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Yes, you read correctly. Ex-girlfriend. Truth be told, she should have been my ex-girlfriend a long time ago except that I didn't have the courage to get rid of her. So the first letter that I wrote you was angry because I was pissed off at myself. I should have been able to rid myself of her long ago but I was weak. Please know now and forever hence forth that I have no wish to harm you. I only wish to ... well, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I think I first fell in love with you when I moved into the building. It was the day that you bought Maggie her first bicycle and you were outside, running and laughing in the wind. You were so beautiful, even though you had a black eye and your lip was split. You and Maggie were the perfect picture of a mother with her daughter. I imagined that you were my family, that I was coming home from work and this was the sight that would greet me. My wife and my daughter.

Then Tony came outside and grabbed you by the hair, kissing you so hard that you cried out. He didn't care about the injury to your life because he caused it. I would never, ever hit you, Cassie. You own me. If only you knew that. You own me.

So I sent the first letter, filled with my insecurities and my anger, directed toward you, the person who deserved it the least. And I knew that I'd made a terrible mistake when I saw you the next day. You barely spoke to me and you clutched Maggie to you as if I was a molester. I didn't understand right away, but I do now. It hurt even more when you acted lovey-dovey with Tony. His hand squeezing your ass and his mouth on yours was enough to make me ill. I wanted to scream and tell you that he was cheating on you, that you shouldn't allow him to treat you like a piece of meat.

And so I sent the second letter. Let me rephrase that. Jack Daniels and I sent the second letter. After fuming for hours about your PDA with Tony, I put my angry words into print and sent it to you. Again, another mistake. Alcohol and anger never mix and I wish to God that I had never sent that letter. But I did. Again, I apologize.

Then, two days ago, while you were at work, Tony brought a woman home. I watched her give him head in the front seat of your car, then they went inside your house. That's when I called you, pretending to be Tony. And you came home and caught him. I hope that you'll forgive my bit of subterfuge but I knew that if I told you that he was cheating, you'd never believe me. I watched through the window when you busted him. His hard cock was pumping in and out of that blonde's asshole and he was seconds from cumming when you threw the door open. He tried to beg his way back into your good graces but you stood strong. I was so proud of you.

And now, we come to the reason for this letter: the consequences of falling in love with you are that I've lost my heart and soul to you.

I know it's only been a short time and I've made some huge mistakes, but I'm hoping that you can forgive me. I talked to your mother earlier to day and she agreed to take Maggie for the night. Why, you ask? Because I'm fixing dinner for us tonight and I hope you're hungry.

I want so much to show you how I feel, to worship you every day, to become a partner to you and to help raise Maggie. I've gotten a little ahead of myself but I'm hoping for the best. I'll knock at eight. If you answer the door, I'll know that you've forgiven me. If you don't, then I'll understand. But know that if you ever need anything, I'll be at your beck and call.

Please forgive me,



Cassie took a deep breath and sat down in the nearest chair, her heart pounding.

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