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She gets the vacation to end all vacations.

He smiled at me and squeezed me hand. We continued talking, while I secretly hoped Violetta would hurry up and come hang out with us already. I was intrigued, and was trying not to worry so much about my jealousy over Adam and instead concentrate on my own attraction to her. I hadn't considered what it'd be like to actually see Adam attracted to another girl-I knew he was, but I hadn't ever been there in person as it was happening. Now, I wasn't quite so bothered because I just wanted a glimpse for myself.

Finally, Violetta came out of the bathroom. I tried to hide my disappointment: she had put a terry robe over her sexy lingerie; she came towards us and smiled, holding out her hand-

"You must be Isabella," she said with a disarming smile.

I gulped, and nodded. "Hi," I said, shyly, as she plopped down right next to me. Her terry robe fell open and her legs glistened underneath. "I love your top," I said for something to say, and then reddened at my comment. Did I just say that?

"Oh," she giggled, and pulled open her robe, "this? I got this at Victoria's Secret," she said. I glanced over at Adam-his glance was riveted on her breasts. Violetta looked down and covered herself up again, "Sorry," she said. "No, nothing to be sorry about," I jumped in. She was really nice, I thought to myself. Adam was smiling, I saw out of the corner of my eye. He caught my eye, and surprised me by saying-

"Violetta, Isabella said she likes your top-why don't you take it off so that she can try it on?" Violetta looked at me, and I didn't want to seem too eager but figured, hey, Adam said it first.

"Yeah, ok," I quipped in, "I'd love to try that on..." my voice trailed off as I felt Adam's hands slide off my top and unclasp my bra. My breast bare, I felt my nipples harden as both Violetta and Adam looked at me. They were both smiling though, and their glances made me feel at ease. I felt emboldened, and reached over, untying Violetta's robe, then her top, and sliding them down her bare shoulders as she leaned back and cusped her breasts. I glanced over at Adam-he was hungrily running his eyes around her nipples.

I slid on Violetta's top as she sat back, relaxed, wearing only her black see-through panties.

Adam quipped in, "That looks good on you, Is," and turning to Violetta, he added, "and that looks good off you!" Violetta blushed, "Oh quit it, Adam, you've seen my tits before, no need to make a big deal of it now," and I gulped. What did she mean? I glanced over at Adam-he was eyeing me carefully. Violetta immediately added, when she saw my face, "Oh, you know, in and out of the shower, and just lounging around, nothing more than that..." and I continued thinking to myself, what, does she just walk around the house naked or something? Does this bother me, or turn me on? I wasn't quite sure, all I knew was that now, I wanted to see Violetta lounging around naked, her legs spread apart, her pussy exposed.

I must have glanced down at her crotch, because she saw my glance slid down her body and smiled-

"Isabella, do you want me to take my panties off?" she asked me. I was shocked, but then everything had happened so fast, and I couldn't help myself. I did want her to take her panties off, or at least, just for me, but Adam was sitting right there.

Had he already seen her naked? Had he stared at her glistening pussy as she lay back on the couch, lazily relaxing her legs open? Almost as if reading my mind, Violetta teased Adam, "You've already had the pleasure of seeing my pussy-don't you think Isabella should too?" I glanced over at Adam-part of me could not believe what I was hearing but the other part of me was just so turned on. My erect nipples told the whole story as I glanced again at Violetta's panties. She understood my glance and coyly slid them off, taking her time. I felt Adam tense beside me as I felt my pussy tingle and moist.

Violetta delicately slipped her panties off her long oiled legs, and sat back, relaxed.

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