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"Fuck!" she cried out in pain as he pushed the swollen head on his cock inside her, his hard shaft invading and filling her ass. Gripping her hips, he thrust against her ass, fucking it, intent on cumming.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me." she yelled, frantically rubbing her clit, driving her ass back hard onto his thrusting cock. It took only seconds, her pussy and ass cumming as he filled her rear with warm cum. Pulling out, he spread her cheeks and watched his thick semen spew out of her pulsating ass and drip down to her dripping wet slit. Still hard, he pushed himself into it, savouring the silky wet warmth inside her as he softened.

Back in the maid's room, they both sat fully clothed on the bed. The butler held her hands in his and told her just what he felt for her. She squeezed his hands, tears in her eyes. It had been so long since she had felt this way about anyone.

"I've had it here, come away with me." he told her.

"I don't know about you, but I don't have too much saved." she replied hopelessly.

" Leave it to me, I have a plan," he said, and started whispering in her ear.

"I don't believe it, both of you," said the wife stunned, as they both stood before her handing in their resignations. "I thought we all got on so well."

"We do." said the butler. "We just want to be alone together."

"In that case, before you go, we will have to have one last farewell party eh." she replied with a smile, leaving no doubt as to her meaning of 'party'. Reluctantly, both of them smiled and said they looked forward to it. Secretly though, the maid did want one last taste of pussy the wife's pussy before they parted company with their bosses.

"That ungrateful little cunt." she ranted, pacing up and down their bedroom.

"Stop it!" said her husband, "You're just sorry at losing your little bit of gash on demand, and that huge cock. I know you love pussy more than me and that log between the butlers legs, but that's OK, I just love watching you get off, Just imagine the fun we are going to have auditioning new employees eh. I'm sure we are going to find some very good candidates."

She turned to him and smiled. "You are truly a wonderful husband. She said, running her hand over his cheek. : I don't deserve you."

"Just go plan your party." he said, brushing her off but inwardly glowing with the affection she had shown him.

The day had finally come, their last day. The wife had organised a lavish party for just the four of them. Dress was to be roman orgy, neither were surprised. Dressed in togas, they both entered the living room, it had been transformed. It was just like stepping back into ancient Rome.

"I can't believe you've done all this." the maid gasped, amazed at the lavish stage props.

"Nothing too much for my favourite couple." said the wife smiling, dressed like a Roman empress. "Come, have some wine." she continued, pouring two goblets from a huge jug. Taking them, they raised their glasses to the empress and her emperor husband and all settled on roman lounges, the party had begun.

Late in the afternoon with much wine consumed, the wife turned to the maid.

"We have to confess." she said. "We didn't get the time to get you a leaving present."

I'll get some more wine from the cellar." said the butler, rising to his feet unsteadily and left the room.

"That's OK." replied the maid, "The leaving present I want can't be bought."

"And what's that?" asked the wife, curious.

"A memory," answered the maid, remembering the plan and pulling her costume up, revealing her lack of underwear and her nice pink shaved pussy. Instantly aroused, her whole attention focused on the maid's pink slit, the wife moved to sit beside her. Hungry for her, the wife pressed her mouth to the maids. As they kissed, the maids legs fell open and a hand slipped between them, a fingertip parting her lips and seeking out her clit.

"Hmmmmmm, fuck me.

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