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Questions are answered, and Nadine is initiated.

Both the barmaid and the barfly gave us a look as if they realised all was not perhaps well. When he clapped his eyes on Penny, who had deliberately stood right next to him, you could tell right away he liked what he saw. Talk about a leer job... he was about as subtle as Gok Wan, or Go Wank as I called him. I could see him over Penny's shoulder looking at her arse, which she deliberately thrust about for his benefit, putting her weight down on one leg and then the other. She was good at teasing and all that kind of stuff.

I tried to imagine going down on him. In my mind I could see someone on our bed, a faceless cipher, blindfolded and tied down. I'd run my hands over his chest and belly, all light and delicate and sensual like it was a woman's hands. I'd work my way down, occasionally looking up at his blindfolded face to see his reactions. I'd run my hand across his abdomen and then his trouser crotch and feel his cock boning up. I would unzip him and put my hand inside his fly and feel him... it was wild. I'd just given myself a right old boner. Easy boy...

We snapped at each other again before moving off to a table and sitting down. We carried on our conversation in suitably raised and agitated tones. It was working quite well, turning the heads of the few diners, as well as attracting the attention of the barmaid - who seemed to welcome the diversion - and of course Mr Almost Right, which was the main object of the exercise.

We milked the situation for all it was worth, drawing it out over two rounds of drinks until, after one final heated exchange I stormed out and it was just in time because that pratt from work, Charlie Smithers, who was always bragging about who he'd shagged the night before, came in. Luckily I saw him before he saw me and I was able to slip into the little alcove to the side that acted a place where customers could hang their coats and I let him pass through into the bar before I reappeared and went out. That would've fouled everything up good and proper if he'd seen me and Penny having a row.

He'd never seen me with my wife before, but it could've been a bit tricky having to explain things on Monday morning at work, know what I mean? I could do without Charlie wanting to know all the ins and outs of my bleedin' marriage. I wouldn't mind betting that he was going to be telling me all about how he'd gone back with Titsalina behind the bar and fucked the arse off her. Never believed a word of what he said anyway, long streak of piss, don't know what women saw in him.

It was another hour after getting home that Penny finally called. "Everything all right, babe?" I said, into the phone.

"Just about to come back, David. He's got a car. Give it about twenty minutes and have everything ready."

"Nice one, Pen. Went all right did it... matey fell for it like?"

"Yeah... sort of. Look, I'd better go now otherwise he's going to be suspicious. See you in a bit."

I wondered what Penny had meant when she said 'sort of'. I wondered if she'd had any problems. She sounded happy enough though. No stage fright. I ran my final checks. I'd oiled the runners on the sliding doors of the wardrobe so they were nice and quiet; I'd set up the mp3 and stereo ready to play, even put some of Penny's fluffy toys on the pillows to make it look nice and innocent-little-girl type kinky. Everything was ready. I turned the all the lights off apart from the hall and landing and took up my position in the wardrobe and waited.

And waited... and waited...

Finally I got fed up with waiting and went to the bathroom for a piss.

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