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A kidnapping.

I stood and took off my shirt and pants, stripping to my boxers.

I walked over behind Jackie, wrapping my hands around her and sticking mine into her own panties...I'd never touched her this way before and it definitely excited her...excited me too. I pressed my hips up to her ass and she feet my cock rubbing against her ass through your panties...

Jackie moaned loudly and played with Nikki's sex faster while I kept grinding into her, fondling her below. Her pussy was very wet now, dripping all over my hand...I don't want to ruin Jackie's nice panties, so I dropped them to her ankles, then removed them from one leg, then the other.

I take my hand and spread Jackie's ass cheeks with it, rubbing her slit with my fingers from behind. It's almost more than I can bear too, and even Nikki seems to like it, but she apparently wants more attention. She drops her panties and takes off Jackie's Bra, finding her nipples hard and waiting.

Jackie starts to moan and says, "I feel useless..." She can decide what to do or who to pleasure and so she just takes it. Nikki leans in and tells her:

"Fuck my pussy, if you please."

Jackie smiles and starts kissing her neck, working her way down until she's licking Nikki out. My hands never leave Jackie's pussy and I stick my fingers inside, surprising her a bit. Nikki removes her bra and grabs a breast with one hand, and Jackie's hair with the other, closing her eyes and breathing heavily. Nikki wants to control herself, but cant...

I rock my fingers back and forth, fucking Jackie with them doggie style while she's on her knees, eating Nikki. With my free hand, I stick a third finger in, getting it nice and wet before plunging it into her ass while I lean in to bite the back of her neck.

Jackie moans even louder and sticks her tongue deeper into Nikki's pussy. Fluid starts dribbling down her face and chin. I switch position to around to play with Jackie's tits while she reaches over and plays with my nipples. My new free hand, still wet, I stick into Nikki's ass, to her audible delight.

Jackie screams softly as her first orgasm starts to hit her, her face buried deep into Nikki and muffling the sound. As soon as she does, it triggers off Nikki's orgasm and she cums all over Jackie, barely remaining standing as more and more of her sex dribbles all over Jackie.

Nikki pulls away then, and sets down on the bed to catch her breath. I use my hand (once again free) to give Jackie's breasts the attention they deserve while she nurses her long orgasm wit her hands. I kiss Jackie deeply, tasking Nikki on her chin and lips and worrying about how much longer I can last before I cum right there. I bite your ears and neck as you scream louder, milking your orgasm for as long as she can...does it count for two or is it still the same one? I whisper to Jackie...

"Look at what Nikki is doing."

Jackie looks over and gets a nice shot of Nikki, sitting back on the bed spread eagle, two fingers inside her pussy, and her other hand furiously rubbing her clit again. Jackie's hands reach up to my neck as I reach down to rub her clit. Jackie pushes down on my hand, rocking her pelvis to slide her pussy back and forth over me. It stick my fingers back in and feel her tighten around me. I take her tongue into my mouth and suck on it hard, but only for a second before she throws her head back to scream...she's cums all over me for the second time while I nibble her neck and whisper...

"Cum on my hand, I want to feel your orgasm."

After she's done and trying to regain control over her breathing, I bring my hand to my lips and I taste it, licking each finger and then passing it to her, while I keep massaging her breasts.

Nikki asks from the bed, "What about me?"

Jackie smiles and replies, "Oh, lets play with her now.

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