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If you like it wet, then urine for some fun today!

Connor looking at my erection overruled my head's desire to deflate my cock.

"It looks big Lewis," he said.

"Jeesus," I thought, "And now he's talking about the size of my cock. It's never going to go down."

"And when you come to visit," Lynette's voice continued, "I want you to bring along that video camera Connor says you have, and make a film of it all."

The rest of the evening along with Lynette's innuendo and sexual promises to Connor, passed in a haze and when I bade them a surprisingly early goodbye, just after ten, I walked home to clear my head.

That night I had a checklist in my brain. On the plus side, I see Connor naked, randy and hard, I get to film him and, if I play my cards right, can make a copy for me. I might get to handle his cock and, who knows, maybe more. On the minus side, I have to fuck my first woman and stay hard enough to be convincing.

Please understand I don't find women unsexy. I can see what men see in them. I'm even faintly interested in having a little look or even lick inside if need be. I was just worried if all the trying to please Lynette, might detract from me enjoying seeing Connor. Well three points for the motion and one point against, I decided that if I was asked, I would swallow a box of Viagra and do it!

My head churned with the possibilities and fantasies for the rest of the weekend so when I returned to the office on Monday and Connor greeted me with nothing more than his usual "hello," I was a little disappointed. I had expected a randy puppy eager to get me into bed with his girlfriend and him. Tea break came and went, lunchtime came and went and finishing time came and went and nothing more was said.

It was Wednesday when Connor came over at lunch break and said, "I'm sorry about Lynette last Saturday. She's like a bitch on heat these days and I know she embarrassed you. I told her you weren't the sort of guy to get involved in our sex games though she has been using you as a "fantasy" partner during our lovemaking since Saturday."

My response was muffled so I cleared my throat and carefully chose my words. "Look mate, Lynette's a good looking girl and if the thought of me involved worries you then I won't become involved but if me doing it helps you enjoy your sex life I'm more then I'm happy to do it to help a mate, and I'll stay discreet about it too."

There, I'd done it!

"Honest," he said. "I thought she had scared you off. She's going to be uncontrollable now until you do it!"

I was scared and nervous and made the date for ten days later on a Friday night to give my heart time to slow down. I cleaned every part of me twice; I hosed out every orifice and brushed each tooth individually. My cock was scrubbed and disinfected and now it was time.

As I sat nervously on their sofa, Connor fetched some wine looking as hunky as ever, and his girlfriend was scantily dressed on the other sofa. Her boyfriend joined her as I fiddled with the controls on my camera.

"I think perhaps you two should start and get going and I'll start filming, then perhaps Connor could take over control while I'm.....involved!!"

"When should we start?" asked Connor.

"Let's have a few drinks to relax and I can film you two on the sofa then when you're ready just get started."

My cock was fit to explode. Perhaps taking a full dose of Viagra hadn't been necessary. The wine and Viagra made me quite warm but in a nice way. It was halfway through glass number three when Lynette threw her arms around Connor and kissed him. I started filming aware that my panting breath might be noticeable on the soundtrack.

Lynette was dominant. It was she who was lying on top of him; it was she who was stripping him. He was surprisingly docile. She stripped him to the waist and I saw the top of the white band of his shorts. I could just make out top part the words "Giorgio Armani." She then took his hand and led him to the bedroom. I followed, kicking my shoes off before I went.

She threw him on the bed and dived on top, pulling her own top off and unclipping her skirt.

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