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A Woman takes a cum shower to excite her voyeur.


"Hey, this isn't probably good for a fat old fart like me, but tell me about her. What was so special about her?"

Sam laughed and continued, "You keep popping for the beers and I'll keep talking, now I remember. Her name was Laurel or Lorna. Something like that."

David felt a stirring in his cock and wondered if he was talking about his wife. Sam went on to say after the first few months of dating his buddy, Frank started putting demands on his girlfriend. He would openly fondle her and talk dirty about her in front of his friends. He would tell them how he was training her to be a great cocksucker. She would just stand there and get red in the face. But if you looked at her nipples they would get hard as little erasers.

"Towards he end of the first year he had pretty much exploited her submissive nature," explained Sam. "She would allow Frank to use her both privately and publicly as he wished."

The stories and beers continued. David, now was afraid to find out if this girl Sam was talking about was in fact his wife. This was much more than young sexual experimentation, but rather the exploits of a woman who had no self esteem and was a complete slut. Sam described how she would orally service any of Frank's friends and was often made to degrade herself. Often naked at parties she would masturbate to entertain the boys of the fraternity and though her pussy was Frank's alone her mouth was available to any frat brother who asked, at any time.

During rush week Frank arranged for her to rush the most exclusive sorority on campus. Everyone there was connected to old money and were the beauties of the campus. Frank was close to one of the more evil of the sisters. The girl thought only Frank's frat brother's knew of her exploits, but in reality most on campus knew her as the Cum Slut.

She was told to join the sorority she needed to be initiated. They told her all the girls had gone through this rite of passage and after a few drinks she acquiesced. Shots of tequila were set up and each Sorority Sister gave their boyfriend a shot glass. The boys would go by themselves into another room and jerk off into the shot glass. These sisters were not the kind of girls who openly displayed sexual acts and would not tarnish their reputations by accompanying their beaus into the room to assist in 'the milking', as they referred to it.

Soon there were twelve shot glasses filled with various amounts of spunk, cum, jizz or in technical terms, sperm. They lined them up in threes and told their pledge she needed to drink three followed by a shot of tequila. This would be repeated four times until she had emptied all the vessels.

The booze, the shouting of the girls, the desire to become a member of the sorority and finally Frank's persistence spurred this twenty year old girl on. She completed the task to the amazement of the debutantes who all kept tissue at their sides to dispense any fluids, when and if they ever had oral sex.

Once done the room went silent, except for the quiet snickers and giggles of the twelve girls. Sam continued, shaking his head. Next, as Frank had described to Sam, Frank told the group the last part of the initiation was for her to drink from the source. Frank, never shy or embarrassed by his manhood, unzipped his pants and pulled out his good sized cock.

He looked into the scared eyes of his drunk and confused girlfriend and told her to get on her knees.

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