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Be careful what you ask for; she may give you more.

His understanding of politics and diplomacy far surpasses anything I've ever seen. His devotion to you cannot be questioned. I don't have to tell you this, but you can depend on him to be completely loyal to you to the end. Take advantage of his insight and wisdom."

"You're preaching to the choir on that one," responded Gwen. "I don't know how I ever managed to reel him in, but he's the best! I know that. Every day I try to show him how much I appreciate and love him."

"We'll go over these talking points a few times," insisted Lisa. "You need to have responses ready when the press starts grilling you. We've had a bit of a temporary setback in South Korea, but everything is picking up now."

"Gwen, you need to know that there are no 'conflict of interest' laws regarding the president and vice president," chimed in Kate. "There are some vague laws about taking payments from foreign nationals and sovereign nations. Lisa, Jason, and I will probably be accused of having conflicts of interest that could make Senate approval of our appointments more difficult."

"We'll face that when the time comes," replied Gwen. "I am not going to appoint anyone I do not trust completely to be among my closest advisors. I'm going to continue relying on you three heavily, officially or unofficially if necessary, regardless of what the Senate decides."

The next day Gwen was taken sightseeing by several Japanese government officials. Every place she went, crowds quickly formed. When she faced a group of people they would quickly drop to a knee and bow their heads and remain in that position for a short time before returning to their feet.

The state dinner that evening was an elaborate affair, as Prime Minister Koda pulled out all the stops to honor and impress the American President. Steve never left Gwen's side throughout the entire evening. Once again, the folks back in America were treated to news clips of their President as she represented them in a very receptive Japan. Much was made of her beauty and poise by members of the media, as well as by the general public.

James and Stephanie Hawthorne were traveling with President Hammer's group. Gwen and Steve were very careful to demonstrate to the Japanese, as well as to the members of the press that the two couples were very close. Steve had discussed it with Gwen during the flight from Washington to North Korea, and they felt strongly that keeping James and Stephanie in the limelight would enhance James' political career, which in turn, would strengthen relations between the United States and Great Britain.

Of course Stephanie had always been extremely comfortable with her cousins and their close friends, and James had been welcomed as part of the family, so it required no real effort for Gwen and Steve to make it obvious that they thought very highly of Prime Minister Blake's representative. That evening, Gwen managed a couple of dances with James, while Steve managed the same with Stephanie.

"James really appreciates what you and Gwen are doing for his career. Being seen with you two is always good, but especially now. Britain stuck its neck out to support your peace initiative. It wasn't a universally popular move in Great Britain, but James managed to convince Prime Minster Blake that you were up to the task and that you were the world's single best bet to avoid war.

"It helped the Prime Minister's popularity, but it also brought James to the front in the political arena," stated Stephanie. "His wife is first cousin to the incredible Gwen Hammer, President of the United States. Highlight reels of James accompanying you as you enter into negotiations with various world leaders are constantly playing in London.

"You've been great to my family, including James.

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