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A brief encounter in the dark.

"Don't worry, she won't be home til late," mentions Amy with a sly smile, as she slides her hand on my penis. I've been on edge so long, it's almost painful now.

"Now to the rules of the weekend," Amy begins, "you do everything that anyone else says. Whether that's me, or anyone else I invite over. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Amy," I answer. I know there is no point fighting it. I'm now also concerned that she is talking about bring others over. This is getting too much to handle.

"But ultimately you are my toy thing, and you must do what I say. If you don't, I'll take my evidence to HR. If you are a good boy and do what I say, it will be destroyed Monday," instructs Amy.

Amy picks up the phone, "I'll order a pizza for dinner, you make yourself comfortable. And just to be clear, I don't want you masturbating at all tonight. My plan is to tease you, so no cumming," she grins cheekily.

We eat at the dining table with a nice bottle of wine. Me completely naked, Amy still in her work attire. My penis hasn't been touched for an hour or so now. The evening getting on, my late night last night, and the wine are all contributing to making me very tired now.

Amy must sense this, "We're off to bed now," she announces, and heads into her room.

I'm not sure whether this means I won't see her again til the morning. I look around for somewhere to sleep, when Amy emerges from her bedroom in her long flannelette pajamas.

She has seen me naked, played with my cock, sucked it, and teased me continually, and yet I haven't seen her naked. I'm a little disappointed.

"So where am I sleeping?" I ask.

"In my bed," Amy says in a matter-of-fact tone, "In you come."

I get into her queen sized bed. She turns out the light and shuts the door. It's very dark, I can't see a thing. My tiredness evaporates with the thought at what might happen.

Amy gets into bed, "On your back," she commands.

I roll onto my back. She's taken off her pajama bottoms, and sits on my face in a sixty-nine position, "make me cum," she demands.

I can smell her sex just above my mouth. It's a musky sexy smell. The rawness of it all is very erotic. My cock is instantly hard just contemplating eating her.

I resist the temptation to take her straight away. I want to do some of my own teasing.

I lightly lick the inside of her thigh. Gradually making my way to her pussy. I very lightly flick my tongue across her pussy, as I move to her other thigh. I then move back to the other leg, again I lightly lick her pussy lips, flicking with my tongue. I'm barely touching her.

She moans slightly, and takes my cock into her mouth. I'm almost ready to cum. All the teasing has been too much. With one long suck, Amy releases my cock from her mouth and sits up, perched straight over my face.

"I need to cum," she says.

I raise my head a little to flick my tongue over her clit. I then move back to lick her cunt lips again. More firmly now, I take one of her lips in my mouth, and suck on it. My nose pressing against her opening. The smell of her is wonderful, her juices covering my face.

She lowers a little so I no longer have to reach up. She pushes her muff over my mouth, I lick pussy. I stick my tongue into her, my mouth fully covering her entrance. She slides back a little, and I suck on her clit.

Releasing her clit from my mouth, I then start licking it. Faster and faster.

She starts to moan now, louder and louder, as I'm getting into a faster rhythm. I am licking faster and faster, Amy's now grinding herself into my face.

Finally she almost screeches, before a lovely warm flow of juices wash over my face.

I've made her cum, and it gives me some satisfaction. I feel a guilty pleasure knowing that I am being forced to cheat on Cassie.

"Thank you," murmurs Amy, "I needed that."

Amy goes to the bathroom, comes back into bed, and grabs my cock.

"I'll just draw some lipstick on your cock," says Amy, "if the lipstick is not there in the morning, I'll know you've masturbated.

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