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A young girl is consumed with flowers and meadows.

When Dawn got down to the first floor, there was a boutique tucked away in the corner of the building that sold just about everything for women, accessory's, shoes, dresses and intimate attire.

She saw Lucy in one of the fitting rooms working with a sales person but she was quickly taken to another room where a sales person helped her. They selected several pairs of high heels, dresses and a selection of intimate wear as well.

The dresses either were tight, very short or designed to show as much cleavage as possible. The articles were loaded into the limo and the two wives were taken back home.

They were told that an instructor would visit them that evening and would give them the training they would need to begin working the next evening.

The wives were afraid of the limo driver listening into their conversation again so they didn't discuss anything until they got back home. They unloaded their clothing and decided to meet at Dawn's house to discuss what had gone on during their interview.

Dawn couldn't wait until Lucy got there and when she did Dawn began nervously shouting, "Lucy. What are we going to do? I think this guy expects us to do more with these guys than just go out on a date."

Lucy was pacing the floor not saying a word until she finally opened her purse and took out a huge wad of cash. Lucy gave Dawn half the stack of money which was marked five thousand dollars.

Lucy finally replied to Dawn saying, "I told Shawn about the predicament we got ourselves into and he agreed to give us an advance on our pay, provided we start work for him tomorrow night."

Dawn fumbled with the cash with mixed thoughts knowing very well that she now owed this guy a lot of money.

Dawn couldn't help thinking about those questions again that Shawn had asked her during the interview as she said. "Lucy. Are we supposed to work as a whore for this guy? What if Richard ever finds out about this? I can't do this. We're going to have to give the money back and find another way."

Lucy tried to reassure Dawn saying, "All we have to do is go on a few dates with a couple guys we don't even know. Chances are these guys are only going to want us to attend a party or something with them. Why don't we just give it a try and see how it goes and if something turns up that we don't agree on that we can quit?"

Dawn walked nervously in circles than blurted out, "What about the dam birth control pills they want us to start taking? You know they are going to expect us to screw these guys. What kind of party's do you think these guys are going to want to take us to?"

Lucy's face showed as much reluctance as Dawn's but she tried to reason with her friend and said, "Dawn. Just take the pills as a precaution and as soon as we get the money paid back than we'll call Shawn and let him know that we have to quit. It's only five nights and all we have to do is play along."

Dawn was very curious to what Lucy meant and asked, "Tell me what you have in mind for us to do on these dates?"

Lucy replied, "We'll just have to play along and go out with the men and try to keep our distance. I think you're experienced enough to keep a guy from taking advantage of you, aren't you?"

Dawn stood thinking about Lucy's idea saying, "It might not be that bad if we can tolerate this for five nights. You have to promise me that you'll call Shawn as soon as we get this money paid back to him. I don't want to do this any longer than we have to."

Lucy assured Dawn that they would quit as soon as the money was paid back to Shawn. That evening, they were expecting someone to come out and give them a little training and maybe they would tell them how to handle someone that was demanding sex from them and give them advice on how to handle that sort of situation.

The wives were waiting for their trainer to arrive that evening, Richard had called and Dawn assured him that everything was fine.

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