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Using sexual powers to take control of a loving wife's soul.

She knew her hair was now tinted reddish blonde to hide the grey, and the first wrinkles were beginning to form a map across her face. And she knew from her dress size that she no longer had the slim shape she once did. She glanced over at the closet and saw the dress hanging from the top of the door. Many sizes larger than her wedding dress had been it would be the dress she wore this evening.

A smile crept across her lips. Yes, this evening. The children had put together an anniversary party for her and Ralph. Their friends and family would be there. Some of Ralph's Marine buddies had promised to show up. The kids had even hired a DJ.

But what did all this mean, this marriage stuff? Yes, they had managed to beat the odds many of their friends hadn't. They had stuck with it. They had endured. Through good and bad, through thick and thin, they were still together. She knew she was still Ralph's rock, even if he didn't say it anymore. He was the source of her strength and determination. She looked again at the man sleeping beside her. The early rays of sunlight were peeking through the window and just touching his face. Suddenly, the love for this man welled deep within her. No, their marriage had not been about simple survival. She loved him. She loved him more than she did on her wedding day. More than when she and Ralph Jr. had met him when he came home from the war. More than at any time in her life, she loved this man.

When was the last time they had made love? She remembered a time when neither could get enough of the other. She remembered the arguments they'd had when the physical need decreased over time due to daily life. But when had it faded? Or had it? Did it have to?

Feeling a bit self-conscious, Emily reached out and gently stroked Ralph's cheek. She felt the bristles of his beard, but didn't care. He sighed and nestled his face deeper into the pillow. Emily slowly eased her way from the bed and slipped the old nightgown from her body. When was the last time she had walked around the house naked? Or for that matter, in their own bedroom? Her heart was thudding wildly in her chest and she suddenly felt as nervous as she had on her wedding night.

Emily felt invigorated. She felt almost every nerve come alive. She felt sexy and alive and in love. And she wanted this to last. She wanted what she and Ralph had 35 years ago. Today was the beginning!

She walked to the side of the bed where Ralph slept and pulled back the covers. She almost giggled in her excitement. As her husband's body came into sight, with all of its imperfections, she found she no longer noticed. He was still her dashing Marine. He was still the tender man who held their infant son. He was still her strength.

Sliding onto the bed and kneeling beside him, Emily gently stroked his right thigh and felt the skin dimple at her touch. She ran her fingers through the hair that covered the skin just above his penis and was startled when Ralph moved over onto his back. She looked up into his face, but his deep, even breathing told her he was still sleeping soundly.

She placed a kiss just below his belly button while her fingers lightly caressed his thighs. Gently pressing his legs apart, she gazed at his sex. Morning erections were no longer something that was automatic in her husband's life, and his member lay there inviting her to wake it up. She gently wrapped her fingers around the base and placed a kiss on the shaft. She ran her tongue over the soft skin, and the feel of him aroused a sense deep inside of her. She began to lightly stroke his cock as she surrounded the head with her lips. She started sucking lightly as her fingers continued to stroke the skin.

Slowly, she felt her husband's cock begin to respond.

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