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Settling back in at Brambleton comes with surprise.

" She shouted laughing her head before she turned around and wiggled her ass at me.

"You win I can't keep up with you." I told her and flopped back on to the sofa. "Besides I best save some energy for this bed if it ever gets here."

"Good idea let me get us another beer." Debbie said as she waltzed into the kitchen.

While Debbie was in the kitchen I heard the sound of a horn and, turning to look out of the window, saw that the delivery van was outside.

"Hey Debbie I think your new bed is here." I called to her.

"They're early what if I wasn't here." She called back.

I got off the sofa and went to the door as one of the men walked down the path with a clipboard in his hand.

"Hi we have a new bed for this address, a Mrs...." He started to say.

"Yes that's right she is my aunt." I interrupted.

The delivery man turned and nodded to his mate, who got out and opened the back. Helping them with the packages we had the bed on Debbie's front lawn in ten minutes and, after signing for her, I started to bring everything in. Debbie went upstairs and, as I took the packages up to her, she started unpacking them. Once I had dragged the mattress to the top of the stairs I went into her room and saw Debbie on her knees, busy reading the instructions.

"Good job you stayed it would have took me all day to this alone." She said.

"Come on then let's get on with it soon have it done."

The two of us started screwing bits together, occasionally falling over each other to get the next bit, and eventually we had finished. Standing back we both admired the finished article, a beautiful dark wood four poster bed, before Debbie went to the wardrobe and took out an armful of carrier bags.

"A new bed needs new bedding." She said to me tipping the bags upside down.

"I suppose you're right there but why such a big bed."

"You never know what the future holds do you?" She said.

Opening the packets we soon had sheets and pillows on the bed, there was just the duvet to do. Grabbing it between us we started to stuff it into the cover and shook it so it was all level. Debbie swung it onto the bed, half of it missing, and went to pull it off to try again. As she did I tried to grab it to level it and, not expecting her to pull it, fell onto bed as she did. Bursting out laughing Debbie looked at me.

"Hey that's my bed I'm supposed to try it out first." She said through her laughter.

"Well I can tell you it's nice and soft." I said getting up.

Trying again Debbie managed to get the duvet fairly straight and, as she reached over to smooth it down, I grabbed her arm and pulled her so she fell onto the bed.

"I told you it was soft." I said bursting out laughing.

"You cheeky little sod." She shouted at me as she picked up a pillow and swung it at my head.

"I see it's going to be like that is it." I responded picking up the other pillow and catching her on the side of the head.

As I connected Debbie jumped up fast and swung again, the force more than I was expecting, and I staggered back. I looked as she sat up laughing and pounced forward with the pillow in my hand, pinning her to the bed, and caught her once on either side of the head. I underestimated Debbie's strength and she bucked her hips, flipping me off her before she jumped on top of me and pinned my arms to the bed.

Looking down at me Debbie let go of my arms, smiled and without warning, began to tickle me.

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