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More hot tub games.

It was Thursday about 9 pm and by all accounts the crowd was a little bit light.

Just as we were wondering if we should stay or go, we saw our three volleyball friends walk in. A thrill went through me as I saw them walk in. I really enjoyed their company. They were smart, funny, and safe. Safe in that they were married and platonic fun was still good fun.

But what really got my attention was Kara. She was a vision. We had only seen them in the pool. We had only seen them in their semi-conservative bathing suits, but tonight they were dressed up, made up and definitely hotter than ever.

Kara had make the biggest transformation. She was wearing a blue spaghetti strap dress that was just right. It was a silky dress that showed her feminine form without being so tight it was trashy. She was obviously one of those rare women who knew how to dress to impress. She was dressed sexily but in a conservative way. Her hair was down and she was wearing just a bit of makeup. She was divine.

All of a sudden our evening had gotten the jump start it needed. The girls made it obvious that they wanted to have some fun and we weren't going to let them down. We found a table and promptly ordered a couple of buckets of beer and some tequila shots.

After a couple of drinks, a band took the stage and started playing some great rock and roll. They played some new stuff and some old stuff. It was the perfect mix. In between sets the DJ would play newer dance stuff. I was dancing practically non-stop. I was having a great time trading off dancing with all three of them. At one point, Tina took my shirt off and threw it across the dance floor. There I was, dancing in only my shorts and flip flops. I felt someone's hands on my back and turned around surprised to see it was Kara. My shirt was returned to me by the bouncer who said if I didn't put it on I'd have to leave. I promptly re-robed.

I headed back to our table and took a look around the bar. The whole place was crazy! People dancing on tables and chairs. Some girls in mini skirts were dancing on the bar, and they didn't care that you could look up and ogle their underwear choice. The whole place was crazy! It felt like the floor was rocking.

I was at the table getting another beer when Kara came up behind me and clumsily put her hand around my waist into my front pocket. I knew my friends didn't see this as it was coming under the table. I tried to act cool as I gently removed her hand. She had gotten a pretty good feel of my package. As I turned towards her she just non-chalantly looked away, licked her lips and grabbed another beer herself.

All I could think was; wow, did that really just happen? Just then the waitress arrived with a fresh tray of tequila shots. I licked my hand, added some salt and prepared to down my shot. Kara promptly grabbed my hand sucked off the salt and did her shot. I looked at her dumbfounded. Before I could say anything, she had offered her wrist and a salt shaker. I figured what the hell, you only live once. I gave her wrist a good lick, added some salt, sucked it off and did my shot as well. Smoothest shot of tequila I'd ever had. Kara grabbed my hand and led me back to the dance floor.

This time our dancing was a little more intimate. She was close and had her hands under my shirt and was scratching my back. I didn't know how to react at first. I kept looking back at my friends, but they weren't paying us any attention at all-thank God. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her waist. I could feel her panties through her silky dress. She was obviously wearing one of those thongs that was so minimal it was really just held in place by small elastic rolls a little thicker than a rubber band. I found myself gently fingering them and at one point I gently snapped one just to get her reaction. She had no reaction at all except to continue stroking my back as we danced. Now I was worried.

Next she reached into her purse and produced two pieces of gum.

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