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Temptation rears its head.

The aroma emitting from Erino's perfume coursed through Saya's nose, made the wealthy girl long to be closer to Erino.

Erino massaged Saya's hand with her unoccupied hand, stroked her wrist, slid her hand from Saya's wrist to her jaw.

Holding Saya's jaw, Erino pulled her lips from Saya's.

Saya moved her lips closer to Erino's, attempting to kiss her.

Erino stopped holding Saya's hand, pressed her own hand to Saya's breast, which made the wealthy girl stop her attempt to kiss Erino.

Saya opened her eyes.

Erino kept her eyes closed. Without seeing Saya, she peppered the other girl's neck with tender kisses, using her soft lips to give Saya sweet comfort.

Saya moved her hands to Erino's lower back, clenched the girl's school blazer.

She longed to rub her clit against Erino's thigh. The lust growing stronger within Saya was as strong as her newfound appreciation for female-on-female romance.

Trembling breaths left her body at an quick pace.

Erino planted three kisses against Saya's cheek. She said, "You want me so badly."

Saya nodded, closed her eyes.

Erino hugged Saya, who had tears forming in her eyes.

Saya had kissed a girl.

She had kissed a girl who wrote her a love letter, gave it to her.

Milo, who Saya intended on ending her romantic relationship, never gave Saya a love letter he wrote.

Reo, who Saya attacked in a locker room after she caught him peeping at her, never gave Saya a love letter he wrote.

Saya viewed Erino as a person who deserved her kisses, her body, her love.

Holding Erino, Saya let warm tears descend her face.

"We're going to the bed." Erino said.

It was obvious she was the dominant girl in this lesbian relationship.

Erino continued hugging Saya while the girls moved their bodies towards the large bed.

The girls opened their eyes when they were near the bed.

With intense reluctance, they stopped hugging each other.

Saya moved onto her bed, lied on it, waited.

She flashed Erino a polite smile.

Erino grinned.

When the girl with the huge breasts moved on top of Saya, she shut her eyes before letting passionate kisses arrive.

They fondled each other with affection, kissed, smiled.

With each kiss, their lust grew.

Erino stopped kissing the other girl.

She straddled Saya, moved a hand to a button on her school blazer.

Saya trained her eyes on Erino as she began removing her blazer, intent on squeezing Erino's huge breasts within one minute.

When Erino removed her blazer, she tossed it onto the floor, took off her dress shirt, threw it onto her discarded blazer.

Saya opened her mouth a bit as she viewed Erino's huge breasts sitting inside a white bra.

"So big." Saya said, training her eyes on Erino's huge breasts, huge, brown aerolas, brown nipples.

Erino unclasped her bra, tossed it onto her dress shirt.

Saya's eyes widened a bit before she moved into a sitting position.

Erino smirked, gripped Saya's wrists, forced Saya's hands against her huge breasts.

"Sqeeze them." Erino said.

Erino's girlfriend squeezed her breasts, slid her palms and fingers against them, relished their weight in her hands.

After one minute, Saya rubbed Erino's left nipple with her thumb and index finger.

Erino stroked Saya's hands. She said, "Suck my breasts."

Saya held Erino's breast with both hands, moved her lips to its nipple, sucked it.

While stroking the back of Saya's head, Erino said, "I can't wait for you to make me cum."

Saya stopped sucking Erino's nipple.

She wrapped her arms around Erino as she brought her lips to the well-endowed girl's, closing her eyes.

Erino broke the kiss, forced Saya onto her back.

Two seconds passed.

Erino took off Saya's unbuttoned blazer, threw it.

Saya sighed when Erino fondled her B-cup sized breasts through her clothes.

It was a contented sigh.

Erino unbuttoned Saya's dress shirt.

"I love your body." Erino said when she stroked Saya's stomach with her hands.

Saya grinned.

"Sit up." Erino said as a command.

Saya moved into a sitting position.


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