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Cheryl tells what was happening

As I sat there listening to her exploits with Kim, my cock grew harder and harder. At one point I looked down, there was a dark spot in my shorts where pre-cum was soaking through. Meredith obviously saw it, because as the spot grew the more animated the story until toward the end, it seemed all was right with the world, most oddly with the two of us.

I heard a horn honk and asked, "Your ride?"

Meredith nodded, stood up, and then began heading inside. It was an interesting comparison between Kim and Meredith. Kim looked like she could crack walnuts between her ass cheeks as did Meredith. Meredith's ass seemed to roll as she walked, whereas Kim's didn't. I walked behind her until we reached the front door before I put a hand on Meredith's shoulder. She stopped, and then turned slowly to face me. My overactive cock was still hard as she glanced down at it. "Can I come back later, if..."

I cut her off and said, "I am no one's fuck of last resort," and opened the door for her.

Meredith whispered, "Can I stay with you then?"

"What about your ride?" I asked, glancing out at the car in the driveway which looked familiar. "Ah, it's Amber out there."

Meredith nodded silently, blushing slightly before she turned her head down a little. Looking at Meredith, I pondered the situation a minute and then took her right wrist into my hand. Turning on the hallway light, I gave Amber a perfect view as I guided Meredith's hand to my cock. "Maybe that is a little better than just looking at it," I whispered.

Meredith sighed and stepped into me, wrapping her free hand around my shoulders while the hand around my cock remained, but tightened its grip. She whispered in my ear, "You are going to make love to Amber aren't you?"

I nuzzled her neck whispering, "Do you want to watch, if I do?" My lips danced lightly across her neck, as I whispered. Meredith's only answer was the ferocious grip she held onto my cock with as she pumped me once. Letting go, she walked outside and I closed the door behind her. I leaned against the door a couple of minutes wondering what the fuck I was doing. It was bad enough to stick my dick into my niece and then cum all over her; but now, I had just forced my sister-in-law's hand around my hard cock.

The next day was quiet; I avoided all complications that I could. I talked to Maureen a while; then Yvonne which helped get me back and centered a little. Maureen was planning to come home Friday which gave me a timeline. It was nice to have the house to myself amidst having to worry about everything that was going on.

Going to bed on Sunday evening, I absently stroked my cock, pretty happy with my place in the world.

Monday was a blazing day at work. As always there was too much to do with too little time to do it in. Around 2:00pm I received a text from Amber, "Dinner? 6:00?" I responded with a "Y" then sent it to her.

Now that I had something to look forward to the rest of the day passed pretty quickly. Soon enough I was headed to Amber's house. Pulling up, I jumped out of the vehicle and walked to the door, knocking once before letting myself in. Amber came into the living area wearing a pair of black cotton shorts and a white tank top. As she hugged me her tits mashed against my torso. I could not help but moan at the feel of her against me.

Leaning back a little, Amber maintained contact with me as she gave me a smile, "How was your day, Uncle Steve?"

"It was fine, Amber." I responded. I then pulled her face to mine and kissed her in a way no uncle should ever kiss his niece. My tongue dove into her mouth searching it, exploring her. My hands pressed against the small of her back, forcing her against my cock. As I broke the kiss, I asked softly, "How was yours?"

Amber's face was alight as she responded, "I have been looking forward to this all afternoon."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Come with me please, Uncle Steve.

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