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Man gets caught peeping on his neighbor.

Settling on a nice movie where a little slut is getting fucked in her tight pussy by a huge cock; she leaned back and began to rub and squeeze her tits and toy with her clit.. she began to think about how badly she would love to be that little whore... getting her tight pussy stretched and fucked rough by a stranger. The thoughts swirling in her head, picturing herself as the girl in the video, as she began feeling close to the edge, her body began to tense, pinching her rose pink nipples, she began moaning louder... and just as she felt herself begin to spill over the edge... the doorbell rang. "FUCK!" she thought, "sometimes prompt service isn't all that great of a thing..."

Selene stood up and straightened out as quickly and best she could. She called out "It's open, come on in! I'm just grabbing the money!"

The pizza boy walked in and waited nervously... he hated walking into people's houses. "Ma'am the total is $25.32" he said from the doorway. Selene peeked around the corner and said "sorry, just one sec.. I'm trying to find my cash" with an apologetic tone. She couldn't find her purse.. she just had it! How could she have lost it that quickly? She turned around and walked into the room with the pizza boy...

"I'm so sorry, I can't find my purse... do you think you can help me find it? I promise you'll get a great tip."

"I guess so Ma'am.. You're my last delivery anyway"

"GREAT! I'm sorry to put you through the trouble" Selene said with the sweetest smile she could manage for being so frustrated. "I'm Selene by the way, so you don't have to call me ma'am anymore." She said as she turned to walk back into the kitchen.

"Sorry Ma'am.. I mean Selene, my name is Rick" It was then that Rick noticed that she was wearing only a shirt and he could see the silhouette of her body through the material, her nipples were a little hard and the perfect size. Her body was slender without being too skinny and she had a sexy round ass. Feeling his cock give a twitch, he adjusted himself and followed her setting the food down on the kitchen table he helped her search for the purse, getting on his knees and looking under the table... once in awhile taking the chance to look up her shirt.. "my god.. this girl isn't wearing any panties!" His thoughts wandered he wanted to bend this little slut over... she knew that shirt was short enough to show her tight ass... and she must have not worn panties on purpose... AND had to have known her clean shaved pussy was in plain view!

Rick licked his lips and crawled over to her.. not knowing what came over him he grabbed her hips and all at once shoved his tongue against her wet cunt. Selene tried to fight for a few seconds and then stopped... this is what she wanted, to be someone's little fuckslut. To feel a stranger take advantage of her.

He began to suck on her pussylips and flick his tongue against her clit, tasting her sweet juices.. she tasted just like a warm peach. He moved his hands down off her hips and to her ass pulling her cheeks apart and rubbing her bud with his thumb. Pulling himself back he grabbed her by the hips again and turned her around, standing up and looking at her directly in the face "You're going to suck my cock you little bitch" he demanded. Selene undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants pulling them along with his boxers down.


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