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Monday morning. I had a job interview.

I dressed as smart as I could. Shaved, cleaned up my face. Put on my best shoes. Ate breakfast. Maggie looked at me. She noticed my hair wasn't quite right.

"Go back to the bathroom. Put some gel in it. Quick! You'll miss the bus," she demanded.

The problem was...Amy was in the bathroom.

I knocked.

"I'm in the bath. Wait!" my sister called out.

"Amy I need to come in. I'll be a second I promise."


"I can't I need to put some gel in my hair, I've got an interview."

"I'm in the bath."


"Just come in. The door is open."

"It wasn't locked?" I asked as I went in.

"No, but it's good to hear you panic. Sucker!" she replied.

"Amy, good to see you're still as annoying as ever," I told her as I ran my fingers through my hair.

I finished and turned to leave the bathroom. As I did so I leaned towards the bath and flicked some bubbles into my sister's face.

"Ahh you pig!! Just you wait!!"

As I left, laughing to myself she called my name.


I stepped back into the bathroom to see that she had sat up and in doing so I could see her breasts. My mouth dropped open as she laughed.

"That shut you up didn't it," she smiled, sinking back under the bubbles.

I ran for the bus and got to my job interview on time. For some reason, every time I had a quiet moment, all I could see in my mind were my sister's tits. They weren't big. Not quite a handful, but the y looked nice.

Nice? That's my kid sister I'm thinking about there! Stop. Just don't even go there!

By mealtime that evening I had mostly forgotten about her little display. Later that evening I was sitting in the lounge watching tv with dad. Mom came in to say goodnight. She always goes to bed early. Then Maggie came down and sat next to me on the couch. Dad always sits in the armchair nearest the tv. Maggie sat on my right hand side and cuddled up to me. I put my arm around her and began to lazily grope her breast through her shirt. I stopped this the moment my sister walked into the room. Amy would normally sit in the other armchair but instead she sat next to me on the couch, on the opposite side as Maggie.

After a few minutes I stretched out my left arm and wrapped it around Amy's shoulder. This was how we sat for about fifteen minutes, with my wife and little sister on either side of me, and each with one of my arms draped around their shoulders.

I will never know what prompted my next move but I decided it would be a good idea to move my left hand away from my sister's elbow and across to her chest. I slid my hand over until it rested gently on her t shirt right on top of her breast. She flinched slightly but made no effort to move it or herself away. Her lack of movement I read to be an acceptance of what I was doing so I began to gently squeeze her breast. This I did for a few minutes until dad sat up and walked out the room.

"Just going to the kitchen. Anybody want anything?" he asked.

"Actually I'll be back in a sec. I'm just going to get changed," Amy announced as she jumped up and ran towards the door.

"She was getting cosy," commented Maggie.


"Have you noticed her yet? Looking at you?"

"A couple of times. But not all the time."

"Hmmmm...we'll see," sighed my wife.

Dad came back in, followed a minute later by my sister. She was wearing a vest and shorts. She sat back down next to me. Keeping an eye out to make sure my wife couldn't see, I put my arm back round my sister's shoulder. Then I slid my hand across to her chest. No bra. She had taken her bra off. I squeezed and fondled her tit through her vest, constantly checking Maggie didn't notice.

The movie we were watching finished. Maggie sighed and I pulled my hand away from my sister.

"Bed time I think. Coming?" Maggie asked me.

We went upstairs, stripped off and were soon fucking. Once we had both cum, Maggie lay back and stared up at the ceiling.

"You know, I'm getting bored. Already," she announced.

"With me?"

"No not with you dummy!" she laughed, slapping my shoulder.

"Bored how then?"


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