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The only girl on the night crew is forced by her coworker.

When the volcano finally erupted, I practically screamed till I was hoarse, my entire body stiffened and elongated, my back arched off the bed making my breasts jut out and my hands were tangled with my black silky hair. Sweat beads adorned my face and I basked in the after effects of my satisfying orgasm. Somehow I managed to put Apple back in his box and tumble back to bed.

For the next few weeks, I experimented with Mr. Apple. Apparently he has the uncanny ability to know my secret desires, and exact the right amount of pressure and speed to make me orgasm. He is like a dream come true, and these are some of his physical capabilities - 1. He can act as a dildo vibrator, pulsing in my pussy, switching from fast to slow and back to fast, keeping me just on the edge of orgasm. Apple can even rotate fully in my pussy while he continues his increasing punishment of poking into and withdrawing out of my pink dripping pussy. He can sense that even though I scream "Yes! Yes! Please let me cum now!" Even though I plead with tears in my eyes, he knows I secretly mean to say, "No, I ache for your artful touch to torture me more. Apple I beg you, please please keep me awhile longer on the plateau before you drop me over!" So he goes slow, Real Slow just to keep my body teetering on the edge but not over it. Fucking evil green putty. Mr. Apple actually restrains me if I attempt to tear him from my pussy. His tentacles quickly wrap around my arms and pull away from my body. A few more will coil round my toned milky legs, drag my entire body unceremoniously down to the edge of my mattress and anchor themselves to the bedposts, leaving my lower body helplessly dangling. My pussy is slightly elevated, which means it is displayed prettily in front of him, and he can tease the sensitive skin between my pussy and my ass. When I yell at him to stop that, I sense him grinning at me while he deftly strokes the dark crevice and to prove his point further, insolently licks my ass rim languorously.

2. Not only can he vibrate, fill up my pussy and fuck me independently, he can choose to tickle my sensitive G-spot. I can feel Apple intentionally stay in my pussy rather than pull out for the next thrust and slowly but steadily, stroke my soft spongy spot. On the outside, Apple will rub my clit. Two hyper sensitive spots, close to each other but on different sides of my flesh, skillfully aroused by warm fingers (that is the closest description I can say about how it feels like) eventually forcing me to orgasm, finishing in shivering sobs. I always feel like a starfish when my orgasm ends: arms flat out or above my head and legs spread wide open.


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