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An NCIS Christmas Tale.

"Oh, this looks like something that would have a LOT of liquid in it. Guess I'll have to suck it all out though." And took my entire cock down her throat. In all my years I had never run across a woman who could suck so well. Usually they would suck the head of my cock but could not get the entire 8" length into their throat. Cee Cee not only could suck it all, but she did something with her throat muscles which made it feel like she still had her hands around it jacking my cock for all she was worth.

Grabbing Cee Cee's head I began fucking her face. "Suck it you horny bitch. Suck on my fat cock while I fuck your face. Take it deep in your throat. YES, don't stop, I've got to cum again." Her hands had slid around behind me and I could now feel one of her fingers sliding into my ass, keeping time as I shoved my cock down her throat. I could feel my balls start to tighten and knew it would only be a couple minutes before I would blow all over the place. Using all of my will power I pulled Cee Cee's hot mouth off my cock.


"Wait, I want to fuck that hot cunt of yours. I want you to cum with me. Get up!!" I lifter her to her feed and we headed back to the house, then upstairs to the master bedroom. There I sat down on the bed and brought her to me. My eyes were level with the ring in her belly button as I started to lick around it. My hands grabbed her ass and pulled her harder into my mouth.

"Lay back on the bed. I wasn't done with you," she said pulling away from me and walking into the bathroom. I pulled myself up into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard as Cee Cee returned with a bottle of baby lotion in her hand. "My turn to drive you nuts." She opened the bottle and poured the oil onto my chest. Her hands began to work the oil into my skin. Next thing I knew she was sucking ad biting on my nipples while her hands were greasing up my rock hard cock.

"You've got a wonderful cock, so nice and long and fat. Every time I touch it I want it in me," she said as she moved her hot cunt over the head of my cock and slowly lowered her beautiful cunt onto it. When she had taken all 8" into her tight cunt she began to move her ass around. "Fuck this is great. The only thing better would be if I had a big cock to suck on while you shoved that fat thing in me."

This started me thinking about what Cee Cee had said earlier about Jerry, my son, getting off on watching me eat her. This excited me even more and I began shoving my cock up to meet her cunt as she pushed down onto me. "Guess we'll have to find you something to chew on," I said, "Got any ideas where you can find someone to help a lady in distress" I smiled at her as we increased the speed of our fucking.

"Maybe," she said and leaned forward to kiss me. We fucked for several minutes before I grabbed her and rolled her over onto her back. I wanted to take control, while her cunt felt great I wanted to shove my cock up her beautiful ass. Pulling her legs up I put them on my shoulders and began to drive my cock deep into her hot hole.

"That's it, fuck me deep. Shove that big cock all the way into me. I love feeling it fill me up". Cee Cee was now meeting every lunge. "God I want more, fuck me harder. I want it deeper in me; " she spat out as we moved faster and faster. I slowed down the pace, shoving my cock into her as hard as I could and leaving it there for a few seconds before pulling almost all the way out of her and shoving it back into her again. I began pushing a finger into her ass with every thrust. "Yes, play with my ass. Fuck my ass. More, I want more, it feels so good."

She was a fucking machine now.

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