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Impulsively I leaned in for a kiss, and much to my surprise, Beatrice kissed me back.

That's how it began between Beatrice and I, folks. It's funny. Growing up in the City of Ottawa, I could never get a Somali chick but now that I was dating a White chick, all kinds of females, including Somali women, suddenly noticed that I exist. Beatrice was mad cool, and we went to movies and restaurants together. I found her funny, sexy and oh so kinky. Things I really, really like in a woman. Or in a man, come to think of it.

To say that our relationship was passionate would have been a serious understatement. Beatrice Tremblay was simply insatiable, and if you ask me, this freaky blonde mama was just what the doctor ordered. I hadn't had any in quite some time, and Beatrice definitely helped this brother make up for lost time.

"Lick my kitty," Beatrice said to me, as we fooled around in the Loblaw's basement one night. Beatrice and I had sex dozens of times since we started dating a couple of months ago, but we'd never done it at work. Nevertheless, I found myself turned on by the idea. Seriously, this chick was utterly fearless. When we rode the bus together, a lot of racist White guys and Black chicks stared at us with hate in their eyes. Beatrice would kiss me in front of them to piss them off even more. I couldn't get enough of her!

"Yes ma'am," I said, grinning as I knelt before Beatrice and inhaled the hot, sharp scent of her womanhood. I buried my face between her legs, and ate her pussy with gusto. Beatrice moaned softly as I pleasured her, sticking my tongue deep into her cunt and fingering her. Soon I had Beatrice's pussy wet as a puddle, and was ready to do more.

"Fuck me, Bee," Beatrice said in a halting tone, her blue eyes boring into mine. I grinned and pulled my dick out of my pants. Like the rest of me, my manhood was long, slim and dark. Beatrice grabbed it and stroked it, and then, winking at me, she pressed it against her pussy. Holding my breath, I pushed my dick into Beatrice's pussy.

"You like that, eh?" I said, and Beatrice nodded, wrapping her arms around me as we fucked on top of a dirty table in the basement. I thrust into her, loving the feel of her tight pussy around my dick. Making love face to face is fun, but doing it doggy style is my favorite thing in the world. A few minutes later, I put Beatrice on all fours, and admired her thick White ass.

"Kiss my ass," Beatrice said, giggling and I did just that. Folks, I'm really into ass worship, and Beatrice's got one of the nicest asses I've ever seen. I licked her butthole and fingered her pussy from behind, and then resumed fucking her. The sight of Beatrice's big White booty bouncing as I fucked her from behind thrilled me like you would not believe.

Making love to a woman is very different from sexing a hunky guy, but I definitely relish both experiences. I fucked Beatrice with gusto, and didn't let up until I came, a good half an hour later. Beatrice is a real screamer and even though the Loblaw's basement was deserted at this time of night, I worried we might get caught. That added a bit of a thrill to the whole experience, and I loved it.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Beatrice said, smiling wickedly as she readjusted her green work-shirt and Black pants, a while later. I smiled and nodded, and then we went back upstairs. It amazes me sometimes, the differences between ordinary mortals and myself. Beatrice and I reeked of sex, but none of our co-workers sensed anything out of the ordinary as we came back from our break.

Beatrice Tremblay was a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one. Those six months we were seeing each other were among the best of my life. One day, out of the blue, Beatrice told me she was returning to her family in Montreal, and that was it for our relationship. Easy come, easy go, I guess. Part of misses her dearly, though.

"Bilal, are you alright?" said Suleiman's voice, snappin

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