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A very religious girl's first date.

It shatters the end but the man is still standing. Before he could react, I drive the broken bottle into his arm.

"FUCK!" He yells out dropping his knife. He turns to me and sees that I'm about to stab him again so he booked it. Jumping over the trash that he was throwing in an attempt to slow me down, I realized that I was leaving Maddie alone. The burly man knew that I was faster than him so he ran into the road while there was traffic. I'd be foolish to follow.

I returned to Maddie and we waited for the police. She had a cut on her leg but the man left her purse on the floor. She looked more mad than afraid.

"I'm so sorry Maddie. I tried to stop him." I said putting my sweater around her.

"You did stop him. But why did you chase him? What if he hurt you or worse?"

"I was just trying to stop him so that he couldn't hurt anyone else."

"You should just let the police handle it. Speak of the devil." She said as a patrol car arrived. We gave our testimony and turned over the man's knife and the bottle I used to stab him.

"Could you describe your assailant ma'am?" He says pulling out a different notepad.

"Of course... Uh, he was pretty tall and well built. He had scruffy brown hair and eyes. And he had a mustache. Oh and a scar on his left eye."

"Thank you ma'am. We'll be on the look out." One officer said when another came up to us.

"Don't that sound like the feller described to us by them Indians." He says trying to shoo us away.

"Not here Chuck but I think you're right." The two cops leave so I escort Maddie home.

"Are we still on for date night?" I say jokingly. She turns her pissy eyes to me like she usually does when I say something sarcastic. We treated her cut then went to sleep. Typically, I would go to the park on Saturdays and play soccer but recent events just changed that. I was awake before Maddie so I grabbed my gear as I usually do. I rubbed Maddie's baby bump and went out to where she was robbed. I couldn't find anything so I resigned to asking around. Most people knew nothing but one person had some insight for more.

"I think I kner hur yur lerkin fer. What he done do?"

"Umm..." I said taken back by his accent. "He robbed my girlfriend and was about to rape her before I showed up."

"That's perty odd. I done think I got the wrong feller. You see, you done described Mr Thomas but the man would never hurt no one. He lives across the street urp on the second fler."

"Thank you Mr..."

"Mr Chuck n' yer welcome." He said joyously. I left to continue my investigation. I asked around and was instantly pointed to the Thomas' apartment door. I took a deep breath then knocked. The door opened as far the chain allowed.

"Hello?" A small voice called out. I look down and see a young girl about seven years old holding the door open.

"Hi there! Is you mother or father home?"

"Mom!" She happily called out. Almost instantly a woman came to the door.

"I'm looking for a Mr Thomas?"

"He's right in the kitchen. Come inside." She said as hospitably as possible. I enter and see the same burly man, that attempted to rape my girlfriend, coddling a little boy.

"Welcome young sir. I don't think I recognize you from work?" He says standing up handing his boy to the woman, presumably Mrs Thomas. "So what brings you into my humble abode?" He looks like he genuinely doesn't recognize me.

"You don't remember me from yesterday? I stabbed you."

"What is this?" Are referring to this?" He says revealing his wound. "To be honest I don't remember yesterday. I don't owe you money do I?"

"You don't remember yesterday? What happened to you?" I took a seat offered by Mrs Thomas.

"James here sometimes loses reality and black outs. The doctor says it's PTSD."

"I'm sorry but PTSD doesn't excuse what you did yesterday. You robbed my pregnant girlfriend."

"I don't know what to say.

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