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An erotic Victorian escapade.

She had smiled at that, she'd worked in hospitals before, but never felt any sort of attraction to her patients. He was different. When he looked at her through those deep blue eyes, he saw something in her, through the disguise, all the bullshit she put up to get through each day. He saw her, he saw to her core, and after they'd seen each other for the first time she was drawn in.

In the beginning she did everything she could to be with him, she swapped shifts, she came in early, gave him his prescribed meds. She treated him like a human being, and he responded. She cared deeply for him. She didn't know if he knew, if he felt the same, if he knew she would do anything for him. How could he? Her job, her career, and a padded cell stood between them.


"Medication time! And how are we today?"

The young man was struggling uncomfortably at the straight jacket while staring pleadingly at the young nurse.

"No sweetheart, you know I can't take you out of this. Here, take these. Doctor's orders"

The young man took the pills willingly. Normally the nurse would linger, waiting until her patient fell asleep. Today was different. Today he looked distressed. She looked into his eyes, trying to understand his pain. His mouth was quivering, as if to speak. His tongue held any words back, but he was fighting it.

"K-k-kiss m-me"

"What did you say?" she gently asked, momentarily startled.

"P-p-please. Kiss me."

A huge smile spread across the young nurse's face. A warm tear began to well in the corner of her eye. After so long she realised that he wanted her, that they shared a bond, a connection. She couldn't hold herself back. She held the young man's head between her hands, and brought him close. Their lips met in a sweet embrace. She could feel his body shake with adrenaline as they kissed, their tongues duelling in the middle. She pulled him closer, deeper into her. There was a need, a hunger for more.

He held her tight, waves of pain released from his body, the toxic fear of years in captivity gone for one pure moment. His arms strained against the straight jacket, frantically searching for freedom. No release came.

She suddenly felt her body grinding against his. Sweat began to form on her forehead as she grabbed at the buckles on his jacket. As her fingers touched the smooth metal a wicked idea popped into her head, and she smiled through the kiss.

He thought she would free him, allow him out of his bindings for a moment, forever. Instead, she wrenched at the sides, forcing him up and then against the wall. He didn't know what was going on, he was powerless. But he was with the woman he'd always wanted, and he felt safe.

She had him where she wanted him, where she'd imagine him in her fantasies. She fiddled with his zipper, her hands fumbling with eagerness.

"At least part of him is free," she giggled to herself as she felt his size. It felt perfect.

Hiking up her skirt, she began to grind his cock against her moist panties, he felt her warmth, so inviting. His whole body ached to be inside her, to be one with her. For one moment, a love sparked between them as she pulled away, gazing deeply into his eyes.

She pulled aside her panties, grasped his cock firmly and slid him into her. Her body flooded with passion and she exhaled slowly, adjusting to him. Ever so slowly, she began gyrating against him, her clit tingling with pleasure.

His mind was overwhelmed by the senses he felt. Lighting ran up and down his back as he matched her movements. The faster they went, the tighter the jacket became, and yet the freer he felt. He felt his worldly bonds fall away.

More! More! Harder! Faster! Her entire being screamed for gratification, for control. She pulled away, an eternity between them, and threw him onto his squeaky old bed. She bent over him, licking his lips as he squirmed to reach her.

"You're mine now," she whispered in his ear, "I can't tell you how long I've wanted you. Now I'm going to show you just how much I do."

Swinging her leg over h

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