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Three lifelong friends cross that last boundary together.

I screamed almost in shock, not believing I came that fast, but I loved it, I let Mike bring me over the top by filling my pussy with his big, fat tongue. "Ohhh fuuuck yesss Miiike! Yesss!" I wailed with my eyes closed, my body convulsing in waves of spasms.

When I finally subsided a bit, I opened my eyes and found Mike's face dripping with fluids, I think I even squirted him a little bit -- I can be a bit of a gusher, surprisingly, it happens time to time. His tongue was still in me, his upper lip and nose exciting my clitoris with sporadic contact. My heels dug into the bedspread, and my ass and pelvis began to gyrate in cycles under his face. I kept looking at him, past my pointy tits, pumping my hips in circles as his tongue stuffed itself into my vagina. I could feel his tongue in me, it was incredible, I wanted every bit of it. He fucked me deeper with that tongue, shoved so far in me now, as far as it could go, wiggling and thrusting. My butt moved faster, working around and around, with his mouth planted on me as he tongue-fucked me hungrily.

"Oh fuck me, you bastard!" I screamed, out of control. "I want you so bad!"

He was fucking good at eating, I swear. His tongue was huge, it filled my pussy, I could feel him almost stretching my pussylips just from shoving tongue inside. He felt deep in me, like a cock if that were possible, fucking me and tasting me at once. His hands wandered up my little body, they didn't have far to go, and he clutched my breasts again, squeezing them, pinching the hard nipples. I loved that, and showed it by grasping his wrists so they couldn't move off of my tits.

With the burning of my nipples between his fingertips, and his tongue in me, I lost it again, having my second orgasm. It felt so fucking good, my limbs burned again from the waves of the climax. I squeeled like a stuck pig, whining as my body released energy from my clit and racing through my whole body. Oh, this one lasted a long time, it was a huge quake that shattered everything and left me dizzy on my back, naked and wet, with Mike's tongue still deep in me.

After that big orgasm, Mike's hands left my tits, and slipped down to my spread-open thighs. I felt his palms rub up and down my inner thighs, my legs are so small his palms were so big on them. As he licked my pussy deeply without cessation, he pried my legs open more by pushing my thighs wide apart. Then, his tongue pulled out of my cunt, and immediately licked down a few inches. I pushed my ass up at him, wanting that too. His tongue found my asshole was covered in juices, perfectly lubricated, and Mike sent his tongue into my butt. It was so tight, he moaned and I whined as that tongue entered me.

He pulled out just a moment to look up at me and ask a question. "Your husband ever do this to you?"

Total lie again. "No, Mike, baby, do it, I love it!"

Ok, I wasn't lying about the part that I love tongues up my ass. Mike pushed my knees as wide apart as he could until they were straight out from my thin body, and he dug his face into the bed so he could push his tongue up my anus. I gripped it and felt that penetration, and he worked his tongue in so far while his nose and face ground on my pussylips. I wanted it all, so I took my own hand down to my clit, squeezing it between two fingers. Mike saw that and let me do it, knowing what I wanted. I frigged my clit hard, almost ripping it off of me, while feeling his tongue up my ass.

"Fuck Mike yes I'm cumming again!"

I couldn't believe how fast it happened. My third cum, in maybe only ten minutes. I was quivering and shaking, barely breathing, as this hot little orgasm ripped through my body. It left me out of breath and almost crying, but I continued messing with my clit while Mike filled my asshole with his tongue.

After a few moments, his hand grabbed my wrist and pulled my finger off my clit, and his lips replaced it.

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