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Wifey won and trades hubby out.

What is it with this man that fascinates me so?

I picked up the phone and softly said "hello?". The man on the other end said to me, "is this 'Barbara'?" I answered, "is this the 'Rich'?" Well it was indeed the "Bear" and I was 100% correct. This man had the sexiest voice I had ever heard on a man. We both chuckled a bit and began to tell one another about ourselves. I asked him questions and he asked me questions. For the most part it was like becoming re acquainted with a long lost friend. We both felt so comfortable with each other. The time flew by as we talked about anything and almost everything for over an hour.

It became a routine of ours to meet on icq, have a cup of coffee then talk on the phone for an hour or so. We started to talk about our love lives which for both of us was nil at that time. We found that we had much in common and felt the same about many things in life. After many weeks we began to talk romantically. He asked me if I had ever had "phone sex?" I told him "no I had not" and that "I did not even know how it was done." I asked him if he had ever done that and he told me that yes he did a while back with "a woman he met online." My heart sank. I was beginning to have strong feelings for him and did not want to think that "phone sex" was the only reason why he wanted to call me. He explained that yes though he did do that, he was not in the habit of doing that with women he met on line. I felt a bit better because I just wanted this to be "real" for us and perhaps mature into something special. After all he could have lied to me and did not.

The more we talked the stronger the feelings became between us. He sent me a picture of himself and I sent him one of me. He told me I was beautiful and I thought he was quite handsome.

Before hanging up one day, he asked me if "I would consider having phone sex with him?" I told him that I would have to think about it. He told me that "my voice got him very aroused" and that he would like to do that with me. He also told me that even if I agreed to it, that "if for any reason I was uncomfortable, then he would stop if I asked him."

For a very long time my trust in men was non existent. I have had relationships that just did not work out for one reason or another but for the most part I never felt a true comfort with any man until Rich entered my life. But then again, how crazy is this? I met this wonderful man on line, have spoken to him now for 2 months over the phone, I feel as if I have known him my entire life but have not ever met him in person. Can I do this with him and not feel dirty about it? I asked myself this too, will I be a notch in this man's belt? The answer was "no". Simply put, I trusted him and I was falling in love with him.

The next day when we spoke on the phone I told him I had thought about what he asked me. I had decided to try this crazy thing called "phone sex" and told him that "because I trusted him and was beginning to have strong feelings for him that I wanted to do this with him and that he made me feel sexy." It was almost as if I heard a smile come through the phone line. He told me that he too "had been developing strong feelings for me." He told me that he dreamt about us in certain sexual situations and called them "scenarios".

He told me how he wanted to "taste my lips in a long passionate kiss and hold me closely to him." He began to tell me about how he would like to ride on his Harley and stop on a dirt road after seeing me stranded with my car broken down. The scenario went something like this over the phone:


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