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College student's week alone with family's Norwegian au pair

He quickly stuffed his dick back into his pants and zipped them. They turned around to face their "audience" as they both smiled and bowed.

Then they got into their car and headed home, laughing most of the way! They joked about how it had been inevitable that they would get caught having sex in public. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other! They both grinned.

Wonder where the next time will be...

There was another witness on the other side of the parking lot who did not applaud their performance. He was pissed as hell! She had finally found a decent man to love and marry her and she was flaunting her potent sexuality by coercing her husband to fuck her in a very public place in broad daylight!

How could you do this to me...after what I offered you-even after only two nights? Don't you realize how much I wanted much I still want you? I'm the one who made you realize that you had to stop giving yourself away to men! I'll make you see that you made a mistake turning me down... **********

Charles and Diana had quite a crowd for their 4th of July party.

Diana's girlfriends were there, of course. Barbara Adams and Dawn Williams brought dates-a couple men they'd recently met and had gone out with a time or two. They seemed friendly but Diana could tell that neither Barbara nor Dawn was at all "smitten" with their date. Lynda was alone, as usual lately...and flirted with Charles every chance she got.

They had also invited Charles' colleagues at the FBI and their families or girlfriends. His boss, Assistant Director Peter Woods and his family were there, as well as Diana's boss and his wife and a few of their nearby neighbors.

They were pleased when Ward and Mary Lou Bond showed up for a while in the afternoon. Diana had run into Ward a few days before and had asked him to stop by if they didn't have any other plans. They had hoped to be able to show Ward and Mary Lou their new house. Charles gave them a tour.

Everyone else was surprised and impressed to learn that Ward was a friend. Diana had to explain that she'd met Ward and John Wayne when her boss produced one of his movies. She had to lie to Dawn and Barbara when they asked all kinds of questions about The Duke. She finally convinced them that she was only briefly acquainted with the big man.

Charles asked if Ward had delivered his message to Wayne, thanking him for loving Diana. Ward advised him that he had.

"Do I want to know how he reacted to that message?" Charles asked warily.

Ward looked thoughtful for a moment. "He respects you, Charles. He knows it can't be very easy for you knowing how Diana feels about him. He just wants you to love her and make her happy."

Oh, hell...I don't think I want to know the answer, but I'm gonna ask anyway...

"He still loves her, doesn't he?"

Ward frowned. Aw...why are you asking me that? You already know the answer! Don't make me hafta spell it out...

"He loves his wife, Pilar. He's devoted to her and they have a child together. You don't have anything to worry about where he's concerned. And you don't have anything to worry about where Diana's concerned, either. She's deeply in love with you, Charles. She looks at you with as much, if not more, love and desire in her eyes than she did at Duke..."

Ward stopped when he saw Charles suddenly frown and narrow his eyes.

How did you see how she looked at him...

"You more than just know about their relationship... you saw them together! How did that happen?" Charles asked suspiciously.

Oh, and your big mouth! Now what...

Ward thought quickly. "I caught them looking at each other at the studio several times after that weekend when we were there for meetings. That's how I finally got Duke to tell me about it!"

Whew! That sounded good...

OK...I'll buy that... But...

"You didn't answer me about him still loving her... Does he?"

Ward hesitated.

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