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Double team the next day.

... I wait until 11pm which was when I wrote in the note to meet. I walk slowly to the semi open bathroom door and peer around the corner and get an instant hard on. There you are finishing putting on the brightest red lipstick with you make up done up slightly between sexy and slutty! I love it! You are wearing the corset and the g-string (god I love your ass) and then I notice the black high heels and your brightly painted toe nails. You are such a wet dream!

I get down on my hands and knees because you haven't noticed me yet, and the door is open enough that I crawl thru without having to move it at all. The first indicator that you know I am there is when you feel my nice long tongue start to trail up the back of your leg starting at your ankle. You stop what you are doing and grip the sink and let out a low moan. So I take that as a good sign to continue. So I pull slightly away from your leg and lightly blow on the skin that my tongue has just traveled, and your whole body shudders. I then notice fluid running down the inside of your thighs, and I get even more turned on watching you cumm for me! I use my tongue to lick up your leg to taste your cum and I about go animalistic but I remind myself to take it slow and give you the pleasure you have been denied for so long. I stop my tongue before I get to the tops of your thighs and you whimper until I start over with the other leg, and you moan some more! You are basically resting your chest on the sink because your legs are so weak, but I just keep teasing you. Until I reach the top of your thighs then I start to kiss and lick your succulent ass which I love. I am staring up at the top of the sink and you finally look aback at me and you have such lust in your face.

You look me right in the eye and tell me to stop teasing and to suck your soaking wet pussy so you can flood my throat with your cumm. What can I say I have been taught to follow orders, so I trail my tongue down your ass riding the string of fabric from your g-string from the back to the front and I start pushing the material into your pussy. Your g-string is literally dripping with your cumm but I tease you a little more by shoving my tongue between your pussy lips thru the material and it make you soak it even more. Ok I am done playing and I reach up and rip the thin piece of material and I see you are completely shaved and then I proceed to dive into your beautiful fountain of cumm within seconds my face is soaked and I love it. You can't stop shuddering as wave after wave of orgasm goes thru you. You don't know what to think or do but hold onto the sink and ride the waves of pleasure, but you finally lost hold of the sink. I had turned my body around and am now sitting under your pussy and I suck your pretty little clit into my mouth and lightly chew and bite on it then I suck it like a hover as I snake my long tongue out between my clenched teeth and start fucking your pussy with it!

You absolutely explode down my throat and all over my face and chest and it squirts everywhere. I am in heaven. I reach around and really grab a hold of your ass to hold you too my mouth as I tongue fucks you, and you are biting down on a towel to keep from screaming.

I stop after 5 minutes so you can catch your breath; at least that was my intention but instead you dropped down and pulled off my shorts and boxer briefs and my rock hard cock springs up at your face.

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