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Lisa tries a threesome for the first time.

Once we've done that, once we've gotten her to surrender to them, then I believe, she'll give us the answers we need. last time, everyone here agree to do this?"

They all did. And though it could turn sour and disastrous if it didn't work, there really wasn't any other alternative either. In moments, all four of them were naked, and in position. Jessica for the time being, hidden and waiting behind a small partition. Mellissa, now sitting in Williams lap, his hard stiff cock, which had taken a bit of doing to get there at first, now comfortably resting inside her as Grace walked over to the still hanging Becky, removing the hood along with the ear plugs she was wearing, though keeping the ball-gag in place.

William had been warned. Grace had already told him what to expect once the hood came off. When Becky's eyes adjusted, and she saw her own father sitting there in the room with her, fucking the very same woman who she had likewise come to hate and despise, her expression said it all. If looks could kill. Becky thrashed, even though it was useless for her to do so as Grace took a small riding crop and gave Becky's ass a quick switch with it.

"Enough!" Grace warned. "Now unless you want another one, even harder than that, you're going to calm down, listen to what I have to tell you, and watch. After all Becky, you're in no position to do anything other than that, now are you?" Stubborn as she was however, as Grace had likewise warned everyone she was apt to be, she trying cursing around the gag in her mouth, hanging there wild-eyed, face beet red, and once more thrashing about, for all the good it did her. But, just as she had been warned, Grace once again laid the crop across her back-side, this time noticeably firmer and harder, the sound of the whip striking flesh, reverberating easily within the small sound-proofed room.
Becky couldn't believe her own eyes. The fact that she'd allowed these two women to get the jump on her, and subdue her the way that they had, so unexpectedly, had been bad enough. But now, to be strung up and just hanging here, and then finding out the first thing she sees, is her own father, sitting there fucking the very woman she had hoped to destroy, was almost more than she could honestly handle. And it was a surprise, and further humiliation to her, to be hanging there naked in front of him, and he...looking at her as she was, all the while fucking...fucking this bitch, this cunt, this whore! And obviously, enjoying it! He would indeed pay for this, the first chance she got, some way, any means. Though she was equally as determined, they all would. They would all pay for this. If they thought they could scare her, humiliate her into submission, they all had another think coming.

William wasn't sure this was such a good idea after all, seeing the crazed, hateful look in his daughter's eyes, though Grace stood off to one side, holding the switch, ready to use it again if necessary. So far, Becky hung, unmoving, simply staring...with that look. Looking towards Grace, she tried to smile, nodding, letting him know he was doing fine, and to keep going, though it was now time to turn it up a little. This is where Mellissa came in. William wasn't sure he could be as vocal as Grace had indicated they should be, giving himself away if he even tried at first. So that would be Mellissa's job when turning it up a notch.

"You see your father's nice hard cock going in and out of my pussy Becky? You hate that it is don't you? You hate that he's fucking me...and not you, don't you Becky?"

Although this is what Grace believed was one of the problems with her, William had had trouble believing she was right, though agreeing to go along.

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