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Vicky's mother is punished for her daughter's sins.

Din continued to lick her and caress her with her fingers. I noticed her gently pushing back against Din's attentions as the battles wore on.

Ral moved behind her and asked her if she was ready to be seeded. She whispered no. Ral nodded to Din and she seemed to increase her efforts on my wife's pussy. My wife begged softly to make her stop, but she was ignored.

After another battle, it was down to the final two. Both were large strong young men. They slowly circled one another as the crowd cheered them on.

Ral told my wife that the final battle was being fought. The final battle to be the first to seed her. Would she consent? She said nothing as Din began to lick her more and more intensely.

My wife began to tremble and gyrate her pelvic area. She was succumbing to Din's attention. Din continued licking and sucking and playing until she appeared to get my wife to the edge or orgasm. Then she would stop.

My wife groaned and sighed gently as she thrashed against her bonds. Are you ready to be seeded? Again, she did not answer. Din resumed her efforts and in a short time, she had my wife moaning and pumping against her again. And again, Din stopped. She sighed in protest.

Are you ready asked Ral again? Again my wife refused to reply. My eyes kept going back and forth between my wife and the battle. It looked as though there would be a winner soon and Ral asked my wife again as Din took her to the edge again and again.

My wife whispered something softly and Ral nodded to the crowd, which cheered loudly. I tried to look away, but could not. I was to watch my wife willing submit to being seeded by ten young men, and I was helpless to stop it.

The last battle concluded and the crowd cheered the victor. He ascended the platform and stood in front of my wife. Din who had been licking her moved away. My wife's body trembled in anticipation.

The young man grabbed the cloth covering his loins and removed it. His cock was long thick and black, and it was growing. He stroked it several times and it achieved its full hardness.

The crowd began to chant as he moved closer to my wife. Ral stood behind her and asked her if she submitted. She whispered yes, and with that, the young man moved between her and then pushed his big black cock towards her vaginal opening.

He grunted as pushed forward and penetrated her. My wife groaned and moved her head from side to side as this young man began to fuck her with hard and deep strokes. I could see his black cock glistening with the juices from my wife as he pushed it in and out of pussy.

He reached forward and gripped her ass and lifted her slightly as he continued his assault on her. My wife's arms were now total extended and her face was contorted. I could not tell if it was pain or pleasure, but she began to moan and groan in unison with the young man fucking her.

The young mans actions began more and more urgent. It was clear he was approaching orgasm. And with a huge deep thrust, he moaned and shot the first spray of cum deep within her. My wife shuddered as she accepted it.

The young man pumped until he was sated, and then withdrew. It was then I noticed the other nine men standing on the platform, waiting their turn. I looked to see the crowd captivated as Din drained the secretions from my wife into a bowl. She massaged the outside of my wife's vagina as it ran from her.

The second young man moved into place and quickly pushed into my wife. He began to fuck her quickly and roughly. My wife seemed to struggle a bit, and then relented and let him have his way. I noticed some of the young women in the crowd, watching the scene on the platform begin to touch themselves.

Gary was now conscious and looked to me in panic. He too was gagged and he struggled to get free of his bonds while he watched my helpless wife get fucked. Two young women slowly climbed the platform and surrounded him. They began to kiss and caress his body. Then one began to stroke his growing cock.

She lowered herself to her knees and took his growing cock in her mouth.

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