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I gave her a choice!

"Oh ok, I probably should be going then,"

"No wait, I thought you where in providence for school."

"I was I thought I would come and surprise Seth for the weekend since we haven't talked lately."

"Oh so you guys haven't had sex in a while. Oh sorry I probably shouldn't have said anything that's your business," said Sandy a little bit shocked that he asked that question.

"Umm... right we haven't in a while. Umm why do you ask? Is Seth cheating on me with somebody else," asked Summer started to feel a little bit worried about Seth and their relationship.

"No I was just wondering,"

"Oh umm... did you know that I was knocking on the door," asked Summer.

"Yes I did, I was hoping you would find me like this, because..."

"You did why because you haven't got any lately from Kristen right," Summer decided to ask since he was pondering into her love life.

"Yes, exactly," while they were talking he was still stroking his cock underneath the blanket hoping Summer didn't notice. Summer started to feel a little turned on by his talk she hasn't had any in weeks. And that is the reason why she came home she was feeling really horny.

"Mr. Cohen are you ok," asked Summer because Sandy was turning red.

"I'm fine Summer it's just that I can't seem to..." Sandy looked down at his blanket covered crotch.

"Do you need some help with your little problem," Sandy looked up at Summer's beautiful face.

"You don't mind,"

"No not really as long as you help me," replied Summer with a little red coming to her cheeks when she said that.

Summer leaned over and removed the blanket covering up Sandy. She realized that it was smaller then her boyfriend's 9" but it looked a lot thicker and she liked thick cocks. Her favorite dildo was 3" thick and she loved being stuffed with it.

Sandy watched as Summer put her mouth over his cock. First she started to lick his head then went down to his balls. He loved having his balls sucked it made him cum a lot faster.

"Oh Summer if you keep doing that I'm going to cum soon," Summer stopped sucking on his balls and resumed sucking and licking his cock. Summer started getting really wet and she loved the feeling.

Summer looked up into Sandy's eyes seeing the pleasure in them.

"Oh Summer," she could feel that he was getting ready to blow but she wanted him to cum somewhere else so she stopped and looked up at him. She stood up and removed her dress then her panties. She stood naked in front of her boyfriend's dad. Sandy noticed the moisture between Summer's thighs. He reached his hand out and started to massage her thighs with her own moisture. She moved closer so he could get better access to her honey pot. He was anything like his son he would eat her out. Seth loved doing that.

Sandy stopped massage her and she got the hint she came closer to the bed and laid down with her legs spread so Sandy could see her clean shaven pussy. He looked at it for a minute then moved closer and kissed her pussy lips. Summer started to shiver. He got the hint that she liked that. He spread apart her lips to see her honey pot better. It was all wet and waiting for him. He started to lick and kiss the outer regions until she was moaning with ecstasy. He started to lick and kiss the inside and around her clit. He put his tongue in her hole and started to tongue fuck her. He did that until she was almost ready to cum.

"Oh Sandy don't stop I was so close,"

"I know I'm doing the same thing you did to me,"

"I stopped because I want you to fuck me," when she said that Sandy was struck numb he didn't think she would actually let him fuck her but know he new. He moved back to her pussy and bit just a tiny nibble at her clit until she moaned. He new it was time to fuck her nice and slow if he could.

"Ok Summer this might hurt I'm a lot thicker then Seth,"

"Wait how do you know you're thicker then Seth,"

"I've seen him jack off before,"

"Ok but I love thick cocks ram it in me,"

And Sandy did just that she was a lot tighter then his wife and it felt amazing.

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