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I gave her a choice!

I am sure she wondered what was in the large bag, but she knew better not to ask. In time, all would be revealed.

As we made our way out, the greasy guy was near the exit.

"Thanks for the show!" his grin was as creepy as his laugh.

"Your welcome." I said. "Would you like to feel her tits?"

His eyes widened with disbelief. "Sure!"

Jennifer flinched and closed her eyes tightly as the pervert felt her up. His grip was brutish and clawing, his hands clammy.

"Okay, okay that's enough." I laughed.

"Wow thanks man! You got a real fine piece of ass there!" He said, beaming.

"Yes," I said. "Thank the man Jennifer"

I could see the rage and mortification swell within her.

"You heard me Jennifer," I said. "Thank the nice man for the compliment."

"Thank you sir." She said, looking down and quietly fuming.

The greasy guy was stunned. "y-you're welcome! Ha! Hey, see you next time."

Jennifer could not get out of there fast enough. We walked briskly back to my car. A catcall came from a dark alley across the street, clearly intended for Jennifer, followed by some incoherent rambling. At this point I got a little worried. Having Jennifer dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt was one thing, but now she was in a barely there tube dress and high-heels. What if a few guys figured they could take me down and then drag her into one of these dark allies? Suddenly we were a target.

We walked quickly to my car as men emerged from dark doorways to look at Jennifer.

I tossed the bags into the backseat; we got in and drove away. I felt relieved as we headed to our third stop of the night: the apartment of my friend and former roommate: Scott Chadwick.


Scott and I had been roommates when we were both undergrads at USC. We were both science majors, and we had many of the same classes together. After graduation, I went to grad school at UCLA, while cott stayed at USC to go to their world famous School of Dentistry. He was studying to become an orthodontist like his father and his grandfather before him.

Unlike me, Scott had a serious case of yellow fever. I can't remember him ever lusting after a girl who wasn't Asian or Indian. I know he especially liked Korean girls. When I told him all about my adventures with Jennifer Kim, I could tell he was just about ready to explode.

I trusted Scott. I knew I could tell him what I had done, how I had blackmailed Jennifer, and videotaped her without her knowledge. Scott was not one to judge. On a very elemental level, Scott was a scumbag just like me. He pleaded with me to bring her over. He really wanted to see this girl. I imagined his eyes popping out of his skull as soon as he got a look at her in this horribly slutty outfit.

To my surprise, Scott was cordial and well-contained when he met Jennifer. He smiled, shook her hand, and made eye contact. Jennifer was, of course, completely humiliated. She had to walk up the stairs to his second floor apartment, and meet this stranger while wearing this ridiculously revealing dress.

"Nice earrings." He commented cheerily to her as we entered the apartment. Total scumbag.
Scott had a pretty cool place. It was a big roomy loft in an artist's district downtown. It had brick walls, high ceilings with exposed beams, and real wooden floors. In one corner he had a cool old antique dentist's chair that had belonged to his grandfather. Scott had been studying when we arrived. There were books on orthodontics and pictures of teeth everywhere. He was in jeans and a USC t-shirt. Scott never had much trouble getting girls. He was a tall athletic guy with a big smile.

For a few moments we were casual, and chatted socially. This was maddening for Jennifer. Being in such an overtly sexual outfit, but having to interact on a social level with two guys she barely knew was just beyond embarrassing. At one point I made her sit in Nadu position on the ground as we sat and had a beer. She did not speak. She spent a lot of time just looking downward while Scott and I caught up.

Finally he broke the ice.


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