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She stopped at the doorway and looked back at him. "You may have heard a rumour or two about Jan. As you may know, Jan is at my house until she gets herself sorted, but our lives are now almost separate as we work strange hours, in different places, miles apart."

She paused and then went on: "There was a time when I wondered if I was more attracted to a woman than a man, and Jan, strangely, helped me sort that out. However, I think it is not unfair to say that Jan probably is attracted to women. I am not."

And with that, she quickly left, leaving only the soft sounds of her footfalls on the carpet.

Charlie was surprised. If Jan was getting her head together, regardless of who with, that was fine by him. He had enough to worry about, and dealing with the problems of his ex-wife were not high on his personal agenda. Lois was something else again. He rose with an aching stiff back and put on his towelling robe. Taking his mug, he carefully worked his way down the stairs and eventually dumped the mug in the washing-up. His erection had subsided enough for him to use the downstairs toilet. Going back upstairs was easier, the effort smoothing out the knots in his muscles. He was doing a few sit-up exercises by his door when Lois emerged from the bathroom wearing one towel round her head and another round her body.

She paused to watch his efforts. They obviously still hurt and he was sweating with the strain.

"Can I help?," she asked. "Bandages or whatever?"

Charlie looked up at her from his prone position on the floor and tried another sit-up. "Not at the moment, thanks. The physio changes the bandages when he gets to work on my hand. It just takes a little while to get the other muscles going." He stopped his exertions.

"Thank you for telling me," he continued. "Yes, I had heard a rumour about Jan, but I'm afraid a lot of it was lost in the re-telling and your reputation was not untarnished. Nobody has mentioned whether I featured in any stories."

Her towel seemed tantalisingly small to Charlie. "I think I'll get into the shower now," he said.

The pain had eased and he straightened up. "A cold one this time." He smiled at her. She returned his smile with a wide grin which seemed to light up her whole face.

She looked at his bandages and said: "I think you still need a bit of help."

Her help took the form of some plastic bags and was accompanied by giggling and jokes, but eventually he was out and wrapped in a towelling robe. He wondered if the washing machine would cope with the extra load.

He was standing at the mirror combing his wet hair when Lois tapped on the door and entered wearing a tight crop top and a short skirt. She took his hand and removed the plastic bag and then moved behind him.

He could feel the pressure of her breasts in his back as she hugged him. Then just as quickly, she was gone. He felt a sudden emptiness.

It was some moments before he could concentrate and in the end, he found his electric razor and used that. He did not trust his nerves with even a safety razor.


At some strange hour of the morning, Charlie woke up with the feeling that something was not quite right. Soft footsteps padded and a shadow passed the window. He reached out to the light switch but a hand stopped him.

Lois climbed into the bed.

Her hands were like a cool butterfly on his stomach as they weaved their tantalising pattern on his skin. He felt his erection growing whilst his mind whirled. She hooked a leg over him and in one almost fluid movement sat astride him. Panic swept over him as she leaned forward, put her hands on the side of his head and kissed him.

As she started to lower herself, he felt the blood pressure go; all the physical sensations stopped and he realised with shame that it was not going to work. He rose up and, holding her by the shoulders, lowered her beside him. "Sorry love," he said, "I told you that I had a few problems."

She put her arms round him, pulled him closer and kissed his cheek.

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