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Little brother helps big brother after car crash.

I penetrated his asshole with my middle finger and I felt his cock spasm in my mouth and then he was squirting copious amounts of hot sticky, salty, bitter semen. I swallowed it all and stayed with him as his proud erection started to go soft.

Moments after he flopped from between my lips, he asked, "Would you mind if I pissed in your mouth, Kid?"

This was new ... this was definitely kinky. Maybe perverted. Actually, I wasn't sure of any distinction between the two terms.

"Why not?" I blurted and wrapped my swollen lips around his much-reduced dick and gazed worshipfully up at his scarred face.

I resumed sucking away at his reduced state while he relaxed sufficiently to expel the necessary urine to fill my mouth.

I kept expecting someone to thump on the bathroom door and ruin the moment, but we were left in peace just long enough. He closed his eyes and bit his lip and I let his soft dick rest on my tongue.

Then I felt his balls twitch, and he let a squirt of piss out. I swallowed it hungrily. It was followed by another, stronger stream. Suddenly my mouth was full of his hot, salty piss, and I had to swallow fast and hard to keep up.

I'd never tasted piss before, not even my own - well there is the probability I did as a baby, but I doubt that counts. Anyway, I was relieved to find that it was non-disgusting, and easily digestible. Not exactly something I'd put on my breakfast cereal, but in the heat of the moment and fresh from the source, it certainly did the trick.

When he was finished, he withdrew his penis and I licked the last golden drops off the tip. Then he pulled his panties back up, buttoned his jeans, kissed me roughly on the lips, and we exited the men's room together.

I half-expected a standing ovation from the bar, but nobody was paying us any attention. They were all busy getting drunk. We freshened up our drinks, wine for me and beer for him.

"That was fucking awesome Kid. You wanna hang out here some more, or do you feel like coming over to my place?"

"You have etchings I might be interested in?' I asked just to be a wise-ass.


"Your place sounds like a plan," I cooed.

Big Dick's place was out by the General Motors truck and bus plant in Linden. We took his pickup there.

I was so fucking horny I could taste it. I playfully felt up his thickening cock through his work jeans. He was nice and hard, and it was nice to know he was horny too.

Dick put his arms around me and whispered huskily in my ear, "I can't wait to suck your cock."

Holy Shit! How drunk was he that he thought I was a guy?

I thought about it as we drove toward his place. Honestly, I hadn't set out to fool anyone. I'm not built like a supermodel. I had short hair at the time; and if you've ever done outdoor construction work in the New York, New Jersey area you know that everyone wears layered clothing, even in the heat of summer. I will admit that most, but not all the dudes stripped down to tee shirts on the hottest days.

But I happened to specialize in a jogging bra, t-shirt, chambray shirt and jeans along with the requisite steel-tipped boots. It was my uniform.

Okay, I did have several bras and quite a few Tees, and three, count 'em, three chambray shirts. And almost everyone called me Kid, or Jo, short for JoAnn.

It had never occurred to me that anyone thought me a man! And yet, here was Big Dick thinking I was which made him queer!

However, with his cock straining against my hand through his dirty jeans, I forgot about that and told him, "I want you to fuck me cross-eyed" I really wanted him to, too.

We stumbled out of his pickup and up the steps into Big Dick's duplex apartment.

As soon as the front door closed behind us, we were all over each other.

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