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A succubus returns to have her wicked vengeance.

And it seemed she did also. Ron was now jacking off furiously watching his wife of over 35 years licking my asshole out.

"Ron! You shouldn't have to do that, let this fucking cunt do that for you! Go over to him you fucking cunt, jack him off, better yet, suck it for him bitch!"

She rushed over and began to eagerly suck him.

It just didn't seem to be enough for my thirsting desire to abuse her, so I began to spank her ass with the whip, her head jerking forward with every stroke of it. Ron's eyes were glazing over in his own twisted world. Mary had beautiful red stripes on it from my abuse on her large white ass cheeks. As her head bounced on his cock, I then stuck my dry finger in her hot tight puckered asshole roughly, her grunt for the pain covered by the thickness of his cock shoving down her mouth.

"That's right you fucking cunt, fuck my finger with your nasty ass bitch! Its all your good for now, a fat ass fuck!"

That pushed Ron over the edge and he started shooting his load in her mouth, as she gulped it down greedily. He held her hair in his hands shoving her face as deep as she could suck!

"Ron, get the nipple clamps, I want to see how they work."

It seemed to me that he was as anxious to obey as she was, as he jumped up and ran to get them,

"Bring the rest of that here too!" I ordered.

He obeyed! This was getting better all the time.

"Lay on the bed on your back whore!"

As she was doing it Ron came back in with all the toys. I tested how far I could go with Ron,

"Put them on her and be quick about it!"

He rushed to do it. She gasped as he tightened them, making her fat nipples darker with the blood held in them.

"Now go sit over there like a good boy and watch a Real Master Control his slut!"

He went and sat in his chair watching my every move.

I connected the chains to her nipple clamps and roughly pulled her to her knees,

"Suck my cock whore! Suck it good, and you had better learn to deep throat soon Bitch! I'm tired of your half ass efforts at sucking cock!"

She fucked up and looked at me when she answered.

"Yes Master!"

I hit her on her back with the whip, leaving a red spread out slash mark on her white skin!

"Arrgrggghhh, she cried out! As the whips pain hit her.

"Are you sure this is what you want you nasty cunt? You want this fucking abuse cunt?"

She meekly nodded yes. I looked over at Ron he was again jacking off. I glared at him,

"Stop that! I never told you to touch your worthless cock!"

His hand jumped away from his dick like he had touched a hot fire.

"It seems to me I have 2 bitch's here, don't I?"

Mary looked at Ron with an agreeing nod, when Ron said to me,

"Yes sir I think I am only worthy of the same abuse she is, if you think so!"

I looked at Mary, "

What do you think cunt? Do you need an assistant to service me?"

She nodded and said, "Yes Master!" Keeping her eyes lowered.

Hmm, another exciting prospect was opening up to me!

"Then it's agreed, he is now OWNED, like your worthless fat ass bitch, do you both understand what this means? You are both mine to do as I wish with!"

"Yes Master!" they answered.

I then lay back and made them lick me from my feet up, slashing at them with the whip when they didn't please me. When they got to my cock and balls, he stopped to let her lick them. I hit him again on his back.

"I didn't tell you to stop, help the bitch! Clean my balls!"

He looked like he was having second thoughts about this when I slashed him again across his back He winched in pain and moved his lips to my balls and like a good bitch, he licked them. I had Mary look at him as he sucked my balls, her eyes filled with lust as he sucked one into his mouth.

"Jack me off bitch!"

His hand wrapped around my cock and jerked it softly for me.

"Mary, finger your cunt, as it would amuse me."

Her finger rushed to my slave's cunt and rapidly fingered it as she watched her husband suck my balls and jack me off!

"That's enough bitch, let her see what a real coc

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