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The competition gets heated.

Then I felt Mom touching me again, caressing me gently. I smiled. "That feels so nice."

"You are a very beautiful young woman Leia." she said. "I have thought so all of your life of course. But only recently have I thought of kissing you, loving you. I was terrified that you would see me as wicked. I didn't want to screw things up so I bottled up my feelings and tried to go on. Then you go and bring home that sexy redhead and I could imagine what was going on in your bed, and I was so jealous of you both. Then the thoughts of my son began. I felt both so aroused and nasty at the same time. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to slip into your room at night and crawl into this bed. Or how many times I actually got up and started to. I would walk down the hall and pause at your door. But I couldn't force myself to take that last step. I always went back to my room and masturbated, fantasizing about loving you Indy."

She moaned and then sighed deeply, "But I had no idea you were hung like this, that you could please me like this... If I had known, I probably would've found my courage.

"How does it feel Mom?" I asked. Isn't he awesome? So damn thick and hard..."

Mom smiled and moaned in reply, "Ohhhh yessss."

I picked up the camera and took a few close up pictures of his cock and her pussy as they fucked. He had a nice steady rhythm going and Mom was oozing pussy juice with every stroke. God how I wanted to eat her!

I reached out and ran my finger through her thick bush and down to her smooth labia where I toyed with her. Mom took my hand in hers and guided me up to the spot where her clitoral hood anchored, at the top of the cleft between her meaty outer labia. This spot I knew was where the nerve ganglia from the clitoris ran into her beneath the pubic bone. She then guided my finger in an arc over the nerves. Back and forth. I could feel the nerve bundle moving as I massaged it.

"Faster, please, a little faster..." she said softly.

Not knowing to whom this was addressed we both picked up the pace. Mom tensed up and then cried out as her second orgasm broke.

"I'm cuuuummiinngg! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhhhh..."

I sat back and smiled at Indy. We were pleasing Mom... together.

After a few minutes Mom smiled up at us.

"Whew! That was amazing. I haven't had two climaxes that close together in, well, years! And you two did it. Thank you."

She looked at me and reached out. I took her hand.

"You were right, sweetie, he is addictive!" I grinned and bent down to kiss her.

Afterward she looked at Indy.

"Baby, you're not finished yet. You have made Mommy cum twice but you have been holding back. You've been so gentle. Now it's time to cum. It's time for you to fill Mommy's pussy with that thick, wonderful cum. Can you do that? Can you fuck me good and hard and fast and explode inside of me?"

"I'll do it if that's what you really want Mom." Indy replied.

"Oh it is, baby, it is."

Indy leaned forward and rested his weight on his elbows as he slid his arms beneath her neck and kissed her as he started to pump his manhood in and out of her. Faster and faster. His hips rising and falling and the sound of their bodies and groans were thrilling. From experience I knew he couldn't last more than a few minutes at this pace.

"Yes baby, yes! Fuck Mommy, fuck her good! Pound my pussy! Yes! Yes! Give me your cum baby, give it to me! Cum for me! Cum for me!"

"Aghhhhhh... I'm cumming!" he grunted with the exertion.

Mom's mouth flew open along with her eyes in surprise as his seed filled her. I could imagine the feeling of spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum filling her until there was no more room. She held him and stared at me in dismay, silently mouthing the word "wow".

I knew what I wanted next, and I patiently waited my turn. After a few minutes Indy rose and pulled out of her. As he moved aside I dove in and began to eat his delicious cum as it poured from her pussy.

Mom gasped. "Leia!"

I looked up at her with my mouth still on her pussy.

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