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Jenny is forced to accept his proposal.

Oh sis, you're getting close, aren't you?"

"Yes, let's flip over so we can make the moment last." They managed to switch without disengaging. "Yes, it's so good to ride this donkey dick again." She began bucking as she rode him more and more urgently.

Justin looked at the breasts hanging in his face and said, "Sis, I think your tits have gotten bigger. Did you get an operation?"

"No, of course not, silly," she gasped between strokes.

"I think you're lying."

She gave him a wicked grin. "Well, check it out for yourself."

"I will." He started to massage her breasts, gently at first, then more energetically as she kept pumping him. "Still nice and firm, nothing feels foreign here. Have to check the nipples close up." He leaned forward to engulf her left breast.

"Mmmm, your tongue work is getting better. Ah, a little bite, mmmm. You can do that again. Yes, yes."

"Well, I've had a couple of tasty ones to practice on. Auntie Pru lets me really chop on her nipples before I beat them. And after."

"Is that what you did after you buttfucked her?"

"No, first she got a basin and washed off my dick. Nice, warm soapy water, she got every bit of shit off it and her touch was so gentle. Then she dried it in a warm fluffy towel. Here's the pictures." A flick of his finger brought up images of a hand, a washcloth, a basin of brown water and Justin's cock.

"Wow, she got your brown trouser snake cleaned up real good." Twitches of ecstasy crossed her face "That's such a lovely monster, it's nice to see what's inside me."

"Wait, slut sister, there's more," and he reached out to touch a button for the next image.

Justine and Justin ground their hips against each other a few moments before he reached over to the laptop. Another flick brought up another image. Justine was enrapt: "Oh, here's my favorite: tits with a hint of red. I guess you did turn her loose eventually."

He nodded. "I sure did; massaging the blood back into them is a treat, too. She says it's like a thousand pins and needles and they're always super sensitive right after they're released. That's something she'd never done before but always dreamed of when she downloaded those movies from the Net. Here's another stage of red, and here's real red."

"I made them that red, then I loved to feel her up. Her skin was so hot under my hands, oo, ooo, oooooooooo."

"Almost, Justine, almost there. A little orgasm, big one coming." Another loud crack of a hand against bare flesh filled the room. "Okay, I'll own up to that bad pun, you can even hit my butt again. Next, I did the undersides of her tits."

She smiled in ecstasy. "Auntie Pru is a real painsult about the underside of her tits. I loved making her hold her own nipples high so I could get at them."

"Maybe you'd like to be on the receiving end sometime?"

Justine looked thoughtful. He gave her right nipple a playful tweak, which brought a wince. "Maybe, donkey dick, maybe. Spank me."

A sharp crack rang out, and Justine smiled. "Again, again." Two more slaps assaulted Justine's firm round ass and left their marks. "That's wonderful, turn it red, baby bro, turn it red."

"Of course, I always do what my big sister tells me." They bucked as his hands made their harsh music on her tanned backside, turning the light mocha skin to sunburn red. Her head wobbled as she rode him hard and her tits jiggled merrily. She smiled down and said, "Now, give me a tit slap or two."

A frightened look filled his face. "While you're riding me like this? I feel very exposed."

She smiled, "If I don't like it, I won't take it out on you; this is my idea. Smack my tits."

He gave her breasts a couple of light, experimental slaps. "Goodness, you like this, I'm getting drenched again. A little more?"

She bit her lip.

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