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Hmmm. Now that you mention it, maybe a little nap would be a good idea.

The breeze coming up woke me. The dark squall line on the horizon mobilized me.

"Guess what. We'd better skedaddle back to the marina as fast as this thing will go."

By the time we had clothes on and the sails rigged again, the sun was gone and the wind rising. Luckily, we were getting a close reach back. I buried the leeward rail and asked Emma to get her life jacket on and help me with mine. She quickly repacked the picnic things and tied them down along with other loose items.
I questioned her, "Have you gone over in this thing?"

"Only once, when Beth tried a jibe and the wind got us."

I told her, "I was with your cousin one time at Marblehead when he tried for a mooring just as the first big gust hit us. We capsized and beat the hell out of one of his friend's yachts. He didn't get over that for a long time. We may have to make a quick decision when we get to the marina entrance. Are you up for that?"

"Alec, you're the skipper and in charge. Even if you weren't, I'd do as you ordered." The pale blue eyes were unblinking. Over the wind noise, she said, "I might have to marry you."

I looked sharply at her. This was a frozen moment in time. Dear God, if we capsize and drown, I'm a happy man. Holding on to the tiller and main sheet for dear life, I leaned over and gave her my best Marry Me kiss.

"We have to talk."

"Before or after you drown me?" She grinned.

The race with the squall line was touch and go. I said to myself that there was no way our sixteen footer was going to survive that first blast. And we'd better not be close to the rocky breakwater when it hit or all they'd find is splinters and our bodies.

We were about a quarter mile out. I gave her the main sheet to hold and leaned over. "We need two or three minutes inside the breakwater in order to get into the slip safely. Right now, we have it, but if we lose that margin, I'm going to veer downwind and put us up on the beach right over there," gesturing to the sand in front of the village park.

The next ten minutes were very, very tense. We shot thru the entrance to the marina and had a lucky break as our slip was directly upwind. Emma jumped out and got the bow and stern lines as I frantically downed the sails. Emma wanted to run for the car, and I told her to go ahead while I stayed in the boat getting out the cockpit cover as best I could. She wouldn't go without me and hopped back in the boat with the wind howling and rain coming down in sheets. We'd got it three quarters fastened when she said, "Get underneath, we can finish from inside."

It worked. We lay there in each other's arms, totally soaked, with the storm all around us. The boat banged against its bumpers, the rain made a terrific racket on the cover a few inches above us. She clutched me tightly. Her wet hair was in tangles in her face. Emma never looked lovelier.

In a few minutes, everything let up as the storm passed. The sun came back out. She wriggled on top of me. "Captain Ahab, you've saved us from the sea and the great white whale. Can I join your crew?"

Before I could answer, a voice from the pier said, "Ahoy the sailboat, are you ok?"

We undid the line holding the cover down and sat up, blinking in the sunlight. The gentleman hailing us looked concerned.

I responded, "Yes, we're fine. A pretty close call though. I should have watched the weather sooner."

As Emma pulled her hair back, he said, "My goodness, Emma, I haven't seen you down here in ages."

"Clarence! It's a joy to see you too."

She turned to me and said, " Alec, this is Clarence Goodwater, my first art patron. He runs a gallery that bought my first painting when I thought I didn't have any career in art. Clarence, this is a friend of the family from the Boston area."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, young man, that was a nice piece of boat handling that got you in here in time."

While Emma and Clarence chatted,

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