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Return and exit.

"Yeah, but it ain't so bad. Gives me some time to myself."

The conversation kept going, with Ann and Carl finding that they really liked each other. Every now and then Ann would touch his leg or arm for a second and then pull back, each time she touched him her hand would linger a little longer. Carl was stunned by how beautiful Ann was and by her sitting so comfortably in front of him with just a button down shirt and bikini on. Every move she made gave him precious glimpses of her ample breasts and thighs and each time she touched him he felt his cock respond with an increasingly powerful jump. He had heard the soft moaning from the kitchen earlier an now he could smell her sex. He wondered if Mike had actually fucked her with him waiting for them in the living room or if maybe they had just kissed, like they had when Mike and he had first arrived.

Both of them were surprised and maybe even a little disappointed when Mike appeared at the doorway and announced that supper was ready. The three ate and talked and enjoyed each other's company through the meal. Mike was an excellent cook and Carl commented on it several times.

"Now I know how you caught such a beautiful girl as Ann here." Carl said when the meal was through.

"Oh, I'm not so beautiful just now." Ann said running her hands over her huge belly.

"The hell you ain't!" Carl said, "I have never seen a sexier woman than you are right now."

Ann blushed but was very pleased with the complement. Mike smiled and stood up.

"Why don't you two go see if there is a movie on TV while I clear off the table." Mike said winking at Ann.

Ann smiled and then took Carl's hand and led him back to the living room. As soon as they were out of Mike's sight Ann turned to Carl. "So you like the way I look?"

"Hell yeah. I've got four kids myself and I always thought my wife was sexiest when she was knocked up." Carl smiled looking at her. "I saw you when we first got here and all I could think was 'Damn'."

"Would you like to see me again?" Ann reached up and unbuttoned the top button on Mike's shirt leaving a single button holding it together.

"If I weren't Mike's friend, I'd take you right here. I can tell you are hot for me but damn I don't treat my friends like that."

From the doorway where he had been watching them, unseen, Mike said. "What if I told you it was okay?"

Carl spun like he had been shot. "Shit Mike, I'm sorry." Carl looked devastated, he hung his head and groaned. "I guess I better go."

"Calm down Carl, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm proud to call you my friend and I heard you say you wouldn't fool around with my wife because you were. But the question still stands, would it make a difference if I said it was okay?" Mike's face showed that he was sincere and not at all angry.

Carl looked at Mike and then looked over at Ann. She just stood there smiling with her hands on the next button, ready to reveal more of her body to him. Slowly a wide grin filled his face and he turned to Mike.

"You serious? You want her to show off for me?"

"Well of course it's up to her, but I think she would like to," Mike smiled, "and I think you would like it too." He pointedly looked down at Carl's crotch where it was obvious that his cock was beginning to harden.

"Shit! Okay, sure, I'd love to see what you got girl." Carl moved over and sat on the couch.

Mike quickly moved the coffee table out of the way and then followed Carl and sat on the other end of the couch, leaving space between them. Ann stood in front of the two men and started doing a sexy striptease. She released the last button holding Mike's shirt together in front of her breasts and then pulled it apart, sexily showing her bikini covered tits to the two appreciative men. She swayed in front of them, leaning forward and pushing her tits close to Carl's grinning face. Her nipples were fully erect now and the thin material in the bikini did nothing to hide that.

As she swayed and moved in front of him she slipped the shirt the rest of the way off, tossing it over to Mike.

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