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Alice turns the tables on Diane.

Sure enough, I heard more rustling on the other end.

"Naked now," she stammered. "Except panties."

"Good," I said. "I love watching a girl play with herself wearing nothing but panties. Naked is always good, but I like when you leave just a little, tiny bit to the imagination."

She just moaned. I hadn't told her she could touch herself yet, so I had no doubt she was holding off. Hopefully she got the message now.

"I love when you slip those fingers inside the waistband... seeing the outline of your hand against that pink cotton or black silk as you're strumming your clit... just a little bit at first, of course... can't have you exploding right away."

She was just about purring into the phone.

"I bet your body is flushed from head to toe," I guessed. "Your breasts are bouncing up and down because you're breathing so hard. If I licked your collarbone, I'd taste just a hint of perfume, but mostly sweat. Then if I licked my way down your body, I'd... well, what would I taste, Kelly?"

"My pu.. pussssssy," she stuttered.

"Is it all primed and ready for me, sweetie?" I asked.

"So wet, Brad," she said.

"Excellent," I said, stealing her trick and spreading a three-syllable word out over 10 seconds. "Go back to what I told you about our first time and our second time. Shove your fingers up into that dripping snatch, and tell me what you think about my plans."

A few moments later, I was rewarded with even more ear-splitting screams.


Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium was one of America's last classic ballparks. Situated in the southern part of Omaha, Nebraska, just a few blocks west of the Missouri River, it was the home field for the Omaha Royals, the top minor league team for the Kansas City Royals. It also hosted the NCAA College Baseball World Series, which had just finished up a few days before. In fact, tonight's game against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox was the Royals' first home game in more than two weeks, thanks to the college tournament.

As such, the place was packed. Most minor league stadiums hold five, maybe six thousand fans, tops. This place seated more than 8,000 fans, and I was guessing it would be a sellout. It didn't hurt that the team was doing well -- even though the Kansas City Royals were right up there with Cubs among the worst teams in professional sports, their minor-league affiliate was surprisingly still in first place halfway through June. Even walking along the stadium concourse prior to the game, I had to elbow my way through packs of fans.

There was an internet rumor going around that the old park was going to be replaced soon by some new cookie cutter thing closer to the downtown area, and that made me sad. Of course, I'm not from Omaha, and at 22, I guess I was still a little young to be overly nostalgic. Still, the phasing out of old-school, historic ballparks in favor of brand new structures that you could barely tell apart was not a new phenomenon. Even my beloved Braves had opened up a brand new stadium a few years ago.

I liked the way everything was outside at Rosenblatt, like the other older stadiums. The new parks were basically baseball fields attached to huge, glass-covered office buildings, with even the concession stands being indoors. Not here. The snack bars were lined up along the concourse, with various stands for memorabilia, programs, etc. The team offices and maintenance areas had doors leading out to the concourse. There were doors to the press box and private suites, of course, but even those opened up to an outdoor walkway as opposed to a hallway ripped from the local Days Inn.

Apparently, I was getting old.

I was in something of a somber mood when I finally found my seat, in the middle of the eighth row behind the visiting dugout.

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