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Brunch was ready and being placed on the table as Wayne sat there and thought about what I just said. "We'll just have to play that by ear."

The kid came and sat down with us. He wouldn't take his eyes off of me and sat there staring as I was introduced as a friend of his brother and Wayne. "Jake, Sara here is an attorney and is going to help us get your and Mau's papers in order so you can both stay here in the states. You OK with that?" He nodded as I understood what my job would now be. In a way, I hoped that was all it was going to be.

It was getting late when Wayne gathered my things and walked me to my car.

"I'll see you tomorrow at your office."

I nodded back. He acted like it was a done deal that I would help him. I guess he was right. I drove home in silence thinking of the problems I was going to have. I got home and saw the answering machine was blinking, 20 some messages. Most were from Chad. I ignored them. Several were from Amber wondering where I was. I called her right up and told her I had been out of town and would see her tomorrow. Small talk ensued and didn't last long. I made no mention of my weekend. I then listened to Chad's messages. He was wondering where I was also. He had been calling several times a day. His last message told me he would be home Tuesday and would see me then. I called him back and got his voice mail, was glad for that and told him I would be over to see him Tuesday night. I would spend the night with him.

I ate a light dinner, made a list of things I needed to get done tomorrow and went to bed setting the alarm to get up early. When my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light. I slept hard until the alarm sounded. I did the usual morning routine to get ready for work, eating a fast breakfast and drove to work. I wondered how my day would go.

I needn't had worried. My desk was swamped. I had several new cases that needed to be disposed of. I noticed on my calendar, Wayne had been penciled in for 3:00. I wondered how that would go. Black cock was on my mind for the rest of the day and I found myself looking intently at the men that were black not only in the office but those I saw out on the street. I was curious if the rumors that I had heard were true, that all black men were large and perform better than any white guy.

This was a large firm and there were partners that were black and I guess four or five law clerks that were black also. I had never really considered them before, as in possible lays. Several had tried to get me to go out but I had always made excuses not to. I knew when they asked I wouldn't go out with any of them. I had found out a long time ago it was bad policy to date someone at the office. I knew of several bad instances and all ended with one or the other being fired or disciplined. I wasn't about to get involved but then black cock kept popping into my mind.

I worked through lunch finally getting caught up ten minutes before the meeting with Wayne. I used that time to look up what we may need to get the paperwork started. I jotted down a few notes and waited for the receptionist to announce Wayne my next client. I wished he had selected one of the other partners and I was worried as to how the meeting would go. I hoped it would be formal. The receptionist called and I told her I would be down to meet them and take them to the conference room next to the receptionist desk. I wanted this meeting to be as public as possible. It was directly behind her and with the large windows, there would be no privacy. I was afraid of what might have taken place behind the closed door of my office. Not just what Wayne might do but what I might have done. I discovered as I got up from my desk and descended the stairs from my floor to the lobby I was flush and a little horny.

The three were waiting for me.

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