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During the days, there was an incredible amount of work to be done, and the tasks that each slave was assigned were constantly changing.

There was cooking, serving, and cleaning up for other slaves and the guards, as well as the owners and masters. There was dusting, and tidying and tending flowers throughout the mansion, and there were many beds to be made, and washrooms and toilets to be cleaned. There was an incredible amount of laundry, from other slaves, guards, guests and owners. In fact, there seemed to be so much laundry, that some of this laundry must have been coming in from an external source.

In the front of the mansion, there were lawns and flower beds to be tended. The cars of guests and owners that parked in front needed to be washed and vacuumed as soon as they arrived, and daily for as long as they remained. In the back, the pool and its area needed to be cleaned and maintained. There were stables with five horses and tack to be cleaned and maintained. There was a vegetable garden that needed to be maintained, and paths through the forests that also needed to be maintained. Slaves were sometimes assigned to tend to the individual needs of guests and owners.

Discipline that was administered by the guards was strict, but not arbitrary. It was apparent that the guards would have loved a freer hand in the administration of their disciplinary duties, but they knew that they would lose their jobs if they did so. Discipline administered by the guards always consisted of a strapping of the naked buttocks, followed by extended time spent either kneeling or standing in stillness at a dictated point, with shorts dropped to display the results of the strapping. Punishment was always administered for a specific reason, and before administering a punishment, the punishing guard had to declare loudly the reason for the punishment. Peter had seen slaves punished in other ways by guests and masters, and this sort of punishment seemed to be arbitrary, and recreational.

The most odious duty of the slaves was providing the guards with sexual release. Each evening, after dinner, several slaves were taken to the guards' recreational room. The selection of slaves for this task did not seem to be arbitrary, but instead according to a rota. In the guards' recreation room, the slaves were left kneeling along one wall of the room, with their hands behind their backs, their mouths open and their tongues out. The slaves were kept in this position for what seemed to be about two hours. Whatever the duration, it was certainly a regulated period of time. During this time, the guards would lounge around watching television, playing cards and drinking beer. Usually when they wanted to use a slave, they simply walked over to the front of a slave, undid their flies, and pushed their cocks into a slaves open mouth. The slaves were required to swallow the discharge of the guards, and were punished for failure to do so. Sometimes though, the guards would bend a slave over, and make use of the slave's ass. The guards had certain favorites, and it was possible for a slave to remain kneeling for the allotted time without being noticed, while another slave was used by all of the guards, once or multiple times.

The sexual release of the slaves was strictly monitored.

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