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He tries to cure failings through a kickboxing class.

You sound like you still aren't ready," I said.

"No. I guess not. But all my friends have done it and I feel left out, an outcast." She started to cry.

I kissed her tenderly, slowly, all over her face, then her lips, pressing firmly, then harder, building our passions. I didn't try touching her, just hugged her snuggly. "We need to talk," I said, and turned off the shower.

I turned her around, grabbed a towel from the rack, and dried her off, then myself. She kept her back to me so she didn't look at me being naked. I wrapped a towel around me and placed my hands on her shoulders, and guided her to my bedroom. She didn't resist. I pulled the rumpled top sheet down all the way and placed a towel on the bed for her wet bathing suit and helped her lay down on them. I lay beside her, with only my hand touching her, holding her hand.

We talked about our relationship, friends, risk, and sex. She wanted to experience sex but couldn't say yes. Naturally, I wanted us to have sex, but I could wait until she was ready. I would not force her, but I warned her I would continue to gently try to seduce her. We both looked at each other, knowing and understanding. "Close your eyes and I'll get dressed. I'll fix us a nice breakfast."

She closed her eyes.

I stood up, removed the towel, pulled open my dresser drawer, grabbed a pair of boxer underwear, and slipped them on. I turned around and saw her looking at me, calmly, and not in a shy manner.

She didn't turn away or close her eyes, just kept looking.

I walked over and sat on my bed beside her.

Her hand reached out and touched my chest, slowly rubbing it and then she said, "Please," looking into my eyes.

We never did have breakfast. I took my time, almost an hour of gentle talking and foreplay -- the touching game -- to get her bathing suit off. It took a little more time for her to finally touch me intimately, caress me, hold me and finally look at me without being overly shy. I told her I would not have sex with her that day. However, she did experience her first oral orgasm. She was overjoyed.

Then, she had just enough nerve to watch me masturbate for her. The rest of the day had been a blur of talking in donut shops, of quiet walks in parks, and more talking in coffee shops, and hugging and kissing, like new lovers. Two days later, after over an hour of the touching game, she was a happy new woman.

I feel happy every time I think of it, and sad. I'm proud she was able to be strong with her convictions and resist my attempts at gentle seduction, yet, still make such an important decision when she thought the time was right, that would affect the rest of her life, and which had included me. I think I'd been gentle and considerate. And I hope she is just as happy today. She moved out west with her parents and family.**

* * *

Julie was silent for a long moment, looking into his eyes, her heart pounding, her pulse racing. "Doogan. That is the most romantic story I've ever heard and not something from a book." She also felt a twinge of jealousy, but she didn't tell him.

"Thank you Julie" he said, feeling filled with emotion and the ache deep in his chest, the one he hadn't felt for months, as a tear slide down his cheek.

Now she wondered what it would be like to have Doogan as a boyfriend. She knew he wanted to erotically touch her, not just for sex, but out of kindness, of wanting to give pleasure, make her feel wonderful and happy. Yes, he was trying to help her heal. She reached out for him and he moved into her arms and they kissed.

His lips were firmly pressed against hers with strong emotion and passion, his hands gripping her waist tightly. After a moment, he gently broke the kiss, stepping back from her, and not looking her in the face. "Julie, I'm sorry, but I've got to go now or I might do something that I'd regret, that we'd both regret. I don't want that on our first meeting."

She looked at him in the dim hallway, "Doogan, this is our third meeting, the accident, the hospital and tonight.

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