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What a spouse doesn't know won't hurt.

He pulled the finger out and held it before her face. It was glistening from her wetness.

"Oh look, I was right." He said and pushed the finger against her lips.

This was just too much, her mind just couldn't keep up with his actions.

She opened her mouth and sucked her own fluids from his finger.

Sooo, finally done lying to yourself?

No, my boyfriend, I have to ik-.

She lost her train of thought when he pulled the finger from her mouth with a soft plop, and joined by another finger, pushed them back into her, starting to thrust rhythmically.

He let go of her hands, and scooped some of her ice cream with a spoon, holding the spoon to her mouth.

"Come on, people might get suspicious if you don't eat."

She opened her mouth, sucking on the spoon if only to stop the moans that his hand between her legs forced from her mouth.

The whole situation was just too bizarre. There where people all around them some of them looking in her direction and smiling or quickly looking away when they saw her being spoon fed ice cream by what they probably assumed to be her boyfriend. While he was finger fucking her under the table.

She came, hard. And with her legs twitching she leaned against his chest, while he wiped her mouth clean. And then made her lick his fingers clean. She almost died from embarrassment when the waitress came over to take the check and saw her doing it.

"Would be a shame to waste the ice cream just cause I'm a clutz." he laughed, and generously tipped the waitress, who smiled and agreed with him.

She was still recovering from her orgasm when she saw a glint from the corner of her eye and heard a ripping sound, seconds before she felt a tugging sensation, followed by a cold breeze on her wet pussy lips.

She stared in disbelieve at him holding her cut up panties in his hand.

"Don't worry pet, I will buy you new ones. But you have to earn them. Now kiss me." He demanded.

And she stretched her neck kissing him hungrily. Trying to wrap her head around the situation.

He has got you now. The voice laughed, and for the first time today, she had to agree with it.

He drew back further and further, forcing her to follow him upwards, until she was standing, on wobbly legs, still kissing him.

He broke the kiss.

"Come on let's go." He said, putting an arm around her, and firmly grabbing her ass.

She felt extremely conscious of the fact, that she wasn't wearing panties as they walked through the mall. Only enhanced by his hand on her ass, and him pulling up her dress little by little, until it barely covered her ass anymore.

He led them into a public bathroom and into one of the stalls. Pulling down his pants he stood there with his erect cock, which was about double the size of her boyfriends. Grabbing his dick he slapped her cheeks with it.

"Time to earn yourself some new panties." He said.

She licked his shaft, kissing the top of his penis, before she opened as wide as she could and took him into her mouth. He was just too big. She heard him laugh and looked up at him, her jaw already beginning to ache as she blew him.

"You still think I'm going to be gentle with you."

He laughed, before he grabbed her head with both his hands, and forced his huge cock down her throat in one go.

She gagged, with her nose against his stomach, and he began to move his hips, fucking her face.

She could not breathe and began drumming her fists against his legs, to no avail of course.

He pulled his cock out and she took a deep breath that was cut short by him forcing his dick back into her mouth.

She had no idea how long he continued doing that, her entire world had shrunk down to his penis, straining for breath, and an aching sensation between her legs. The fluid trickling down her legs told her, that she needed his cock inside her.

And that you will to anything to get it, won't you?

His thrusts started to increase in speed, growing more and more frantic, as she struggled for air, to no avail.

Then he held her against him, and she felt his dick

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