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He's too tired, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Nor could her short arms reach between us, with her leaning backward to keep us upright. So I just stabbed upward, hoping my spear would home in on the hot spot of her cunt.

It took five false jabs before I succeeded in piercing her on the sixth. As she sank down on my lance, she sighed, "Aaahhhh, yyyeeeeesssssss."

My own bliss was cut a little short as her hands clasped the back of my head and pulled me to her ... right into the massive pillows of her breasts. It was like having my face pressed into a huge feather pillow, where the puffiness of the pillow billowed around me, providing a wonderfully soft landing place ... but cutting off all air.

I struggled and huffed and puffed until I felt myself growing faint. Suddenly she seemed to realize what was happening. Her hands relaxed and she turned my face upward. I gulped in fresh air gratefully.

She said, "Sorry, sugar, guess mama just got "carrot" away. Come on, now, poke me with yore broom handle."

Slowly I began moving, generating a pathetic fucking motion but managing some friction between us. If it hadn't been for the brick wall, I would never have been able to stop her descents but it was just enough help that I could manage to keep going ... until she began to feel it.

My first indication that she was getting something out of the activity was her mouth ... she began to say "uh ... uh ... uh ... uuhhhh... uuhhhh ... uuuuuhhhhh ... uuuuuhhhhh ...." She interrupted my motion then by struggling to unfasten the top of her dress and remove her bra. As I got things moving again, she intertwined her fingers in my hair and yanked my head from one nipple to the other and back again, as if I was a wiper on a windshield.

Her heels dug into my buttocks and yanked me to the wall, just like she was spurring a horse. She whispered in a loud, throaty voice, "Yeah, BABY! Come on, come on, come on, gimme that rod, motherfucker! Bang my ass, you studly hunk o' meat!"

I took that as a signal that she wanted me to try to fuck her harder and faster, so I pushed back against the wall and began to piston into her now wet and slick pussy, holding my head like a battering ram against her cleavage lest she smoother me ... until I heard a wild animal cry of anguish. It took a few seconds before I realized that the cry came from ... my own mouth. Her thumbs had slipped out of my hair and were in an intense battle to pop my eyeballs out of my sockets.

When my head jerked backward, she said, "Oh, sorry, babe. My bad." Her hands went back to my hair and again she twisted my head from nipple to nipple. With the pain in my eyes fading, I resumed my movements; good thing I wasn't driving 'cause I was temporarily blinded!

It was a struggle now to fuck her, since the strange pain caused my cock to deflate a bit and it took several minutes to coax it back to its usual state of hardness. Hardly had it grown fully hard again before she was once more huffing and puffing out the "uhs" and "ohs". Suddenly her clasped hands behind my shoulders yanked our bodies together as she tossed back her head and proclaimed to the world, "Oh, yeah, MOTHERFUCKER! Bang my puss ... HARD! I'm cumming, stud muffin!"

With that her legs began scissoring back and forth, pressing into my buttocks and then releasing as if she was riding at a gallop. I felt my balls contract and begin spewing hot cum into her slick box. And then, with one extra hard tug of her feet, I lost my balance and began moving away from the wall. I staggered several steps, all around like a drunk, and then, not finding my footing, fell in slow motion directly backward onto my butt ... into a mud puddle between tracks of the alley ... and she sat, less than gracefully, on top of my slowly deflating member.

Between the normal euphoria of an orgasm and the shock of having this heavy body suddenly planted hard on my middle, I was in shock.

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