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How two people finally meet and a story begins.


"...for your ...pleasure."

She feels masters finger tracing thru her outfit on her nipple ring and his other hand gripping and releasing a wad of her blond hair...on the back of her neck.

"I love b-black...cum" she stammers, "p-please fill me whenever you"

She feels His hand relax on her hair.

"May I take your jackets? I will then begin serving your drinks."

Only one or two of them have jackets, which are piled up on her arms. Then her hair is patted and mussed, covering her eyes. She carries them to the hallway, hangs them in the closet.

She hears "BEER!!!" called out. Hurriedly she clicks back thru the main room, hurrying in her heels.


She frantically counts the hands raised, and hurries out to the kitchen, hurriedly opening beer bottles...5, 6...she counts in her head...7?

She looks around , trying to figure out how to carry so many...sees the tray...piles them on and turns like a waitress...hurrying back out, forcing a smile as she goes to the first man and holds out a beer. He takes it, smiling up at her. She smiles back...then feels the hand between her ass cheeks. She stiffens, gasping.


Her eyes widen, carefully trying to balance the tray of bottles while the finger slides between her legs...over her raw, red crotch, while the thumb probes her anal rim.


She struggles to maintain composure.

"M-M-m-m, nice..."

The seated man holds up his beer, laughs loudly to the others watching.

Her eyes his hand plays between her legs. He withdraws his hand and pats her ass cheek. Released she walks to the next man, hands him a beer...his other hand blocks her path....he lifts her maid skirt...looking up at her "may I see your red puffy pussy?"

"H-h-h..."she squirms, nodding.

He leans in...examining her wounds.

"M-m-m-m...that looks sore."

He lifts the ice cold beer to her red swollen pussy lips, and sets the frigid, frosty glass against her raw flesh.

She gasps, inhaling deeply and rising on her toes.

She squirms, struggling to hold the beer tray.

"Oh...O-o-h-h-h!" she cries out, as he rubs the ice cold bottle against her.

He then turns to the room, laughing loudly.

Her eyes rolling around in her head, she heads to the next man, her eyes moist, soft pleading with his. He simply says thank you as he takes a beer, and she passes on a beer to the smiling Master. When she gets to the last man, he looks up.

"Show me that red pussy whore."

She gulps, lifts her skirt, tray at her side, turning her head to the side. His fingers begin tracing the edge of her labia, around and around. He plunges his finger inside her. Her eyes pop open wide, she gasps, her hips wriggling. His finger pumps her until her hips begin to move and she begins moaning.

"WHORE...! What are you doing!!!?? We need food!! Stop being such a selfish fucking cunt!!"

She groans helplessly, turning, to Master, the finger still pumping inside her.

"The fucking bitch is always thinking of herself!"

She gasps...unsure of what to do, she looks down at the man fingering her, eyes pleading. He goes on a bit longer to torment her, knowing she is eager to be on her chores. He slowly withdraws the finger and holds it up to her lips. She gulps, her face hot, lips dry, her mouth dry as sandpaper. She shakes her blond bangs back, then bends...taking his finger in her lips and suckles it clean of her own cunt juices.

"Mm...m-m-m-m...m-m-m," the man purrs.

Having sucked him clean, she pulls her mouth off his finger, turns, and hurries out to the kitchen, having gotten a preview of what the evening will hold for her. She hears the laughing, the words..."lips", "mouth", "pussy", "white whore".

With little time to recover, she hurriedly pulls the chicken wings out of the oven, piles them into individual bowls and hurriedly clicks back out into the room. Placing the bowls at the different serving spots she has prepared. As she moves, hands massage her thighs...feel and squeeze her ass.

She grimaces, moans, b

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