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Alexander starts to draw her in.

You look very handsome yourself," in his ear and smiled when she felt his grip tighten around her. When he pulled her tight against him, she could feel the affect she was having on him...hard against her thigh. She leaned back with a feline grin and one eyebrow raised. He seemed embarrassed for about a second, and then gave in to a similar grin saying, "I can't help it...this is what you do to me."

She leaned in closer, making sure to rub her thigh against his hardness, and with her lips against his ear, whispered, "You haven't seen what I can do to you yet." She smiled even wider when she heard his animal growl in her ear.

As the song ended he breathed a sigh of relief...any longer with her in his arms and he wouldn't be able to stop himself. Once back at the table, he took a huge gulp of his ice water, trying to cool his blood. She, in turn, was trying very hard to keep her hands and tongue off of him. She did however, move her chair closer to him so their legs were touching under the table.

She calmly reached down under the table and ran her fingernails up the length of his thigh until she found that hardness she had felt earlier. She was rewarded with a very sharp intake of breath from him and could see his teeth were clenched making his jaw hard. She let her hand rest between his thighs, her thumb tracing circles on the material stretched across his cock. She could feel the muscles in his leg tense.

"Is anything bothering you, Angel?" she asked with an innocent grin, "You look distressed."

The look he gave her almost scared her. The hard, animal passion in his eyes gave her pause. Maybe she didn't know what she was getting herself into...

"You are driving me crazy, sweetheart, " he whispered as she felt his hand on her thigh and he leaned in closer, "and if you don't stop, I will have you right here, right now, in the middle of this restaurant."

He motioned to the waiter and before she knew it, they were outside standing next to his car. He leaned in, putting a hand gently on either side of her face, his thumbs caressing her cheekbones. "Ah, sweetheart, I've wanted you for so long." His lips were on hers, moving slowly, asking acceptance and receiving acceptance as her lips parted and her tongue darted out to meet his.

After several sweet moments, their lips parted. She leaning into him, trying to keep her legs from buckling under her...he taking several deep breaths trying to control the fire her tongue started.

He looked at his car and realized he had had one two many glasses of wine at dinner. He suggested they grab a cab and he'd pick up his car in the morning.

Once inside the cab, she settled into his side, feeling the heat wherever his body touched hers. He gave the driver his address and tightened his arm around her. She first felt his hand on her thigh, then she felt it sliding further up her leg. She shot a quick glance at the driver in the rear view mirror, unsure what he could see. Angel sensed her wariness and said, "Boy it's warm tonight, " as he took off his jacket and laid it across their laps. She looked at him with a question in her eyes, but the question was soon replaced with passion as his hand slid gently under her skirt and up her thigh-high stockings until his fingers touched the bare skin of her upper thigh. She shifted her weight a little, opening her legs slightly wider, giving him the answer he was looking for.

She put her head back and closed her eyes as his fingers slid further until he felt the wetness soaking through her panties. She moved her hips to push herself against his fingers as he gently rubbed. He checked to see if the driver was noticing any of this. Once satisfied that they were unnoticed, he glanced back at her to see her head back, turned toward him, biting her bottom lip to keep from crying out. Her eyes focused on him with the deep need and passion she felt. The reaction her look caused was so intense, he felt like he could explode any second.

His fingers found the edge of panties and slid underneath to feel the hot wetness he

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