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Susan goes shopping.

Michael was a bit scared inside but subconsciously also a little stimulated at what may be coming next in Carol's hands.

To Carol, Michael certainly was a pretty little slut, every bit like the slim and submissive girls she normally craved. She turned him around and quickly unzipped and jerked his pants down to his knees. Freeing his penis from his flimsy thong, she watched Michael's cock stiffen and she slapped it hard twice causing it to rapidly shrivel down in pain. She remembered Laurie's note about his prodigious size and briefly thought that maybe the cock ring she had picked out would be a bit small. But without any regrets, she brutally pushed through his smoothly shaven balls and penis into the very tight silver cock ring making him gasp with pain. Then sitting on the chair she dragged his petite body face down over her knees with his legs dangling down to the floor. His newly constrained penis strained up and pressed against her leg in his excitement. Whack, whack, whack and whack - she used her open palm to deliver a series of stinging blows to both of his smooth bare cheeks making sure they became evenly red in color. Michael eyes brimmed with tears as the smarting pain spread throughout his behind. But, the thrill at being roughly handled and corporally punished made his erection bulge out even more as blood rushed into its engorged purplish head. Michael had never experienced being sexually hurt before and it was incredibly arousing. His entire body pulsed with erotic need and he wanted her to continue stinging his rear.

Carol had received Laurie's permission to use and discipline Michael and she knew that she would like to teach Michael a lesson. Carol enjoyed mastering her women lovers and was skilled at applying the right amount of pain to enhance the sexual peak for both participants. Seeing Michael's obvious excitement from the physical pain and the psychological embarrassment helped her spark new ideas for tonight's entertainment.

Ending his chastisement, Carol held open his rear cheeks with one hand and used a squirt bottle to put on some sweet smelling lube into his crack. She then took a silver butt plug and pressed it in hard until it popped through, going in all the way. The design of the smooth plug was unusual in that it was narrower on top but flared wider at the base to help distend his anus. To be sure that it did not slide out, she used a silver chain attachment with three strands that clipped on to the ring on the back of the plug. She propped him up on his feet and drew two of the chain strands in front, one on each side of his ringed erection and pulled the third strand back between his ass cheeks, attaching all three of them to a matching silver chain that went tightly around his waist. She tugged the thong back over his newly ringed and aroused genitals and then pulled up his pants over his freshly reddened behind. Rising she pulled him up to her with her hand grabbing his hair and brutally kissed his tear-streaked face with her tongue ravishing his mouth. Her other hand roamed over his behind seeking out her fresh palm imprints on his tender rear through his silky pants and pressing in his butt plug. "You are mine for this weekend, slut!" she said. Hearing him moan with pain and raw desire and feeling his ringed erection press and strain against her legs, she knew that she needed him to please her right now. Her arousal demanded his mouth here and now. She knew that her urges would not be fully satisfied until she could really use him thoroughly - but that would come later tonight. She pushed him down onto his knees and pulled his face under her skirt for her quick fix.

Michael obediently moved his face upwards towards her now visible pussy.

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