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Nancy recollects from when she was very much a farmgirl.

..I couldn't place it. The man was waiting patiently for my answer. I could tell by his measured breathing.

"I...I guess so," I stammered.

"We must hurry!" he said, not seeming to whisper, yet in a voice I knew only I could hear.

I shivered at the familiar sound, goosebumps suddenly shivering up my arm where his rested. Who was he?

"Come on, then, Lacey," he said, helping me to stand. "Up you go!" How did he know my nickname?

He waited until I was steady on my feet, his arm around my shoulders, holding me securely to his side. I stiffened.

"It's okay. I won't hurt you!" His voice was warm, reassuring, smoothing over my jangled nerves. He squeezed my shoulders gently.

"Relax, and follow my lead."

I nodded, and then remembered that he couldn't see me. I giggled nervously, and tried to move when he did. We seemed to walk forever. I felt beads of sweat popping out all over my body, and

I raised my right hand to flick some off my forehead.

"Almost there," he encouraged me, and suddenly I knew him.

"Gabe?" I whispered. "Is it really you?" I tried to turn to him, but he kept me firmly planted at his side.

"Didn't I promise you I'd be back for you?" he asked, steering me toward a dim light.

I felt myself shudder in sudden anger, and he must have sensed my changed mood.

"You can clobber me as soon as you're safe." His voice was amused and resigned at the same time.

"Pay attention now," he warned me, suddenly all business again. "I'll have to go ahead of you. Follow me closely."

By now, I could see his shape outlined against the growing light, and I saw his finger go to his lips in the universal sign for quiet. He let me go, and I felt desolate, abandoned. I swallowed the confusion of anger, resentment, fear, and joy that swirled around inside me, and followed closely at his heels, bumping into him several times. When he stopped suddenly, I almost knocked him over.

"What...?" I began.

"Lacey," he said, a note in his voice I couldn't identify, "I know you have no reason to, but I need you to trust me now. More than you ever did before."

My heart lurched. "Why? What do you want? What are you going to do?" I tamped down the hysteria, but only just.

"I need you to put your arms around me and jump."

I froze, holding my breath. "Where are we?"

He did not answer my question, but asked one of his own. "Do you want to live?" His voice was hard. I swallowed, the bile rising in my throat, and nodded, unable to speak.

"Do you think I came back to hurt you?" he continued, then waited.

My response was immediate and telling. "No, of course not!"

"Then do as I ask. Wrap your arms around me and jump."

He put his arms around me, facing me for the first time, and waited again. When I didn't move, he said,


I wrapped my arms around his waist and he continued.


At my whispered affirmative, he twisted suddenly and we fell. I tried to hold it in, but the scream escaped and flew through my aching throat, past Gabriel's ears, and into the dark night air. The stampede and the thunder returned a split second before we landed with a lung-crushing thud on what felt like a plastic sheet. Gabriel rolled over and held me against him, breathing hard. He caressed my arms and shoulders, soothing me, before asking,

"Okay?" His voice was strangely hoarse.

"Yeah," I croaked, mine no better than his. I tried to clear my throat, but it remained clogged with fear and sudden tears.

"We've got to get moving, Lacey," he said, and rolled with me to the edge of the sheet. He let me go and jumped down.

I could see his face now in the half-light of a cloudy full moon night. I could not see his black eyes, but the curve of his full lips, the dent in his chin, and the scar marring his left cheek, all appeared in sharp relief on his rugged face. He raised his hands to catch me as I followed him to the ground.

"Come on," he urged me, turning away and beginning to run.

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