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Sarah gets her first session with the crop.

e bring rum punches for the four of us," I said, "but I thought Monique would be serving on the beach?"

"You have a clear eye for beauty and talent, and indeed she will be helping me after lunch. Enjoy our beach and I will bring drinks down in a few moments." Jason turned back to the bar as Julie's admired his taut buns, and we went off in the direction of the girls.

The beach was a half to two thirds full by this time, so it was wise we had planned ahead. The two beach chairs Jason had picked out for us were directly between the girls chairs and the surf, with the four of us next to a large umbrella and table.

"Hi guys, I see you found us and the chairs the boy saved for you!" Bobbi said. "Julie, what did you think of Jason, or as we like to call him, Mr. Big? She and Monica both giggled like school girls.

Julie but her bag and wrap on the table, stood at the foot of Bobbi's lounge with legs slightly spread as if to stabilize herself, and began to pull her hair back. "Jason is very friendly and easy with the compliments, but I have no idea of what you're talking about...Mr. Big?" This mock denial of the obvious resulted in another round of laughter among the three of them.

"Hey Sam," Monica flirtatiously chimed in when she saw I wasn't really laughing, "don't look so concerned...we've already have a nickname for you too...Volcano! We can already see how much you stick up, but we're only guessing about your gushing flow!"

The gals erupted in a third round of tittering, when Julie added, "A well chosen name, I can assure you!"

We were getting a few quizzical looks from those around us, so Julie and I positioned the chairs so they were lying flat and we spread out our heavy towels. I laid down on my stomach, and when I was comfortable, turned to Julie and called out, "Hey, could you put some lotion on my back?"

Without hesitation, Bobbi jumped out of her chair and quickly volunteered. "Please, allow me to do the honors. Back home I do in-house massages, and I've got quite a reputation around town." She took the bottle of suntan lotion from a rather surprised Julie, and came over to the side of my chair.

The deep back rub application of the solar protection felt great, but the word heavenly came to mind as she continued rubbing the slippery cream on my calves, then up to the backs of my spread thighs and finally on my tight buttocks. I swore I felt her fingertip lightly brush my scrotum and anus with the cream, although it might have been my imagination.

Her brazen behavior seemed to go mostly unnoticed by the others, but it prompted me to say somewhat softly, "I bet you do have a reputation back home!"

Bobbi bent over and kissed my ear and whispered, "You should see me at work in private, Volcano...I'd have your lava flowing in no time."

She stood up and motioned to her friend with the bottle, "Okay, I'm done with Sam. Here Monica, you do Julie. We don't want any of their parts to burn, now do we?"

I had lifted my head to watch as Monica enthusiastically raised herself to a sitting position and took the bottle. With her legs straddling the chair, her bald pussy lips were spread open widely as she inched forward to get her body over her feet so she could stand. She smiled at me as she stayed in that revealing pose for a few extra seconds to give me a longer peek.

Julie offered no resistance to Monica's small hands as she applied lotion all over her backside. She had positioned herself on my side of Julie's chair, so I was treated to the erotic sight of her ass and pussy as she kept her legs spread bending over her subject. I could see Julie also spread her legs as Monica applied cream to the inside of her thighs and nether regions.

As if waiting for the show to stop, Jason arrived with cold drinks just as Monica was finished with her work. The girls were delighted with the refreshments, and as I signed for them, I told Jason to keep them coming. Getting a little rum in these girls would be like fanning a small fire, and they were hot already!

After about 15 minutes, Bobbi called over to me, "Hey Volca

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