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While waiting for dad to come home mom and son play.

Almost on cue, the sisters changed places, and Sarah's mouth was pressed to mine. "I get off at eleven. Do you want to meet me at my house or do you want me to come here?" she asked.

Was she serious? I pulled her to me, and stuck my tongue in her mouth. From the response I got, I decided that she wasn't kidding. "I don't know where you live."

"I'll be here at eleven-thirty," she said, breaking away from me and following Caroline to one of the cars. The car was roaring away before I knew what was happening.

Eric walked half way to the cottage with me. "You'll get used to them soon," he said.

"I'm not going to be here long enough to get used to this," I said. We laughed together and he admitted that I could be right.

"Keep your chin up, kid," he said as he shook my hand. I heard the other Fiat start, and roar away before I got inside the cottage.

I tried to read a book, but couldn't concentrate. Would Missy show up, or was she disgusted with the way I'd acted at dinner? At midnight, I gave up and went to bed.

The next morning Missy met me at the back door with the usual coffee and muffin. "I couldn't get away last night," she said, apologetically.

"That's okay. There's always tonight," I said, hopeful that she would come to the cottage.

She grinned, and I was almost sure that meant she was looking forward to our night together as much as me.

Mrs. Tucker came out of the house alone. I opened the passenger's door, but she pointed to the back seat. I had to close the door I was holding open and open the one she'd indicated. We rode the short distance to work in silence, and when we got there, she jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs. I followed, admiring the way her ass swayed from side to side.

"What's wrong with Mrs. T this morning?" Trudy whispered.

"I would be speculating if I hazard a guess," I whispered back, refusing to say more.

We went about our work. She quizzed me on each phase of her job to make sure I could handle her duties.

"You have everything down cold. I guess I can take Saturday off," she said.

"You know how Tuck feels about skipping a shift," I said, repeating what Mrs. Tucker had told Sarah the evening before. Trudy made a face. "By the way, who else will be here on Saturday?" I asked, fearing that I would be alone.

"Don't worry. Betty will be here with you, but don't count on her to help you. She'll be terribly busy catching up on her own work," Trudy said.

"Catching up? You mean she's off today and tomorrow?"

Trudy saw what I was getting at. Mrs. Tucker and I would be alone on Friday. "Stop worrying. She won't bite. If it's slow on Sunday I'll let you take me to lunch at Tuck-South."

"I'm the only one that has to work seven days a week," I lamented.

"Yes, but you'll be alone with one of us the next three days. If it's slow you'll have lots of fun."

Trudy did her best to put me at ease. I didn't mind being alone with Betty, and I was looking forward to being alone with Trudy. It was Friday that concerned me. I'd do anything to avoid being alone with the Witch.

Tuck called and asked me to come to the house to pick him up. I left the office at eleven-thirty and drove him to the mid-town restaurant. He invited me to have lunch with him; which I gratefully accepted. After I ate he sent me back to the office.

Well, I couldn't complain about the meal plan. I was getting plenty to eat and although it was always the same menu, I was able to have something different every day. I'd noticed two things; Vera Tucker was not there and Tuck hadn't ordered anything to drink.

I waited all afternoon for Tuck to call for me to come back for him, but we didn't hear from him. Trudy didn't have any answers, and I didn't dare ask Mrs. Tucker about her husband.

At six P.

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