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Susan goes shopping.

The Egyptian said I held myself aloof, but that he had had me, and if the Israeli arranged with the management for the three of us to stay past closing (which was a common occurrence at that gym-it was a male-male pickup joint), the Egyptian thought he could loosen me up for an approach by the Israeli, if the Israeli would accept a threesome. The Egyptian didn't really tell me any of this until after the fact.

The Egyptian and I were in the sauna, and he was kissing me and playing with my nipples with his hands, in preparation, I thought, for another massage treatment at his house later to end in a fuck. He was quite lithe and limber-not to mention inventive-that Egyptian, and I'd already become addicted to what his long, rather thin cock could do to me. The Israeli entered the sauna and sat on the bench across, but not too far away from us. I thought the Egyptian would break away from me then, as he usually did when another man entered the sauna. But he kept on kissing me and his hand went to rubbing my cock through the towel I had around my waist.

The Israeli was watching us intently, and when the Egyptian's lips left mine and moved down to my nipples and I arched my chest back for him, I saw the Israeli rubbing his own cock through his towel as well. Off came my towel, and the Egyptian was stroking my cock with his hand. Off came the Israeli's towel also, and I could see he had a hard on. The Egyptian stroked me and the Israeli stroked himself. His cock was a normal size, but it was heavily veined and had a nice big mushroom head on it. He was running his free hand around on his hairy chest, pinching at his nipples, and his eyes held mine and I could see how badly he wanted me.

It wasn't long until he was sitting beside us. I had the Egyptian on one side and the Israeli on the other. The Israeli was kissing me now and had a hand wrapped around my cock, and the Egyptian was running a hand between my chest and the chest and lap of the Israeli. It wasn't long before I had an engorged cock in each hand. The Israeli kissed his way down my torso and into my lap, while the Egyptian was kissing me on the mouth. I felt the Israeli's lips on the head of my cock, but the Egyptian spoke then, suggesting that we needed to get out of the hot sauna and that we could continue under the water in the shower.

Shortly thereafter, we were under a light shower of water, the Israeli kneeling in front of me, working my cock with his mouth, and the Egyptian kneeling behind me, working my ass with his tongue. This went on until I had cum for the Israeli, Meanwhile, the Egyptian had my asshole opened wide and wet. The Egyptian stood and moved away from us, watching, as the Israeli also stood and turned me toward the tiled wall, moist and slippery from the water running down it from the shower. His pelvis was planted in mine, with his hard cock pushing at the small of my back. His arms were wrapped around my torso, with his fingers digging into my nipples. He was kissing my neck and whispering to me how beautiful my body was. He was polite enough to ask me if he could fuck me. And I was aroused enough to tell him he could.

He got his powerful thighs between mine and practically lifted my legs off the floor.

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