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Doubt and Certainty.


Mesmerized by the view I merely nodded listening as she continued, "You never really stopped loving me did you? In some ways its worse now than before isn't it?" My eyes widened as she spoke, shock and dismay conflicting with a relief at finally speaking about it. I nodded, unable to answer any other way. "What did you say" she prompted, "I didn't understand your response."

"Yes, you're right" I mumbled unable to meet her eyes. "Right about what?" she demanded, becoming more aggressive. "Right that I still love you," I murmured finally looking up at her, "Right that I never stopped and its even worse now than then."

A slow smile spread across her face, not the warm smile of someone being told they are loved, something more predatory. "You know I don't feel the same way you do," she smiled down at me as though the gut wrenching words were the nicest things she'd said all day, "I know you don't want to hear that but it's the truth." I nodded numbly, a feeling of humiliation creeping over me that she'd manipulated me into actually saying I loved her, only to throw it into my face. "You're probably feeling pretty pissed about me even bringing it up," she continued, letting even more of her breast show through the bathrobe, "There's nothing I can do though, I enjoy your company and all, but I really wouldn't be comfortable sleeping together, that time in our lives is done."

I began to get up, all sense of propriety thrown out in my urgency to leave when she stopped me with a hand on my chest. "I'm not finished yet!" she barked, pushing me back, "As I said, I don't want to sleep with you, but you know I haven't had a regular lay in months, a couple of one night stands and dates that failed after two or three tries. Obviously, I'm horny, and it occurred to me you may be able to help out." She held my eyes as she said this, a knowing look in her eyes, "I wouldn't mind having you go down on me once in a while, to take the edge off as it were."

I just stared, numb and confused as she continued, "I really don't think it's a great deal for you, pleasuring me when I want it with no return, but its all I can offer," all the while smiling down from her position standing over me, "So what's the answer, yes..." she swung open her bathrobe revealing her trimmed pubic hair already glistening with her juices, "Or no?"

My voice was so husky it sounded like a croak as I said the fateful word "Yes". She smiled and placed her hand on the back of my head, pulling me towards her wet pussy, "Yes what" she prompted. "Yes, I will lick you pussy whenever you tell me you want it." I replied. "Not just lick my pussy," she interrupted, "Kiss and lick and stroke me however I tell you to."

"Yes, anywhere, any way, any time," I mumbled as she drew me into her wetness and I began to slowly caress her with my lips and tongue. Above me I could hear her laughter, as I felt her hands tighten in my hair pushing my face deeper, her hips beginning a rhythmic pumping in time to my licks. "I'm going to enjoy having you a lot" she said, becoming, if possible even wetter at the thought, "Be ready for a long night."

She didn't speak, grunting and occasionally saying yes in long hissing indrawn breaths, pushing my head back and forth, sometimes holding me still while grinding her clit across the bridge of my nose. "Keep licking," she spat, as she pumped against my face, "Don't you stop, you'll know when you're done."

Her fingers close to ripping hunks of hair from my scalp, she ground her way to a tremendous orgasm, almost suffocating me in her wet folds. Finally, when I thought I couldn't hold on any longer, she released my hair and pushed my head back.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "That was even better than I remembered.

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