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The out of control slave Master.

Wouldn't you agree Irina?"

From behind him he heard Irina's voice flatly say, "Da."

"I also want one more thing," continued Alex. "Tell the cops Desiree was a waitress, not a whore. I don't know if she has family or not, but I want them to think the best of her. It's the least you can do after you assholes killed her."

Zdrokov rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes; if you want to waste your time thinking about the family of a whore."

"I am the family of a whore, Zdrokov," he said. He looked at Lorelei again who was looking behind him; up over his shoulder. At Irina perhaps? She looked back at him with an unexpected spark in her eyes. She began grunting loudly behind her ball-gag.

"Take my sister's gag off please. I think she has something to ask as well."

"Don't push your luck, Mr. Barstow."

"Just do it Victor."

Zdrokov motioned to the guard standing beside Alex. He moved over and unhooked the gag in Lorelei's mouth. It came away trailing filaments of Zdrokov's congealing semen. She spat once on the floor before speaking.

"I want something too."

"A whore wants something; wonder of wonders!" sneered Zdrokov.

"Hear her out Zdrokov," growled Alex.

"If Alex is going to get me out of The Business, I want one last party. I want my gangbang."

Zdrokov laughed. "You want a gangbang? Your sister is an unrepentant slattern Mr. Barstow. You'd be better off letting her sink into her cesspool of…"

"And I get to pick who participates," she interrupted. "Including guards and crew. As many as I want, whoever I want. But not you, you fat, lame fuck."

Alex was dumbstruck. His sense of rational calm was replaced with a flood of swirling confusion. He looked at his sister and she gave him a wry smile and winked at him. Then she looked up over his shoulder at Irina again, the smile still on her face.

"Very well. If you want to fuck my crew and my guards I see no reason to object. However I see your brother seems quite distressed," Zdrokov said, laughing.

"And one more thing," she commanded. "Untie us already, asshole."

Lorelei's overbearing enthusiasm to get her gangbang set up as soon possible did not abate after she and Alex were untied. She began immediately by informing all three of Zdrokov's security guards that they would be participating, like it or not. She then ordered Irina to take her around the yacht so she could review the rest of the crew. Zdrokov, seeing Alex's obvious discomfort with the idea of his sister getting gangbanged by a crowd of strangers, thought the whole situation was hilarious. He had to gain control of his laughing to give Irina permission to assist Lorelei on her quest. "Give her whoever she wants," he told her. Alex tried to pull her aside and talk some sense into her but she ignored him as competently and completely as when she was a stubborn twelve year old.

As they left, Zdrokov playfully poked Alex in the ribs. "You going to join in your sister's gangbang, or does mixing incest with group sex offend your morals? Ha!"

"Let's just sign the damn contract," said Alex.

Back in his office, Zdrokov was chuckling the whole time while once again going over the details of the agreement with Alex. Occasionally he would address his two sad looking, emaciated slave girls, Yanna and Min, who were both sitting cross legged in a large golden cage floored with velvet pillows, to tell them how Alex's incestuous sister was currently rounding up the crew for a gangbang. He'd laugh and the girls would just stare at him blankly. Alex found it hard to concentrate as horrible scenarios he expected to see played out within the hour rolled through his tortured mind. But finally they got through it all and both he and Zdrokov signed the final page.

"I hope you don't intend to go through with your plan to give your sales commission to your sister.

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