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Drew arranges a contest between the girls.

The driver could not believe his luck. He positioned himself in front of the open door and stretched out his hand to offer some support to Katie whose hands were trying their best to hold her blouse and skirt panels in place. She reluctantly let go of her blouse to take his hand and it immediately gathered in the centre of her huge chest once again leaving both breasts completely exposed.

The temptation was too much and the driver reached out with his spare hand and grabbed an uncovered breast. He was amazed with how firm it was but also how soft it felt. He was marvelling at it its sheer weight when Katie yelped. Not wanting to let go of the fleshy delight, and without thinking, he let go of Katie's hand and grabbed her other breast. Without anything to hold on to Katie fell back on to the back seat of the car. She couldn't quite work out how it happened but the next thing she knew the driver was knelt astride her and was kneading each breast. She tried to push him away but he was too heavy and it was not a great effort for him to pin her arms by her side by clamping his knees together. He continued to massage each breast and then began to pinch each nipple. Katie let out a gasp as his fingers tightly pinched each nipple. Her mind was starting to spin before a surge of pleasure quickly began washing over her. The driver had leaned forward and had begun to lick and bite one nipple whilst continuing to pinch the other.

Aside from her earlier assault on the bus, Katie had not had any physical contact with any man for a number of years and almost instantaneously an orgasm hit her hard making her body shake and convulse. The driver had sat back on his heels and was watching the gorgeous girl shivering from delight. Without hesitation he reached back and slid his hand behind him and between her legs. The skirt panels offered no protection and he soon was amazed at how hot and wet her pussy felt.

He began rubbing a finger along the length of her slit and within seconds Katie's body began to jolt again as though electricity was being poured through her. With his other hand the driver reached down and undid his jeans and wrestled his stiff cock out and pointed it straight at Katie's face. Before she could say anything the stiff cock was pushed in to her mouth and the driver began to force it back and forward, deeper and deeper in to her mouth and then deeper still and in to her throat. Since Katie had climbed in to the car his erection had been threatening to burst out of this jeans. Within seconds of starting the assault on her mouth the driver could feel the cum building and he knew he was about to explode. Katie's efforts to wriggle free had all but stopped as the driver's free hand continued to toy with her pussy.

Her now sopping wet pussy was putting up no resistance to he easily slid two fingers straight in to her cunt. The timing was perfect, just as his fingers entered her cunt his cock exploded in to her mouth. The confusion Katie was feeling only served to amplify her arousal and a third orgasm hit her, and hit her hard.

The driver unloaded his cum in to her mouth and through the waves of orgasm Katie fought to swallow what seemed to be a gallon of cum. She fought hard but wasn't able to swallow it all and it gushed from the corners of her mouth and spilled on to her chest.

Katie was dazed and confused. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She was disgusted but she was also realising that she had never felt so turned on, and somewhere in her mind the thought was beginning to build that maybe, just maybe, she wanted more.

The taxi driver had wasted no time in climbing off the dazed girl.

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