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Intern and student relationship.

'So stay in her pussy for as long as you can!'

I fucked Abby's tight little pussy for nearly an hour, fondling her lovely smooth young body, bringing myself close to exploding seven times and backing off, and taking her to three massive climaxes along the way. In the end, as she felt yet another orgasm build, Abby begged me to end it - she couldn't take any more. Then, when I felt her pussy starting to flutter around my prick yet again, I released my load deep against her cervix, filling her with my cum in an ecstasy of thudding contractions.

I crouched over her holding her tight as we both descended from the heights. Then Abby realised that I had reneged on our agreement. She struggled to get out from under me, "Brett! You lousy, fucking bastard! You promised to pull out!"

I held her down and hushed her, "Abby, shush! You don't know something, because up 'til now, you haven't given me the opportunity to tell you. One month before that whore of an ex-wife of mine left she played a dirty trick on me. She made me have a vasectomy. She said her doctor had taken her off he pill, because she'd been on it too long, and she couldn't enjoy sex with me any more for fear of having a child...she never wanted children, Abby. I am sterile. I can't make you pregnant."

Abby relaxed straight away, "Oh, poor Brett! What an awful thing to do!" Then she brightened considerably, "But, great for us!"

We stayed clasped together until my softening cock finally slipped out of her. Abby immediately clamped a hand over her pussy and ordered me to get off her so that she could go to the bathroom. "Wait for me in Daddy's chair," she ordered me.

I too needed to take a leak so I used their guestroom, but was sat like a naked king in 'Daddy's chair' when Abby returned. She piled in on top of me and snuggled up close, her diminutive breasts pressed enticingly against my chest.

She parted her legs and took hold of my hand. She showed me that she wanted me to stroke the creamy soft inside of her thigh, close to her gorgeous, pouting-lipped slit. "Brett, there's something I have to tell you too. You were my first."

Abby misinterpreted my amazed silence as disbelief. "You were, you know, that really was the first time for me. I was a virgin until tonight."

"I believe you, Abby, but I entered you so easily. There was no resistance from your hymen and I didn't seem to hurt you."

Abby tweaked my right nipple between forefinger and thumb, "It depends on how you interpret virginity of course. If an 'intact' hymen is the sole guide, no I wasn't a virgin. And nor are most young women in the so-called 'Developed World'. Mr Tampax, and his colleagues, and bicycle seats have broken in more virgins than people realise! And, of course, boys have put their fingers in me. You watched Chris do that on Saturday. But, if one's first prick is the measure, you had the privilege!"

"And I am deeply honoured, Miss Abby!" I hugged her to me. I wanted to kiss her as well, but, although we'd fucked so passionately, I still was not sure about her true feelings towards me. Even so, I decided to take advantage of our post-coitus warmth and closeness, "But I am also very confused. I'm not sure if this is the right time to ask..."

"I think I can guess what it is, but go ahead."

"Well, for the past five or six years you have treated me almost as a non-person. I've never understood why. We were such good buddies and then, suddenly I didn't exist."

"Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd."

"I thought it was, Hell hath no fury..."

Abby tapped me lightly on the bridge of my nose with her knuckles, "William Congreve. I'm the one who's studying towards being an English teacher, remember!"

"Ok, ok. But I still don't understand!"

"We have wasted a lot of time and missed out on a lot of loving and affection, Brett.

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