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Every time the finger pushed inward, Vikki's hips rose up to meet it, urging it to penetrate deeper. Every time the finger withdrew, Vikki longed for its return.

"Look at her," Sveta said, chuckling, "she's totally gone." Katya disengaged from Vikki's breasts and looked her over.

"Yeah, I think it's time for the coup-de-grace." she said. "Move over, Svet."

The sensations suddenly stopped and Vikki's clouded mind wondered why, and longed for them to start again. Then she felt hands sliding her panties off. Vikki offered herself willingly, not knowing what form the girls' next action would take, and not particularly caring as long as the sensations of pleasure resumed. Then she felt a hot breath on her exposed vulva. The breath caused an entire electrical storm of sensation, as all the nerve endings in her vulva fired at once, creating a tingling tidal wave of energy that roared up and down Vikki's spine. Then the breath's source drew away.

"What are they going to do next?" Vikki thought, hoping with all her being that they'd begin doing it quicker.

"Mmm, you have a cute birthmark Vik," Said Katya's voice. "Right here, on your right thigh."

Katya's lips smooched her birthmark. Vikki moaned and gyrated her hips impatiently.

Katya's unseen presence continued to tease Vikki with inaction for a few more seconds. Then she felt something rough, something incredibly hot and wet press against the inner folds of her vulva. Startled, Vikki pulled on Anya's hand to get her attention. The pair broke their eternal kiss and looked to see what was happening.

"Oh wow," was all Anya could manage.

Vikki saw Katya laying between her spread legs, her face submerged under the curvature of Vikki's mound. It was unbelievable! Why in the world would Katya do something like that? Vikki tried to pull away and to tell Katya that enough was enough, but by then it was too late. An incredibly powerful feeling swept over her, drowning out all rational thought.

"Girls, this might going too far" Anya said.

"Don't worry, we're still playing nice," Sveta assured Anya. "Ask your little hare if she wants us to stop."

Anya looked to Vikki for a response, but all Vikki could do was grip Anya's hands and stare at the ceiling wide eyed, gulping for air.

"See," Sveta said, "she likes it."

"Alright, but you'll stop as soon as we say so," Anya warned.


Katya started by exploring Vikki's entire pussy, running her tongue over every fold. She even wiggled her tongue into Vikki's opening, causing Vikki to writhe and claw at the comforter like a madwoman. Then she moved up and concentrated her attention on Vikki's clitoris. At first she licked around, brushing her tongue against the clit itself only occasionally. As she continued however, Katya gradually built up pressure. She moved in closer, flicking her tongue back and forth across Vikki's hooded clit with increasing frequency. When she sensed Vikki was excited enough, Katya pulled back the clitoral hood and started to grind her tongue directly against Vikki's exposed nerve center.

Vikki was going absolutely wild. She couldn't talk, she couldn't think, she couldn't even breathe. She wasn't aware of Anya's soft hands, or even Sveta's mouth on her tits. All she felt, aside from all the joys of heaven and all of hell's torments, was a pressure steadily building up inside her. The pressure rose, second by second, far into the red region of the dial, past all the safeguards and failsafes. She could only take a minute of stimulation before the indicator needle reached the end of the dial and she exploded, cumming as hard as she'd ever cum in her life, bucking like a wild mare, mouth opened wide in a silent scream.

Katya kept licking until Vikki calmed down, gradually tapering off the stimulation's intensity. When Vikki's orgasm was entirely spent, Katya gave her a comradely pat on the thigh.

"Good girl!" She said, "Way to achieve unity of spirit.

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