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Crystal is Hypnotized by a collection of erotic stories.

That is, deeper into me. There was no pain only a feeling of being stuffed clear up into the lower reaches of my belly. I came so many times that, ultimately, I passed out. I'm not even certain how I got back to my room this morning. But, in keeping with the stated purpose of this meeting, that penis was definitely not human! And, before you ask, I have absolutely no idea of what it was. I do know that the creature was not human although it had hands and it was breathing hard with the effort of going deeper into my guts. I know because I could hear it wheezing in a very strange fashion."

Nell spoke up after I had halted my story, "Messalina, each of us has a similar kind of story to relate so don't think that you are somehow being singled out for this out-of-earth experience. Unfortunately, none of us know, at this point, what all of this means. Okay, girls. Let's go to our own rooms and give this some intense thought."

My tale seemed to write, 'Finis' to the meeting and all of the members of the class slowly filed out of Nell's room. As Georgina and I strolled casually back to our rooms, she reached over and took me by the arm.

"Messalina, can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure. What do you want?"

"Messalina, I just cannot bring myself to push that needle into my pearl. Would you....?"

"Look, Georgina. I'm no expert, but, if that's what you want, I'll give it my best shot. Get your syringe and bring it to my room."

In short order, Georgina was spread-eagled on my cot and I was staring at her clit. Or, as she named it, her pearl. It was as big as the end of my thumb and about as long as up to the first knuckle of my thumb.

"Georgina, how long have you been taking these shots?"

"Oh, honey, you know that time means nothing in this house so I don't really know. I know that I have reached a point where I cannot do without my twice daily shots, but I just can't stick that damn needle into myself."

I took hold of her clit with my thumb and fore finger and held it clear of its' sheath. Then, without any preparatory moves whatsoever, I quickly stabbed the needle into Georgina's clit and pushed down hard on the syringe. I didn't stop until I had injected all that the syringe held into Georgina's clit. As the effects of that liquid began to hit her, her hips began bucking in an unmistakable fucking manner. She had unintentionally answered a question that had been bothering me. Whatever it was that we were injecting into our clits, it was definitely addicting.

"Shall I do you?"

I looked at Georgina and silently gave a very brief nod. She reached over and got my syringe off my only other piece of furniture - my chair, and just as quickly took hold of my smallish clit. I gawked at my clit as she freed it from its' sheath because after just one dose of this stuff, my clit looked larger to me! I watched as Georgina expertly pushed the needle into my clit and then injected me with whatever that syringe held. I felt the jolt of that band of heat as it pushed upwards through my body and I knew something else. With just two shots under my belt, I was rapidly reaching the point where I, too, would soon have to have my twice daily shots! The only really comfortable position I could assume was to lay on my side so I slowly rolled over onto the side facing Georgina. She had taken a similar position only with her head near my genital region.

As we lay there with each of us staring at the other's pubic region, I felt the onset of desire. I didn't have to make the first move for I suddenly felt Georgina ruffling my pubic hair.

"You have such fine hair. I wish mine was like yours, but my hair is coarse and stiff."

"Tell me, Georgina. What did you do before you came to the house? I myself was an accountant - one of many in the company that I worked for."

"Mostly, I kept house for my father. Do you have any children?"

"Me? No! I've never been married and my sex life consists of just a few experiences before I came to the house. How about you? Any children?"

Georgina hesitated for several minutes and I knew that somehow I h

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