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SuperiorMan gets a nasty surprise when his powers are taken.

He groaned deeply but Rosemary pulled his head roughly closer, rolling her hips against his tongue.

"Don't stop" she growled, "Make me cum."

Mahlasela eased off as Johannes neared her climax. She didn't want the boy to cum too quickly, nor be too sore, though that wouldn't stop her using him. It was what he was made for, the reason fate had brought him to her she reflected.

At that moment, Johannes cried out in passion, reverting to her native tongue, crying out over and over as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. She fell back, sitting down into the desk chair, her legs shaking. With one swift movement Mahlasela withdrew the baton, and stood back to admire the scene.

Her young colleague sat panting, legs splayed, her glistening cunt on display, the puffy slit parted, showing the pink inside. Over the desk the boy was equally breathless, his own pink cunt likewise on display, swollen, glistening, and open.

"Unlock his restraints Officer Johannes" she purred, watching as Rosemary stood on unsteady legs, the boy groaning animalistically as her cunt passed near his face. It took her a few moments, but at last the young policewoman managed to unlock the cuffs, and slip them from Matti's wrists.

"Stand up" Mahlasela barked at the boy, and he stumbled to obey. She smirked down at his erection, and he blushed.

"So, no contraband it seems, and we went nice and deep. Still, the fact remains you were speeding, without the means to pay the fine. That's a night in the cells."

Here she shared a conspiratorial smile with her colleague.

"Now, you have two options. You can be kept here. So far our cells are empty, but who knows who else might be joining us for an overnight stay? The night shift is also manned by two of our brother officers, who are far less hospitable than either Officer Johannes or myself."

"The second option is to agree to return with me to my own place of address, where you will be suitably restrained and cared for until the morning."

"If it helps you decide, policy is that you will remain unclothed until morning."

Matti stood dumbfounded. What choice did he have? To stay and be subjected to who knows what, or go with this woman who had - well what had she done? Abused him? Used him?... Pleasured him? He blushed deeply and Mahlasela knew she had him.

"I... I would be grateful to go with you officer" he said softly.

"A wise choice boy."

Turning then to her colleague, switching back to their own tongue, she practically purred,

"Officer Johannes, wipe that pretty pussy of yours, and get dressed. I want you to fill out the paperwork for his temporary holding transfer."

A short time later, his clothes and possessions bagged, Matti found himself escorted still nude to Officer Mahlasela's marked police jeep, and pushed firmly into the back seat. As Mahlasela looked over him, daring any rebellion, Johannes, cuffed one wrist to the handle above the car door. Mahlasela climbed in the front, and he caught her eye in the rearview mirror. He blushed a little and she pre-empted his movement.

"Sit with your legs apart, and your other hand flat on the seat beside you. I must be able to have full visibility of you at all times."

A knowing smirk from Officer Johannes as she shut the door, and Mahlasela pulled away, heading further along the road in the direction Matti had originally been heading. They hadn't been driving long before taking a turn off onto an unpaved road, and then some time later pulled up outside a small but tidy home, typical of the local architecture. All around as far as he could see was open countryside. He watched as Mahlasela walked around to his side of the vehicle, opening the door with one hand, her drawn baton in the other. Matti clenched at the memory of it penetrating him.

"I am going to uncuff you. I trust you will behave. Do not try to flee, there is nowhere to go, and I will only punish you severely. Do you promise to be a good boy?"

He nodded, and Mahlasela uncuffed him from the handle above the door of the car.

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