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Julie gives her first blow-job (but not to her boyfriend).

.. Do it... Make yourself hot... Show me what you can do... Jerk it hard, very hard... Now pour some more lube on right at the top... I want to watch it run down to your hand as you stoke, that's it... Spread that goo all over your rock hard shaft.

Imagine I am there with you, right now, watching you. Can you see me, aroused, hot, my hand between my thighs, stroking my hot pussy, masturbating, right there, next to you. My nipples sticking out through the holes in the fishnet top I have on aching for attention. With each stroke, I get more and more turned on, I need you to show me what you can do to get yourself off. My clit is so hard I can stroke it as you stroke yours. As I pull my hand away, you can see it sticking out from my pussy lips. Take a good look before I turn on my pump and have it suck me off. Don't worry, you will still be able to see my clit through the clear silicone bulb as it sucks and tugs. Oh my, see how it just covers my clit and how the pulsating sucking makes my clit even bigger. The suction is so strong I can pull on the hose and it will not come off, now I can jerk it like your jerking you cock. Oh, this feels so incredibly nasty, watching you watching me.

Do you want me to come for you? I usually like to hold off as long as I can, sometimes for hours until I cannot take it and then I cum so hard I almost pass out. Watching you stroking your cock has got me so turned on that I want to cum. Lucky for me I can cum over and over to the point where after a while it is just one long cum. See me start to shake, oh fuck her it goes but, don't cum yet, just watch me. See how my butt starts to wiggle back and forth, as I tug harder on the hose. Oh, my god that feels so good, it is so juicy it's starting to make a slurping sound. Ah, Ok, I can breathe again. Wow, that was so good.

Now, I need to watch you, I want to cum again while I watch you. I want that, very much. Want to see you touch yourself, tease yourself, get yourself hot, drive yourself crazy as I watch you. I want you to bring yourself to the most powerful, intense orgasm, right there in front of me. I want you to show me how you love to stroke yourself, to concentrate on the touch of your hands on your cock, stroking yourself, caressing yourself, arousing yourself.

Do you want to feel like my mouth slip over the head of your cock and slide between my lips? Sucking it in so far it is all the way down my throat until my face is against your body. Imagine that as you grab your cock with both hands, sliding it back and forth... slowly... twisting and turning your hands as they slide over the length of your cock... a little faster now... a little more... yes, oh yes...I love watching you... You turn me on so much...

Touching yourself for me, masturbating for me as I am watching you, right now.

God yes... ooohhh... aaahhh... that's it...


I want you to cum so much... but not yet, just a little longer. I want you to think about your cock sliding deep into my pussy so hot and so tight... feel me... grind your hips against me. Watch as I play with my tits, pulling my head up to take a nipple into my mouth... Sucking... nibbling... biting...

As your cock slides harder, deeper into my hot pussy so wet now... so wet and hot... sucking your cock into me. Squeezing around your thrusting cock... as you fuck me deeper... Groaning with each thrust...

I'm watching you, watching as you show me just how good you can take care of that throbbing rod...

God how I love watching you...

Seeing you get yourself off drives me insane.

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