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Aunt Sandy likes it rough.

Suddenly, he is back.

The first thing he does is blindfold me with a dark black scarf. He does this so that I cannot see what other things he brought back with him and what he will be doing.

Demanding my attention, he says, "High time, you dirty whore, that your Master teaches you only to pee, shit and cum when he allows you to do so. Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master." I say.

"What did you say, slave?" he yells. "I didn't hear you. Tell me what I should teach you. Tell me loudly so that I can hear it clearly."

As loud as my trembling voice allows me, I respond, "Master, you have to teach your slave that she has to ask her Master for permission to pee, shit and cum."

With a nod, He says, "That's better. I will give you the lesson it takes. I will train you to keep control over your body! Now, I want you to drink the water I brought for you. Drink all of it! Open your mouth and take the straw that I hold directly in front of your mouth and drink - slowly!"

I do as I am told and Master put the straw into my mouth and I suck, feeling the water in my mouth, running down my throat.

"Next to your butt slave - I have prepared an enema for you. I am sure it will cause you the feeling that you need to shit soon. Your bladder and your ass filled, you will desperately need to go to the toilet, but remember it's me; your Master deciding when you go or how else you might be allowed to relieve yourself."

Still sucking on the straw, my heart beats wildly and my Masters words arouse me. I am so horny and I am sure he knows. I wonder what he has in mind next. I can feel his hands on my bum. Placing one of his hands between the cheeks, I notice he has put some lube on his hand. He then properly runs it between my ass-cheeks and into my asshole. Then he spreads the cheeks and I can feel that he penetrates my asshole. I do not know what he's using, I just feel that it is something cold and rather big, spreading my back hole. Then, I feel a liquid. It is pleasantly warm and filling my intestinal. My bladder and my intestinal being filled up. My heart begins to beat so fast. I have no idea how I can stand not knowing what is coming.

"So, there is only one of your greedy dirty holes left!"

I can feel my Master's hand examining my pussy, running over my clit then pinching it. I scream of pleasure and pain.

"Mmm, your cunt is dripping wet. You dirty whore. I'm sure you would like to be fucked and cum, but you will have to wait and I will make you even hornier and more aroused!"

With those words, I can feel my Master as he pushes a big vibrator into my pussy. It is moving slowly but I can already hardly keep from cumming because of how turned on I am. At least I finally finished all the water I had to drink and my Master finished the enema.

"Get back into the bathtub, slave! I do not want you to cause too much of a mess on the floor. You, for sure will cause a mess as soon as I tell you to do so!"

My Master takes off the blindfold and he pulls the vibrator out of my dripping pussy. Oh dear, it is such a relief as I was so close to cumming. I am totally turned on. I get back into the tub as my Master told me to do.

"Down on your knees and hands slave! Place yourself at one end of the bathtub. Leave some space so that I may stand behind you, looking at your bum."

I place myself in the tub as told. Hardly there, my Master pushes the vibrator back into my cunt, making it move faster now.

Mmm, I don't know what to do so that I will not cum before I'm allowed to do so. My entire body is shaking and trembling. Master steps into the tub. He stands behind me.

"So, my dirty slave, how do you feel?" He asks.

"Oh, Master! Please? I have to go to the toilet. I have to pee and to shit so badly. Please, Master, will you allow me to go?"

"No way, slave! You know that! You know what will happen! What about your sluttish cunt? Isn't she about to climax or should I make the vibrator move faster?" He asks.

I reply quietly, "No, Master.

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