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Then, even after confirming that he wasn't using drugs, as if she developed a sexual fever, she couldn't stop watching him. She couldn't stop spying on him. No longer able to justify why she still had a hidden camera in his room, she didn't care.

Always horny for him now, especially after seeing him naked and watching him masturbate, she loved hugging him when wearing her thin, sheer, nearly see-through, sexy nightgowns. Now that she knows he's always so horny too and masturbates while wearing her panties, like mother, like son, with him only wearing a tee shirt and pajama bottoms without underwear, she loved feeling her nearly naked body up against his nearly naked body. Imagining herself naked and making love to him, she loved feeling her breasts and her erect nipples pressed against him when his erect cock was pressed against her.

Normally the comforting feelings a mother receives when hugging her son were more sexual than that. While hugging her son, especially when wearing something so sheer and so sexy, she became sexually aroused. Hating to admit it to herself in the beginning, the feelings she received when hugging her son were much more sexual than comforting. Not knowing what to do with those inappropriate, incestuous feelings back then when she first started having them, now she masturbates nearly as often as her son.

Feeling more in the way that a woman sexually feels for a man instead of how a mother should lovingly feel for her son, she was tortured by her sexual lust for Raj. Now a game she enjoys playing, she enjoys sexually teasing him and enticing him while hoping to seduce him. What she used to wear for her husband, she now wears for her son. She receives much more attention and compliments from her son than she ever did from her husband. If only for the mere pleasure of him holding her and hugging her, she's filled with the sexual thoughts of him possibly even inappropriately touching her. After watching him masturbating numerous times while wearing her panties, she now knows Raj sexually wants her as much as she sexually wants him.

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With her son so easy to sexually tease, all she needed do is to walk from her bedroom to the kitchen in her sheer, sexy nightgown without the modesty of a bathrobe. All she needed to do was to stand in front of the open refrigerator door without turning on the light in the kitchen. All she had to do was to stand in front of the television without the light being on in the living room. All she needed to do is to open the bay window drapes in the morning to get the attention of her son. Whether she walked from her bedroom to the kitchen, stood in front of the open refrigerator door, the TV, or the big bay window, she knew her son could see through her flimsy nightgowns as if she wasn't wearing anything at all.

With his eyes burning a hole in her nightgown, he stares at her in the same way that she stares at him when watching him on her laptop dressing, undressing, and/or masturbating. Knowing that he could see much of her mature, nearly naked body, she was invigorated by his lusty stares. Just by his stares and her mother's intuition, she knows that he sexually wants her as much as she sexually wants him. Only, it's all so very sexually frustrating. As if there's a wall that was forbidden to climb over, the line of incest to cross cast such a heavy shadow of taboo that unless he made the first move, she didn't dare make her move. It's much more common for a son to sexually lust over his mother than it is for a mother to sexually lust over her son.

With her sexy nightgowns so very transparent, she looked in her mirror to see what she could see of herself and what he could see of her.

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