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Coed has the hots for her professor.


"O...K... That kind of makes sense. But what's that got to do with my husband?" I asked, still not getting why I had to go from Prom queen to Prom 'queen'.

"Well. I can't give you too many details, programming you see. I would if I could. But suffice to say, he is putting in you in a place with a somewhat, err seedy edge." He said looking away quickly and beginning to type. Why was he avoiding eye contact? Writing splashed up on the mirror again and I caught the word B.E.E.F. "In light of... Your husband. I think its best we build you in a somewhat low-profile mode. Not drawing too much attention to yourself in that particular part of the world, would undoubtedly go in your favour." All that for somewhere shady? It just seemed excessive.

"Just how shady are we talking here Omega?" I asked somewhat nervous about the situation I was being put in.

"There is nowhere like it on Earth. Perhaps in the dark ages, in more lawless times, but even then... Anyway, onwards and upwards I always say. So, for your stats I'm thinking something along the lines of this. A box appeared next to my face in the mirror with a list:

Strength - 6 (-4)

Agility - 16 (+6)

Charisma - 12 (+2)

Endurance - 12 (+2)

Intellect - 12 (+2)

Perception - 10 (+0)

Luck - 4 (-6)

I looked at the numbers and hovered over each of them in turn. Each gave a massive list of things they affected. Strength was mostly damage stuff, but also how much I could lift or carry, and if I could use 2 handed weapons. Does a mop count as a 2 handed weapon I wondered? Agility was ranged damage, and small weapon types, and also how generally nimble you were, coupled with reaction times and ooh dancing, yeah like that's a benefit in a seedy world. Hi my names Abi, I'm a real good dancer. Maybe this was a part of the multiverse where to avoid fights people hand dance offs. Charisma was about talking to people, trading mainly and contract stuff, but also how easily I could make friends. Judging by my real-life situation I apparently sucked at it, maybe the multiverse would be different. Endurance governed my stamina bar and health bar, so how far I could run, and how much of a beating I could take? Have to say I'm not liking the sound of this game one bit... Intellect governed my mana, spells I could cast and generally how quickly I picked up new concepts. Perception was how quickly I absorbed information of the world around me, trapdoors, or secret compartments, oh that sounded fun. And finally, Luck. Hmm, didn't really say much on Luck. Then again, I wouldn't consider myself incredibly lucky in real life. Certainly not based on the fact I'm bound to a bed, with the use of one eye which I can't really see shit out of, oh and my husband is cheating on me! Yeah not a lot of Luck in that.

I looked through the stats Omega had assigned, heavy on the Agility, and an unlucky weakling, meh it was close to what I appeared I guess, well except for the dancing part. "Omega, why don't the numbers add up on the side? I'd have thought the + and - would come out to 0?"

"What dear? Oh, oh yes, my mistake... But you know what? I believe that performing that quick calculation has earnt you another attribute. Well done." Omega clicked a button a notification popped up on my screen Congratulations you have gained +1 intellect for showing Omega the error of his ways and low and behold my intellect had now gone up to 13. I was about to tell him that this made the calculation worse, but meh why look a gift horse in the mouth...

"Now, In terms of your skills and professions. The ship you will be on is quite notorious for breaking down. Having Agility and Intellect will help you in the path of a tinkerer. What can I say a girl after my own heart." He mock wiped a tear from his eye before continuing. "Having the ability to assist in their engineering department, might take you out of the... Err... Front line, so to speak."

"Ship? I'm going to be on a ship? Like a Space Ship? That sounds pretty cool, well apart from the whole br

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