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Young employer takes charge.

If you were so much in love with her then how did the rest of the girls come into picture?"

It seemed like every single person wanted to ask her this question.

Seema: "It so happened that she ran away with that very boy and got married. That incident left me quite hurting and vulnerable. I was in look out for a person who could care, share and love me like her and in that process the relation happened with the other seven girls. Every relation though left me more frustrated and sour."

Sunita: "I understand your state. My last question to you is - why did you ask me to teach you all about an emotional kiss when you know much about it yourself? Why did you need an emotional kiss from me?"

No one knew exactly what to say, how to react to all that happened. The sexual urges had settled down and it was the hearts which were warming up.

Seema: "I have been married to a super guy for the last 3 years and I have had the time of my life. However, I still miss something in my life. A female friend maybe, will you be my female friend?"

Sunita: "I don't know what you see in me that inspire's you to seek me as a friend."

Seema: "I am sure you must have heard of the term - YIN and YANG. You were quite bold to agree to do this act, you had shades of shyness as well. You were constantly switching between being bold and shy. I too have these traits and that is why I feel that you and I will make great friends."

Everyone was listing to both the ladies quite attentively. Act apart, there were certain things to learn for one and all.

Sunita: "You words melt my heart. It will be my privilege to be your friend. At this moment though, I can only be a teacher who if a friend as well. Are you still a game for learning all about the emotional kiss girls share?"

Every single guy's emotion travelled down south hearing these words, their crotches obviously.

Seema: "Yes, ma'am."

The word "Ma'am" had its own sweet trigger on the people present.

Sunita: "Since you want to share an emotional kiss, what is it that makes you emotional?"

Seema: "Ma'am, It always has been the caring, sharing and love that makes me emotional. I would not have shared my past with anyone if I did not feel emotional about the whole thing. I feel so light and fresh to have shared my past life here. I am already so very emotional now."

A few drops of tear happened as the exchange of dialogues happened. Anoop offered her a hanky and some water to drink.

Sunita: "Settle down. You intrigue me a lot. I would still like to know why you need an emotional kiss from a girl, despite having such a loving husband and a sexy marriage."

Seema: "I already told you everything already."

Sunita knew it was about time she took charge of the act.

Sunita: "Which idea attracts you the most when it comes to imagining a girl? I don't want comments from the audience, it is Seema who has to answer it."

Sunita's stern voice, the look at audience and Seema both were becoming the perfect trigger. It has always been so that the one thing that you tell a person not to do - is what he will want to do the most.

Seema: "I already told you the yin and yang part of my liking. As for some other things which also attract me are the softness of her body and the feminine smell too."

Sunita and Seema could feel the cheeks heating up. Anoop's comment triggered it some more "Go ahead Seema and smell Ma'am. Please tell us as well how she smells?"

Seema could feel a cold wave travel up her spine hearing it, especially from her husband. Sunita face was emitting the glow of lust hearing the comment. She herself went on to the centre of stage and waited for Seema to follow her cue.

Everything that was happening was like a dream come true for Seema. She shut herself off from the world and people ogling at her and focused herself totally on Sunita. She gently moved around Sunita and checked her out. Seema was not only radiating her feminine smell but a bit of her sex smell as well.

As they came face to face with each other, Seema stopped and stooped towards Sunita's neck and gently to

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