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This brother and sister explore further than before...

Nothing quite like this. I can't believe how close we are to the stage." Kelly said.

They had a great time at the concert, went home, and made love. After they had made love they were laying in bed holding each other.

"So...and I want you to be bad do you feel about cancelling your date with Robert and going to the concert with me instead?" John asked.

" all honesty I do feel pretty bad about it. He and I had been talking about the concert for a week or so before tickets went on sale and then we talked about it for the past month. He was 3 blocks from here when I called him telling him that I was going with you instead. That is literally a last minute change of plans." Kelly said.

"If I had tickets in the nose bleed section would you have gone with me instead of him?" John asked.

Kelly looked at John.

"Yes John, I would have. I wanted to go to the concert. I was blown away when you told me that you'd bought tickets. You've never been a big fan of Bon Jovi and you never did go to a lot of concerts. The fact that you got tickets so we could go see my favorite band really touched me...I'd have gone with you no matter where the seats were." Kelly said.

"Even if he had front row seats?" John asked.

"No matter where the seats were John...I told him that I wasn't going to pass up front row seats to make it a little easier for him to accept the last minute change." Kelly said.

"Now...if I had wanted to take you to a would have gone with him to the concert instead wouldn't you?" John asked.

Kelly frowned.

"Yes. I really wanted to see the concert John." Kelly said.

"Kelly...we've had a great night and I don't want to start an argument, but please...please promise me that you will think about what I was saying earlier." John said.

"What were you saying earlier?" Kelly asked.

"For crying out loud Kelly...were you not even listening?" John asked.

"I was listening John...I just want to be sure that we're talking about the same thing. Do you mean the part about how you think our relationship has changed since I met Robert?" Kelly asked.

"Yes. Please think about that. Promise me." John said.

"Okay John...I'll think about it...I promise." Kelly said.

She kissed John and they went to sleep. The next day was Saturday. John was outside mowing the yard and doing other yard work and Kelly was curled up on the couch reading a book. She was facing one of the windows and she could see John as he was mowing and she lowered her book and just watched him for a while.

She had promised John to think about how their relationship had changed since she'd been with Robert.

Obviously having sex with Robert was a change...though she had been having sex with other men, with John's consent, for a few months before she met Robert.

She did spend a lot of time with Robert...they would go out 3 or 4 times per week and there had been 3 whole weekends where she would leave Friday night and come back Sunday night. She hadn't really thought about it before, but John had said that she was having a relationship with Robert. She realized that he was right...that gave her a little pain in the pit of her stomach.

Every time that she was with Robert they had sex...that was 3 or 4 times per week. She had only been having sex with John once or twice a week since she met Robert. The pain in her stomach got a little worse.

She remembered that when she got her promotion two months earlier Robert was the first one she called...not John. Why hadn't she called her husband first? He should have been first on the list...why wasn't he? The pain in her stomach increased.

Kelly started remembering more and more things that she had done where she put Robert ahead of John. She had made excuses to John to get out of things so she could be with Robert. She hadn't let Robert do anything sexually that she hadn't let John do, but she did things like anal much more willingly with Robert. The pain in her stomach got even more intense.

The more she thought about it the more she realized

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