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Jeremy escorts Amy on a trip to the mainland.

"I was never really mad at you, Jess. It was just seeing Jake getting all messed up again. I didn't want a repeat of what he went through after the whole Jennifer thing."

"Jesus, no one wants that." Roxie chimes in.

"I wasn't that bad." Jake argues.

"No, you were worse." Shelly replies.

"He told me that he went to a dark place after the thing with Jennifer." Jessica tells him. "I'm glad that you were there for him, Bobby. Then and now."

"We're here for you too now, Jessica." Shelly tells her.

"I really appreciate that you guys." Jessica tells them all as Ray and Staci join the group.

"Are you guys talking about my mom yet?" Staci asks.

"No, why would be talking about your mom?" Roxie asks.

"Jessica found out that Jake knows her and we promised her that we'd tell her once we were all together since it's really a Misfits story." Staci explains.

"I knew that it wasn't just a small town, you just know everyone story when Staci said we had to involve Roxie." Jessica states as she pulls out her container of leftover spaghetti and relaxes back into Jake's legs.

"Comfy?" Jake asks.

"Getting there, sweetie." Jessica answers as she adjusts until she's comfortable. "You and Staci had Home Economics together; I believe is how it started."

"Staci, do you want to start?" Jake asks her.

"I guess I should as long as you all remember that I've change a lot since then." Staci begins. "At the start of our sophomore year my parent had separated again and for the final time it turned out. Mom wasn't taking it well and honestly neither was I. I stayed away from home a lot and mom got kind of lonely. You all remember that at the time I was queen bitch of Patrick's little group and I hate thinking about that time now."

"It's okay, Staci. We all can see how much you've changed this year." Jake assures her. "I can tell the rest if you want."

"Please," she answers as she cuddles up to Ray.

"Staci shows up in class one day with a bunch of fliers for a Halloween party." Jake picks up the story. "As she said, her mom was feeling down from being in that big, empty house so she wanted to try and bring some life back into the place by throwing a party for Staci's friends."

"My so called friends didn't care to go to some lame party that was being thrown by my or anyone's mom though." Staci shares. "Patrick decided that he was going to have his own party and when Patrick has a party, all the cool kids go to it."

"By cool kids she means assholes." Roxie adds.

"Roxie," Jake warns her.

"No Jake, she's not wrong." Staci says. "We were a bunch of assholes at the time but thank goodness for the misfits. You guys really came through for my mom."

"I like Staci now, kinda I mean." Roxie says with a smile.

"I love you too my Foxy little Roxie." Staci smiles back.

"If I lived a million years, I never thought I'd see the day where Roxie and Staci were friends." Bobby remarks.

"Misfits work miracles." Staci remarks.

"So how'd you all come through for Staci's mom?" Jessica asks as she offers Jake a forkful of spaghetti.

"You need your carbs," He reminds her.

"You loved it last night and you love me feeding you. Eat it." She orders Jake by raising the fork to his mouth.

Jake complies and take a bite of the cold spaghetti. "Still amazing but you know that you can get that heated up if you wanted."

"That's one of the best things about spaghetti, Jake. It's good hot or cold." She answers. "So back to the story."

"Right, so I tossed the fliers into the garbage but someone went dumpster diving and snagged one." Staci remarks as she nudges Jake's arm.

"I went trashcan traipsing at most. It had a ghost on it and not the usual cute ghost but a scary looking one. I was curious." Jake defends.

"Now if they had Bigfoot on them, he'd have rescued every single one of them out of that trashcan." Jody quips.

"Why Bigfoot?" Staci asks.

"Haven't we picked on me enough already?" Jake asks hoping to derail the conversation.

"Not yet," Bobby answers with a chuckle. "Jake had a Bigfoot diary."

"A diary?"

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