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Bianca Beauchamp helps Carl heat up his frigid wife.

I was right that neither wore a bra, and it was already obvious that neither of them wore panties. I thought Joe was about to grab one of them and take them right then and there.

"This is fucking incredible!" Joe exclaimed. "Kim knows this is one of my fantasies. I am so fucking horny!"

Joe and I were mostly watching the stimulating activities of the two girls. They are both so beautiful and sexy together. I also kept an eye on the video and noticed that the scene had moved to a bedroom and that the two guys were doing a pussy/ass double penetration on one of the females. I glanced at Joe and could tell that he was also watching this part of the video and his eyes were wide open, glued to the DP action.

Kim reached out and grabbed me and Joe by our cocks, pulled us off our seats and lead us to the bedroom. Erica followed closely behind. She had a video camera in her hand and was already recording.

Once in the bedroom, Kim backed Joe up to the bed and pushed him back onto it, his knees at the edge of the bed, his feet hanging down. Kim leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and gave him several licks and a quick sucking. Joe threw back his head onto the bed and began to moan. Kim then got onto the bed and straddled Joe. Holding his cock at the entrance to her pussy, she rubbed his cock-head over her wet pussy lips and then forcefully sat down on him, impaling her pussy with his cock.

They both gasped. Then she began humping his cock. Apparently Joe was very horny. He was moaning and uttering all sorts of noises. This was raw, animalistic sex. No words were spoken, just grunts and groans.

Kim leaned forward onto Joe's chest and began kissing him passionately. She reached her hands behind her back, grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, exposing her puckered pink ass hole to me.

I knew what she wanted. I could also see that she left condoms and lube handy, just for me to use. I quickly slipped on a condom and added some lube. I squirted some lube on Kim's rosebud and slipped a finger inside. Through the membrane inside her ass I could feel Joe's cock thrusting in and out of her vagina. I knew this would be so weird to feel his cock against my cock inside Kim, but I knew this was something she wanted, and something Joe had agreed to do.

As I shoved a second finger inside her ass to loosen her up, I turned towards the video camera that Erica was operating. I smiled at her as she smiled back.

"Are you ready?" I asked Kim as I returned my attentions to her.

"Fuck. Fuck!" she muttered. "Do me! Fuck my ass Charlie while Joe fucks my cunt!"

I didn't want to think about the fact that Joe and I would be such an intimate sexual situation together. We were each just doing our part to give Kim and very naughty and kinky experience. I knew she would be very tight as Joe's cock filled her from the other side, leaving less room for my cock in her ass.

I pulled my fingers out, squirted more lube into her open rosebud, and positioned my cock to enter her. It appeared obvious that Joe was only thinking about his own cock in her pussy, and might be oblivious to me entering her ass. Likewise, Kim appeared to focused mostly on Joe fucking her.

"Here goes!" I announced while shoving the head of my cock into her ass.

Kim yelped at the intrusion, but kept focus on fucking Joe. She was so tight and it was so weird to feel Joe's cock still pumping inside her. I grabbed her hips for leverage and started pumping my cock in and out, trying to time my thrusts with Joe's thrusts. Very soon I had my cock fully inside her ass. Joe and I were indeed giving her a full pussy and ass double penetration. KIm was moaning loudly as two guys fucked her two holes.

Erica moved around to our side to attempt to capture on video the two cocks filling Kim's holes.

While Kim was my sister, and one of my lovers, I did not feel any loving emotions at this moment for Kim.

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