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Faye and Sally enjoy a day out.

Then she had to whisper it in his ear and about how bad she wanted him in her. A man is only so strong! Now she was pissed. Zack couldn't wait until after the bar, he'll talk with her then.

"Can we at least watch something fun? Hitch is on." Trixi tried to say civilly. She was never good at being bitchy. Zack didn't even notice her walking back into the room. Although she was fully dress in her hip-hugging jeans and a low-cut shirt, he saw her naked every time he blinked. She'd let her hair down now, too. Damn.

"Sure." He said nonchalantly. Thankfully, as he turned the channel, Jay and Beau strolled in. It'd been a long time since one of the boys actually knocked. Technically, they only knocked when she had her door locked, which was only after dinner or when she was gone. She has forgotten about it while she was sprawled out naked on the couch with Zack ripping off her undies. His hands all over her, her tits, tummy, and when he thrust his finger in her...

"Trix?" Jay asked, jolting her back to the present.

"Huh?" She answered. All three guys were looking at her with concern on her face. Scratch that, Zack had a seductive grin on his. "Yeah, what?"

"Did you just moan?" Beau asked.

"Um, yeah. I was thinking of the food that we should be eating. I'm starved." She retorted. "I'm thinking dinner out, then to our bar, of course. Or maybe straight to the bar and eat there." Man, she needed a drink like woah.

"Mmmmmm, bar food." Zack murmured. A zap went straight to Trixi's legs, well, more like between them. The notion was seconded and third, and off they went.

Several hours later, with some wings and such in their tummys, Beau started the ritual of the T&D game at the bar. All of them were buzzing nicely, therefore it was time to play.

"Truth or dare, Jay?" Beau asked.

"Dare, duh. Why do we even give a choice?" Jay responded.

"Because Trixi mixes it up and always chooses truth." Zack said as he turned to face her.

"I do not! I did a dare a couple nights ago." Trixi stated.

"Yeah, about a year ago and the only reason you know that is because we told you it happened." Jay countered.

"Oh, and you didn't even do it because you passed out right after you agreed to do one." Zack reminded them.

"Well..." Trixi faded.

"Anyway," Beau said. "Dare... I dare you to pick up the brunette in the blue top over there."

"Psh. Easy." Jay swaggered over to the girl and proceeded to talk with her for a couple minutes. Soon, she was writing something on a napkin. Jay walked back and sat the napkin in front of Beau. "So, that's a shot for you!" Beau downed Jay's liquor of choice, tequila. Actually, it was everyone's choice except Trixi, hers was HotDamn100. After several rounds between the guys, Trixi, who was nursing her 3 long island staring at the hot guys around the bar, was called into the game.

"Trixi! Truth or truth, oops, I mean dare." Zack slurred. Trixi rolled her eyes as she turned back to her three best friends. Obviously, they were toasted, not that she was far behind. A wicked smile crept across her face. She leaned over to Zack, almost falling off her own stool. Looking him in the eye, his face millimeters from his face, she licked her lips.


"Excuse me?" Jay asked. Beau choked on his drink, and Zack's mouth was hanging open.

"You heard me." The boys quickly huddled together. This was a dare that would not be given lightly. It had to be something that she would refuse to do, but was within the rules. If she refused, it was a shot from everyone. If she did it and failed, just one shot from him. Or if she did it, then he took a shot. He knew the perfect dare. After getting the guys approval, he turned to face her.

"I dare you to kiss me." Zack said. Fear, panic, and lust all sliced through her face.

"That's not fair." She whispered.

"What was that? Are you refusing? Ok.

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