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An erotic Christmas story set in the future.

Claudio had got up and led Jillian into his bedroom. She said it was a pigsty. It was small and cluttered and the bed took up most of the room. The sheets were all over the place and there was a strong smell of semen. In the dim light she could see many semen stains on the sheets. Regardless of the surroundings, by now she was so aroused that she physically needed fucking. She quickly took her clothes off and lay down on her back. She was getting impatient that Claudio wasn't undressing fast enough and was pulling at his clothing to get it off.

Jillian said that it was such a relief to feel Claudio's cock inside her pussy. It was long and thick and he had a good fucking rhythm. During the fuck he focused on sucking her tits. After about 10 minutes, she had the most explosive orgasm that she'd ever experienced and felt totally spent. She was sweating all over and felt like a limp doll. Jillian said that she'd expected Claudio to cum inside her pussy - but after her orgasm he had withdrawn his cock and just lay next to her, stroking her face and whispering to her in Italian.

After she had recovered, Claudio had rolled her on her side and positioned his cock in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth and he began fucking it. As she felt his cock reaching the back of her throat he again concentrated on squeezing the tit that was uppermost.

In English he was telling her that he hadn't cum in several weeks and that he knew that he'd have large spurts of semen. He told her that he wanted to keep her pussy from becoming too sloppy but that he promised that he'd cum in her pussy by the morning. As he started cumming, he held her head and asked her to swallow his load.

As Claudio staggered to his feet he said something about it "being time to change" which confused Jillian. Claudio walked out of the bedroom and Roberto walked in totally naked with a big erection. Jillian said she was confused about what was happening. In silence, Roberto knelt between her legs and introduced his erect cock into Jillian's pussy. It was only after Roberto had established his rhythmic fucking that Jillian asked him what was happening. Roberto, with a thick accent, said "We swap."

Jillian said she'd never previously had two different partners in the one night and didn't really know if she wanted two different partners tonight. While he was thrusting into her she tried to talk to him. His response was a mixture of Italian and English to the effect that he "didn't understand" what she was saying. She thought it was odd that he seemed to be perfectly fluent in English when they had been walking around. She felt an involuntary tightening of her pussy around his cock and he moaned his approval of her increasing tightness. Rather than continuing to attempt to discuss the situation with Roberto, Jillian let herself become more involved in the fuck and before too long she recognized the signs that Roberto was about to cum inside her.

Just before cumming, Roberto increased the force and tempo of his thrusting to the point where Jillian was groaning after each thrust. Roberto's grasp of the English language seemed to be returning and he said "I love you fucking bitches with your tight cunts." Just after that, Jillian felt his jolts as he spurted deep inside her. Within a short while, Roberto had given Jillian a small kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room. Jillian lay there feeling Roberto's semen dribbling out of her pussy hole - she was thinking "Another semen stain for the sheet". She wondered how many women had been fucked on this sheet.

When Claudio returned, Jillian was angry with him and said "I had no idea that I was going to have sex with both of you". Claudio tried to explain that he thought she was fully aware of what was going to happen. He asked her why she hadn't just told Roberto to stop and she explained that it happened so quickly and that they'd had difficulties in communicating.

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