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Vicky and Tina star in an MRC feature.

Our affair hadn't ended well, when do they, but I had always known that my feelings for her had been real and there had always been a special place for her in my heart. She pealed off her bodice exposing her big firm tits to my hungry eyes. I had always adored her tits and they looked exactly as I remembered them.

Tracey pulled Molly away from the audience and guided her onto her back on a big, oversized couch that had been moved to the center of the stage. A large plastic dick hung lewdly from Tracey's waist and she dropped to her knees between Molly's splayed thighs.

Molly looked up at Tracey and whispered something before looking out at me with a devilish grin as Tracey sank her big fake cock into her eager hole.

I was painfully hard as I watched them fuck. Having a threesome with another girl had been one of the many fantasies we had shared during our affair and watching a woman that I had once loved get fucked hard by another pretty woman was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen.

Molly writhed and cried out at Tracey fucked her to climax after climax on stage. Sweat dripped from Tracey brow when she pulled her juicy cock from Molly's frothy hole and pushed it into her mouth. Her big tits heaved as she breathed deep and her pretty blue eyes met mine. I had never met her before but I sensed that our paths had crossed and I felt drawn to them both as Molly licked and sucked her plastic dick.

The announcer thanked the audience as Tracey led her sexy pet off stage by the leash and as they disappeared from view I wondered when, if ever, I would see them again. Molly and I had talked of marriage fifteen years earlier. We had both been married with young children and divorce in the sixties was scandalous so we had tearfully parted ways long before our respective spouses knew of the affair.

I walked up to the bar and got another beer and a shot of Jack Daniels. It was my third in an hour and I'd had a dozen since noon. I sat back down and wistfully recalled my time with Molly. We had both been in our twenties, me late and she early, and our children were all young. Our passion had defined us. We shared a similar mind and our sexual proclivities had been way left of center. She had been the first girl I had known who admitted to being equally attracted to women and men and we had shared a keen interest in bondage and dominance. She had also confessed to me back then that she loved gay men and she would have loved to watch me with another man. I'd had no interest in that but she had ignited a spark of curiosity in me that had led to countless fantasies over the fifteen years since I'd last seen her.

"Excuse me sir," a well dressed man said to me as he tapped my shoulder snapping me back to the present.

"Yeah," I responded quizzically as I flashed him my best "don't fuck with me " look. It was a look that usually worked since I stood 6'3" and weighed a solid 225.

"Molly and Tracey would like to see you," he said reassuringly. I gulped down my beer and pounded back the shot before following him back stage. He knocked on their dressing room and quietly walked away leaving me alone to contemplate what they might want as I waited in the dark hallway.

My eyes lit up and my heart raced when Molly opened the door and flashed me a smile that erased fifteen years in an instant. She was as beautiful as she'd been when we had last been together and when her arms wrapped around me my body melted against hers.

"How've you been," she asked as she pulled me into the room and locked the door behind me.

"I've been good," I lied as I gazed into her sparkling hazel eyes. The truth was that I had not been good. I'd been living in a small dingy apartment in a terrible neighborhood. I hadn't seen my wife and kids in two years and I drank myself to sleep most nights but none on that mattered at that moment.

Our lips met in a soft, gentle kiss and my hands cupped her beautiful face as our tongues entwined. My passion soared and my cock strained against my jeans.

"Are you going to introduce us?" Tracey asked as she s

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