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You're alone in the woods with your lover.

We spent the rest of the morning shopping and enjoying each other's company. Judy laughed the second time I let her out next to the doors of the mall and drove the Z to the farthest reaches of the parking lot away from all the other cars. I was grateful that Judy had the garage install a good security system that included Lo-Jack on the car. After a light lunch, we returned to the bed and breakfast and I gave Judy a treat when I treated her like the slut she was before we took a nap.

Judy and I got dressed up for dinner. Judy had brought a clingy red dress and the black outfit she'd picked out for me which was a black pull over turtle neck and black pants with the accessories to go with them. She directed me to a seafood house downtown that had the reputation of being one of the best in the nation. We had grilled shark steaks that were very good with steamed vegetables and a small white cake with chocolate icing that Judy knew was my favorite. Our dinner was excellent and the evening could have ended right there for me and I'd been perfectly happy. Judy had other ideas though.

"There's a new club in town that I want to go to, Brock! Can we go and dance together for a while? I'm yours and only yours tonight!"

"Okay baby, we can go!"

Judy again directed me to the club she wanted to go to. We were let right in by the bouncer as soon as we got to the door much to the chagrin of the people standing in line. We found a table and I had the waitress bring me a club soda and a white wine for Judy. We danced together for the next three hours and I drank another club soda after finishing the first one. I went to relieve myself in the men's room not thinking anything could go wrong while I was gone. As I returned to our table, I saw Judy shaking her head no to a man that looked very much like the one from the club back home. I didn't see a bouncer so I rushed to our table and got there in time to see the man grab Judy by the arm.

"Let go of my wife, you overgrown ape!" I said to the man that I recognized from our hometown's club.

"I'm going to dance with her the rest of the night and she's going home with me pipsqueak! A beautiful woman like her deserves a real man not a wimp like you!"

"I said let go of my wife before you make me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry!" I told him as I grabbed the hand he had a hold of Judy with.

I remember him hitting me in the face and then I awoke strapped down to a hospital bed with an IV in my left arm and someone hanging onto my right with a death grip. I looked to the right and saw my gorgeous wife softly sobbing with her head down beside me.

"How bad did he hurt me, Judith?" I asked her.

Her head jerked up and she began crying harder. "Oh Brock, you're awake! I was afraid you weren't going to."

"Have I been in a coma?"

"No Brock! The doctors say you were in some kind of catatonic state and they didn't know how long you might stay in it!"

"How bad am I hurt?"

"You're fine physically, Brock! Your mental state is what has all the doctors worried. You've been out for 48 hours, Brock! Do you remember anything about Saturday night?"

"I remember that big ape from the club at home trying to do the same thing to you as he did there and him hitting me in the face and that's all I remember."

"Oh Brock! You nearly killed that man! The doctors haven't figured out yet where you got the strength to pick him up like you did. You had him over your head and threw him against the back wall which the cops measured was twenty feet away. You picked up a metal stool and beat him so bad he's still in intensive care. It took four bouncers to get you off of him and you broke two of their arms in the struggle. I don't know had long you struggled before you just passed out. You've been out ever since."

"Why am I strapped down?"

"The doctors didn't know what kind of state you'd be in when you woke, if you woke, so they strapped you down in case you were still in a rage.

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