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Are you feeling lucky hoping to win big at the casino?

"Busy here!" I said.

A voice replied, very quietly "Want some help with that?"

What the hell? I was handling it all on my own, thank you, but I was heated up enough to not care much, and I have always had a strong exhibitionist streak, so I unlatched the door and swung it open without removing my hand from my cock, or even slowing my stroking down very much.

"Are you sure you can help with this?" I asked, waving my cock around and staring at the face of the guy who had knocked on the booth door, pretty much daring him to either back the fuck off, or to come in and make his offer good.

To my surprise, he grinned, and stepped into the booth, while reaching out and putting his hand on my cock, displacing mine. He closed the booth door with his free hand and latched it again, and while I was a little bit nervous about people looking at the doors (which stop about a foot above the floor) and knowing there were two of us in the booth, I was also a bit aroused by that possibility.

He was a decent looking guy, a few years older than me, but in decent shape. He didn't look like a sleaze or a druggie, for which I would have kicked him out immediately, but instead looked like someone I could have had a conversation with. He also had good technique - his grip was comfortably firm, but not tight enough to be uncomfortable, and his stroke was neither too fast or too slow. He'd done this before.

So I wasn't at all surprised when he bent over and took the head of my cock into his mouth.

And even there, he surpassed almost every blow job I had ever gotten. I had to surmise that the old line about how guys give better head because they know what a guy wants had to have some truth to it. He was not too fast or too slow. He took my cock gradually into his mouth, easing his way down the length a little bit at a time, making sure it was wet enough to let his lips and tongue slide down without any resistance at all. He kept his lips tight enough to provide a sensation all of the way around my cock, and his tongue kept moving, providing an extra measure of sensation that was above and beyond anything I'd felt before. All of the blow jobs I'd had before that were pretty much straight-ahead suck and buck jobs, going up and down, and sometimes even way down, but with more enthusiasm than technique. This guy had both. He provided enough motion and friction to give my cock the familiar feel of going in and out of a tight pussy, but enough control to vary the amount of tightness, and that without any problems with teeth. Adding the tongue action when he came up to the head of my cock was just amazing.

I was doing my best to just enjoy and prolong the sensation, feeding extra money into the machine, when I noticed that his technique changed. He'd been using one hand to keep him balanced and free of the wall, and the other to gently massage my balls and keep my cock pointed in the right direction. Now he took his hand off of my cock, and reached down to unzip his fly so that he could reach his own cock. He was enjoying himself as much as I was, and wanted to free his cock from his pants so that he could jerk off while sucking me.

And what a cock!

It was like the fantasies I'd had - long and thick, and fairly straight, with a slight downward curve to it, as well as being clean and cut, with the pubic hair trimmed around the base.

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