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A foolish young woman finds her new chat friend isn't real.

"You planted a suggestion, didn't you," she asked.

"Did you want him here? I can call him back," Grey asked, feinting toward the door.

"No," she answered, and he came back to the bed. "I just can't believe you used your powers that way. You should be ashamed," she said lightly, smiling and reaching for his hand. "I will have to tell him soon. Unless you want to erase his memories and make it easier on everyone?"

"You know I can't do that. I can tell him, if you'd like," Grey offered, sitting on the side of the bed.

"No, that's my job," she said, "I never meant for all that to happen in the first place, so it's my place to clean up my mess. I hope he isn't too hurt."

"He will be," Grey said simply, then continued at her confused look, "how could he not? He'll have lost the most amazing woman he ever met."

"To the most amazing man he's ever known," Zoe finished for him. "You know he idolizes you, they all do." Grey cocked an eyebrow at her and she thought better of her statement, "wrong word. He loves and respects you...immensely."

With regret, Grey answered, "I know he does. I want to feel bad about taking you away, but I just can't."

He reached out a hand to brush a strand of hair behind her ear, then traced her jaw with his fingertips. She closed her eyes to savor the tingle that his touch left behind.

"You must be tired," he said, misinterpreting her closed eyes, "I should let you eat something, then you should rest."

"I'm fine, Grey," she said, smiling, "I really just want to sit with you and talk. There's so much I want to know about you, and even more importantly right now, is there any way we can figure out what happened to the time I lost?"

Grey pondered a moment, then suggested, "I can search your memories for anything deeply sublimated, or traces of anything erased," he paused before saying, "It would mean I'd know everything in your head. Nothing would remain hidden."

"Wow," Zoe answered, a little stunned, "I really want to know what happened while I was there. I think we all need to know that. I'm just not sure I can handle complete disclosure."

"I can drop things I find as soon as I see they aren't what we are looking for, but that means I still see them, if only in bits and pieces," he explained, "and I can't make any promises..."

"I understand, you'd try to give me some privacy," Zoe hesitated, "But no one wants their entire life laid out before someone, especially someone they hope to have respect them."

"If it makes you feel any better," Grey said, looking at the floor, "I already know just about everything you've ever done. Remember, we kept close tabs on you as your grew up. I don't know your every thought, but knowing nearly your every action is pretty close." He finally looked up at her, "And I respect you."

Zoe's face held a combination of embarrassment, accusation, and horror. In a small, strangled voice she said, "You know everything I've ever done? Every lie I've told, every line I've crossed?"

"Yes," Grey responded, looking deeply into her eyes, trying to reassure her.

"I need to process that," she continued in that strangled voice.

He reached out to take her hand, but she pulled it away and sat back against the pillows, eyes to the ceiling.

She was doing a quick review of her adult life, the things she would hope Grey didn't know about her quickly surpassed the things she wanted to share with him, but he apparently knew them all!

"And I still love you, Zoe. All people make mistakes. We all sin," he said, seeming to read her mind, even though she knew he didn't.

"But how could you," she asked, "how could you love me knowing I had my mom committed against her will by lying to the authorities? How could you love me knowing I gave myself to a man I didn't love to buy a sense of security? How could anyone?" she was starting to cry.

Grey moved the tray and gathered her into his arms, where she felt stiff and unyielding, but didn't actively resist him.

"Zoe, I've lived a very long time.

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