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Danielle and Russell make a deal.

She was feeling wet and warm as his cock pressed against her pussy, the way he was grabbing and touching her ass sent chills through her body. She wanted to move her panties over to the side so that her moist, tingling pussy would be exposed. Then take his hard cock deep inside of her, but knew it wasn't the right time.

She looked at him with a glare in her eyes. "Hey, pull...pull them down for me," she took his hands placing them on her hips and placing his thumbs on the waistband of her black cotton panties.

"Are...are you sure?"

"Oh yeah! I'm sure; I think it would be really hot you pulling my panties off," she said in a low sexy voice that made her brother's cock throb against her crotch.

He slowly pulled her panties down; she got goose bumps as his hands ran down the sides of her legs. She watched him crouching down as he pulled them down to her ankles. She picked up one foot at a time so he could get them off. He had her panties in his hand now; he looked at her standing there almost naked, except for her bra.

Her legs looked amazing to him. He noticed she was shaved and smooth; he also noticed her crotch had a glistening to it; he knew she was wet. The rush of sexual urge ran through him; his cock throbbed poking the front of his shorts.

She noticed it and whispered to him. "Smell them, I want to see you smell them."

"Your...your panties... seriously?"

"Yes, I want you to smell the crotch, for some reason, I've always imagined you doing that," she looked at him mischievously, with a low tone about her.
He took her panties and put them to his face and began to smell them. He felt the wetness from the crotch as he sniffed them more, he began to rub his cock through his shorts as he smelled his sister's juices, he couldn't describe the smell, but he knew it was turning him on.

"How do they smell, not bad, or anything right?"

He shook his head. "They smell fine; I love your smell," breathing heavily saying that to her.

"I dare you to lick them, like turn them inside out and lick the crotch; I dare you!" She shouted jokingly.

"Don't think I would?"


"Well watch this then," he's said as he turned her panties inside out. Then stuck out his tongue and licked back and forth around the crotch of her panties; they had a taste to them. He noticed, not a foul one, or anything; it was definitely unique, and he touched his hard cock thinking about dropping down to his knees and running his tongue along the wet lips of her pussy.

Her jaw dropped at the sight of her brother licking the crotch of her panties, she saw his cock throbbing through his shorts; the sight made her extremely wet, so she began touching herself, rubbing her clit slowly, feeling an uncontrollable sensation of wanting to cum.

"H...holy shit... I can't believe you did that, fucking hot!" She said breathy as she shuddered and moaned slightly.

"You taste so good, can't believe how wet your panties are?"

"Oh I'm really fucking wet right now; your dick looks like it's going to poke a hole through your shorts, take them off," she had a commanding tone to her voice and couldn't figure out why?

"You going to pop those tits out?"

"You wanna see them huh?"

"More than you know, please take that fucking bra off!"

"Alright, and you take those fucking shorts off; I wanna see that big dick again." She said playfully.

She reached her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra and threw it on top of her shirts on the floor. Her breasts bounced around as she moved, they were round and firm; her nipples were hard and slightly dark in color.

She began touching her clit, and feeling her left nipple as she watched her brother take off his shorts; his hard cock flopped around as his shorts came off.

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