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I was excited by the prospect of my weekend away.

Feng put his arms behind his head, lifting his head up to watch with an amused gaze as Osoron's fingers reached the proudly-standing phallus.

"Well, what have I found here...?" Osoron grinned, and then leaned in to daub at the tall, slender phallus with a cat-like tongue. A gratifying shudder passed through Feng's body. The genasi grinned some more. Mighty predator Feng might be, but just now Osoron had him by the short hairs, as it were. Now... what to do with him. Osoron was confident he'd come up with something.

Warm fingers encircled Feng's manhood as the genasi leaned in again, kissing first the crown, and then moving his way down the length of the shaft with soft, gentle kisses. Feng moaned and gasped under these tortuously mild touches. The half-dragon's tail twitched and writhed like a mad thing, lashing about itself with barely suppressed excitement.

There was certainly plenty of enthusiasm in Osoron's manner as he leaned to put his lips around the tip of Feng's phallus. There was no artifice, just plenty of passion and wild abandon, and it was all Feng could do to keep his wits around him. Veneer of sophistication notwithstanding, the half-dragon wasn't nearly as jaded as he acted, and something in Osoron's guileless manner was comforting, relaxing. Not to mention that the druid-caliph had a very nice tongue.

Feng clutched at the bed of pine needles, claws gouging long furrows as the half-dragon began to move his hips upward, thrusting towards Osoron. The air genasi met it, drawing more and more of Feng's long, slender phallus into his mouth, supporting his weight on one outstretched hand and letting the other wander about the half-dragon's delightfully trim body.

In a spirit of whimsy, Osoron decided to do a little inventory as he moved his mouth up and down on Feng's excited manhood. Smooth, silky balls, covered in tiny scales that bounced pleasantly in Osoron's hand. A narrow, trim waist that led to a marvelously deep and muscled chest that moved in rapid breaths beneath Osoron's hand. A firm chin set in an oval face, and then Feng took the tip of Osoron's wandering fingers into his mouth, suckling on them briefly in between the increasingly out-of-breath moans and whispers.

Concentrate. Feng told himself, trying to remember the more unusual talents he'd picked up over the years. Hmm, yes... that'd make for just the surprise to spice up Osoron's life. Regretfully, Feng levered himself up, putting a hand on Osoron's shoulder, a dry, warm, hand, with only the sharp tips of claws a hint that it wasn't quite what it should be. Eyes open and unabashedly consumed with lust, the genasi looked up from his pleasant work.

"Not yet... not quite..." Feng said, voice gone husky with suppressed excitement. "Today, something more... something different..."

The half-dragon wriggled out from under the unresisting Osoron and rolled onto his stomach, spreading his wings out into a kind of half-cloak over his upper body, revealing a tight, trimly shaped buttocks, half-hidden under the madly twitching tail.

"See something you like?" Feng asked with a dark smile. For once, the half-dragon didn't hold his mouth demurely closed, giving Osoron a good look at sharp, serrated teeth. He looked like a relaxing predator, a big cat enjoying a mid-day nap. "Ravage me, Osoron. Take me."

"With pleasure." Osoron replied breathlessly. He didn't need to be asked twice. The genasi scrambled over to Feng, sitting up and considering things for a moment. A dose of elemental Water served admirably for any lubrication, not like Osoron wasn't slightly damp from his own exertions already. Taking position between Feng's spread-eagled legs, Osoron feasted his eyes on the beautiful body before him, exotic, dangerous, and at the moment, entirely Osoron's. The genasi could feel his heart beat faster just from the thought.

The first time the crown of Osoron's manhood touched what lay beneath the twitching tail, Feng gave a slight sigh.

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