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Older man finds love in a much younger woman.

He trusts in hard enough that Kyra nearly moves back on the couch. She groans as he slams his fat cock into her, moving expectedly. "Oh shit, there. Ugh-" she shudders, her hips bucking and her muscles tense around Nate's huge cock as he continues to ride her hard.

Kyra's moans of please encouraged him further so his balls we slapping her ass and he rams her. She pushes back onto him as he shoves himself into her wet pussy. She was so wet he was having no trouble impaling deep into his cock. A knot forms in his balls as pressure builds and he was thankful Kyra was climaxing.

Kyra screams Nate's names shoves herself deeper onto his pole as he thrusts deep into her. Her walls constrict around Nate's fat cock and with a shout she feels her orgasm wash over her. Her pussy's filled with pleasure heat, her muscle spasm and she cries out her bliss as he hammers her wildly.

Nate groans and shoves in hard as the knot in his stomach releases, and he squirts his cum into the condom. He wished he didn't have to wear it, and then he'd be able to feel Kyra's walls on his skin, feel her pussy juices coating his fat cock. Nate collapses between Kyra's hot thighs, his cock stiff and throbbing from his erection.

Nate startles as someone starts clapping slowly, deliberately.

Marcy stood in the doorway to the lounge room, her sunglass still on as she smirks at them. "You know, you should really record that, great porn" she says pushing her sunglasses onto her head.

Marcy was Kyra's minx of a friend. She was a devil, with killer eyes that seemed to dare you to not get an erection. Her boobs were huge and you could often tell she wasn't wearing a bra. And other times she'd bend over to show she wasn't wearing underwear either. Nate had often imagined Kyra and Marcy making out together, and every time he got a rock hard boner.

"Marcy" Kyra breaths, still calming down from her orgasm.

"Hey babe" Marcy says dropping her bag on the floor. She wonders over and in one quick move leans down and kisses Kyra on the lips. Nate stares with wide eyes. He'd imagined it, and now he seen it! Even more amazing Kyra kisses back hungrily. Marcy straddles Kyra's stomach and leans down to make-out with Kyra.

Feeling left out Nate reaches around and cups Marcy's boobs. When she doesn't protest he rubs his finger over her swollen nipple. A few seconds later Marcy groans in announce and sits up to rip her shirt off. She then leans down again to kiss Kyra's boobs, pushing back against Nate's once again hard cock.

Kyra moans as Marcy sucks her nipple and licks it. She suddenly sees Nate stand and he walks over to her and presents his bare cock to her. She obediently takes it into her mouth, sucking at the cum still coating his cock. She suddenly shudders as Marcy's finger rubs her clit. She lets out a small sound of enjoyment and squeezes Marcy's breast. Touching the other women's body made her feel naughty excited, like a kid opening her Christmas present too early. "

Marcy runs her tongue over Kyra's breast and down to her smooth stomach. She slowly crawls backwards, making sure to lick Kyra's salty skin as she moves down. She finds the girls shaved pussy and quickly sets to work sucking and licking her clitoris making Kyra groan and tremble. "Kyra, you taste good," she comments devouring the girl's juices. She smelled so good it turned Marcy on even more. "Oh, Nate, come here!" she demands spreading her legs wider and lifting her ass higher into the air.

Nate was nearly cumming in Kyra's mouth, she was licking him so fervently, her tongue investigating his cock like it was new land.

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