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A Porn Queen Exposed.

one, "Honestly,"

"You must not tell all your secrets like that, whisper to me, tell me what a naughty girl you been,"

"Oh, daddy!" she said, and put her lips to my ear whispering, "I guess you're undercover so the people we're mixed up with are pretty bad,"

"Yeah, baby tell me more," I said for the benefit of listeners,

"The room is bugged?"

"More, baby, much more,"


"So right, baby,"

"Shit!" she paused, "If they find out I guess we're in deep trouble, then"

"You kill me, baby,"

"Oh God," her breath tickled my ear as she thought, "How we going to get out of this?"

To be truthful I had been tried to think a way round it but nothing had come to mind. Gordeovich was known to be a sexual athlete, there was no way he would settle for just a cuddle. If I knocked her out because she insulted me Gordeovich would still have used her before discarding her, then Marinelli would probably have had her beaten and raped for insulting his guest. If she laid me out Marinelli would have her beaten, raped and killed. Breaking cover wasn't an option neither was trying to sneak out of the hotel now. We might have managed it later but later would be too late. Shit I hated undercover!

* * * * *

Diane - Then

"I tell you what's going to happen, Baby," and he leant forward to whisper in his normal voice, "I'm going to have to fuck you, love. Fight me, please fight me, it will make you feel better - but lose. Anything else an Marinelli will give you to his soldiers,"

When he made it clear what was going to happen I almost fainted, I thought I had escaped of being a whore and here was my own father saying I had to be one. A father is supposed to protect his little girl from that. But his hand was already mauling my breasts squeezing them through the layers of material. It felt good. Half heartedly I tried to beat him off, but he grabbed my hands pinning them behind me with one of his while continuing the rape of my breasts with the other.

The front of my dress was pushed down and he roughly hauled a breast out devouring the nipple sucking so hard and drawing in so much of the flesh it nearly hurt. It's incest, oh god, its incest, but all I could do was cry out in shock. Then I felt the nipple hardening. This couldn't be happening, my body couldn't react to my fathers touch.

Then I realized I'm not fighting as hard as I could. My body was betraying me and some little voice inside my head whispered to me that it might be good. The hand was under my dress, feeling the garter belt the naked flesh of my thighs. The thong was pressed into the damp flesh of my pussy. I wanted to give in, it felt so right.

Then I remembered his words "Please fight me . . ." and I knew he needed me to resist. He didn't want to have his daughter acting like a slut and like me he was frightened of what he felt. I struggled more thrashing my legs.

"Let me go I'll do anything, anything but that," I shouted and he pushed me roughly to the floor his hand grabbing my hair,

"Prove it," he said, "Eat me, whore,"

I unzipped him, took him out, he was so big. I wanted to taste it but he must not know that. I held back but his hands were too strong pulling me toward it. I licked him, the shaft and head tasting the drop of pre-cum. I covered him with my saliva then took him in my mouth stretching to fit my mouth over him. I sucked the head and rubbed him with my hands. My tongue toyed with the little slit. I buried him in my mouth but I could not get even half way down it. I felt it jerk, I sucked hard, rubbed and teased. He came, the thick spurts hitting the back of my throat. I wanted to swallow but didn't, I sat back looking up at him with the cum leaking out and dripping on my breasts.

Stay hard, stay hard, I prayed,

* * * * *

Tom - Then

I pretended I had hoped that her giving head would sate me, but it didn't. I was still hard, harder than before, if that was possible. Looking at her face with my jism oozing out lets something loose in me. I pretended it is my cover persona but it wasn't.

"Swallow it!" I ordered, and she did,


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