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Now this is how you serve your community.

"God! I've missed you so much! Aunty". Nisha caressed Sheela's hand, lifting it to her mouth and sucking one of Sheela's fingers, her tongue caressing the long digit in her mouth.

"Oh, don't start that now!" Sheela said.

"I want you so much. Sheela Aunty!"

Nisha laughed and sat on the sofa, happy to be with her Sheela Aunty once again. But Sheela wanted Nisha to be out of house very fast so that Mahesh will never come to know about her bi sexuality. Nisha started telling about her trip to Mumbai and about her shopping.

"I wanted to show you my new panties, Aunty. It is so exotic to look at".

Nisha stood, unzipping her jeans and sliding them down her long, lean legs. There was a dead silence in the room for several long minutes. Sheela felt herself getting aroused at the sight of Nisha's long legs and the sexy panty.

Sheela looked down at Nisha, and saw her wearing a red pair of panties. There is a small triangle of red silk fabric stretched tightly over her pussy. Nisha came near to Sheela to give her a closer look.

"I like the red ones, are they pure silk?" Sheela asked.

"Hundred percent. Don't you love the feel of pure silk against your skin?

Sheela's eyes remained fixed on the tight triangle of red thong panty. Nisha shifted around and turned so that Sheela can see the thin red thong running up between her rounded buttocks. Her skin is wonderfully smooth, her ass looked firm.

"I have also shaved my pussy". Nisha added and stepped out of her red thong panties, revealing her neatly shaved pussy.

On seeing Sheela aunty stare at her shaved schoolgirl like pussy, Nisha blushed and sat down on the sofa crossing her legs. Feeling embarrassed, Nisha asked Sheela Aunty what she was looking at. Sheela's face colored at having being caught staring and she replied,

"Unh, I was admiring your pussy lips, they are so juicy and pink". Nisha blushed at this frank compliment and said, "Umm, thanks Sheela Aunty, you are very pretty yourself".

Sheela's face was still flushed with sexual excitement and her nightgown buttons were open for Nisha to see her heavy breasts. Nisha then removed her blouse and bra and sat naked on the sofa smiling at Sheela. Sheela saw that Nisha had a petite figure, small tennis ball sized breasts and strong legs with a cute buttocks. Sheela knew that Nisha was just 18 years of age and wondered whether she had any sexual experiences in Mumbai.

Seeing Nisha still looking at her, Sheela felt the stirrings of desire, her nipples were getting stiff under her gaze, and Sheela could feel her pussy moistening. Sheela did not know what to do. She had her boyfriend lover sitting naked in the bedroom and her lesbian lover now in the front room sitting naked. She was also able to see the heightened sexual desire from Nisha's pussy-lips which were still a bit puffed-up and her clit was peeking through the thong.
Sheela looked across and went to Nisha, who welcomed her with open arms and the two of them started feeling and kissing each other's body. Sheela saw that Nisha had unusually long erect nipples for a girl with small breasts and was busy nibbling and sucking them as Nisha knelt on top of her. Nisha began moaning as Sheela continued sucking her long cherry nipples. Nisha on the other hand was fingering Sheela's engorged cunt, trying to fuck her with three of her fingers rapidly moving in and out of her cunt. Sheela then pushed Nisha on the couch and parted her legs. Seeing that Nisha's cunt was sticky and moist, Sheela let off a whimper and buried her head in Nisha's cunt. She quickly found her swollen and erect clit and started licking it, while pushing two of her fingers into Nisha's cunt.

Nisha wailed loudly as she came to a swift and shattering orgasm.

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