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Man becomes a cuckold in Jamaica.

His penis jerked up some more. Oh God, he thought, as he saw the girls smirk. It was now roof-beam hard, parallel to the floor. All nine inches.

Meanwhile across the living room Kerry had been told to stand with his back to a sofa of four seated ladies, with standing schoolgirls. And he was to stand there, hands locked at his neck, letting them have a good, long look at his reddened ass. Look- and reach out too, and pat it, stroke it, flick fingers over it.

The pleasure of those lingering, travelling fingers! Mixed in with the pain!

In a few jolts- Jesus, three of them were touching his ass at once! - his prick jerked up, parallel to the floor. Around the room ladies were swivelling to catch it. Their eyes focused on his erection. And their looks excited him. They were looking at his erect member. So, in a few more quick jerks his cock was defying the laws of gravity, standing tall...and aslant.

His angled erection. Seven inches. Hard as a hammer.

His jaunty slant.

The drooling emission, running like a spider web to the carpet.

The ladies on the sofa and the girls around them, fingering his ass, figured that something was happening in front.

"Turn around, Kerry," instructed old Miss Stevens. Oh no, he thought, they'll see everything. Close up.

But Kerry had no alternative. He turned, wheeling his stiff member into view.

Some of them gasped. Craned, to see it close. Miss Stevens raised a lorgnette to her beady, inquisitive eyes and stuck her neck out. Girls giggled behind cupped hands. The poor boy blushed and hung his head, hands locked behind, putting his secret on display for them: his elegant, streamlined seven incher, leaning to the right.

Standing a little out of the main arena, Mrs Lanbourne was lavishing affection on Stevie. The boy was still snuffling, tears spilling out of his eyes, eye lashes stuck. His bottom was the reddest. And Mrs Lanbourne, the middle-aged lady with the beautiful lambent brown eyes and the long elegant nose, reached out and lay an arm across his shoulder, drew him closer into the circle of her sultry perfume and fragrant clothing. With her other hand she slowly, tenderly, deliciously stroked his red bottom.

And gently spoke into his ear.


The word made him melt to water.

" little sweet Stevie...oh, I was so sorry for my favorite boy...seeing you over these laps...all your clothes off...getting a spanking...turning red...oh, it feels so hot down there! Your bottom! I thought, my poor little fella...all he little an older take good care of him...and cuddle him and kiss him for all he's worth...and, yes, let him run round with all his clothes off like all boys want, in their heart of hearts...and even let his little thingie get good and hard if he wants..."

And she snuggled him in closer and kissed his wet cheek. All the while, tickling his bottom.

Stevie was erect in a flash.

He hid his stiff member in her skirts. Pressed it in, felt her skirts enfold it.

Her arm around his shoulder tightened.

"...and, yes, give him a spanking when he deserves it...with all his clothes taken from him and put away in my deepest cupboard...a lovely nude spanking...little 18 year old boy over my knee...but a sweet and loving spanking..."

Stevie felt his insides turn to warm, melting honey. Standing there, enclosed by her arm on his shoulders, he pressed his penis even more firmly into this lovely lady's thigh.

"...yes, I'd keep my little Stevie nude in my house all afternoon...while he munched his milk and cookies...while he helped me make a cake, did my housework...while he sat down and did his naked, little boy...with his nice hairy body...and his manly little penis, all stretching and standing tall..."

Stevie pressed harder, rubbed a bit. She must feel it, he thought.

She gave his cheek a warm, wet kiss, licking up his drying tears, her arm around his shoulder.

Stevie felt his stuff- his sperm- surge out of his tight balls...along his stem...

And she continued, pouring the d

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