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Oscars awakens.......

Beth and Brenda broke their embrace first. Together they turned to look at Janice and Abby. They observed the kissing, the embrace and the gentle caressing of soft female flesh. Flushed and breathing in rhythm, Beth and Brenda leaned back into the sofa and watched.

A distraught Janice finally pulled away from Abby. She was embarrassed to discover that Beth and Brenda were observing her actions and her re-actions. It was obvious that Janice had been sexually stimulated by the lesson. Her face and chest were pinkish from the increased flow of blood to those areas. While Brenda and Beth could not see the wetness of Janice's sex, the heavy acrid odor she emitted made that fact clearly known to all.

A disheveled Janice struggled to compose herself as she leaned back into the sofa and released a big sigh.

Brenda was not going to let Janice off the hook easily. She said, "Beth, you saw each of them rubbing the other's tits. I find that adds enormously to my pleasure. Janice, don't you agree?"

Horrified, Janice was speechless. A look of terror was present in her eyes. Brenda enjoyed watching her struggle before turning to Abby and adding, "How about you?"

"Yes...the touching makes my heart beat faster. I get a warm feeling all over." Suddenly embarrassed Abby continued in a softer voice, "Especially down there." Abby's eyes drifted down to her crotch.

Beth spoke up supporting her sister. "I know. I love it too. The feeling of heat and the build up of moisture in pussy!" Beth covered her face with her hands and broke out in a nervous fit of giggles. Abby joined her. And so did Brenda.

Janice was distressed for participating in this event. She also was upset that her body had betrayed her by so clearly revealing her degree of sexual arousal. "Well," she thought, "I can redeem myself by making this a teaching moment for the twins."

Janice addressed the twins, "Girls, we've all agreed that kissing and....having...our breasts fondled is fun. But you can't go around doing it all the time and with just anyone. What makes these...activities so pleasurable is saving them for someone special. Now I'm not saying you have to be married to engage in them, but remember these activities are best reserved for someone you care about and trust."

Janice was pleased to find both twins listening intently to her. She continued,

"Now kissing is fine for a date. But be certain that you AND your boyfriend have a special relationship before you proceed to heavy petting."

The twins gave Janice a quizzical look. When Janice didn't pick up on it, Abby asked,

"Heavy petting?"

Brenda jumped in, "Heavy petting is letting a boy touch your breasts or pussy."

Brenda looked over to Janice expecting some sign of appreciation for pitching in. What she saw was Janice cringe at the mention of 'pussy touching'. "For God's sake, it's only a first date and they're just going to the movies. Do I really have to take our discussion that far?" Janice asked herself.

Janice continued out loud, "Girls, it is your body and you are in charge of what you do. The boys might...scratch that... the boys WILL want everything. It is your responsibility to keep everything under control -- your desires and his actions."

Janice paused to let her message sink in before adding with final emphasis,

"You never, never, NEVER have to do more than you are comfortable doing. Understand?"

The twins nodded.

"Great," Janice said. "I love you. Now come here and give me a big hug."

Abby and Beth gave their Aunt a group hug.

While Brenda agreed in principle with everything her mother-in-law had said she wasn't happy that she had lost control. She schemed to discover how she could have the last laugh and she found the answer sitting in the chair across the room, her husband Tyler.

Tyler had at first been amused by the twins' concerns over kissing.

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