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Taken for a ride in the Colorado Rockies.

"She is gorgeous, too much for the likes of you!"

"Don't be jealous, man," chided Greg. "Our old friend is as deserving of her attentions as the next guy. And since I'm the next guy in line, I can't wait."

"So tell, me man, what is it like with her?" asked Ritchie.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, what's it like to have a hot twenty-year-old college girl?"

"Oh, come on! I'm not going to tell you that," David protested. "Don't you remember college?"

"Yeah, but I was the nerd, remember? But really, you can tell us," Ritchie persisted. "We're buddies right? It's got to be wild to be hanging with a hot young babe like that. So what's she like, you know, in the sack?"

"Come on guys, nothing personal, but that's not something I want to talk about," David remarked. "I never asked you about what it's like to be with Helen, did I?"

"But it's been years since Helen looked like that or could fuck like that one must be able to," Ritchie said.

"Hey, watch it, man," Greg said. "Our brother here is in love with the real thing. We should be supporting him."

"Yeah and handing him some Viagra too!" George chimed in. "But all joking aside, it must be a challenge to be with a girl like her twenty-four-seven."

"Bring on the challenges," David said. "But it can really be hard sometimes, because she is so young. She thinks that she's so hip and with-it, when she's really so na__ve about many things. We all remember what it was like to be twenty-two. You think you know everything, you have the opportunity to do everything, and the world is full of unlimited promises. But you've only scratched the surface. There is so much that I could teach her but she doesn't want to hear a word of it. You guys know like I do, we've been through it all and we know what life is like. But that doesn't mean anything to her. It's like she has to go through it herself before she knows what it's really like. She's young and foolish, but when she's through, I'll be there for her. God, I sure as hell hope so."

"So is that what you think of me?" Holly said, her voice coming from behind him and sounding chilly.

David turned around, startled by the sound of her voice, unaware that she had been standing behind him while he talked with his friends. Shit! What did I say that was so bad? He asked himself. "Well, maybe what you thought you heard wasn't what I was saying," he said, trying to explain, but she had turned her back to him.

"You think that I'm just some little child or something? Like one of your kids?" she said looking him straight in the eye. Her friend Nikki glared at him.

"No! Wait a minute, Holly! Let me explain!" he said as the two girls began to move away quickly. "That isn't what I meant at all. Come on, Baby!"

Holly paused for a moment and looked back at him. "Just because you're so much older than me, doesn't mean that you're so smart, and that everything you say is so wise, you know," she said slowly.

David was sure that it was just a misunderstanding, and that she hadn't heard exactly what he had said or meant to say. But as she and Nikki turned away and disappeared into the crowd, David looked back to his buddies and shrugged.

"Hey, pallie! You coulda stayed married and been talked to like that!" Ritchie laughed.

"She'll be all right," David said. "Once she cools off, we'll talk and everything will be all right. At least I hope so." But for all the confidence of his words, he felt queasy inside and mulled over what he might say to her later on and how he would say it. Just then he felt a tug on his jacket and turned to see Donny, his old bass player, pointing toward the bandstand.

"It's time to do it," Donny said loudly. "Come on, man. Let's get this on!"

David looked over and saw Holly and Nikki step outside onto the deck.

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