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Wife volunteers to be a part of a church auction.

She enjoys being looked at.

After about two hours of drinking and talking, we were running low on booze, so I offered to pick up some more. Earl volunteered to go with me. We weren't gone for more than a half hour. When we returned to the pool we found that my wife, Andre and his two buddies were gone. Earl said that he and his friends had planned to rent a boat and go water-skiing, and that his buddies had probably already gone to rent it. He told me he'd go find them and hook up with me later. I told him that my wife had probably gotten too much sun and was no doubt in our room lying down.

She was lying down, all right, but not the way I thought.

As I started to go through the sliding door from the pool, I couldn't believe what I heard Andre telling my wife. He said that she was going to get the fucking of her life by three guys who hadn't had pussy for six months and who were going to make up for it. I almost dropped the drinks. My wife, who is rather shy and has never fucked anyone but me, was going to take on these three black studs. As I walked in, my wife was lying on the bed playing with her pussy. She was completely naked. Andre started mumbling something. I told him and his friends not to worry, that what was about to happen was a dream come true for both my wife and myself. With that my wife said, "Enough talk. It's time to fuck," and reached for Andre's trunks, which she quickly pulled down. I gasped at the size of Andre's dick. It had to be at least eight inches long and almost as big around as a Coke can-and it wasn't even hard! The other two guys took off their trunks to reveal dicks almost as big.

Lauren stared at Andre's dick in wonderment. One of the other guys, Terrell, got onto the bed and started licking my wife's ass-hole and pussy. Then Maurice stood in front of Lauren so that she could grab his dick and play with it. I couldn't believe the size of their dicks and balls. The sight of those three guys doing my wife got me so excited I had to sit down because my legs were trembling and my dick was ready to explode.

My wife started sucking Maurice's dick like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't believe she was taking so much dick down her throat.

About this time Terrell put his dick in her pussy, working it in little by little, telling her, "Baby, your ass is next." This just turned her on more.

I didn't believe he would get his dick in, but with one big thrust he was balls-deep inside my wife's tight pussy. Even with Maurice's dick stuffed in her mouth she let out a scream and started pumping to meet each thrust. Seeing my wife's pussy-juice on that big, black dick while another huge rod pistoned in and out of her mouth was making me hotter by the second. Just as Maurice said, "Girl, you love this black meat," I shot my load in my shorts. When I regained my senses I heard my wife say, "Yes, fuck me! Give me that black pole! Ram it in me!"

Andre said, "Since you love black meat so much, we're going to make an Oreo out of you." Terrell pumped a load into my wife's pussy, who said she wanted more.

Andre laid down on the bed and said "Get on this pole." I thought his dick was big before, but Andre's cock now, totally erect, had to have been at least ten inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist. As soon as the head was in, my wife went down, taking the whole ten inches and telling Andre, "You fucking black stallion, fuck me with that monster of a dick."

Andre assured her, "You'll never forget this." With that, Maurice crawled up on the bed, got behind her and put his dick in her ass-hole. Now I knew what Andre had meant about making her and Oreo. My wife would never let me fuck her in ass, but she was so full of lust and dick she didn't care. Andre said, "Relax, baby. You're going to get all the black dick and come you've been wanting." Maurice started working his dick into her virgin ass. Terrell, ready for some more action, got in front of her and said, "I know you're still hungry for some meaty cock."

My wife had enormous dicks in her ass, pussy and mou

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