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Jenny's journey in search of her BDSM self.


"Congratulations," Jagdeep said, and she impulsively kissed Aisha, who smiled and shrugged. The two young women looked at each other and shared an understanding smile. What a pair the two of them made. A Hijab-wearing, conservatively attired young black Muslim woman of Somali descent, and a Turban-wearing Sikh Indian woman originally from Punjab. On the surface they couldn't be more different, yet underneath it all, they had a lot in common.

"That's not all, um, Jagdeep, my parents have given me an ultimatum, either I 'stop with the gay stuff' or they are kicking me out," Aisha said flatly, and Jagdeep winced, for the elemental pain which she saw in her lover's eyes cut her to her core. Jagdeep tenderly pulled Aisha into her arms and held her. For a long moment the two young women held each other like this, and then at last, Jagdeep spoke.

"Aisha, my love, I want you to come home with me," Jagdeep heard herself say, and Aisha looked at her with reservation. Aisha was well-aware of how much Jagdeep Singh was paying at Carleton University as an international student from India. Even with a bursary from the Indian government, Jagdeep had to work as a cashier at Walmart just to make ends meet. Aisha, who was born and raised in Ottawa, didn't have the same problems, but she had a slew of issues all her own. And she didn't want to burden her partner...

"Are you sure, Jagdeep?" Aisha asked hesitantly, and the young Sikh Indian woman nodded, then took her hand and brought it to her lips. Jagdeep smiled at Aisha, who smiled gratefully and hugged her fiercely. They were still hugging when someone walked into the women's locker room. It was Liz, the tall, short-haired and kind of masculine, forty-something white woman who drove the forklift for Walmart. Upon seeing her, Jagdeep and Aisha panicked, knowing their secret was exposed.

"Good evening ladies, don't mind me, I'm just grabbing my gear, my partner Patricia is waiting in the car," Liz said, smiling innocently at Jagdeep and Aisha. With reservation, the two young women returned her smile. Smiling in turn at each other, Jagdeep and Aisha exited the women's locker room and went to work. The eight-hour shift went by surprisingly fast, and when the clock hit eleven that night, Aisha and Jagdeep made a beeline for the bus. They caught it and went home, thus beginning a rather exciting chapter of their lives...

"Welcome to my humble bungalow, ta-dah!" Jagdeep said as she led Aisha to her apartment, located not far from Algonquin College. Aisha stepped in, taking a look around the one-bedroom apartment, which came equipped with a kitchenette, a tiny living room, and a washroom. Strewn all over said living room were Jagdeep's clothes.

"Tomboy chic, I like it," Aisha said, smiling, and then she turned around and gave Jagdeep's thick round ass a firm slap, surprising the hell out of the tall, sturdy and curvy young Sikh woman. Jagdeep grinned, for Aisha's boldness and sexiness never ceased to amaze her. Still wearing her blue work shirt, her face still wet from the rain they'd been caught in while exiting the bus on that chill evening in mid-October, Aisha looked simply hot. So much that Jagdeep threw her arms around her and kissed her passionately...

"Hello bossy mamas," Jagdeep said, grinning as Aisha all but shoved her on the couch, and then began undressing her. Conventional wisdom states that among lesbians, butch women or tomboys were aggressive, and the girly gals or femmes were passive. Aisha and Jagdeep considered such statements to be bullshit, and liked to make it up as they went along. Caught in the throes of passion, they kissed, and playfully wrestled while undressing each other.

"Damn right I'm the boss," Aisha grinned, and she took Jagdeep's face into her hands and kissed her. Jagdeep's hands roamed all over Aisha's slender yet curvy body, caressing her breasts, and smacking her nicely round ass.

Aisha gasped as Jagdeep's hand slipped between her thighs, and sleek fingers slid int

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