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Her face went bright red, her mouth snapped shut. If she accused me of peeping, she would be admitting her use of the vibrators. She swung around so fast she nearly fell, but kept composure and marched through her doorway. I went home, already planning the next step. I knew she did a month's food shopping, well, once a month, obviously, and had to get a taxi home. It was always the same taxi, which gave me the idea.

I sprung the trap the next month. I phoned the taxi company, said I was Barbara's nephew, and cancelled the appointment. Then I drove to the supermarket where she shopped and waited until Barbara came out with a loaded trolley. She stood there waiting, and waiting. Luckily she hadn't thought of getting a cell-phone, so would have to use the public phone in the store. I watched, and as soon as I saw her start to push the heavy trolley back towards the store entrance, I drove past her, then stopped with a small screech of brakes. I opened the side window, looked out with pretended surprise.

"Oh, I thought it was you. You look cold and wet, can I give you a lift home, I'm going past that way."

Barbara was not particularly glad to see me, as you could see from the look on her face.

"No, thank you." she replied coldly.

I just waited there, looking at her getting colder and wetter. After a few moments, she made up her mind. Anything to get home and warm with all her shopping. After all, I wasn't likely to do anything on that 15 minute drive in broad daylight.

"Oh, very well," she eventually said, with reluctance.

Being the gentleman, I got out, opened the door to let her in, then the tailgate to pack her shopping in. She fastened her seat belt, and I drove gently away.

We left the supermarket and hit the highway, still driving at a reasonable pace. I didn't want the journey to go too quickly. It was part of my plan. I was wearing very tight jeans which allowed a noticeable bump to show where my cock hid in expectation. I knew she had seen my cock sticking out in full readiness at Janice's house. Now, if she kept glancing down at my groin I'd know she was remembering, and wanting to remember. If she looked grimly ahead I'd know she was avoiding the thought, in which case I wasn't going to force the issue. I've never gone for the reluctance scene, not if it was real.

Happily for me, she did continually glance down. I decided to progress. I changed gears, and let my hand rest on her thin knee. For a moment I thought she would knock my hand away, then - she just let my hand stay there until I had to take it away to steer the car into her street. We pulled up outside her bungalow, I got out, opened the door for her, and as she walked to her door I grabbed her shopping bags from the car and took them into the house.

"I wouldn't mind a cup of tea," I suggested.

Without a word Barbara put the kettle on and made a pot of tea. There was an awkward pause until the drink was ready, then we both sat down at the table. Nothing was said as we drank, but Barbara kept looking at me with an odd expression on her face. Would she say anything to give away whatever she was really thinking? I finished my tea and stood up to leave. It had to be her asking me, I had already decided.

"Why, well, Janice, what you do," she began.

I just looked at her. I wasn't going to make it easy for her.

"It's not fair," she finally burst out, "Janice is much older than you, you're good-looking, (I wondered which bit of me she meant!), she's fat and loud, and you often sleep with her. No-one has even looked at me since my husband left me 25 years ago. Why her?"

"Simple," I answered, "she let me know she was interested, and doesn't wasted her time criticizing everybody.."

There was a silence. Then, to my shocked amazement, Barbara said defiantly, "Well, I'm still interested, as you call it, but round me are old men who've forgotten what their cocks are for! I may be skinny but I would open my legs for a man who could face having sex with me! Could you?"

I stood with open mouth! Her direct language,

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