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"Sool, sool, Rusty! Sool!" mixed with laughter, the sound of the dog as it sucked in air and its feet pounded the dirt as it frantically ran to catch us. I never realized that anyone could be capable of such haste, we got into the cabin of the utility as Rusty raced and we heard the dog's teeth connect as it bit the air where I'd been. As the utility's door slammed shut it struck the dog's head and there was a yelp. I hunted for the keys and anxiously we both watched the farmer and his trusty dog Rusty. The farmer ran towards us and Rusty lay on the ground motionless.

The keys- they were in the ignition all the time, I turned the key and quickly we were away, dust billowed behind us as we accelerated and left the man and dog behind. We could hear the utility lid flap at the back as we gained speed. I looked at Mavis her chest heaving- her breasts riding the tide of each breath and I was no better. It took a while for either of us to speak. We flew along the road and wondered why neither of us had seen the dog or man.

"Wow, I wonder where they came from? she said breathlessly.

"Dunno!" was all I could say. At the next intersection I turned right and we sped along to avoid being caught. After a while we looked and as there was no other plume of dust behind us we knew no one was following. I stopped and we made hasty repairs to the utility lid. My shirt and Mavis's pants were still on the side of the road, souvenirs for the farmer. It felt strange being naked doing the repairs.

We said little for the rest of the journey home. I was grateful that we didn't need to stop for petrol. We did stop though to put what clothes we had on. When we arrived home we both scurried inside and too tired to do much else we turned on the air conditioner and went to bed, my bed. We held each other as we drifted off to sleep. When we woke later we listened to the radio as we shared a very late breakfast. We wondered about Rusty, and whether the farmer had made any reports to the media.


Loading had taken some time and everything was in its place to be quickly accessible. The oppressive heat made it difficult to be so organized.

"Hello!" I wrenched the garage door the rest of the way closed and turned to see her, my neighbor, my busy body neighbor.

"So, what are you hiding?" There was a big grin on her face as she asked. Apparently, I looked sufficiently guilty.

"Ah, nothing," I said, in my most convincing tone.

"Well, if that's the case, you won't mind if I look, will you!" She grabbed the handle of the garage door, opened it and slowly walked in. I hoped she wouldn't see anything but she's smarter than that. She lifted the utility lid and saw a few of the signs, the ladder and tools.

"Mmm! So, what are you up to?"

"Nothing," I replied, but I'm not a good liar and must have been bright red, much more that the sun could be blamed for!

"Well, make sure it's like that when I get back. I won't be long." She hurried off as I watched. "Nosy neighbors," I thought, "bloody hell, what to do!"

I went inside, poured a coffee and thought, the whole project now in jeopardy. For a whole year I'd successfully hidden it from her and now, at the eleventh hour, I'd been sprung. A lot of work had gone into this, I wasn't happy to let it go and a nefarious little voice talked to me.

"Let her come, if she's in it too she won't tell anyone. So long as she's in it too, after all she has invited herself!" I sat and thought about whether the nefarious me was right and whether it was fair. Right or wrong, the nefarious little voice won and I made an extra thermos of coffee, with milk and sugar, for Mavis, and added it to the box of provisions.

" Yoohoo!" It was Mavis at the back door and she was coming in. With her she had a bag and she'd changed her clothes, she was now wearing shorts, an oversized tee shirt and a pair of sneakers, she looked terrific, and very sexy. I guessed was appropriately dressed because it was going to be a very hot summer night.

"Ready?" she asked.

Mavis was unusually

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