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I asked her again about her singing to me. "Did you sing any of these around me while I was comatose?" I asked.

She glanced through the list I had written. "All of them," she replied. I sang them all to you," she smiled at me.

I asked to see the psychiatrist. I went in the next morning and told him about Rachel's voice. I mentioned to him everything that Rachel had told me. I remember my mom crying and Kelly saying goodbye, but most of all I remembered being sung to. I could never place the voice so I didn't think it was real.

The doctor told me it was a miracle if I heard anything. I told him I thought I dreamed it but it just sounded so soothing.

A couple of more weeks went by and everyday was somewhat the same. I was slowly falling for my nurse. I didn't know if it was because of what she did for me or if it was a genuine feeling I had toward her.

Before long, Toby had me walking on crutches. When Rachel saw me she smiled. Then I told her the good but bad news. I would be leaving the hospital. She didn't give me a chance to tell her anything else as she ran crying out of the room.

When she came back in, she told me she was sorry for the outburst. It wasn't professional of her and that she should have been glad that I was feeling good enough to leave the hospital.

"Rachel, I'll never forget you. I believe it was you and only you who saved my life. You took care of me and sang to me daily. You were the only one that thought I was going to make it. You fought to make sure I kept the feeding tubes. Why did you try so hard for me, Rachel?" I asked.

"Jeff, you know why. I'm not going to give you the ego trip and tell you why," she said.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. Will you come and see me or can I come and see you?" I asked.

She took out one of her nurses cards and wrote down her address and phone number on the back.

"One more thing, Rachel; will you kiss me, I mean really kiss me?"

After smiling at me, she did kiss me and it felt so good; soft with just the right amount of pressure. We both opened our mouths and breathed ever so lightly.

After we separated she looked at me and smiled. "I've wanted to do that since I was six years old," she said. "There's plenty more where that came from if you're interested."

She left the room and Toby came in. "Why was Rachel smiling? What did you say to her?" he asked.

I just smiled and told Toby I thought I was getting my life figured out. Then we went back to the therapy. Damn, the therapy was hard.


I rented a small wheelchair-accessible trailer. If I tried really hard, I could use a walker and I was able to use crutches.

My life was really busy. I tried to do my physical therapy every day. Three times a week I'd go to the hospital and do the really rough therapy with Toby. In the evening, I started taking refresher courses in computers. I know that one reason I tried to keep busy was so I didn't have to think about my female situation. I was trying to forget about Kelly which was almost impossible. I kept thinking about Rachel and was wondering if I cared for her for the right reasons.

My dad stopped by one day to see how I was doing. I decided to talk with him about my situation with the women. I was always able to talk to him.

"Dad, I have a problem. I keep thinking about Kelly and Rachel - you know, the nurse who took care of me. Everything is all mixed up in my head. Kelly wants to stay friends but I don't know if I can do that, Dad."

"Son, it's easier for Kelly than it is for you. In her mind, you have been away for over four years. She's probably remembering all the good times you had together and doesn't want it to end. For you it's a lot different. As far as your brain thinks, she was never gone."

"Dad, how do I deal with it? Even though I care deeply for her, she is married and has a child by another man."

"It's not going to be easy.

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