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Sexy new neighbor rolls in.

Seeing her family standing with their chins in their laps, staring at her get the royal fucking of her life, Sara opened her full, sensuous pink lips and moaned out low and long, her body shuddering in a very powerful orgasm. She gasped and trembled, emitting strange noises. "Ohh, unnhhh, Aaahhhh!"

I stared at my sister while she came and she was staring right at me. Her deep blue orbs glared intently into my own more faded blue eyes. And I read the shame, guilt and terrible ecstacy there. She was getting off on us watching her. Getting off on ME watching her...and I could not hide the bulge in my pants I knew she'd seen.

The man underneath her let out a deep groan and his scrotum began to jerk spasmodically. The dick began to spasm as he spurted thick white sperm into Sara, filling her cavity up until it began to seep out arount the cock-shaft. The girl with the great tusch whimpered and dived into Sara's pussy, gusling the jizz that leaked down my sister's smooth thighs. She made sloppy, wet, nasty noises as she licked and slurped the cum out of Saras cunt. Big Dick went soft and fell out. The shrinking penis, wet and red from the prolonged sex, flopped uselessly down over his balls.

Pretty Butt, did not pay him a moments notice as she guzzled his manly escence out of Sara. She was emitting a sighing, sobbing noise from deep in her throat as she consumed her delicious sex-snack. Sara came twice in rapid succession from her attack.

Her girlfriend and the Big Dick were startled out of their separate trances by my Mother, Anela Dayson, shrieking like a wounded kitten. They both gasped and rolled over, away from Sara, who lay there without bothering to cover herself.

Mom screamed again, as if the first time had not been enough to get everyones' attention. She clasped her beringed fingers over her own ( quite ample) breasts, staring in shocked disbelief at Sara, who glared back at her in annoyance. Two pairs of lovely blue eyes beneath equally blonde fringes of hair stared at one another for one single silent instant. Then; "Do you people ever knock?" Sara asked calmly.

Mom looked at Dad and me, then at my sisters two attractive lovers. She seemed to be at a loss as to what to say, but dad came to her rescue with a strangled expletive.

"Goddamnit, girl! Put some fucking clothes on!"

Sara's friends began to frantically search for their own undies, the girl trying to hide her goodies at the same time. Sara merely shrugged (making her breasts jiggle nicely) and drew a light summer dress over head. She did not bother with underware herself and seemed not to have worn any in the first place, as Pretty Butt was slipping into the only pair of panties lying around. The guy finished pulling on a pair of jeans and didn't bother with a shirt. His rippling pecs and six-pack abdoman distracted my mother for a sec, but she recovered her volition. She pointed at the door.

"Matt, out! Get outside till I tell you to come back in. Now!" I looked at dad and he nodded his agreement. I frowned, but said nothing as myself and the happy fuck-buddies filed out into the hall. The guy kissed the girl bye and left. The girl, who was now dressed in tight jeans and a halter-top, leaned against the wall with me. She was very pretty, about my age, with long brown hair. She was hugging herself tightly and rocking back and forth for comfort. Her full lips were trembling and tears of embarrasment were leaking from the corners of her warm brown eyes. I gently asked her name.

"I'm Tara. Sara and I are roommates. I go to NYU. That was Simon. Your Sara's brother, Matt?" She seemed grateful for someone to talk to. I nodded. She smiled nervously. She was really very cute. If you could ignore the slightly crusty whiteish substance around her mouth. Her cheeks still glistened. I guess she had tried to clean up but missed some spots. She saw me staring at her and started licking the dried cum from her lips. I gave her some privacy and listened to the argument inside.

"How could you be su

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