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Masa is sent to train with a new master, whom she hates.

She just worried about how long she could keep up the nerve to stay like this. Right now, chickening out was her only foe.

Minutes went by, and Kendra's imagination drew her closer and closer to a meltdown. She could actually hear her own heart thumping in anticipation. She was sweating from the thoughts spinning through her head about what would happen when he finally saw her. And it was with that thought that persuaded her to go further.

Right now Chris could walk by, see her, stare at her nearly naked chest, and just say a nervous "goodnight". Nothing was certain to happen, and Kendra certainly wanted something. She stood up and quickly removed her panties. She knew she had become wet, but was surprised at how damp they were as she wadded them up and put them in her purse. She couldn't help but touch herself as she sat back down, legs now slightly spread. Her finger slid up and down over her lips, slowly, delicately, spreading her moisture.

'God, I'm crazy,' she thought to herself. But she wasn't backing out. She had seduced guys before like this, so she knew what worked. She played out scenarios in her head about what to do when he found her. Should she quickly compose herself, act embarrassed, then wait for him to make the next move? Should she smile, spread her legs, and throw her feet up on the table with a smile?

But before she could decide, he was there.

The boardroom had windows on two sides. To Kendra's left were windows that faced outside, showing only the dark sky and the moon. To her right, the windows gave a view of the majority of the office, with it's maze of cubicles. Chris was standing on that side, near the door, his body hidden in shadow. There was no doubt he was facing her, shocked at what he was seeing.

Kendra hadn't noticed him move into that position. Her eyes had been open, though very slightly, but her imagination had captivated her attention. While Chris was supposed to be the stunned one, it was Kendra who nearly jumped out of her seat.

Instead, she handled her fear in another way. Once caught in the reality of the situation, she no longer felt in control. She didn't want him to see her like this. That is, she didn't want to face him. Not now. And if she became startled, he would know she had seen him. She would apologize, he would apologize...Kendra didn't want that, so she kept her cool, continued to touch herself, and watched him through the slits of her eyes. Her mind spun. She had put herself in a corner with no way out.

But something was pulling at her. Something she had missed. And then it hit her. He was still watching. Certainly most men would have turned right around, fearing the same confrontation that was consuming Kendra. But Chris had stayed. Did he know she had spotted him? If so, then her continuing was even bolder than the charade of "getting caught". Or was he just enjoying the show? Did he want Kendra as much as she wanted him, so much so that he was willing to stick around to see what would happen when she saw him?

Or was he just a creep?

Kendra didn't believe that last one, especially when he took half a step inside the boardroom. This was not a man hoping for a free show. He wanted something more, and was taking a big risk to get it.

Kendra felt that intense arousal she had entertained earlier begin to slowly take her back. She was now stroking herself not to keep him from knowing he'd been seen, but because she was actually that turned on. She was growing wet again, so wet that her finger squished with a whisper as she dipped it into herself. Her legs spread further apart, and she leaned back. The chair squeaked.

Slowly, Kendra fucked herself with her finger. Gradually she increased the movement, but she made sure not to go too fast. She wanted to enjoy this. She wanted him to enjoy this. And she wanted to give him time to find the nerve to do whatever it was he was intending. She watched him slowly, silently, take another step into the room. He was twelve feet away.

She decided to help him

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