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Business trip is all play.

It was the little pinch of salt you put on an otherwise perfect meal, to enhance the flavour.

"I want you to know, I'll hit you much harder as I get to know you better." A whack! on the right thigh and 'Ohhhh!' then tapping down my left thigh, and then whack! Again, all around, back and forth, and I whined softly. "Breathe. Good girl." Back to tapping away, gently holding me down by my hair anytime I tried to raise my back up. "I just love hitting pretty girls, and you do make the most enticing little sounds," she cooed, tapping away and then whack!


"Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Good. I can hurt you very badly," she paused. Whack! "And make you feel very good, if you're good to me." Another whack, but softer, then I'm stood up straight once more. I get a smile as my eyes catch hers, or maybe it's that grin? Either way, she's the happy cat with her milk, and my ass is blazing! But in a good way, not a hold-your-ass-while-you-ran-from-the-fire kind of way. She turned me around then, pirouetted me once, and then her hands massaged my ass. Firmly, grabbing one cheek and then the next, then slapping a couple of times for good measure to get me to gasp.

I glance at the clock on the wall; it's only been 10 minutes since she first bent me over. She sees my eyes dart to it. "That's right," she cooed, "hasn't been very long at all. Well little one, you sure you're up for some more? "

"Yes, Mistress."

"Kneel down, and sit back on your thighs."

I do as I'm told, the perfect little slave now.

"Am I flipping you out yet?

"No, Mistress. I'm OK."

"Are you trying to figure out if I mean this shit or not?"

"I think you're serious, Ma'am," I replied. I even had a damn smile plastered all over my face, if you could believe it, between the nods and sucking on my lower lip. I'm a mess in between thinking that it's real and thinking that she's making shit up as she goes, and my ass is no doubt red... but here I am kneeling on a slightly cold tiled floor, and where else would I rather be? Nowhere else in the world.

"How are you? Still ok?"

The smile crept back for an instant and then I replied, "Yes, Mistress."

"Hmmm," she huffed, and then she was there squatting beside me. "How about you just go ahead and cry right now, get it out?" She stood and walked around me. "Because," she continued, and right there and then I started to sob soundlessly, eyes closed and almost tearing up, lips pouting. What that frak was wrong with me? I hadn't cried during the ruler spanking, nor the caning, not even a single tear, but now I was all sniffle, sniffle, pouty face. "If we keep going all afternoon with you bottled up like this, it won't be any good." Sniffle-sniffle some more, lips still pouting. "You have to recognize these things right away, and deal with them."

The tears started to flow then and I was truly mind fucked now. "And there's 2 ways to deal with that," she kept going. "Can sit you down, pat your head and make sure everything is OK. Or we can hold you up by your hair, and beat it out of you until you cry. Nothing serious mind you, no major marks," she continued, and I sniffle-sniffled. "There we go, there's the trickle. That's good, let it out," she said and I was truly surprised what hold this woman had over me. I never cried, very rarely anyways, and even while she was whacking away at my ass, the tears didn't come... but now like this, she simply tells me to let it out, and I complied so freely. It wasn't an upset crying, or a painful crying either, and I couldn't really put it into words mind you what it was, since I wasn't used to being in that position.
"Want to take a break or continue?"

Still sobbing a little bit, I wondered if she was really asking me. "Completely up to you, Ma'am. I'm ok," I replied between sobs, putting the smile back on as the tears stopped.

"Very well, stand up."

I stopped crying altogether then, and did as requested; standing with my hands clasped behind my head, chin up and she stood beside me.

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