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Wife loses all her inhibitions on a walking holiday.

"She sure has the big titties, eh?" Fran__ois concurred. "Maybe we should see them, no?"

"Come here," Clayton cajoled. "Come here and let me help you with that dress." He reached forward and pulled the zip that held the dress at Helen's neck. When the garment was loosened enough Clayton pulled and Helen wriggled. "Yeah, baby," Clayton grinned when Helen's breasts fell free. "Damn but they's big titties." Helen continued to slide the dress down over her hips, allowing it to fall in a heap at her feet before stepping out from the folds. "Ain't she sure put together well, Franky boy? Damn we got ourselves a hot-bodied cougar here."

Matthew, camera in hand, moved in close to capture the moment of Helen's revelation. The image in the viewfinder showed Clayton fondling Helen's breasts, his dark skin in shocking contrast to hers. Clayton kissed Helen, pushing his tongue roughly into her mouth while his fingers continued to knead and massage her flesh. It took a moment for Helen to respond to the kiss, but soon her tongue rolled around and around with ardour inside Clayton's mouth.

As they kissed, Helen's fingers curled around the shaft of Clayton's cock. Immediately it thickened and grew as the man grew aroused.

"God it's so... So thick," Helen whispered in awe.

Naked now Fran__ois moved forward, having undressed hurriedly during Clayton and Helen's kiss. "Feel this one also. This one is also thick. Can you get your mouth around me, Madame?"

Turning at the touch of his hand on her shoulder, Helen faced Fran__ois. She noticed the intricate tattoo extended not only the length of his left arm, but also adorned his torso, forming a complicated pattern from shoulder to his waist. Then her eyes fell to his engorged length and the tattoo was forgotten. "Fuck," Helen sighed. "It's huge. Both of you... Such huge cocks."

Helen turned to comment to Matthew a moment later and, even in the midst of impiety she was taken aback by his expression. As he surveyed the scene, his camera in hand recording the events, Matthew's look was unguarded. Helen felt a shiver of unease ripple down her spine. For a moment she felt his malevolence; a portent of doom like a goose walking over her grave. It was a momentary phase, one which was quickly pushed from her mind when Clayton's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Suck him, bitch," Clayton ordered as he began to divest himself of his restrictive clothing. "Get on your knees and suck it."

Like a supplicant, Helen knelt, a slight residue of unease staining her consciousness which rapidly faded to nothing as she confronted the terrible thing in front of her. Fran__ois grinned down at the woman as, slowly, she took his shaft in hand and, her eyes wide, examined the brutal cock. After a short time she shook her head as though waking and realising what was expected of her.

Matthew captured the spectacle, focussing upon Helen's lips stretched tight around the man's girth as she opened her mouth wide to take the bulbous cock-head between her lips. Helen gagged as Fran__ois forced his length into her mouth, letting the thing drop from her lips as she choked and retched.

"She ain't used to a big ol' thing like that, Franky baby," Clayton chuckled. "You're gonna choke the bitch."

"I will have to train her then." Fran__ois pulled Helen's head back towards his cock as it waggled heavily."Like I train the French ladies back home, non? Lick it," he insisted. "Lick the tip like a lollipop."

"That's a nasty sight," Clayton continued. "Big titty bitch on her knees suckin' cock. Damn but that's a bad thing to be seein'. He stroked his own length further into engorged anger. "I can't wait, Franky. Let her suck some of me too. C'mere, bitch, lick Clayton's pole."

"Oh my God," Helen murmured when faced with the double assault.

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