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Rick and Laura meet her High School bully.

Needing some sexual relief, with all that he's seen of her, he couldn't wait to cum. He'll be jerking off over this sexy show of an unobstructed and prolonged view of her panties for a long time. Now excited about her Earth Day garden, so long as she continued wearing her short sundresses without wearing a bra while flashing him her panties and tits, he couldn't wait to help her gardening this year in the way that he helped her last year and the year before.

Trying not to look up her short sundress, Joey watched his mother slowly descend the ladder. Carefully negotiating her way down while holding her basket of gardening supplies with one hand and the ladder with her other hand, an errant nail caught the hem of her short sundress and lifted it higher as she climbed lower. Not immediately realizing that she was caught, as if he was imagining this or wishing it to happen, Joey watched his mother's dress climb higher to expose even more of her panties than he saw before. In the way that the curtain once raised Spanky's mother's dress in one of the old black and white Little Rascal films, the errant nail did its job in raising her short sundress higher. Stuck in place, with her dress now pulled up over her ass and up to her waist and her bikini panties totally and fully exposed, Christine struggled to free herself with one hand while holding her basket of gardening tools in her other hand. She looked as if she was about to fall from the ladder in embarrassment.

* * * * *

"Joey, help me," she said tugging and gently pulling at the hem of her dress to not rip it. "Oh my God, this is so very embarrassing. I'm stuck."

As if he was imagining this, as if he had willed the nail to catch the hem of his mother's short sundress, Joey couldn't believe his eyes. As if she was standing on the ladder without wearing pants, her bikini panties was totally exposed to him. He only wished she wasn't wearing panties. He only wished that today, she had forgotten to put on her panties. Wow! How hot would that be to have a prolonged view of his mother's naked ass and pussy? The eternal ditzy blonde, waiting for her to drop her towel one day and flash him her naked body, she was always so carelessly clumsy.

"I'll be right there Mom," said Joey climbing up the ladder to help his mother.

After watching his mother struggling, not knowing what else to do and how else to help her other than to help himself with a handful of her ass to make sure that she didn't fall, Joey reached up a hand to hold his mother's panty clad ass steady. A sexual fantasy come true, he couldn't believe he was touching and feeling her beautiful ass through her exposed panty. Her ass was so firm and so round that he wished he could move his hand around while feeling and squeezing her nearly naked ass. Only, instead of turning his hand with his fingers position on the back of her ass, purposely, in his feeble attempt to cup her pussy through her panty, he turned his hand with his fingers position between her legs. Already he had broken her rule about looking and not touching. With his horny hand firmly in place between his mother's legs and with the tips of his fingers in contact with her panty clad pussy, a few more inches forward and he'd be cupping his mother's pussy through her exposed panty.

"Gees, Joey. I'm starting to feel sexually violated," she said with a little laugh while looking down at him with an odd expression on her face.

Was she genuinely embarrassed or was she sexually aroused? Having never seen his mother sexually aroused before, he couldn't tell one look from the other. Then, when trying to squirm away from Joey's groping hand, his middle finger involuntarily traced her pussy slit through her panty. She recoiled as if he had just goosed her when he added a little bit more pressure to his touch. He so wanted to push her panty to the side and finger her pussy. He wondered if she was as wet as he was hard.

"Sorry Mom to be inappropriately touching you but I thought you were going to fall," he sa

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