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A very feeble "Yes!" was Maddie's answer, after which the 40 inches round butt fell onto her face.

"Oh, yes you wish your ass was like mine don't you, you tiny shrimp."

"Mmhhh," was all Maddie could answer. She was clearly enjoying her stay below Laura's ass.

Laura looked me in the eye and thought, "Sorry Rick for keeping you out of this."

"Are you kidding me? You are incredible. I never figured you liked being in charge."

"I usually don't really. But with this one," she bounced twice on Maddie, "I love it. Your time will soon come, though, Rick. Just let me have a little more fun with her."

"Take it easy and do as you please and ask if I can help."

"Since you offer." She then spoke to Maddie out loud, "You clearly like this ass. Squeeze my cheek if you liked it a bit bigger." Maddie squeezed. So, I made Laura's huge ass grow further to a truly impressive 44 inches.

Maddie clearly felt the growth, since the groping and moaning grew louder and stronger. Much to her disappointment Laura stood up and said, "Although I know you're loving this monster ass, I have a job for you. You don't even have to stand up." She took her panties off and seductively returned to Maddie. "Let's see how good you are." And she dropped on Maddie's face once again, this time with the intent of having her pussy pleased and not only satisfying her victim's submissive nature.

After a couple of seconds Laura looked at me a bit confused and asked the girl under her ass, "Can't you reach my hole properly? Do I have too much ass for you?" So, she rose and spread her cheeks with her hands in order to allow Maddie to fulfil her licking task and consequently dropped once again on Maddie's mouth, which now could perform. Laura was enjoying the attention she was receiving, but didn't miss an opportunity to continue on teasing Maddie, "You certainly are good at this. How does the pussy of the ugly duckling of high school taste? How does her huge ass feel like?" She did a quick jiggle after having asked this.

"Mmmmmh," was the only answer she could give. Her thoughts, though, were very communicative, "Oh my god, Laura. If I had known you would have turned into this goddess I would have treated you much better in hope to one day being in the position I'm in now. Fuck this ass is huge. This pussy is delicious. I could die now happy."

The act went on for about ten minutes, until Laura was about to cum. Suddenly it wasn't Maddie who was licking Laura anymore, but rather Laura squishing Maddie's face to grind better on it. "Come on, make my cum. Make me cum on that cute face of yours. Oh, yes this is good. Harder, you tiny bug!" And with that last insult Laura poured her love-juice all over Maddie's face. She stood up and leaned towards Maddie asking, "Do I taste good? Wait, let me have some," and she licked Maddie's squirt-covered cheek. "Mmh. Tasty indeed." She paused a second and then continued, "Though I believe this was actually a treat for you, I think you did an amazing job so what about we say thank you. Rick, sweetie. Come over here."

I stood up from the chair I was observing the spectacle from, trying to look as broad as possible, clearly understanding Laura's intentions. She turned again to Maddie and uttered, "Are you ready to feel ten times as good as you made me just feel? Rick, take your shirt off!" I did as asked, not wanting to interfere with her dom play, but merely intending to play support. "Look how huge he is Maddie! You can touch his muscles if you want." Maddie advanced and put two hands on my abs and almost started drooling. "You have seen nothing yet though. Trousers and briefs!" I freed my junk in front of Maddie's face and something snapped inside of her. "What the...? You're enormous and... soft?"

"Yes Maddie. He is still soft. How big did you say Andrew was?"

"Se-seven and a half."

"Well Rick here is just as big..., for now." Maddie grabbed my junk and I put it in her mouth.

Even soft she was barely able to take half of my shaft, so when I grew harder and, mainly, bigger she had to give up pleasuring

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