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Jennifer falls deeper into debt.

And I hate to drink alone. You maybe wanna come have a quick one with me, before you head home?"

I was thoroughly engrossed by our conversation earlier, and after hearing he really had his hopes up for meeting up with Mary, I would feel bad if I said no. Plus what could hurt from having one quick drink with the poor guy.

"Sure. I'd love to."

"Well then right this way my Sally."

Again, just a little laugh, no correction.

He unlocked the door to his motel room and opened it and ushered me in ahead of him. As I walked in, I surveyed every inch of the room before me. It wasn't much, a queen bed in less than impressive bedding, a TV a few years too old that sat on a dresser that was peeling paint, and a bathroom that currently had its light off but couldn't have been much of a sight anyway. It wasn't much, but it was still something I had been dying to see for some time now. It still excited me to finally have it revealed and be in its full presence.

Big Bobby shut the door and locked and latched it, for our safety he assured me. The motel wasn't in the greatest part of town so I didn't think much of it.

"Take a seat on the bed. I'll get us a drink."

I tentatively took a seat as he turned on the TV and put on one of those 80s action movies where the guys have bulging muscles and glisten with sweat for more than half the movie. I thought we would have a quick beer and then I'd take off, but then he pulled out a full bottle of bourbon from one of his bags and grabbed two plastic cups off the decrepit dresser.

"On the rocks?"


"Ice? Or no ice?

"Um, ice, would be nice."

"Some nice ice coming right up."

He smiled and went over to an ice bucket that sat on a side table next to the bed. If there was ice in there it must have been sitting for hours. He pulled out a few half melted and slippery wet cubes, put them into each cup, and then topped them off with a heavy pour of bourbon. One of the cups was placed in my hand as he sat next to me on the bed. I took a few sips as Big Bobby nearly guzzled down the whole damn cup of brown bourbon. He encouraged me to drink more and more over the next few minutes and even went as far as giving me a refill before I had even asked for one.

We talked just a little bit more, but things went quickly quiet after that. His eyes went either to the bulky and beefy men of 80s movie fame, or on to me. I felt his eyes looking me up and down as the effects of the bourbon started to wash over me. It was definitely causing me to feel a bit light headed and out of sorts, but I didn't want to admit it to the strong man beside me. It was Big Bobby after all, a man you would try to impress more than anything.

He gave my cup another heavy pour and pushed me to take a few more reluctant sips and gulps as the movie started to wind towards its end. I thought that would also mean the end of our evening as well, but I soon found out that Big Bobby had other plans. He leaned forward and turned the TV off and then leaned back right next to me. He felt closer than he had originally been but it might have been my imagination. As I sipped a bit more of the now warm bourbon he finally broke the silence in the air.

"It's a shame Mary wasn't in town."

"I guess. I mean I guess you had plans for her."

"Indeed I did. I bought her a new dress and everything."

"Did you?"

"Sure did. You like to see it?"

"Uh, sure."

He got up and grabbed one of his other bags and placed it on the bed. From it he pulled a black dress, what looked to be a tube top dress. I didn't know much about women's clothing but it didn't have any straps or anything and looked to be of a fine and soft material. I reached out and touched it and confirmed yes, it was extremely soft.

"You know, I just had a crazy thought."

"What's that?"

"Well it would be a shame to let the dress go to waste and all. And I was really hoping to see how it would look on her..."


"Now I'm no queer mind you. But would you maybe want to try it on and model it for me?"


"I'd pay you, of co

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