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A continuation of "My Imagination... Or Is It?"

"You still dressed? I like my women naked in bed."

With a few short strides he reached the bed and pulled me up by my hand. He quickly discarded my shirt and then he wrapped his arms around me to unhook my bra. His smile widened as my firm tits were exposed to the night air, tightening up my pink nipples like cherries on top of an ice cream sundae.

"I knew those tits had to be real," he said and kneaded them, pinching my nipples.

He then pulled my skirt off and grabbed my ass cheeks before pulling off my black thongs. He ran a finger through my narrow blonde bush and looked at me. All I had on were my leather boots. He kept smiling as he slowly undressed. It wasn't long before he was standing before me with nothing but a raging hard-on. My eyes were focused on the thick 8 inches of meat that stood out from his hips.

"I'd love for you to taste it," he smiled at me.

I needed no further encouragement. I kneeled before him and wrapped my red lips around the thick mushroom head and tasted his precum on my tongue. He was delicious. I wrapped one hand around his shaft as I started sucking him inside my hungry mouth. His cock soon hit the back of my mouth and I started letting him slip outside again. I ran my hand through the lipstick and saliva to lubricate his entire cock. Then I sucked him back inside my mouth, playing with him with my tongue.

Until that moment I'd only ever sucked cocks as a means to an end. I'd done a little because my boyfriends had enjoyed it, but I'd counted the seconds until it was over. This time was different. His throbbing cock tasted so good in my mouth. I even managed to swallow once, letting him into my throat and the gasp from him told me that what I was doing was absolutely the right thing. I kept sucking him harder and harder. I never wanted his cock to leave my mouth again. More and move saliva escaped and helped my hand that was working the part of his cock that wasn't in my mouth.

I don't know what I was expecting next, but all of a sudden I felt his hands on the back of my head and he forced himself deeper inside me again. There was a twitch in his shaft and with a loud moan my mouth was filled with salty goo. He'd cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as I could, resulting in more moans from him. When he finally stopped cumming he slowly withdrew from my mouth. I could feel how swollen my lips were as I looked up into his satisfied face. I felt a few drops of cum escaping my mouth and trickling down my chin, but I didn't do anything about it. It felt dirty and right for this situation. There was no pretence of so called love making here. We were together because we wanted to fuck. It was pure carnal lust that had brought us together.

"Babe," he smiled, "you can suck my cock any time. Now lie down and let me have a taste of your pussy. The smell is driving me mad!"

I lay on my back on his bed, still wearing my boots, and I parted my legs, showing off my wet folds. He placed his knees between my thighs and lowered himself down. He pressed his lips against mine and let his tongue loose inside my mouth before moving on to my tits, biting my nipples as he played with them. Then finally I felt the hair on his face against my pussy. I'd never been with a man with a beard before and the feeling of his face against my, mainly hairless, pussy was enough to give me a mini-orgasm.

Then he dove in.

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