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I meet a fellow traveller.

He turned to Rhiannon, he prided himself in being prepared and the moment he got the notice he had googled Amy to learn about her and he knew who Amy called mother was not Rhiannon, "You forfeited your parental rights the moment Amy was put up for adoption."

Amy stepped forward to keep the focus on her and away from Rhiannon for now, "No she didn't... technically I haven't been born yet."

Everyone turned to Amy, contemplating whether their newest member of the Alphas was insane but since she was part Ancient, they dismissed the thought since all Ancients were a little insane, curse of the fates they called it. The curse of holding a world's path in the palm of your hand and seeing every outcome; trying to choose the path that lead to the goal they wanted to achieve.

"I won't be born for another 900 years," Amy paused, "When I first found that out I wondered why I was brought back to live through this time. I still don't quite understand but I have a feeling I was brought back to this time to grow up not knowing my heritage for a reason. A reason I learnt of a little under two weeks ago. Wolfgang calls it a worst case scenario, I call it a blood bath," she paused again.

No one spoke; no one dared to. They just waited for Amy to go on, knowing what the worst-case scenario was. It was why they were so careful around humans, never wanting to inflame racial hate that would cause, as Amy named it, a blood bath of human death. They knew what would happen if humans were to be wiped out. They would loose some of their genetic diversity, in a way they would loose themselves, reverting to their more animal instincts, and no one wanted that.

"I experienced what Rhiannon told me was a time hop. I hopped four months forward from this day but by that date, it is far too late to stop the war, to stop the loss of lives on both sides, but we win and they loose," Amy told them, "That's why Rhiannon is here, that is why The President is here. To stop this..."

"How much did you learn of the events leading up to it?" Shia asked, curious as to Amy's abilities.

"Not only did I pick Wolfgang's mind, I picked Bob's," Amy told them.

"Okay, what do we need to do?" Dayita called out.

"What we need to do is to come out and show the world who we are." Amy answered, knowing that soon there was going to be strong oppositions blasting her way.

People jumped to their feet in denial while others just waited, wanting to here Amy's plan and judge it for themselves before committing themselves to a plan of action.

Terri was oblivious to the roar of minds and voices; the world was going to shit and there were no guarantees in life. However, Becky was hers, and if the world was going to hell, she would be damned if she left it without claiming her mate first.


Terri managed to track down Becky in the lesser library that night while most were out tasting Amy and Wolfgang and enjoying their own romps. Becky was reading quietly in a tall-backed leather chair; where a good dozen other Alpha's were in the room doing their own research or simply sitting back enjoying a good book.

Terri gave Becky no chance to back off or try to get away; she pulled the book out of Becky's hands sliding the bookmark in place and placed it on the side table. Becky gave her a confused look as Terri placed one hand on each of the armrests effectively trapping her in her chair. She leant in and took a deep breath, letting Becky's scent fill her nose. Her beast rose up in her mind wanting to claim what was hers; Terri forced her back and leant in to kiss her before she lost control. Becky tried to avoid the kiss but Terri's lips seemed to find hers no matter what she did.

Becky managed to squirm free, slipping out between Terri's legs.

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