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Roy is still seeking his mystery key holder.

Damn she was tight! My dick wasn't used to such close quarters though it seemed to be adapting pretty well. Apparently a cock has no issues with claustrophobia. Well not mine at any rate. I hadn't gotten very far though, only the head was imbedded in Amy's compact love canal. My dick being the greedy bastard he was twitched with impatience and I moved forward as Amy spread her legs even further to invite me in.

Oops, roadblock. I stopped at the barrier and looked into Amy's wide-open eyes. It didn't take a genius to see she was uncomfortable if not in out right pain.

"I'll go slow," I promised.

"If you do," she panted, "it'll hurt more."

I wasn't exactly convinced of this and Amy seemed to realize how I felt. As I made a half-hearted thrust Amy pushed her hips into mine hard. I felt something give and then we both gasped as my cock slid all the way home.

I froze; Amy closed her eyes and flared her nostrils as she breathed in deeply. I was just about to ask her how she was doing when she gave me that update on her own.

"Yikes!" she gasped.

"Oh God, I'm sorry! Let me..."

Amy wrapped her legs around my waist and held me in place. "Charlie, don't you dare move. Just give me minute or so to get used to it. You feel so big." She looked up at me startled and I grinned and winked. Amy started to giggle, then stopped abruptly when tense muscles let her know she wasn't quite ready for that kind of maneuver.

"Everything is relative," I whispered. The prince thought so too and positively flexed in pride. Amy's eyes shot open and her hands grabbed my arms and gripped me fiercely, as at the same time her right leg slid down until her foot rested on my tailbone where she proceeded to give me light warning kick.

"Sorry," I said, though I wasn't really, but I wasn't ready to risk a broken coccyx for the sake of honesty.

Amy decided to believe me and closed her eyes to concentrate on the new sensations she was experiencing. I took that as an opportunity to nibble on her neck and shoulders a bit, but always keeping my eyes on that heart- shaped face, waiting for the sign that she was ready for more.

I watched as the corners of her mouth relaxed and the small stress lines between her eyes disappeared. When she opened her eyes and smiled at me I knew she was expecting me to take that as my cue. But I had other plans.

I slid my fingers down her soft arms until I'd caught both of her wrists in my hands then I gently pulled them up until they met over her head. "How ya doing?" I asked softly.

Amy sighed, "This is an amazing feeling."

"Good." I went back to nibbling on her neck, but my hips stayed still.

Amy didn't say anything, but after a minute or two began to get a little restless. I ignored her and kept on tasting. Her legs gave up their death grip on my hips now and instead started to slowly slide up and down the back of my thighs. I felt every millimeter of movement, but still I did nothing.

"Charlie?" Amy sounded breathless and a little puzzled.

"Hmmm?" I bit down softly on an earlobe and felt her shiver.

"Um, don't you think we could uh, get going here?" She was almost whining, but not quite.

"You have somewhere you need to be?"

Swear to god, Amy growled. I laughed softly, but it turned into an oomph when she kicked me again, harder than that last, and finished it off by grinding her bony little heel into my ass.

"God dammit, Charlie, fuck me!" she demanded.

"Such language," I murmured, "and I'm not sure you're really ready. Maybe we should just wait for another twenty or so minutes and let the suspense build?"

Which was absolute bullshit. If I had to wait another twenty seconds my heart would explode but I was counting on Amy being too na__ve to figure that out. I just wanted to string it out for a little longer and make sure that when I did move, Amy would be relaxed enough to enjoy the experience. Of course there was also the perk of driving her nuts in the meantime.

"Maybe," I continued in a voice that barely quavered, "we could just tal.

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