scoffed. I was horrified and it was making me shake more.

I pulled on a pair of cheeky satin and lace panties, yellow with polkadots and the matching bra. My dad just sat there smiling. I found my favourite turquoise skater dress and white petticoat and slipped them on. "There! Are you satisfied?" I asked.

"You're not done. When your mom got dolled up, she wore makeup!" He said with a scowl. So I commenced to putting on lipstick and eyeliner. I had to stand awkwardly close to my dad. Leaning down in to the mirror because he was in the only chair. He just watched.

"Do something with that mop of hair too. Faggot! And clean up the rest of this mess!" I pulled my hair into pigtails and turned around to clean up. As I cleaned the stuff off the bed my dad said "do you have shoes? I bet you do have Faggot shoes!" And I did white thigh high patent leather spike heels. I bought as a "gag" at Halloween. That's what the guys thought anyway.

I sat on the bed and pulled the heels on. I was face to face with my dad who was smiling ear to ear at this point. "Taylor your mom never looked like that!" He said softly and with a hint of flirt. I quickly stood up and began to pick up the rest of the stuff he had spilled on the floor.

I finished and dad was still sitting in the desk chair, staring at me. He slowly stood up and grabbed my wrist his hand was so strong he pulled me closer to him and he wrapped an arm around my waist. I could smell his manly Oder. It was intoxication at first sent. I tried to pull away "dad what are you doing?"

"Just relax Taylor. Let go and relax." His strong hand had found its way to my ass and he squeezed it firmly. I opened my mouth to ask him to stop and he shoved his tongue into my mouth and kissed me a kiss of carnal passion. Left hand on my ass and right hand on my chest he slowly pushed me to the bed.

"No dad please?" I managed to sputtering out between kissing him and him kissing me. He stopped caressing and kissing me

"I'm not your father your mom was never married to your dad. He took off when you were born. But if you want to stop" he tried to pull away but this time I just clung to him. As he sank back down on top of me I felt his cock hard in his jeans.

I swung him around to the edge of the bed and knelt before him as I undid his jeans and slid them off I could see his rock hard cock in his white briefs. I hesitated and he said "Don't stop now. You're doing great." This was the only time this man had ever praised me. I pulled he briefs down and as I did his cock sort of flopped into my face. I had never seen anything like it. Wide , long, and huge veins running along the top and bottom.

My mouth watered. As I took it in my mouth I looked up at him and we made eye contact. I could tell he liked it and I took all 8 inches to balls deep. Just like I practiced at home. I was really going to town now and climbed onto the bed. My face buried in his crotch. my ass sticking up and I know he could see my yellow polkadot panties under my frilly petticoat.

He started to massage my ass. He slipped a finger in my panties and caressed my asshole. He then pulled me on top of him and as I ate his cock he tongue whipped my asshole with my panties pulled aside. After what seemed like an eternity I could feel his cock throb and grow in my mouth as he bucked his hips up into my face his cock bottomed out in my throat.

He shot his load of cum hard and I tried to contain it as

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