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Matt gives Jordan gift she will not soon forget.

" She leaned over, hanging her beautiful breasts and dark, sexy hair in my face. I gave her nipple an obligatory nibble, which made her moan. "Please sir, may I have some more?" she laughed, obviously aware of her Oliver Twist reference.

"All of her Tits?" I punned badly. She laughed again, increasing her tempo. She bent down and kissed me again. The kiss was long and gentle. By itself it would have been arousing, but its gentleness was in stark contrast to the desperate, sex-crazed rhythm of her pounding hips. That bumped the arousal level up a few notches. Eva was climbing the mountain again, and now leaned back, supporting herself with her hands. Now I had the opportunity to watch her fuck herself. I may have been providing the penis, but she was doing all the fucking.

Her breasts bounced across her chest, capped with puckered, extremely erect nipples. Her head was thrown back, hair flying about sexily. Glancing down, I watched her naked pussy engulfing my cock. The pouting lips were dripping wet, and the way they stretched out on the up stroke would have probably had me squirting inside her, had I not cum once already.

Speaking of cumming, Eva was nearly there. She was now staring intensely into my eyes. Her eyes burned holes in me, and even a blind man would have known when she reached her orgasm, just by looking into them. I, lucky bastard that I was, didn't need to be so observant. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, while her cunt closed down on my hard cock. Her juices flowed freely, coating our combined sexes in warm honey. She twitched and spasmed, still silent, as wave after wave hit her. She was clawing at my chest, and finally our hands connected. I held her up, and she kept cumming. At last, the silence was broken.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, YES, YESSSSSSSSSS!" she hissed, then shrieked as she fell over on the bed, gasping for air. "Fuck! That was amazing! My quim is on fire!"

"Well, I hope my dick is flameproof, because am going in!" I grunted. Watching her enjoy herself had brought me close to the edge, myself. I grabbed her legs, wrenched them apart, and plunged my cock home.

"Oh god! Oh my god! Oh my fucking God!" Eva moaned as I started to fuck her. I was slamming her hard. Her legs were pulled up and wrapped around my waist. I was fucking her like a whore in a back alley, not like the goddess she truly was, but judging by her reaction, she was OK with it. Her hips were undulating, and she was fully engaged. When I pulled out and rolled her over, she moaned her approval and lifted her ass, showing me her red, puffy pussy, begging for more. I grabbed her hips and drove my cock back in. Her beautiful ass rippled with each pounding thrust.

"Uhhn! Uhnn! Uhnn!" she grunted with every stroke. I pushed her down flat, moving my legs outboard of hers, and squeezed her legs back together. Now when I thrust into her, my cock was surrounded by her muscular ass. I couldn't get as deep into her, but I was now angled directly over the rough little patch of her g-spot. This new sensation was not lost on her. I was slamming into her cushioning ass, and she was about to cum again.

"Oh fuck yes! Fuck yes, just like that! Oh fuck, I have never felt anything like that!" she screeched. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair, tugging firmly. Over the top, she went. "I'm cumming agaiiinnnnnnnn!"

I let her wind down a bit, before I rolled her over again. I dragged my cock across her greasy snatch once again, then straddled her chest, transferring lubricant to her cleavage.

"Well, well... Aren't we naughty?" she asked as her hands squeezed her luscious boobs around my hard rod. I started to rock back and forth. Her firm, natural tits felt absolutely indescribable. Eva was watching my shaft peek out of the top of her cleavage. Then she looked up at me. "You know, no one has ever done this with me before. I am a titty-fucking virgin!"

All I could do is groan loudly.

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