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Two guys and a sexy babe.

Ariella smiled when Teague just laughed.

Suddenly a midget clown with explosives strapped onto him shot through the window. Goddammned Tremors.

Teague grabbed Ariella by the waist and practically threw her behind a booth, covering her body with his until the small pieces of midget stopped splattering around them.

Gunfire began ringing through the hall, Teague took his gun back from Ariella with a smile and opened fire on the servers and the bartender. While he had an almost perfect shot on Soot, it was assassin etiquette to 'save the best for last'.

Another clown came through the window. Fucking Tremors.

Ariella had been taking out as many as she could with her small shotgun and Teague could see she was about to do something, but when she stood up he was taken completely unawares. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back down behind the booth, bullets flying past their faces.

"Wait! Wait 'till it's safe!" He couldn't let this beauty get a nine millimetre to the forehead before he'd even had a taste.

"I'm not here to play it safe!" she yelled before running straight out into the fray. Teague could only watch and cover fire from behind as she stalked right up to the stage where two waiters had dug themselves in and were exchanging fire. In a millisecond they both had shurikens protruding from their main arteries and bullets to the chest.

Teague smiled when she preformed the most well known assassin move and crossed her arms to shoot in the opposite directions before rolling over a table and making her way to the stage, behind which was the elevator to the bunker below where the target was hiding. Only Teague saw the waiter hiding behind an adjacent booth stand and take aim at Ariella's back.

He took the shot but realized he was out of rounds just before the bastard had squeezed off two into Ariella. As she fell Teague started walking up the room towards the waiter, throwing his now useless gun to the side and taking out his favourite razor, only used on special occasions. This seemed like one.

Slicing the man across the abdomen, Teague made sure to move his hand away before the man's intestines burst out, then wrapped his arm around the man's neck and used him as a shield as he pulled a reserve gun from the back of his waistband, taking out the bartender in three hot shots. The waiters twitching body fell and Teague was already by Ariella's side, swiftly picking her up into his arms and taking her to the side room just as the Tremors finally appeared.

"I should have listened to you. Not my strong suit I guess." Ariella whispered as he put her down on a bench before taking off his jacket and using it to staunch the bleeding of the deeper bullet wound, one that had gone through her right side, not hitting any main organs. Thankfully both weren't fatal, but she would be in a lot of pain tonight.

"It never was." Teague muttered distractedly as he lifted her dress to get a better look at the bullet scratch on her ribs. For a moment the only thing he could comprehend was the fabric of Ariella's thong, black lace bracketing her hips perfectly, Teagues mouth watered like he had just beheld the most delicious feast. Well in a way he just had, he chuckled to himself.

"Thank you.

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