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He meets a Mistress & her sub husband.

Her pussy was so hot around the top of his organ. He grabbed the soft sides of her ass and pushed himself slowly into her all the way, until his entire member was sheathed inside her hungry cunt. They both moaned, needing this badly. He began to fuck Shanice from behind, right there in the livingroom, slowly at first, watching his white cock pull the lips of her vagina outward with every withdrawal. He gently tapped against her ass with his groin as he continued to move at an easy pace. This didn't stop her moaning, and she still had trouble catching her breath. His rod felt so perfect inside her needy hole, and she rammed her ass back against him, meeting his every thrust.

He slid his hand up her shirt, running them up her smooth skin until they felt her beautiful, naked breasts. He grabbed onto her tits, holding them as he fucked her from behind a little harder. He could feel her hard nipples, a wonderful contrast to her soft mounds. Danny loved this, Shanice was so beautiful and to be doing the things to her that he's been doing.... He watched her ass cheeks shake every time his groin slapped against them, her brown skin hitting his white skin over and over. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned each time his cock glided into her. He was so hard!

His animal instinct was forcing him to move things to the next level and so, reluctantly, he released her breasts and slid his hands back down her smooth body to once again grab onto her waist. With a firm grip to gain momentum, he slammed himself hard against her. "UNH! UNH! UNH! OHH God! UNH! UNH!" Her cries could be heard out in the hall as she felt an orgasm rise withing her. 'slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap' went his groin against her ass, though could barely be heard beneath her loud cries. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned excitedly, overcome by orgasm. Her entire body was electric, her heart was pounding, and through it all, Danny's cock rammed in and out of her eager twat. She was a helpless ragdoll as he mercilessly pistoned his incredibly hard penis into her gripping vagina.

Finally, she was able to gasp for breath again as she recovered from her intense orgasm. He pulled his manhood out of her and they both could hear an audible 'slurp' noise. She was so wet, both from her own arousal, as well as from the juices he fired into her earlier.

He roughly spun her around and her arms immediately went around his neck, pulling herself up to him and kissing him eagerly. Their lips smacked loudly as their tongues flailed sloppily into each other's mouths. He reached behind her and gave her ass a squeeze before easing her shirt up her body. She broke the kiss and raised her arms and he slipped her shirt off of her, throwing it on the floor. Her gorgeous breasts were exposed to him again, and his cock twitched at the sight of them. He kissed quickly down her neck and down the slope of her breasts as she leaned back on the rear of the couch. His mouth engulfed her dark nipple, sucking on it roughly.

He was too excited, but she didn't mind. The animal way he was taking her was turning her on even further. His right hand dove between her legs and he began to lightly rub her sopping wet slit as he kissed and licked all over her beautiful tits. "Ohhhhh..." she sighed, subtly writhing her crotch against his hand as she watched his mouth worship her breasts.

Danny could put it off no longer. He half sat her on the back edge of the couch, she placed one leg up, and kept her other foot barely touching the floor with her toes. Her long legs were wide open for him and her black pussy was at his mercy. The lips of her cunt were swollen and quivering, she desperately needed him to slide up into her. He stood before her, and he watched her small, dark hand wrap its fingers around his white pole.

Shanice guided Danny to the entrance of her treasure, and they both watched breathless as he slid into her in one stroke.

"Ohhhhhhh yessss.

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