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A group sex session.

I walked way back down the path and found a place to pee. Then I heard girl's voices. I looked thru some bushes and saw Brooke sitting on a swing talking to a girlfriend of hers. She was so wasted! Her friends made fun of how drunk she was and how she didn't even know who they were. Finally they said goodbye and left Brooke sitting there. I watched Brooke stand up and try to walk. She stumbled and then sat down on the grass. Brooke laid down and passed out. I took the chance.

Nobody could see us from the house. I walked up to her and nudged her. She was out of it. I turned her on her back and got behind her. I put my arms under hers and dragged her way back in the woods to a small patch of grass surrounded by high bushes. I turned her over on her tummy and sat down on her butt. I even picked a hand up and watch it fall back to the ground.

I reached down and pulled her boots to my chest by the legs of her jeans. I scooted her knees together so her feet were resting side by side. I reached up her pant leg and found the right boot's zipper. Slowly I pulled it down, feeling every tooth of the zipper. Once it was down at the instep of her boot I did the same to her left boot. I grabbed each shoe by the large heels and pulled them slowly off her feet. Once they were off I could feel the moist heat coming off her socked feet in the humid night air. There before me were Brooke's soles encased in soft cotton white socks. Her socks had some black marks on them from her black leather boots. I leaned forward and buried my face in her soles. They felt so hot and moist from her foot sweat. The smell wasn't that strong, but it smelled perfect! Her socks were really wet from sweating all night. I bit her socks and pulled them with my teeth. All I really wanted was to see her feet, bare. I rolled her socks off her feet, one at a time. They stuck to her feet as they came off. Especially around the heels and balls of her little feet. Once they were bare I pressed my face down into her soles again. I left my face down there and just inhaled deeply. Her soles felt so warm and soft against my sweating face. Her feet had sock imprints on them, on the tops of her feet and around her ankles. I brushed the sock lint off each foot.

Now I had to taste them. I took her right foot and mashed my tongue down on her heel. I sucked her narrow little heel into my mouth and sucked on it hard. I studied her sole as I sucked her tender heel. I looked at every line and wrinkle in them. They were so soft looking, very innocent. I sucked her heel harder then I dragged my tongue very slowly up the length of her moist sole to the balls of her foot. Once there I sucked and chewed gently on the balls of that foot. They smelled so good and I could taste the light salty scent on them. I licked backward and made sure that her deep arches didn't escape my wet mouth. I looked at her sole again and it was soaking wet from my saliva. As my tongue slid up her sweet sole I could feel every wrinkle on her foot. I took her feet away from my mouth long enough to give them a strong massage. I loved massaging her feet. Watching the skin being pulled and stretched. The way my hands contorted the shape of her foot. I spread her toes apart by pressing on the balls of her feet. Then I leaned down and stuck my nose between each of her young toes.

I put both feet back to together again and held them by her small ankles with one hand. The other hand gripped her toes and bent them back to her heels. I knew her feet were flexible from class and I wanted to see just how flexible. I bent her toes back further and further until her feet were almost in the shape of the letter "C". Over the next ten minutes not one inch of her feet escaped my mouth. I thought about class and what a bitch she was. Now she was mine for the time being.

My cock couldn't take anymore.

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