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Ken brings his female sex toys into his marital home.

Shelby was still young but she had the confident presence of a woman that knew what she wanted.

As he watched, Shelby stood examining herself in the mirror. She was pale in her unexposed areas but her light golden tan was set off by the white cotton thong and bra she was wearing.

Spencer scrutinized her, not as his sister but as a woman. She was petite but proportionate. She had smallish breasts, but they were a firm, rounded handful. They looked like ripe peaches and the phrase "forbidden fruit" flashed into his head for a split second.

His eyes slid down her curved waist and hips over her cotton panties. As she turned to examine herself from the side, he groaned as he caught a glimpse of her bare, perky ass cheeks.

The way the strip of white cotton separated them only accentuated the rounded mounds. He wanted to grab her cheeks and squeeze them hard, playing with her round ass before lovingly sinking his teeth into her flesh, running his tongue over her smooth skin. She made him feel like some sort of lustful animal, wanting to devour her luscious body.

Shelby reached behind herself, forcing her breasts up and outward. She felt around for a moment for the band of her bra.

With a deft flick of her fingers, the hooks popped open. The elasticized sides of her bra sprung toward the front of her body and Shelby shrugged the garment down her shoulders. The limp fabric slid off her arms and dropped to the floor with her discarded top and capris.

Spencer gasped, he knew he really should turn away, but instead he watched her while she studied her bare chest in the mirror.

Her nipples were a blushed tan color as if he'd taken a chocolate milkshake and a strawberry milkshake then mixed them together. They were not too small but not huge either, the cherries on top of the most perfect double scoop sundae he'd ever seen.

He had seen thousands of boobs in his life, both real and two dimensional. He'd also had his hands and mouth on his fair share too but Shelby had a rack that was something special and he wanted to spend some time with it.

Spencer cringed inwardly at the direction his thoughts were headed. He had done his best to keep the wrong guys away from her when he still lived at home. He hated the way some guys treated women as objects, but now he was doing the same thing with his own sister.

What was wrong with him?!

Spencer tried to rationalize his behavior. He wasn't going to use her and string her along. He wasn't going to do anything to her because she was his sister. His baby sister.

He was just doing a little innocent spying, except nothing about it was innocent.

Well, maybe Shelby was.

She was minding her own business getting ready for a bath and he was getting sick pleasure from secretly watching her slowly stripping.

Her hands glided over her firm, pale flesh and as he watched, her nipples hardened into points.

He wanted to look away, but as he started to turn, she cupped her own breasts and his attention was captured once again. Her hands were small and made her breasts look impossibly huge in comparison. She looked amazing holding the full mounds.

She gently lifted them, then squeezed them together forming a deep cleavage. She bit her bottom lip and watched herself in the mirror as she massaged and jiggled them.

He reached down and grabbed the growing bulge in his shorts. He couldn't help but picture her boobs bouncing beneath him as he drove himself into her body.

He tried to imagine the face of a woman that wasn't his sister on the body in front of him while he mentally fucked her.

His usual type was really nothing like Shelby. He tried to picture Michelle, a girl from work. She was statuesque, blonde and gorgeous. They'd been flirting for a while and he was hot for her.

They'd talked about going out for a drink but he wasn't sure he should start something with someone he'd have to see everyday if things went badly and he didn't really know a lot about

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