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Debra wants her boys to get a title shot.


"I don't know Sir."

"Get up!"

"Go into that shed and get me my cigar and lighter."

"Yes sir," you say as you get up on go in. You start searching, but can't find anything. Suddenly, he follows you in and locks the door.

"Listen Nigger, you may not be mine, but right now you are MINE! On your knees and open your mouth."

You abide. He unzips his trousers to reveal the fattest and longest white cock you have ever seen. Before you can move, he shoves this monster in your mouth. He rams it in. Your gagging and choking doesn't deter him as he fucks your throat. He pins you against the wall. Your head can't move between the wall and his cock pounding into you. Pulls out quick as you gag and spit up. You catch a breath and he goes again. He repeats this process for a few minutes. Each time you are getting light headed and almost pass out. This is how your dark mind always wanted you to be. Some house nigger being used. Your pussy is throbbing and squeezing your fake cock. Then without notice he stands you up and spins you around. He yanks the shorts just far enough to expose your ass. He pins you against the wall and jabs his engorged cock into your ass. The butt plug that was in your ass helped gape your ass, but his cock was even bigger. It causes you pain. He pumps you quick and fast against the wall. You can hardly breath with how quick he fucks you and how hard his body is keeping you against the wall.

"Nigger boy, you are my faggot. Your ass is so tight. I hope this hurts."

You just grunt as his filthy mouth continues to degree you. Suddenly he stops, pulls out, and pushes you back on your knees. He pumps his cock with his hand and says, "Open!" He fucks your mouth some more and shoots a big splurge down your throat. You quickly swallow. "Clean my cock boy! See what you did, getting your shit all over it!"

Quickly you suck and lick him clean leaving that foul taste of shit in your mouth. "Good Boy. Now get back to work."

"Yes Boss."

The boys are done eating and are already back working. Nadia has already packed up, smoking a cigarette and is sitting on top of the table waiting for you. Your knees are wobbly and you stumble to the cart. She gets in and goes back to the house. Take these dishes in, clean them and the kitchen up. You have 30 minutes. Present yourself when I come back.

For the next 25 minutes you clean up the dishes and straighten & clean the kitchen. You rush to the and sit on the toilet. Your ass pushes the load that was deposited so forcefully not too long ago. You strip and clean the rest of yourself up. With one minute to spare, you kneel and present yourself. You soon realize how difficult it is to kneel for longer than a couple minutes. Your knees hurt and pain shoots through your legs. She is late. Suddenly you hear doors open and close. It is her. She walks around the kitchen and the bathroom then comes over to you. "Stand Nigger, hands on the counter, legs spread."

Grabbing the big wooden spoon, she strikes your ass a dozen times. Then in between each hit, she says:

"Nigger" HIT. "You" HIT. "Need" HIT. "To" HIT. "Follow" HIT. "My" HIT. "Instructions!" HIT>

Sniveling you cry out, "I did ma'am!"

"Listen bitch, I did not leave your clothes in a pile in the bathroom, why did you?!"

"I..I...I am sorry ma'am."

"Nigger, you have two minutes to correct this starting now!"

You rush to fold the clothes and pile it back into place. Damnit, you forgot to clean the strap on! You rush to finish clean it, but don't finish in time. She grabs the strap on and says open. She shoves the end that was in your pussy in your mouth and says, "Follow me."
She goes into the dining room and explains what you need to do during dinner.

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