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Charlotte's journey.

"Soon, my sweet," came the dark sinful voice.

The younger man gasped at the suit was pulled to his ankles and his footwear, followed by the suit, were then pulled from his body. He looked up as the older man seemed to loom even bigger as he stood naked before him.

"I would have you naked before me at all times." The Watcher whispered darkly. "It pleases me to see you like this; naked, hard."

The last word was whispered so sinfully the blond thought his knees would give out and he found the bigger man holding him as he trembled with arousal. The only sounds he could make were soft whimpers as wet open kisses were pressed from his chest to the small blond pubic pelt.

The bigger man nuzzled at the slender rod that stood proudly from the small nest of blond curls. With a soft growl of appreciation the Watcher licked a swathe from root to tip and tongued the tiny slit to lap up the steadily leaking pre-come.

"Sweet," he purred sinfully. "I would taste your living essence, my beautiful one," he murmured before engulfing the engorged shaft. He sucked voraciously, one hand fondling the almost hairless sac the other squeezing tight buttocks. He carefully allowed his preternaturally sharp teeth to graze the precious flesh before sucking hard once more His reward was a scream and jets of salty-sweet cr__me pulsing into his mouth. He swallowed greedily, relishing the cry of completion whilst simultaneously realising the noise may have attracted unwanted attention.

//That will need remedying// the watcher thought. He licked the spent organ clean as he listened for anyone approaching.

Smiling, he stood to once again loom over the diminutive, naked form. He pushed sweat damp hair from the beautiful, flushed face.

"Taste yourself," he commanded softly as he plundered the willing mouth. As they broke apart, he placed his hand on the top of the blond head. "Kneel," he ordered and was obeyed instantly. Although the older man was already hard and leaking, the sight of the beautiful boy kneeling naked and submissively before him aroused him even more. He unfastened his pants, releasing angry red, swollen flesh. He knew he was well endowed and he caught the wide-eyed look of his Chosen. "Open your mouth and be still," he commanded. He had no intention of undoing all his good work. He inserted just the head of his arousal and slowly moved in and out of the lush lips. Removing the saliva-slick flesh, he rubbed it over each flushed cheek. "Well done, my sweet," he praised. "You have pleased me greatly."

The slender blond smiled at the praise gazing up at the man who dwarfed him. Despite the vulnerability of his nudity and the submissiveness of his position, he found them both to be erotic and arousing. There was no mistaking the sexual dominance and sheer primal power of the older man before him. His spent flesh was already half hard and had begun to refill as his mouth had been so carefully used. He instinctively knew the dominant male would not hurt him or abuse his trust.

"Stand, my sweet," the older male crooned, helping the blond to stand. "I would be inside you. Let me love you, my sweet. Let me pleasure you with my flesh. I want my essence to fill your body and for you to come when I'm buried inside you".

"Please," he blond begged shamelessly. The bewitching words had him fully erect and he longed to join with the tall, dark haired male.

The older man's smile was feral as he guided the slighter form to lean over a shelf of clean towels ensuring something soft for his Chosen's body. He nudged at the spread legs with his thighs forcing a wider, more vulnerable stance. His Chosen's hips and consequently his enticing buttocks were now canted upwards and the low growl of appreciation sent shivers through the smaller man's body. He wriggled trying to entice the older man into taking him.

"Impatient youth," the dark voice purred.

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