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She had an incredibly erotic cyber session.

She smiled and swallowed once, then twice. Bonnie licked her lips as sexy as she could and kissed the tip of her son's cock. He smiled as she looked into his eyes and asked: "How was that sweetie?"

He pulled her up to him and she laid on top of him as they kissed and shared tongues. He held her and whispered: "You're amazing mom. God you are so good at all of this."

She kissed him and he could taste his cum on her lips. She smiled and said: "Well I have had lots of practice sweetie. You're pretty good too. And, as we practice you'll get as good or better than me."

They held each other for a while and then she said: "We better get up, dress and sit in the living room and wait for him."

They did, she had on panties and her longer robe. Bobby had a new pair of gum shorts and a tee shirt on. They watched TV for awhile as Bobby held his mother in his arm touching her and sharing kisses. It was now 9:30 PM. John was late coming home as usual when he was out with the boys.

After a while Bobby moved off the sofa and sat on the floor with his head on his mother's knee. She was siting there teasing him. She had her legs open wide and when she lifted her robe he could see her white panties and the crotch covering her pussy. There was a little wet spot in the middle of them. She opened her robe more and show him her hard red nipples on her big firm tits. She would squeeze them and play with them as he watched her. She loved building his lust like she was doing now.

If his eyes weren't on her tits, he was looking up between her open legs. He sighed and licked his lips. She saw his hard cock sticking up in his gym shorts.

When Bobby saw her looking at it, he pulled the leg opening up his thigh and his huge cock shaft jumped out at her. He asked if that was OK since his father was on his way home. She told her son they would see the head lights on the wall as he pulled into the drive way and hear his car engine which would give them time to cover up. "we can't fuck or anything Bobby but we can enjoy seeing and watching each other play with ourselves," she said.

She asked him to touch his cock and play with it. He did. Bobby slowly stroked his cock for his mom to watch. She told him his cock looked delicious and so hard and big.

Bobby asked his mom if she would pull her panties off or to the side and show him her pussy. She spread her legs wide and placed both feet on the sofa and pulled her white panties to the side showing all of her cunt. Then she put a finger in her wetness.

After a few minutes, Bobby asked her to take her finger out of her love hole and show him it. Bonnie slipped her finger out of her cunt and showed her son how wet she was. "I'm wet baby because I want that big cock you're playing with inside me. I wish we could. I really do," she told him

She offered him her finger and Bobby sucked on it. He could taste her juices. He smiled and wiped the tip of his cock taking the pre cum off the head before it ran down his shaft. He lifted it towards his mom and Bonnie sucked on his finger cleaning it.

This went on and on while they waited. Both of them were horny as hell when they looked at the clock and saw it was now 11:00 PM. "Damn it! Where is he?" Bonnie complained.

Bobby moved up and sat next to his mom. He took her in his arms and kissed her. As their lips touched He cupped one of her big tits. Almost immediately she shoved her tongue in his mouth and moaned as he squeezed her tit tighter.

They made out kissing and touching each other. He was hard and Bonnie was wet, dripping wet as the clock kept ticking. He broke the embrace and asked her: "What are we going to do mom? He's two hours late, should you call him? If he's not coming home tonight I want to finish this and enjoy your body again in my bed. I want to cum in you and make love to you and make you cum too. Please, call him and let's find out what's going on."

Bonnie reached for her phone and dialed her husband's number.

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