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Martin gets a handjob from a sexy woman on the plane.

Wow, she loved the feel of his hard, young cock. It grew even further as the hot cowgirl gently caressed him.

"Mmm. Impressive," she murmured. "Looks like you needed Lila's touch?"

"Fuck, yes," he panted, his youthful eagerness a powerful turn on.

Her fingers were just long enough to wrap around the teenager's girth. "Like that?" she teased, stroking harder up and down the hard shaft.

As the youngster's eyes half closed in the rapture of the moment, a long, loud moan was his only answer.

Gently, the cowgirl continued to stroke him, carefully watching each aroused reaction on his face. She was wet just from the way she had him totally under her control.

"Wow, good boy," she murmured as she felt a burst of precum slide across her hand. Slowly, she rubbed it into the shaft.

Whether it was that, or just the entire thought of pleasuring the youngster in her truck, Lila knew she wanted to give him more than a hand job.

She couldn't hold back. When her hot mouth dropped to engulf him, the tingling inside her went all the way down to her hot core. God, she loved the sweet taste of his sticky precum.

She took more and more of his perfect young cock into her mouth. When he whimpered at the sensation, she raised her head just enough to drool saliva along his length. Her wicked, blue eyes sensually held his as she used both hands to work it into his throbbing hardness.

"Oh, God, Lila..." the youngster groaned, thrusting his hips upwards and desperately grasping at her blonde hair.

The sexy beauty read the warning signs and pulled her mouth away.

"That's quick," she teased. "Ready to cum, Thomas?"

He twitched in her hand at her provocative words. God, she wanted this as much as he did.

"Next time you better last longer for Lila," she whispered, and as her mouth consumed him again, her words reverberated around her head. Next time?

His hard shaft deliciously pushed against her throat as she slid her full lips all the way down to the base. His grunts told her the teenager wasn't going to last, but she didn't care. She wanted his cum.

The thought drove her on as she more aggressively mouth-fucked him. He didn't disappoint.

The youngster simply erupted, blasting his eighteen-year old cum down her throat. She took the first two before pulling her head away. Her frantic hands seized his throbbing meat and jerked it, propelling one, two, three jets of pearly man-juice across her face.

As he reached out to grip her hair, she allowed him to pull her back, her mouth covering the pulsating cock just in time to catch the last few bursts.

The new hot, sexy cowgirl sat back, satisfied, loving the freedom her new attitude was bringing.

Chapter Five: The S-10

It had been a couple of days since Lila had given Thomas a blowjob in the 1995 Chevy 4x4. He wasn't old enough to fuck -- well he was, but he still seemed too young. Besides, she didn't want him getting ideas.

But her encounter with the kid had left her feeling constantly horny, and despite using her vibrator to relieve herself, the beautiful cowgirl needed something more.

That might have been the reason she hung around the bar after another wild evening at Shooters. It must have been two in the morning and, apart from Jason and Josh, most everyone had already gone home.

While Dana started cleaning up the front of the bar, Lila made her way into the back room. The fact that the two regulars were already there, playing pool, was of course coincidental.

"Just one more shot and you owe me twenty dollars," Jason was telling his friend as he lined up his shot.

"Bullshit, there ain't no way in hell you can make that." Josh shot back. The two of them were always competitive.

It was then that the two boys noticed Lila and, after a quick glance, they went back to the pool game.

The blonde beauty stopped picking up bottles and cans long enough to watch Jason strike the cue ball.

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