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Kerith and Kamilka, woman and trans-woman continue.

tainly right, Master : just, I live in the present, not in a far away future!

- A very commendable idea for a whore but my cock in your ass : is it in the present or in the future?

While he said it, Josh had pulled Simran out of the toilets, turned her on her belly with her legs hanging on the side of the makeshift bed and had entered her ass hole with all his energy. Simran shrieked with the violence of his entry. He had humped forward with a violent scream and she had opened totally for him, screaming aloud in response. He had taken her tits in his huge paws and he was squeezing her tender boobs as she shamelessly told him how much she enjoyed being with him, being his fuck toy!

- Now you are going to help me own your sister while Tyrone offers a good shagging to Renu!

Aruna was quite aware that they were chatting about her but she was still unable to grasp what they meant... Simran lifted Aruna's feet toward the ceiling and let them rest on her shoulders. Aruna's feet were dangling freely in the air. Josh took position just behind Simran and his cock was nudging Aruna's pussy. He slapped Aruna's face to force her out of her trance. She yelled :

- Why did you slap my face, Master? I have been quite obedient!

- May be but I did want you completely awake when I am going to breed you!

- Breed me? A black man, breeding me? NOOOOO!

Josh's turgid cock plunged into Aruna's pussy. He immediately started to fuck her with ample moves. Aruna tried to protest but Josh knew how to put a woman's belly aflame! She soon started to accompany his moves, encircling his torso with her arms, pushing back as he was entering her and pulling out in tune with him. She had also started to scream in ecstasy :

- Yes, Master, plant your baby making seed in my very fertile garden! It's now your garden : my husband should have fertilized it long ago but he forfeited his turn! As long as you keep me happy, you may plant as many babies as you want there! You are my Master and I don't want to carry any baby but yours!
-Yes, my pretty slut and your stupid husband will have to support them all! He really deserved to become the most ridiculous cuckold in Detroit!

Josh pulled down his pants, discovering his huge cock that Aruna had never seen. She opened her eyes wide in total bewilderment : he was far better endowed that she had ever dreamed : as big as a beer can but longer, much longer! Her husband Dev was totally dwarfed in comparison to his huge log! She shouted with glee as Rena wondered whether Aruna could accommodate such a huge manhood! Aruna got on her hands and knees and presented her pussy to Josh's monster cock. Fortunately Josh was an expert : he rubbed his cock along her slit to wet it. When it was coated with a thick layer of her juices, he wedged his cock into her cunt hole. He then pushed it into her, slowly but determinedly. Her sphincter finally gave way and his cock popped into her cunt with an audible noise...

Aruna screamed when she felt Josh's huge cock stretching her cunt walls wide and filling her to capacity... There was no comparison with what she felt when Dev fucked her. After a few seconds of stupor, she pushed back against him in response to his moves. She gritted her teeth to overcome the painful sensation. Her husband had neglected to use her pussy for so long and, now, another man was taking possession of her body. She had to let him ream her to his own girth, like any girl does in a new couple : just it was more difficult than usual : she was a slender not very tall Indian girl and he was a superb stallion, big and burly and very black! Slowly, the entire length of his huge cock disappeared into her pussy. They knew he was all the way in when his balls came in contact with her ass... Aruna turned her head toward him and offered him her lips in a totally abandoned move : she had never felt anything like that : she felt overstuffed, totally possessed and immensely glad to be in this man's embrace! His entry had been glorious and his possession promised to be triumphal : she really belonged to him now!


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