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Two friends.

The weight on my legs lifted as she walked to the other side of the room.

"I'm sorry Alex, I didn't mean..." Her voice trailed off, as she did, in her worries. Tears started to well up in her beautiful eyes.

"Don't apologize for what happened Sammie and especially please don't cry." I moved to comfort my best friend. "Sam, you're my best friend, there's no one..."

"You don't get it Alex. I've had feelings for you since we were kids, but this thing between my legs...This thing has kept me from sharing my feelings for you." She turned around to embrace me and rest her head on top of my shoulder. "I have been trying so hard to fight them, but now that we're away from home and roommates...I just can't hide it anymore Alex. Putting you in that position was wrong of me Alex, and I understand if you can't forgive me."

Her body tensed as she waited for a response. I could feel the tears drip on my shoulder. I pulled her closer with one arm while my other stroked her hair. Her hair was soft and smelled like berries that mixed well with her earthy perfume.

"Sam, we've been with each other forever. You, of all people, should know that I don't care about that thing. As far as I'm concerned you're a beautiful girl who grew into an amazing woman."

Sam truly was beautiful. Her features had been gradually softening through the years, and eventhough every guy in the dorm knew about her she was just far too convincing for any of them to believe it to be true. Her perky B-cup breasts had developed from the shift in hormones and she maintained her perfect hourglass figure through her years of track. I, like Sam, had been fighting my feelings for years.

"Sam, would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Are you serious Alex, it doesn't bother you?" The tears in her eyes stopped as she pulled back in questioning defense.

"Has it ever Sam? I don't know a single guy with a body like yours. Nor do I know anyone who I'm more comfortable around who can warm my heart the way you do. We'll take things slow. If it truly is a problem, when we reach that point, we can stop right there and still be best friends." She looked apprehensive yet eager at the same time.

"Ok Alex, when do you wanna go out?"

"I don't know, how long will it take for you to get ready?" My heart melted with her smile.


We were both ready and out the door within 20 minutes. I was dressed in a simple white button-up and a pair of khaki pants. Sam kept things simple as I had and wore a black shirt with a nerdy science quote on it with some dark blue jeans. She placed her hair back into a bun with only a touch of natural make-up on.

Sam had a natural beauty to her. She used to laugh about it saying had she been born a guy that she would have had a hard time. I wasn't quite the catch Sam was, but I was handsome enough I was told. While Sam had the beauty similar to that of Jessica Biel, I had the looks of a young Tom Hanks.

We decided to take a simple walk around the campus together and grab a bite at the first place that looked good. We had been going to classes for a week now, but were so busy that we hadn't taken the time to explore the town yet.

Walking down the street was relaxing. The sensation of fingers crossed within mine was comforting. It was a warm early fall afternoon in the heart of Texas. The wind cooled the air around us and with the sun starting to fall from the sky it was the epitomy of a perfect day.

The campus was fairly small and was easy to navigate. From the dorms we made our way to the quad. In orientation we were told that if we were to ever get lost "Just go to the quad." Simple advice to be sure, but effective. There were signs that pointed out the direction of everything from class buildings to restraunts. We decided to skip the directions and just walk around lost. Sam was the first to break the silence of the trip.

"I have to ask, how long have you been uncontrollably in love with me?" She teased lightly.

"Who said I loved you?" I couldn't help but tease back.

"Ugh, jerk!" She reeled while playfully shoving with her free

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