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Police officer loses her anal virginity.

Is it Ok if I feel it, do you mind?"

"Please do, I stammered, that feels really good, I like it."

"I like you touching me too, she whispered, please don't stop."

"Don't worry, I said, it feels great, you have really nice tits, I just wish I could see them."

"Well, if you want, I'll take off my shirt, ok?"

"Please, I really want to see you," I said.

With some difficulty I let go of her breast and she pulled it off over her head, bringing her big, white breasts into view. They were spectacular, like large white pillows with bright pink areolas and tiny little pink nipples, really spectacular. She saw the look of wonder in my eyes and asked if I would like to move over to the bed for more room ... I did and we did.
She said, "Jack, I really like you, and I want to do this and more, but I'm nervous and a little scared because I've never done anything like this before. I mean, I let my two brothers see my breasts at the lake when I was 16, but there was no touching. They got naked too and showed me their hard dicks and I watched them masturbate. It was really exciting, but nothing else happened."

I told her I was nervous too, so maybe we could go slow, take off our clothes and just look at each other. She thought that was a great idea and together we stripped, making neat piles of clothing on a chair. I know I could hear our hearts pounding and our breaths quickening.

At first we just stood there staring, she was so white and soft with a sweet pot belly and chubby thighs that were firmly pressed together over nice small feet and red painted toenails. She looked like one of my sister's stuffed dolls except for those beautiful big tits and her very red hairy pussy.

Her breasts were very large, round and long, they sort of reminded me of two large, pointy, oblong bags covered with milky white skin and topped off with bright pink areolas that were at least 4 inches across, slightly puffy with small nubby nipples right in the center, and then there was her hairy pussy covered in bright red hair, just like the curly red hair on her head. I was so excited that pre-cum was dripping from my cock.

As I etched her image in my mind, she asked if she could touch me again, saying, "I've only seen my brothers' cocks that one time, but yours is so much bigger. How big is it?"

"Well" I said, "want to measure to be sure?" She nodded her head, never taking her eyes off my swollen cock. "Ok" I said, "do you have a ruler or something to measure with?" She nodded again and went to her dresser coming back with a soft measuring tape which she used for sewing. She placed the metal end against my pubis and unrolled it to the very tip, it measured just over 7 __" then I took it from her and wrapped it around the middle of the shaft where it measured almost 6" around and 2" across. She was fascinated.

She took the measure from me and wrapped it around her wrist and measured 6 __" saying, "Look at that, you penis is almost bigger around than my wrist! Have you ever put that inside a girl?"

"Yes I have, and it fit just fine, but she was older, had a lot of experience and she was very, very wet at the time so I think that really helped," I said.

Her rapid breath revealed her excitement when she asked, "Is it alright if I play with it a while, you know, really check it out?"

"Sure, I said, that would be great, but I have an idea. What if we take our time and inspect and touch each other until we satisfy our curiosity, at least for now? You know, look at each an everything we want, no hold backs, what do you think?"

"That's a good idea, she gushed and laughed nervously, but I want to go first, is that Ok with you?"

"Absolutely, I said, what do you want me to do?"

She smiled a big, bright smile and exhaled a gush of air and said, "Well, just stand here by the bed for now and I'll just look and maybe touch now and then."

"Great, you go right ahead", I said.

And she did.

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