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Roomates share more than a bathroom.

"Okay. I said you were right. Now what do I do about it," I asked. "I don't know the first thing about being gay."

She chuckled in amusement.

"You're not gay. Well, not exactly," she stated. "You don't dislike women and you don't find pussy disgusting. In fact, I think you like pussy just fine. Especially black pussy. But I think you also like white dick."

"So I'm bi then."

"It's more complicated than that. You're a bi-tranny. You're a girl who was born a guy but is attracted to both men and women."

"Shit. What the hell does that mean?"

"You can answer that for yourself by truthfully answering a few questions."

"Okay." I leaned back in my chair. "What do you want to know?"

"When you see a hard white dick in a black woman's mouth how does it make you feel?"

I knew what she wanted to hear, so I told her.

"It makes me feel like I want to kiss her after she finishes sucking him. But it also makes my mouth water to think of sucking it myself," I answered truthfully.

"And when you see a white man fucking a black woman what is the first thing you think?"

"That that's what's supposed to happen. That she is exactly where she is supposed to be, submitting completely to the white guy fucking her."

"So you believe that believe that black women are meant to be fucked by white men. That we are born to submit to the desires of white men. Does that mean you believe white men are superior to you?"

I hesitated a brief second to consider my answer. But it was only a brief second.

"Yes. I guess I do."

Andrea smiled.

"Spoken like a true beta pussy," she said. "And now one last question. When you see a black woman being fucked by a white man what do you want to do?"

Again I hesitated before answering. The question brought a lot of thoughts to mind. When I had them in order I responded truthfully.

"I sometimes imagine myself sucking his cock clean when they finish. At other times I imagine myself licking her juicy, black pussy clean after it's been filled with cum. But the thing I want to do the most is switch places with her and feel that big, white cock fucking me." I lowered my eyes. "I imagine the white man holding me down and slamming his prick into me and I cum so hard I almost pass out."

"So what do you think that means?"

"I'm a bitch. I should have been born a black woman, and even though I wasn't I still feel like a black woman is supposed to feel. That's why I watch the porn I watch and why I feel so sexually submissive to white men," I said. "You said that if I asked you would help me become a woman. Well, I'm asking."

Andrea laughed.

"So my brother's a little faggot who wants to be a real girl, that's so sweet. But that's not what I said I would help you become. What the hell would I know about being a girl? I'm a cocoa fuck bunny. A black slut. And I told you I'd help you become one too, if that's what you want," she said. Her smile became dark and lewd. "That is what you want, isn't it? You want to become a white cock slut like your sister?"

"Yes. But I'm not a faggot. I'm..." What I was going to say was cut off by the flat of my sister's hand slapping me across the face.

Andrea grabbed me under my chin and forced me to look at her.

"You want to know what it's like to be a bitch? Okay, this is your first lesson. Know when to submit. You want me to show you, then submit to me completely. Don't question what I say, just do it. And I'll call you whatever I want. Get used to it, faggot." She saw the anger well up within me and she didn't back down. "Yeah. I said it again. Faggot. Punk. Pansy, Sissy. Bitch. Whore. Fuckboy. Slut. When a guy is fucking you he might call you any of those things. He might like saying them to you while he's got his cock in your mouth or ass. What are you gonna say?"

Her voice changed to become whiney sounding.

"I'm not a faggot.

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