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She finds an outlet for fun in New York.

I couldn't resist going back for more of her sweet kisses. Her eyes blinked open to look at me as I leaned back down and I saw her desire and the darkness brought on by her arousal. They were always deep and dark, but now I thought I could drown in them.

Our gazes seemed locked for a long moment and neither of us moved. The intensity of the moment was only lost when she squirmed beneath me and her leg came up against my arousal. The sudden jolt through my body made me gasp, and her small smile of delight that she had affected me increased my desire to make her come. I planned to remove her underwear straight away but as I slipped down between her legs I saw the damp patch that I had caused. I growled my lust and slid my tongue across her, tasting her through the lacy barrier that was the last piece of clothing on her glorious body. She moaned loudly and arched her back a little, bringing her hot, wet core even closer to my face.
I took my cue from her movement and pressed my face into her crotch, smelling the soft scent of her soap and the intense scent of her arousal. It wasn't enough to touch her like that and I slipped her shorts down her body, immediately settling back between her legs and starting my efforts in earnest. Her soft moans and gasps got louder as I licked and sucked on her, letting my tongue slide just inside her pussy to taste her juices and moaning myself at the combination of her scent and taste and the sounds she made as I caressed her with my tongue and lips.

It didn't take much to have her screaming as she came, and I smiled as I watched her lost in the throes of her first of the night. I took a strange kind of pride in giving a woman all I could, and with her it seemed even more important to make sure she had the best. I couldn't let myself down.

I gave her a moment to calm, sensing when her panting slowed that she would be ready for more. She was wonderfully wet after coming, so I lapped up a little to taste her properly and then started to finger her. The little she had calmed down was very soon gone as I inserted one and then two fingers into her, letting my head drift back down to her clit so I could suck on it while I gave her a taste of what was to come by fucking her pussy with my hand. Her glorious moans of delight started to fill the room again. I came back up for air and started to use my thumb on her clit.

Her body writhed and I got to watch her like this. I could do that forever, she was so into what I was doing and loving every moment. Her breasts jiggled slightly as she moved and panted and I watch fascinated by them for a moment, then taking in her face, her eyes closed as she concentrated only on what I was doing to her. I suddenly wanted more kisses, and hoped she might be able to return them even though I wasn't going to stop what I was doing to her.

My body slid against hers and the motion made me shiver as well, it was like electricity flowing from her hot body into mine. She felt me against her and despite being fairly lost her arms reached out to me, wrapping around my back and scratching me slightly with her fingernails. She would have no control over it, but I had a thought that I would love her to mark me like that, and if I could make her come again she probably would.

I leaned over her as far as I could and pressed my lips to hers. Between her gasps for breath and her moans she tried her best to return the kisses, and moved one hand to the back of my head for a moment to hold me to her. It must have been just too much to kiss her as well, because her back arched pushing her against me and she moaned loud and long into my mouth as she came for the second time, my hand getting even more wet with her juices as they flowed from her.

Finally, it was time for me to get inside her. I grabbed a condom from my bedside table while I watched her again. I was hard and aching to be one with her now, needing to feel that connection to this amazing woman. I could still barely believe my luck that I had this chance.

I pulled

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