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A young woman's intimate medical exam.

He decided to walk up the steps because he figured Jen would have to be up there; as he approached the top steps he saw Jen on the dance floor near the bar.

As Steve started to walk into that area a bouncer had stopped him and said it was a private party and he was not allowed in. As Steve looked up, he noticed that several of the faces were familiar and the private party was being held by a group of local professional football players. As Steve looked over to the dance floor to see if he could see his wife, he noticed that Jen was dancing with a very muscular black man that was about 6'5. As Jen was dancing she had turn around and pushes her ass against his crotch, his hands started to rub up against Jen's thighs. As Jen was dancing her skirt was riding up so you could see the top of her thigh high stockings. Steve was both jealous and aroused at the site of another man rubbing up against his wife.

Since he was not allowed to the private bar, Steve headed down to the common area bar and ordered himself a drink. Steve started to take a sip of his drink and decided to send his wife a text that said, "Hey baby, I am down at the bar and must have misplaced where you went off to." After waiting about 15 minutes and no response, Steve realized that what he saw was probably a start of a night where his wife succumbed to a dominant black man. However, Steve was determined to find his wife and started to call her cell phone repeatedly and in addition to that started to walk around all areas of the club with the hopes of seeing her. However, with the drinks that he had and how the night had quickly slipped by, Steve never saw his wife once he heard the bouncers and bartenders say, "last call."

At this point in time Steve had a wrench in his gut because he knew he had not seen his wife in over two hours and the last time he saw her, she was letting a big muscular black man rub against her. Before he knew it, the club had hit closing hour and the bouncers urged everyone out the bar. Steve tried to tell the bouncers that his wife was in there; however they insisted that there was no one left in the bar and told him to go home. Steve waited outside the bar until an hour after closing time; however never saw his wife exit. Steve looked at his phone and realized that he texted her ten times and called her five times since the last time they were together, however received no response. At this time, Steve was so intoxicated and felt like he may have misplaced an argument that occurred earlier in the night decided to get a taxi cab home and figured out maybe once he woke up in the morning it could explain things.

About an hour earlier, Jen headed off the dance floor and headed to a private booth with Davon, a professional football player from their local town. As Jen slid into the private booth, her short skit slid up her legs and the top of her thigh high stockings were showing. Davon, leaned over to whisper something in her this time Jen was listening so intently and did not realize Davon pulling up her skirt so high that it reached the top of her thong. Jen was so excited in having someone give her so much attention, especially a man that was so built and well endowed. Jen looked down and realized that her skirt was pulled up to her waistline and looked to her left and right and finally realized she was in a private booth.

At this point in time, Jen was feeling guilty and told Davon that she needed to be taken home. Davon then told her that she would have to take her home since her husband already left for the night; which was not true at this point in time because her husband Steve was still looking for her however her cell phone was in Davon's pocket since she did not have a purse.

Davon escorted Jen out the back entrance were the public could not see them and the valet pulled up Davon's car.

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