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Their passion becomes known to the crew.

I'll give you some time, though; that was a lot of cum! I want to make sure you're ready, baby.

Do you want a sandwich? Can I get you a beer?

I sit near you, on the couch. Can you smell me? I feel like you can. I feel like you're teasing me, sitting there, smelling my pussy and not giving it what it wants. I'm biting my lip to keep from playing with myself, watching you play your game, thinking about having you fuck me.

God, my panties are gonna be ruined.

I try to keep you from noticing as I slide my hand up my thigh. Even the touch of my own hand is electric. I slide my hand around my panties, slowly; I don't want you to see, yet. They're damp, Sugar; that's your fault. Once I have ahold of them, I pull, steadily, pulling them down, pulling them off, slowly, so you don't notice. I need these panties off; I want my pussy exposed, under my skirt.

My hand is damp by the time my panties are off. You knew I was doing something, adjusting, but I think I made you think I was just scratching.

I creep towards you, letting myself take time. I pace myself, even though I want to taste you, to feel your shaft spreading my pussy; I push myself to pace myself.

I lay my head on your lap as you play. You grumble, but I smile at you. You adjust yourself to accommodate me lying there, shifting your hips forward, which works wonderfully.

I turn my head and take a deep breath of the heady, woody smell of you. Your pants are still down. That was clever of me. I slide my head down and take you into my mouth again. You gasp, and I hear the tone as you pause your game.

I release your cock from my mouth. "No no!" I mumble. "Play, play... " I say, waving vaguely at the television.

Your cock grows full wonderfully quickly, this second time. As I work at your member with my mouth, bringing it to life, I hear the sound of gunfire and the sound of your character getting hurt, much more often than I normally do. I smile around your cock; am I distracting you? I pop your full cock from my mouth, wet with saliva, and my hand starting to work on the shaft.

"Okay, now pause... " I say quietly, and I hear the tone right away.

I climb up onto your lap, and you make a wonderfully eager baritone groan. I'm facing the TV, astride you, holding your shaft firmly in hand, as I guide it up to my already glistening slit. Gradually, carefully, I descend on you, lowering myself, filling my soft channel with your impressive girth. You reach for my breasts, eager; I move your hands away and rock my hips.

"No no!", I hissed, shaking my head. "Play... Play... " I groan, motioning again at the screen.

With a tone, the game resumes, and I feel your pulse traveling along your shaft. Fuck yes. Your hips rock back and forth, and I push myself down, to hold you still, as I brace my hands on my knees.

"No, no... you,... you play... " I pant, concentrating on my motions.

I rock my hips back and forth on you, working your cock deeper and deeper into me; into my cunt.

I love that word, and I hate that word; it's so filthy that I blush when I think it - unless I'm naked at the time. It's the perfect, dirty word to describe the feeling of your cock inside me; "it's filling my cunt" sounds so wonderfully base, so primal.

And you are - you are filling my cunt.

I adjust myself, to adjust the angle of your cock inside me, bending forward more. "Watch... the, the... screen... " I moan. You're normally so good at this game, baby, but now you're dying all the time! I love the thought that I'm "distracting" you; the idea that you're "servicing" me, that I'm your distraction tempting you away from your game, makes me bite my lip and sends a shudder down my thighs.

Fuck, fuck. My knees are getting tired as I pump away, but my little pussy is still squeezing and shaping itself around your cock. Because of the wonderful angle, you're rubbing firmly along my inner walls, and I feel your dick's head swelling, the lovely slick friction of rubbing against my insides swelling you to bursting.

I gasp, excited at the thought that I might make you cum like this.

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