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A very strange threesome.

"My brother will write a check for the balance when you make the delivery," Laura said sweetly to the salesman.

She wanted me to go west for a few miles to a bedding store where she selected sheets and pillow cases for my new twin sized bed.

"We can take this road north, can't we?" she said, looking at me expectantly when we approached a highway. When I turned onto the road she slid next to me, getting close. "Now you'll have a place to sleep when I get rowdy in the night"

"I don't mind you getting rowdy," I tried to assure her.

"Now you have a place to bring girls, I don't want you bringing them into my bed, okay?"

She caught me off guard. Startled at what she had said, I vowed not to bring a girl to the house. She laughed, "Just remember what I said. Don't fuck the little tarts in my bed, understand?"

On Wednesday we hung the curtains and talked about how we could deposit her pay into the checking account without raising suspicions in the bank. I suggested that we could buy money orders, deposit them into my checking account back home, then make a deposit to our joint account with a check from my account.

"What ever you think best," Laura said, dismissing the subject.

We went out to eat that night. Laura wore a simple short skirt and a same sleeveless blouse from the day before. To my surprise, small pearl ear rings adorned her ears. On the way to the car I gave her one too many glances.

"Do you want to see my tits, just snap your fingers, you know I'll do anything for you," Laura wagged her finger at me.

"I was checking the chain, don't you ever take it off?" I was thinking that it clashed with the pearl ear rings.

We went to a Mexican restaurant in a nearby town and ordered the hottest dishes on the menu. We drank several Mexican beers. We both got a little naughty. I asked Laura for a big favor. She said sure, anything. "Will you teach me cunnilingus? She roared, then said she would be glad to teach me how to lick pussy. "We're being so naughty," she laughed. It was good to hear.


"Yes?" we were laying on the bed on Thursday morning. Laura clutching one of my hands to her belly.

"If I was the cashier? At that grocery store we were in? And you were a customer?" She paused, pressing my hand to her stomach.


"Would you hit on me?"

"Would I hit on you? What made you think of such a thing?"

"Would you think I was attractive? If I was the cashier and you were buying a roast and I happened to ask how you were going to cook it. If I said, 'do you like it rare?' What would you say?"

"I would say that it depends on how you like your roast beef. If you like it rare I would offer to cook it rare for you."

"Are you hitting on me? Are you asking me for a date?"

"Yes, how do you like your roast beef cooked?"

"Would you hit on me because you thought I was pretty?"

"Yes I would, you're my number one."

"I thought I was your second piece of ass."

I had to explain about that night in the brothel when I had mentally ranked the five girls one through five, ending, "you were my number one."

Laura turned my way, leaned down and kissed me, the Korean trinket landing on my chest. "If I was the cashier would you pick me up?"

"Yes, I would."

"Prove it," she said, turning, her back to me, my hand back on her belly.

"Okay, how do you want me to prove it?"

"Go to that store and hit on the cashier, take her out, seduce her. If you are successful you will have proven that you would hit on me if I was a cashier."

"You're shitting me, I'm not going to do that."

She released my hand and her body became rigid. I tried to rub her tummy. She rolled away from me and lay quietly. "I worry about you being here alone. You need to meet other people, I'm not enough for you," she said in a strange quiet way.

"I'm not going to hit on that cashier. For one thing she's not as pretty as you."

"You didn't look at her.

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