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Mixed bars put a blight on a drinking man's pleasure.

You rise to meet her and clasp her in your arms and reach for her cock.

'I'm ready for you darling, I'm ready, fuck me with this tool, girl, make me your cock-slave. I'm so horny - I haven't been fucked for days, feel how wet I am, feel my horny pussy...'

You take Angela's hand and place it against your cunt, shuddering as her slender fingers make contact with your exposed flesh. Gently Angela slides a finger into your opening, moving it inside you, pressing up against your clit, making you writhe before her touch, gyrating your hips, your arse thrusting back and forth against her finger. Seductively removing her hand, Angela raises her finger to your mouth and feeds you your own juices. You run your tongue along the offered finger before closing it in your mouth and gazing up at your lover with your deep dark eyes.

'Umm, Tiffany, you are hot for it aren't you? Your quite a little lesbian whore for your Angela. God baby, your turning me on so bad, let me fuck you girl, let me take you in front of your man...get on your hands and knees darling...'

Doing as you are told you position yourself on the bed in front of Angela, exposing your arse to her and awaiting her to mount you from behind, doggie-style. As you let your head hang forward your thick and long black hair cascades onto the bed, covering your face. Your large breasts swing before you and your back curves gracefully, offering a feline profile, rising to your generous arse, so smooth and inviting. Angela shifts forwards and kneels behind you, her strap on cock thrusting forward. She reaches out and takes an arse-cheek in each hand, squeezing and manipulating and feeling your fullness. Allowing your arms to bend, your shoulders press against the bed, you arse pushing up now. Desperate for this woman's love you groan and whimper.

'Please Angela, please, take me darling, please...'

Angela responds to your pleading by taking the cock in her hand and placing its shiny bulbous head against your cunt lips. At first she moves it up and down, teasing you, smothering the head in the juices you are oozing continually. Only when she knows that you are really ready does she press the black cock into your hungry cunt, inch by inch.

'Here Tiffany, take it honey, take it all...Angela's here for you girl, she's got you, eat my cock girl, suck it in, that's it, that's it, I'll stay hard for you baby, I'll stay hard all night...I wont stop fucking you Tiffany, you'll be begging me to stop girl, but I wont. You won't want a man after I've finished with you darling.'

At first you scream as Angela's big black cock enters you. You've never been fucked by a cock so large before. You press your face against the bed to stifle your cries. You are feeling the pain of having your cunt opened as never before - but it is a delicious pain, a pain you have yearned for, and soon it gives way to an intoxicating sensation of raw heat. As your cunt stretches to accommodate Angela's cock and you drench it in pungent juice you surrender yourself to this fucking, crying and moaning and urging your lover on to fuck you, and pound you, and fill you, and take you. Your whole body is shaking to the rhythm of Angela's lustful fucking.

I'm mesmerised by the sight and slowly approach the bed.

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