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An early morning delivery of fresh cream.


The truth was, this hadn't been a solitary incident. Being around Karen, lusting after Karen, constantly fantasizing about her had made for a lot of very horny moments. Many times I had needed to take matters into my own hands. But I wasn't ready to confess everything to her. Not yet, anyway.

"Did it do the trick?" she teased.

"Sort of," I replied. "It was still big and floppy but at least it wasn't hard."

We were lying in bed. "Tell it to me again," she said. "But talk slowly. I'm going to rub myself while I listen to you." She leaned back and started stroking her clit.

"Alright," I said. "Are you ready?"

"Go ahead. But take your time. I want to enjoy this. And when you finish, I'm going to make myself cum."

"Sounds like fun."

"And then you're going to fuck my brains out," she instructed.

"Yes ma'am. Well, once upon a time..." I began.

"Don't be a goof," Karen said. "Tell it all hot and horny, like the first time."

"O.K. Like I said, we were at the gym..."


I see you, sitting off in the free weights area, all alone. There are a lot of other people around but no one is near you. I busy myself, doing a few sets, stealing glances at you, trying to be discreet. You look so good. You always do. I have been watching you for months. We have spoken to each other several times but only casually. You don't know how I feel about you.

I feel my cock swell slightly as I look at you. You are wearing black nylon track pants and a tight, white, sleeveless top. You are reclined on the incline bench, bench pressing two 40 lbs. Dumbbells. The muscles in your arms and shoulders are pumped. Your tanned skin shows them clearly. With every repetition my cock grows a little harder. I see a beading of sweat on your face.

You finish the set and place the weights on the floor, then sit upright and take a sip of water. You glance my way and catch me watching you. Our eyes meet for several seconds and then you smile at me briefly and look away.

You begin another set. I walk past you as you are pushing the weights up. There is an obvious bulge in my crotch but I don't care. I want you to see, to know how much I want you. I watch your eyes glance my way, see you notice the bulge, see you smile slightly.

You finish the set and take another drink. I turn to you and say hello. You look at me and say hi, then glance at my crotch. "Nice pants," you say. We stare at each other for several seconds then you lean back and begin another set. I move away.

Several minutes pass. I continue to watch you. You are reclining on the bench, resting. You look at me then motion with your finger. I see you smile and mouth the words "Come here." You watch me approach. As I get near your eyes drop to my crotch. I stand before you. Your grab my cock and rub the shaft slowly, then smile at me. You stand up and walk away.

We both continue to exercise. I let you see me watching you, let you see the lust in my eyes. Now you are bent over a flat bench, your left arm and knee placed upon it. You lift and lower a weight with your right hand. I stare at your ass while my cock stiffens. I imagine mounting you right there, thrusting into your tight pussy. As you set the weight down you lower your head and glance behind you, see me watching. You smile.

You take another drink, and then move towards the fire exit door. You open it, step into the stairwell and look back at me. The door closes behind you. I walk over and push the door open. You are seated on the landing above. I close the door, climb several steps, and stand before you. You grab my cock and squeeze, then rub it a couple of times.

Your hands reach up and slowly lower my pants. My cock springs up as you free it. I see your eyes go big and hear you catch your breath. I am fully erect. You smile and begin to stroke it. A bit of precum drips from the tip. You squeeze and stroke it for a while. You look at my cock and say, "I'm 30 years old and I've never been fucked by a big cock." You continue to stroke it as you look up at me, smile, and say, "Until now."

You stan

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