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Awkward beginnings propel first-time hook up.

I suddenly realised that I had not pulled my panties up and was looking at my wet and opened cunt. He came closer to the bed and reached for my cunt. "Sister I am going to fuck you so hard you will never forget it" he said.

Gently Eric opened my dripping wet cunt and started to suck on my engorged clit. At the same time he started to massage my breasts. I was extremely aroused and I moved around until I could pull his shorts aside and take his iron like cock into my mouth. After only a few moments said loudly "Fuck I am going to cum" "Cum in my mouth" I yelled at him and at the same time as he came in large amounts which I swallowed quickly I reached a screaming orgasm.

We laid together for about 20 minutes and suddenly his prick started to get hard again and he said " Now I am going to fuck you stupid" He started to roll onto me and then we heard our mothers car come up the driveway so it was panic stations to get ourselves dressed and back to our own rooms before mum came into the house.

I felt unclean and guilty at what my brother had done and vowed that it would never happen again. Despite his pleading and gropings I was able to uphold my vow for two more months.

I was now 19 and Eric 18 and we had received an invitation to the wedding of our cousin in the mid west. Mother was unable to attend due to work commitments but suggested that we attend, but we would have to take the bus as she required the car.

Our Aunt Uncle and cousin lived in a small country town and it would take two buses to reach there. Mother arranged for an overnight stop at the town where we would change buses. She had booked us into a small motel where she arranged a room with two single beds.

The Grayline bus journey was long and uneventful and we read and dozed until we reached our destination at about 7pm. The Greyhound bus that would take us on to our final destination left at 10am the next morning. Fortunately the Motel that Mother had arranged was next door to the bus station, however when we checked in we found that the room had only one double bed.

We immediately contacted the office but were told that that was the only room available.

We decided that we had no option but to share the bed and I stressed to no funny business would take place and that he stay on one side and I would stay on the other.

After dinner at the local McDonalds I changed into my nightie in the bathroom leaving leaving my panties on and climbed into bed. Eric followed shortly dressed only in his boxers. We said goodnight to each other turned out the light for the night.

About an hour later Eric moved closer to me and put an arm around my waist pulling me to him. I could feel his erection against my back but I feigned sleep. Ever so slowly his hand went under my nightie and moved up towards my tits. Gently he cupped my right tit and then began rolling my now erect nipple between his fingers

After about 5 minutes of this stimulation his hand moved down under the elastic of my panties and onto my cunt. My blood engorged clit was standing up and Eric gently rolled it in between his fingers. By now I was lost in the heat of the moment and I rolled onto my back and opened my legs to give him greater access to my cunt. His finger slid up and down my slit gently rubbing my clit on the upstroke and going into my vagina on the downstroke.

No words were spoken between us and when Eric started to remove my panties I lifted myself up to make it easier for him. He then, with my help, removed my nightie and here I was naked in bed with my 18 year old brother just waiting to be fucked.

Eric came up and over me and whispered "KellieI love you so much". We kissed as though we were long time lovers our tongues passing into each others mouths. After a few minutes his mouth moved to my tits where he ran his tongue around the nipples until it felt like my cunt was on fire.

He moved down in the bed until his tongue reached my clit and I felt as though I would pass out.

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