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The continued stirrings.

Her thighs came together beautifully underneath her suit-covered mound, nearly touching, but not quite. Upon this close examination I could see one or two tiny spots of evidence that my sister had to shave her bikini area. Man, who would've thought I'd ever be inspecting my sister close enough to think about how she had to shave her pubic hair off?

I tore my gaze away from the camera and looked up to my sister. "This looks great, Jen. Why don't you get a little suggestive? Move your hands down onto your thighs so that your fingertips are right at the edges of the suit?"

"Like this?" my sister asked as she did as she was told. Her fingers now barely brushed the material covering her bulge, and my own bulge responded."

"Perfect." I said gleefully. "Now, slowly move them inwards. Like that! Great... now just barely slide your fingertips underneath, like you're reaching for what's inside..." I continued to snap picture after picture.

Jen laughed again, out of character. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

I didn't even hesitate, not wanting to stop. "Of course I am, baby. You've got a hot body and I want to be able to look at it even when we're not together. Now I want you to tease me with your cunt. Pull your suit extra tight so I can see every detail of your little box."

"Oh, you wanna see my cunt now, do you? You want to see every detail of my little box?"

I looked up and stared my sister directly in the eye, not missing a beat. "Hell yes I do. I loved seeing your tits, now I'm hungry for your pussy." She smiled down at me quizzically, not sure if I was in character or not. Was this "John" telling his girlfriend that he wanted pictures of her vagina? Or was this her little brother saying he was hungry for his sister's pussy?

Wavering slightly, Jen dropped her character for a moment and said, "The suit's already so tiny... I don't know how much tighter and I can make it."

I didn't even look up at her. Instead I scooted six inches closer and said, "Just do your best. The pictures will be worth it." Jen sighed and looked down at her crotch. She gripped the top of the material of her bikini bottoms to slowly and gently pull them upwards, forcing the material tighter against her snatch.

She felt immediate pressure all over... She was right, the material was so small already there wasn't much more she could do to stretch it. By pulling the front of her suit upwards, the string back of it immediately shifted to compensate, forcing the rear material hard between her ass cheeks and firmly against her asshole. She gasped a little bit, feeling the sensation and not exactly hating it. Jen vaguely heard her older brother say, "That's perfect. A little tighter. This looks great." But Jen's focus wasn't exactly on the photoshoot, it was on her own body. She tugged once more at the bikini material and felt it tighten to the extreme around her privates. Her ass felt a rush of fire as the thong tightened once more and Jen moaned in response. Then she suddenly felt her pussy lips being separated by the moving material. She was pulling her thong so tight it was working its way between her lips! She looked down to see her brother's face mere inches from her crotch. The camera still clicked away, amazingly close to her pussy on display.

I was loving the view. Jen seemed to be a little out of it, but continued to pull her suit tighter and tighter. With each gentle tug I was treated to a little more detail of the forbidden fruit that was beneath her bikini. Never in my wildest dreams did I dream I'd be drooling over my sister's snatch from just inches away. Well, maybe in my wildest dreams... I tried to bring Jen back from lala land and said, "Oh! Jen, this is great. Here's an idea, I saw this in some porno pics once. If you pull a little tighter and a little higher then you'll give yourself a front wedgie. It looks really sexy with your cunt spilling out around the material."

Jen looked dubiously down at me.

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