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Our final item to open for business is," and he shouted at this point "JUST WHY DOES SHE WISH TO DIVORCE HER HUSBAND BECAUSE HE TOOK HER OUT TO DINNER AND SOME OLD BUSYBODY CALLED HER PRETTY. This seems like a rather feeble excuse for granting a divorce in this state." He threw a blowup of the original picture on the table. In a larger size it was clear the photo was of her.

Her gasp from the other side of the table was indescribable.

"Mrs. Wells has 30 days to return the house to its owner in the same condition, or better, than when she took possession. If she still occupies the house at that time we will have her evicted."

Arnold and I stood up and walked out. Eileen was beginning to sob loudly by the time I was to the door. I smiled, turned and left. As I walked away I shouted over my shoulder "The older woman was my mother. I spent the night in my childhood bedroom."

My phone was turned off before we entered the offices and it remained that way for the next week. I did have another that the night managers could call if there was an emergency or other problem at the store.

The calls from Eileen started about an hour after we left them and continued intermittently for 4 days, until the voice mail was full. I had the security company download and record them all for future referrals. The report was that she was really sounding desperate after 4 days of no answer or response. The next day after clearing the calls they started to slowly build up again. I had the security company record and clear them each evening at that point.

Ellen was so desperate to talk to me that she violated the protection order and showed at the store. Store security escorted her back out and told her the next time she would be arrested. At this time she had 2 weeks to be out of the house, I wanted her to sweat a little more before I consented to talk to her again.

Eileen had taken all of her vacation and was now on an unpaid leave of absence from work. She could return when she was willing and able to do her job.

In terror over what she had started and could not bring to a stop she went to Ethel and Spud, and finally to Mom. Arnold had refused to allow her into his office without her lawyer.

Ethel and Spud listened and were sympathetic to her, but would not intervene in her behalf. As she left them Ethel told her "You jumped to conclusions and were wrong. You hurt the person who loved you the most. What would you do if it was you on the receiving end of all your crap?" Then she pushed her out the door and shut it. The last Eileen heard was the night bolt being thrown in place.

When she showed at Mom's place she received a very frigid reception. In tears she recounted all the errors she had made in the last few months ending with "I am lost without him. I really still love him and now he won't even talk to me." Mom just sat there and looked at her.

Finally she spoke "Were you lost before you were presented with that picture? You hurt my only son worse than you can ever know. Now you come to me and ask me for help. Just what kind of help do you suggest I give you?"

There was silence for a while. Mom got up and made a pot of hot tea. When she returned she asked again "Just what kind of help should I give you? If I help you, how can I be sure you will not do this again? I only have your word that you love him, your actions speak differently."

Eileen was dry; she had no more tears left. She just hung her head and said "I was lost before seeing the picture; I just could not admit it. I was too angry to be reasoned with. I really have no idea what you can do. I just hoped you would."

Mom spoke after a bit "Go home and take a bath.

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