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Monica wears more than a smile.

Lacy felt the three pair of hands and let out a gasp, but said nothing. She was no longer carefree Lacy, she was no longer arrogant Lacy, she was nothing.

Derrick whispered to Blake for the crop. He wanted to see how she would react. Blake handed him the crop and Derrick began to use it on Lacy's body. It stung and hurt and she moaned but she did not cry out. Blake brought his hard cock to her lips and as Derrick used the crop, Lacy began sucking Blake. She knew his cock and sucked him the way she knew he liked.

Henry felt her tits. He squeezed them, teased the nipples and played with them. She felt Henry get under her and begin licking her pussy as Derrick continued using the crop on her back, buttocks and legs. Lacy whimpered, but kept sucking Blake. Throwing the crop on the floor, Derrick felt Lacy's ass. He moved his hand over her soft skin and traced the cane marks.

Derrick opened her ass and bent down to lick it, causing Lacy to tremble. He moved Henry from beneath her and put his finger inside her wet pussy. He tasted her and vowed before the night was over he would suck her to orgasm and feast on her juices.

Lacy could not hear or see, all of her sensations were in the touches from the men and the dick in her mouth.

Derrick put some lube on his cock and positioned it at the head of her asshole. He moved his dick in slowly and Lacy tensed. Derrick spanked her ass and Lacy relaxed. She then did something Derrick did not expect. Reaching behind her she grabbed both of her cheeks and opened her ass to him. Derrick smiled and moved all of himself inside her. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass. Blake took his cock out of her mouth and moved Henry away from her pussy.

Henry took Lacy's place sucking Blake's cock as Blake picked up the camera and took pictures of Lacy, blindfolded with Derrick fucking her. She moved back on his cock matching his rhythm and Derrick fucked her. Lacy's mouth was partially open. Occasionally she licked her lips. She whipped her ponytail back and forth to the movement of Derrick fucking her.
Derrick would spank her ass and she would moan but he fucked her as no one else had. He moved his hips and she groaned. He slammed all the way in and she groaned. Reaching under her he played with her pussy. Blake watched as Derrick made love to Lacy's ass.

He pulled Lacy's ponytail and held it as he fucked in and out. Blake clicked away with the camera, capturing the look of pure lust on Lacy's face. Finally Derrick came and he came hard leaving marks on Lacy's hips as he held onto her.

Derrick went into the bathroom and washed himself. When he returned Lacy was lying naked on the bed. She still had the blindfold on and the headphones. He admired her body. Blake sent Henry away. He took a few more photos and whispered that he would be upstairs when Derrick was ready.

Derrick kissed Lacy's lips. He thrust his tongue inside and took command of hers. She moaned and kissed him back. Derrick tongued her nipples and lightly bit each one. He rolled them in his fingers then kept kissing and licking leaving little marks on her as he moved down to her sex. He positioned his cock over her lips and she gladly opened her mouth to began to suck him.

Lacy made love to this cock that had so expertly fucked her ass. She sucked and licked it with love. She didn't know who this man was but she knew that she was his slave. Derrick licked and sucked the pussy that would be his forever and he couldn't wait to fuck her. She was his. Lacy felt a big explosion and she moaned and hummed around Derrick's dick. Derrick kept sucking. He could feel her little pearl about ready to burst and he kept licking her clit.

Lacy felt all the nerves in her body center on her clit and she knew that she would last no longer. She pulled off of Derrick's cock and let out a moan, "Thank you, I'm cummmming, I'm cumming."

Lacy exploded.

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