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Nikki's eldest brother shows her his studio apartment.

He could not easily find the hospital gown.

"No problems Mr Smith, sorry I had to wake you but you looked like you were having quite a dream and I was not sure if it was a nightmare or not as you were making a lot of noise. In fact I would guess it was a good dream. You were calling out to someone, was it Wendy?" she said with a wry grin, "I needed to wake you to take your temperature and pulse rate and see how you are feeling."

"Her name was Glenda, a really good friend from my teens, and yes it was a bit hot. Glad you came in as I have woken up not feeling too good. I feel like I am coming down with the flu again. My joints and head are aching and I feel fatigued, plus I have a bad pain in my groin again. This feels just like I did over the weekend but it has gotten this bad a lot faster."

The nurse did what she came in to do and wrote down the information on his chart, including his comments about additional pain and groin stiffness.

"I will let the doctor know about your pains and see what she says." said Penny and left the room. She rang the doctor and was advised to note the level of pain and to regularly monitor him during the night. After this it was the end of their shift and Penny and Polly completed all the notes and passed on any information to the next shift when Francine and Felicia arrived.

John relaxed again as much as he could given the discomfort he now was experiencing, and returned to his thoughts.

"My actual experience with Glenda may not have gone down as my mind pictured it as it had become a little bit embellished with time. What really happened was that we had been sitting around drinking with friends and it was true up to when I put my tongue to her slit. I think that I really just inexpertly flapped it around making sure everything got touched multiple times and then I stuck a finger in. The finger made it harder for me as the hand pushed my face away from its destination. In the end it didn't matter greatly as Glenda was just as buzzed from the booze as I was and my being the first guy to taste her secrets directly just sent her over the edge in a big way. I mean how much knowledge can you really get from a cheap X rated movie rented from the local video store. Yes it was video, VHS to be more precise and was not all that good for instruction or education even though the title was something like Teaching Rita. We did stay together for a while but our feelings for each other were more along the lines of siblings and although the sex was great and we loved each other a lot, we decided to separate. Whenever we see each other since then I always get the feeling that something more permanent could have happened even though it would have seemed incestuous to us."

John's brain then jumped to other topics and settled back to his current health issues. Until recently he had always been as healthy as most normal people, except for a virus that caused him to become sterile when he was twelve years old. Everything worked fine, just no little swimmers. Handy for a lad on the town, but useless when married and wanting a family. Biggest bummer in an otherwise great marriage, although Linda was accepting John knew she regretted the lack of offspring as much as he did. Their shared loss only made them closer.

The last year he had gradually lost energy and with a much lower libido and shrinking manhood bits, he went to his doctor.

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