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Kriss tucks his daughter in, then dreams of his husband.

It was the first time she realized the young teenage boy was looking through the gap into the mirror at her nakedness. "OH GOD HE CAN SEE ME!"

As Kim tried to move back to get out of the young man's view Anna stood up directly behind her and stopped her. Anna's sharp nipples pressed into the alarmed girl's back. "Let him see you," Anna whispered. "You are so beautiful." Her lotion-loaded fingers pulled Kim's hands away from her breasts.

Kim's body was on fire as it pressed back against the other woman's chest. The knowledge that a male was looking at her naked breasts and......pussy was so wicked and nasty. She didn't realize Anna's fingers were on her soft stomach until a finger wormed down through her dark thicket and into her dripping slit. "OHHH NO STOP!"

Since the clit was pushing out of the thin lips Anna knew it would only take a few rubs to break her resistance. "Let yourself go," she whispered. "Let me make you cum." She felt Kim's body relax and fall back into hers for support. It was then that her middle finger slid downward off the hooded flesh and into............... "What?"

Kim knew Anna had found out her secret. "I'm........still a virgin."

"But you were married last week." Anna's fingers never left the girl's slit as she looked into her sad eyes reflecting back from the mirror.

"We decided wait until the first night on the ship and then.......that feels sooo good.......and then Joe got sick." She looked up at the boy looking at Anna's fingers rubbing into her pussy.

"You poor thing," Anna whispered. "You do really need this." Her fingers touched and rubbed until Kim's body tightened.

"OK....OK....I'M ALMOST..........OH YES!!!!" Kim climaxed and didn't care if the boy or even Bill heard her. Anna didn't stop rubbing until Kim finally pulled her fingers away. "Please stop," Kim giggled. She turned and looked down at Anna's damp panties. "Do you want me to do you?"

"Yes, but not here," Anna smiled. "Bill wants to have a threesome with us later."

"Bill? Oh no, I couldn't.........Joe will know...that I'm not a virgin." Anna grabbed Kim's dress and panties off the floor and handed them to her.

"There are a lot of other things we can do," Anna said pulling the sundress over her head.

"I'm not very experienced," Kim whispered while pulling up her panties.

"So you are willing?" Anna asked before they walked out of the dressing room.

"I don't know," she answered. But the thought of her sick husband in the room quickly changed her mind. "Yes."

"Good, but we have a whole day to tease the hell out of my husband," Anna giggled. "Make sure you let him see and touch as much of your body today as possible."

"You are so bad," Kim grinned when they re-entered the store. They carried the dresses to the boy and Anna said, "You really should give us these dresses for free." It was implied that they knew he was watching.

"Yes of course," the young man grinned. He moved from behind the counter and displayed the six inch or so hard-on under his cotton shorts. "Would you like to earn more?"

"Why young man we are both faithful married wives," Anna giggled. "How old are you?"


She looked at Kim. "Have you ever touched another man besides your husband?"

"No," Kim answered before she realized where Anna was heading. "Oh no.......I couldn't."

Anna moved up to the boy and looked into his brown eyes as she pulled out on his shorts. "Come here and help me."

"Anna........," Kim said before Anna grabbed her wrist. The younger women looked down into the boy's shorts and saw his thin pink penis with a glowing red tip looking up at her.

"Hurry.....make him cum before Bill comes in here looking for us."

Kim allowed Anna to guide her trembling fingers downward until she touched the damp pre-cum loaded tip.

"Hurry he won't last very long," Anna whispered.

Kim's fingers curled downward until she was choking his shaft.

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