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She was sad but most of all she was empty.

I walked in with him and turned around. I had a smile on my face as I turned, but it was soon wiped off, when his hand came into my hair, and he yanked it down causing me to loose balance and fall to my knees on the floor. I gave a yelp mixed with pain and fear, and looked up at him confused. He smiled down at me.

"Maybe next time when you go picking up men at a club, you make sure they're going to give a shit about you."

I went to speak, but was silenced by his hand coming down on my cheek. I began to cry, I hadn't expected this at all, he'd been sweet at the club.

"I haven't told you to speak bitch! Now, look at me!"

I looked up, blinking the tears from my eyes.

"You will do everything I say to do! If not, there will be grave consequences! Do you understand?"

He nodded my head for me, pulling my hair hard as he did so.

"Good, now that's settled."

He moved his hand to my throat, and picked me up by it, making me gasp as I was pulled to my feet. He threw me on the couch, and I sat choking, trying to catch my breath. He came to me, straddling my body. He grabbed my head again and pushed it into the crotch of his jeans. He moved me around while moving his hips.

"Guess what you're going to do now?"

I stuttered, and he looked down at me angrily, slapping one cheek then the other, drawing blood from both corners of my mouth. I cried out, and looked at him with fresh tears in my eyes.

"First off you're going to answer quicker when I fucking speak to you!"

He grabbed my throat again, and cut off all air flow. I felt my face getting red, and I struggled to breathe. He brought his face down close to mine.

"If you want to fucking live, you're going to answer my question!"

He slapped me again before releasing my neck. I took in a big gulp of air, and groaned at the pain. He lifted his hand again, and I lifted mine to protect my face.

"Suck your cock! I'm going to suck your cock first!"

His hand came down and caught my ear, making a loud ringing sound go off in my head.

"Right answer."

"Then why'd you hit me?"

"Just for fun."

He took out his cock, and rubbed it across my lips.

"Open your fucking mouth!"

I opened it, and choked as he shoved it down my throat. He kept it deep, and brought his hand to my nose, closing off my air flow again. My eyes opened wide, as he thrust so hard down my throat. He pulled up, allowing me to take in air, but quickly shoved it back down, making me gag.

Finally he let go of my nose, and I was able to breathe better. He pulled his cock from my mouth, and watched in delight as strings of spit connected his cock to my lips.

"Now what?"

I really didn't know, and I was afraid to answer. I looked up at him, stupidly, which caused more anger in him. He brought his cock down hard on my lips, causing them to bleed again. I cried out.

"Please stop! For the love of everything please stop!"

"I've heard enough of your begging!"

He let go of his cock, but brought his hands to my tits. He grabbed hold of my nipples, twisting and pinching hard. My body thrust with the pain, and my hands came up grabbing his wrists, as my teeth gritted together.

"Answer my question!"

"You''re....owwww, fuck that hurts! You're going to fuck me!"

He quit pinching, but before he moved, he spit on his hands and smacked each one of my nipples. I cried out, but I also felt a surge of desire go through me. I had felt it before when I was choking on his cock, but then I had ignored it. He noticed the change too and looked down at me smiling.

"Are you beginning to enjoy yourself?"

I didn't answer, just glared at him, and that caused him to smack my tits again. This time the noise that came from me was one more of pleasure than pain. He moved down, standing on the floor, he looked for a minute assessing his options and then shook his head.

"This won't do."

He grabbed my hair, and I yelped as I felt my feet dangling in the air.

"Where's your bedroom?"

I pointed down the hall, and he took me, carrying me by the roots of my hair.

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