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Sarah meets TV vixen Tina and has her first transbian sex.

As Matt squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples the guys went nuts. "Just look at those tits" Ben said. "Thats one horny mutter fuck'n bitch" Jamal proclaimed, "I'm gonna tear that pussy up."

Dan, a thin young white guy won the next hand and eagerly yanked Brandi onto his lap. She held his cards as he rubbed her tits with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She was really getting into it moaning sexily when Zeke won the next hand.

Zeke, a heavy set black man was on the other side of the table so Brandi with a glint in her eye slid under the table and crawled to him. A zipping sound was heard. Zeke's eyes got real big as we heard slurping. Soon Zeke was breathing hard and his ass lifted out of the chair. If it wasn't obvious he had cum Brandi rose from under the table with a trickle of cum running down her chin. She seductively took her finger and wiped it off then inserted it into her mouth with an "Mmmmmmm."

I won the next hand, undid my pants and had her sit on my swollen cock. She grabbed my cock and guided into her waiting pussy. She was quite wet and I slid right in. She was so horny she came when I hit bottom with a loud gasp. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as she gently bounced up and down on my cock. It didn't take long for me to cum too. I squeezed her tits hard as I exploded.

She got up and pushing the cards to the side she laid on top of the table face up with her dripping pussy facing me. "Next winner fucks me," she said. We dealt the cards on her naked body and each guy would rub her clit or tits when they got their cards.

Jamal won. Jamal a twenty something black guy was the most ghetto looking of Matts friends. He had a gold tooth and many tattoos and was the one saying the lewdest things. With a broad smile on his face he stood up declaring he was gonna tear that little white pussy up as he dropped his pants revealing his large 10" cock.

Brandi moaned an "Oh my" when she saw the size of him. She tried to reach for it but he pushed her hand away.

"I'll oh my your ass" Jamal said as he grabbed Brandi by the ankles and roughly pulled her closer to the edge of the table. He lifted her legs over his shoulders as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her waiting pussy. Teasing her he rubbed and smacked her clit with the head of his cock making her yelp each time he'd smack her. Letting his cock rest on her pussy lips he reached up and violently groped her tits. Squeezing and pulling on her nipples he said "These are some fine titties." He slapped at them several times and laughed "Look at them bounce." He then smacked her with his dick one more time before inserting it. He slowly pushed his cock into the moaning Brandi.

She let out louder and louder screeches as more and more of his cock disappeared into her.

"Listen to that bitch" he boasted, "She's never had a real cock in her before, have you bitch?" he said as he rested for a bit when he was all the way in.

Brandi didn't answer as she laid there gasping and moaning.

He slapped her tit really hard making her yelp. "Have you bitch" he said demanding an answer.

"No, no, God no never, you're the biggest" she moaned out between breaths. "I need you to fuck me with your monster cock. Please give it to me, fuck me with your big black cock" she begged.

Pleased with her answer he smiled broadly then began fucking her violently. As he fucked away her tits bounced wildly until he reached up and grabbed them with both hands roughly squeezing them. "Damn, these are nice tits" he proclaimed again. Grabbing them like they were handle bars on a bike he used them for leverage as he fucked her like a mad man slamming into her over and over again. After a few minutes he stopped and stared at her gasping for air. "Bitch likes it rough" he boasted.

The guys were yelling encouragement and other stuff during the fucking. "Save some for us" "Don't kill her" "White chicks love a big black cock" "She's not going back to little white dicks now" "I'm gonna tag that ass" etc.

Staring down at Brandi gasping for ai

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