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Nate finds two minxes willing to play.

I try a trick I have learned where I take her cock all the way to my throat and begin to swallow. This gives her the amazing feeling of having my throat muscles stimulate her cock head. She apparently loves all of this attention.

She starts really working up a nice rhythm fucking my face. And I can see she is enjoying herself. And she keeps telling me what a good cocksucker I am, and how she knows how much I love to suck her cock. This talk just makes me go harder. I look up into her eyes and smile around her cock. I keep eye contact as I am working her hard cock in my mouth. She is in heaven and she is calling me all sorts of names and saying what she will do to me. I even massage her asshole with a finger, but I don't press into her, without her permission.

She is breathing hard and I can feel her asshole tighten from time to time. She then pulls my mouth off her cock with a pop. She then turns around and bends over slightly. I see that the zipper for her pants goes all the way to the back. She tells me to unzip her. I unzip her pants fully. Her pants are now in two pieces and her gorgeous ass cheeks are exposed and in my face. She says, "Since you seem to want to give my asshole more attention, I want t you to lick it. Lick my ass you little bitch." She then pulls my face into her asshole. My caf__ in now between her ass cheeks and my tongue is teasing her hole. I can hear her breathing loud and moaning. "Tongue fuck me you slut. I want to feel your tongue up my asshole now bitch," she orders. I stick my tongue all the way into her puckered asshole. She is very clean and tastes great. I feel her ass muscles tighten around my tongue as I work in and out. I force my tongue in as far as I can. I work my tongue up and down and from side to side.

She is loving this too. She keeps saying that she intends to keep me, and that she should have known I was a slut from the first time she saw me. She tells me to stroke her cock while I lick her ass. I reach between her legs and stroke her hard cock. I keep up a good steady pace on her cock, because I don't want her to waist a load of her cum on a handjob. She starts pushing her ass back into my tongue and grinding into my face. She shakes her ass cheeks, moving me with her.

Then she turns around and forces my mouth, once again onto her hard cock. She doesn't go slow or easy. She pounds her cock into my throat. I have no gag reflex, so this is not a problem for me. She looks down at me and says, "Finger my asshole while you suck my cock. I want your finger in my ass as I fuck your face." I do as ordered and stick a finger in her asshole. I get a good rhythm going there I push my finger in as my mouth is all the way on her cock. Then I pull my finger out as my mouth comes to her cock head. Apparently this pushes her over the edge, because she suddenly screams and rams her cock all the way into my throat. She begins to cum down my throat. I can feel her cock twitch with every spurt of her hot cum. I can feel her cum as it hits my throat. I swallow every drop. I then work her cock in my mouth and suck all of her juices out. I then suck her cock head again.

She never goes limp. I wonder briefly if she took a Viagra or something to keep her hard. Finally she pulls me off her cock and crawls up onto the bed, on her back. She places a condom on her cock, and adds some lube. She then looks at me and says, "Climb aboard; this is what you have been wanting."

I do as I am told.

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