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The entertainment at the party has something extra.

But she was surprised to see at how many other boys she caught staring at her. Despite her newfound confidence, she was still a little shy. She offered these boys a small smile, but found herself looking away from their stares. She began to get discouraged. At lunchtime she grabbed some food and walked slowly around the cafeteria looking for Becky. When she didn't find her, she resided to a table by herself.

Shortly after she sat down a pair of hands slid across her waist. As she was about to tell Becky not to do that in public, the hands were removed and Chad sat down next to her. Ariana offered a very surprised smile. She was very glad to see Chad and it brightened her entire day. After a few minutes of talking, Chad excused himself, but not before he made a date with her that night. Ariana eagerly agreed and watched Chad as he ran off to talk to his friends. No sooner had Chad stepped away that Becky slid into the seat where he had been sitting. Ariana told her everything and she and Becky made a date to get her ready right after classes were over for the day.

The rest of the day dragged for Ariana. She hardly heard a word of her teachers lectures. All she could think of was what she and Chad would do. Would he take her to dinner? To a movie? Maybe a little walk in the woods again? Hopefully it would be special, because Ariana was ready to give up her virginity to this blond haired god.

Classes were finally over for the day and Ariana headed straight for Becky's room. They only had an hour to get her ready. Becky quickly did Ariana's hair and makeup, similar to the way she did it before the party. They once again scoured Becky's closet. Ariana stripped as Becky pulled out an outfit. Becky couldn't help but stare at Ariana's beautiful body. Ariana had forgotten she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. There was no time to fool around however, and Ariana promised Becky that she would return later. But the obvious disappointment stayed on Becky's face as Ariana dressed. this time Becky had dressed Ariana in a sheer blue dress that showed off her long legs and beautiful breasts. And she did look beautiful. Becky was sad to see her go.

Ariana headed off to meet Chad in the front of the dorm. He was waiting patiently outside standing in front of his car, an unbelievable yellow Mustang Cobra convertible with a black top. Of course the top was down. Thank God Becky had swept Ariana's hair up. Chad gasped as she walked towards him, completely astounded at her beauty. He kissed her quickly and softly on the lips before telling her she looked beautiful and holding the door open for her. On the seat was a perfect long stemmed red rose. Ariana felt like a princess. Chad quickly got behind the wheel and they were off.

Chad did take Ariana out to dinner. They went to a fancy Italian restaurant where the prices weren't even listed on the menu. It was easy to tell that this charming, sweet, handsome boy was also very well off. The conversation never died. Ariana didn't know that Chad was so funny. He had her laughing so much she was afraid of eating her meal and spitting it out on him.

After dinner, as she had hoped, they went for another walk down by the lake. This time however, Chad brought a blanket, a CD player, and a bottle of wine. They didn't walk very far before they came upon the beach. Chad layed out the blanket, put on some music, helped Ariana sit down and poured them each some wine. They talked for a little while longer before Chad drew Ariana close to him and kissed her. She licked the wine off his lips, loving the way they felt against her own. His kisses were a little harder than Becky's, but she liked that.

He took it slow with her.

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