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Meeting Lisa again after all this time...

She whispered "Is this being unfaithful?" Ross's eyes were in the back of his head but he had his hands on Suzy's hips and pulled her into him.

Suzy hid him where she wanted him. Having already cum once, Ross would last much longer. She ground away putting that cock exactly where she liked it.

Ross enjoyed the view of this beautiful woman bringing herself off on his cock. He could feel his shaft sliding way up her and she somehow felt different to Rosy. Heaven on earth. She wriggled around on his cock telling Ross how good he felt -"Mmm, yesss, I love that cock, fuck, fuck. I'm coming. Fuck me, shove it up me. Ross, Ross. Ahhhh! And Ross brought himself off at the same time, a huge load deep up her adorable sexy cunt. What a wonderful fuck.

They eventually made their way back to the Club. Suzy said she's very glad they met. Ross asks "What would Sam say if he found out?"

After a long pause Suzy said "I need more than Sam can give. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. And besides he shouldn't have left his wallet behind."

"Well Suzy do you often get around with no knickers on?"

"No, only when I know I want to fuck a guy"

"So when did you know you wanted to fuck me?"

"About the time Sam had to leave to get his wallet. I slipped them off when I went to the bathroom."

"So does he have any idea that you like to fool around?"

"None whatsoever and let's keep it that way."

Ross was flabbergasted and amused with that comment. He looked down at his stained shorts and said "I think I had better take a swim."

Rosy drove Sam back to his motel, both chatting away cheerfully. Sam told Rosy that this is the first motel he has stayed in that has a double shower. Rosy had never heard of that. When they arrived Sam said "Come and check out this whacky shower."

In they went, the wallet was found, they looked at the shower and then it was time for Sammy boy to make his move. He put his hands in her hands, looked her in the eyes and planted an affectionate, gentle kiss on her gorgeous red lips. She didn't resist and so they found themselves having a kiss and a cuddle on the bed.

Rosy seemed to be into it so Sam's hand wandered down to her boobs. She didn't mind that either so he slowly unzipped her. His hand moved down to her thighs. She moved his hand away. He put his hand back down again and she moved it again. "Please Sam I'm happily married. I don't want to play around on Ross."

"Fine" said Sam. "We'll just play with each other. God gave me a tongue for a reason." That delighted Rosy.

She gave him a huge big kiss and happily spread her legs. With her dress completely unzipped Sam played with her fanny through her bikini. She was happy to do other things. She even allowed him to take her bikini bottom off expecting a good tongue lashing.

Sam thought he would tease her a little so he stood beside the bed and took his shorts off. Rosy found herself looking at a very hard cock only inches from her face. She reached for it and touched it but then pushed it away. "I can't".

Sam got back on the bed and gave Rosy some reassuring kisses. She wrapped her legs around him and could feel his very hard cock. Then he slowly lowered himself kissing every part of Rosy on the way down.

Rosy enjoyed the best down there kissing she had ever had. Sam knew what to do. He was gentle and knew exactly where to put that tongue of his.

Eventually Sam moved up hoping that Rosy was ready to fuck. But she said "No fucking". So Sam lifted her legs over his shoulder and rubbed her very wet fanny with the underside of his cock. With her eyes closed Rosy just enjoyed the moment.

He then lowered her legs and holding himself just above Rosy he had his cock at the tips of her fanny. "Take my cock and just play with yourself". So Rosy slowly rubbed that cock between the top of her fanny and that special place. Sam could see that his cock was spending more and more time at her fanny hole.

Sam pushed his cock in just a little.

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