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Twin alphas must claim their mate with danger nearby.

That's how we had a frank conversation about size. Lester is a mountain of a man but we do break the stereotypes he's got a very thick 7.5 inches while I have a serious ten inches. And that must have come up with him and Marcia somehow.

So I looked over to see a big smile on Marcia's face and replied, "Why thank you Marcia but who am I to say anything about big when Lester just left."

"Oh well big boy, you know we talk and he said if I wanted to jump on you he had no problem with it. So what do you say, are you game to get you some?" she asked.

I rolled onto my side to face Marcia and kissed her while I slid my left hand over her generous hip to feel up her ginormous ass before replying, "Yeah I think I would like to get me some of that."

Marcia showed me she agreed by grabbing my stiffening dick in her right hand before breaking our kiss and saying, "I was thinking that very thing. Now off with those jammies and let me at this baby."

Our combined efforts got my sleep pants off and with me on my back Marcia went after what she wanted, sliding between my legs to go down on my semi stiff dick. And I wasn't objecting in any way because damn she knew what she was doing. Marcia quickly had a mouthful of my stiffening dick sliding between her puffy lips leaving no doubt she could take it all.

I would have liked to be able to get my hands on some part of Marcia, and there are plenty of good parts to hold onto but she was really into sucking my cock and I was all for that. I was enjoying myself and watching Marcia's head bob up and down between my legs but with her big round ass sticking up in the background I could only imagine what a sight that must be.

Marcia took a bit of a break from swallowing my cock and kissed and licked my balls, which was just fabulous. She then looked up at me and said, "Oh damn these are a sweet pair." Before getting back to my dick.

A few minutes after that slight detour Marcia put her hands on my knees and raised herself up to look at me and said, "This bad boy is ready for some pussy if you are Jeremy. What do you say to slipping one on and getting to it."

I was sure ready but thought maybe I should be more attentive and asked, "You wouldn't like me to return the favor?"

Marcia laughed and said, "Boy the well is plenty wet and I'm too hot to wait for the good stuff."

I didn't bother responding to a plan that was perfect. I just lunged at the nightstand and grabbed a condom. When I turned back to the bed Marcia was positioned on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and said, "If you think you're up to it I would prefer you hitting it from back there."

Back there was one awesome sight, maybe like facing a major league pitcher for the first time. Marcia's big fat round ass was major league and more than I had ever taken on from any angle but this wasn't the time to take a pitch. I smacked one fat cheek and said, "It's a big order but I'm game to give it a shot."

"That's what I want to hear Jeremy. I need a man who thinks he's man enough for the task." Replied Marcia.

With that I eased up behind Marcia and with my stiff dick in one hand and the other on her ass for balance I poked the head in her pussy. I normally would take my time and go slowly but I really didn't think Marcia was in 'take it easy mode' so I quickly plunged a good four inches into her pussy.

My instincts were correct as Marcia groaned, "Oh that's it Jeremy stick in there and work it."

Good to know we were both on the same bus so with a good grip of Marcia's fat butt with both hands I pumped in and out, going deeper with every thrust. Besides fucking her sweet pussy it was a fabulous show to see Marcia's ass jiggle and bounce with every stroke. It was as though her ass was having its own good time.

Marcia was so wet, I was so hard and I was so fine it wasn't long before I was bumping my flat belly hard against her big shaking butt as I bottomed out all ten inches in her

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