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Alex continues working with a well-endowed Latina.

She muttered about "crazy assed firebugs" and focused all her power on draining the energy from the fire, part of her mind noting just how much energy the fire user had been able to generate to make the flames. Smoke filled the air and Amber used a small amount of her power to generate an energy bubble, pushing the smoke away from her so she could breathe.

After several minutes of intense focus and concentration, she was finally able to drain the last of the energy from the fire, leaving the room blackened and burned, but the rest of the building was undamaged. They'd need some serious remodeling done in here, but thankfully that would be all. She was still breathing heavily from the exertion when Jade came running into the room.

"Hey Amber, you ok??"

"Yeah Jade...I'm...ahhh...fine." Amber continued to breathe heavily for a moment. "Just...a little tired...after that."

Jade looked around the room and shook her head. "What the hell happened in here?"

Amber sighed and ran her fingers through her sweat dampened hair. "She did."

"She? She who?"

Amber shrugged. "No idea. Powered and can use heat energy or fire generation. Not sure which. I surprised her, asked her who she was and she attacked me. When that didn't work, she torched the place, then burned a hole in the floor and split. There's an old subway tunnel down there so she's long gone by now."

Jade looked at her with wide eyes. "Pretty powerful for a petty thief."

"Oh, there's nothing petty about her." Amber muttered, then walked over to the open wall safe. Reaching inside, she pulled out a still smoldering bag and looked inside. "Diamonds. She was stealing diamonds. Sapphire will wanna know about this one for sure."


Meanwhile, across town in a large, luxurious home, the previously mentioned Sapphire was engaged in firefighting of a different kind. She was currently on her hands and knees, her pussy burning with pleasure as her Master's large, thick cock plunged in and out of her tight, wet hole.

"Mmmmm yesssssss...ahhh fuck me Master!" she cried as James thrust into her over and over again.

Sapphire loved these nights, when she got her wonderful Master all to herself. She loved her sister crimefighters dearly and was always perfectly happy to engage in sexual play with any of them, but these were the times she secretly enjoyed the most. When her Master's attention was focused on her and her alone.

James smiled and squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass as he grunted and groaned with pleasure, burying his cock completely inside her cunt with each stroke. Even after all this time, his attraction to his sexy heroines had yet to diminish. He inwardly couldn't imagine that it ever would. They were amazing, both in and out of bed, and he couldn't picture his life without them in it. While he occasionally felt twinges of guilt over having enslaved them all, he was honest enough with himself to admit he'd never willingly give them up.

While he had initially enslaved all 5 of them out of a twisted desire for revenge over a scheme of his that they had foiled long ago, he had come to admire and even love them all. The sex he had with each of them, hell even all of them on occasion, was still as mind blowing as ever, but he had realized some time ago that he did actually love and care for them all and was proud of their efforts to make the world a better place.

Not that any of that mattered at the moment, he thought with amusement.

Right now, all that mattered was how tightly his gorgeous slave milked and squeezed his aching cock with the tight, slick walls of her pussy as he fucked her hard and fast. All that mattered was the sound of her passionate moans as she thrust back hard against him. All that mattered right now was the feeling of his balls tightening and his cock swelling as his climax neared.

Sapphire cried out in ecstacy as she came, gasping and moaning as she felt her Master's cock pulsing insid

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