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Jealousy leads a sub to get punished.

Then it was a case of visiting the water dispenser to fill her bladder up ready for her next pee.

Three quarters of an hour later, Lindsey was bursting for another piss. She had been so engrossed with doing some more typing she had forgotten to choose a new location for her next toilet. Looking up from her desk she surveyed the deserted room. The urge in her bladder was intense now and she really needed to pee. Where should she go?

There were so many places a girl could visit and squirt her naughty pee shower that she couldn't decide. The burning ache inside her was getting so intense that she started to slide off her black trousers and thong getting ready for her toilet. Now she was half nude again, nothing covering her lower body. Between her legs her patch of jet black pussy hairs lay nestled between her thighs whilst the bare skin of her bum cheeks were nestled in the rough fabric of her chair. It was almost involuntarily when Lindsey started to pee. One second she was still surveying the office looking for a good place to have a piss and the next she was actually doing it; urinating out of her pussy from her perch on her own chair. A thick clear stream of piss was now shooting out of her pussy lips and making its way to the carpet between her feet.

'This is not bad!' she told herself, still peeing strongly over the floor. It was quite an experience to sit bare cheeked on her work chair whilst pissing all over the floor. In her mind she fantasized about doing this during office hours. What a great thrill it would be simply part her legs before starting to take a pee under her desk. She imagined some of the other girls doing the same, seeing in her minds eye Francis sitting at her desk with her legs parted and a thick stream of golden pee flowing down to the floor. How about her friend Emma? She had a lovely bum and a beautiful shaved pussy and Lindsey thought it would a great experience for the two of them to pee side by side at their desks; the floor underneath receiving their twin golden showers whilst they pissed strongly out of their pussies.

Lindsey had seen Emma pee on several occasions in the showers at the gym. At first Lindsey thought that it was only herself that enjoyed taking a piss in her shower cubicle until one day she had stuck her head around the corner of her cubicle to ask Emma a question. She had been rewarded by the view of Emma's naked back and bum cheeks and the sight of a thick gushing fountain of pee flowing out of Emma's pussy and down to the tiled floor below. Emma's pee stream had flowed copiously out of her pussy and mixed with the shower water before vanishing down the drain. Lindsey had watched on, entranced at seeing another girl take a piss standing up. Emma meanwhile had not noticed her watching and had continued to pee, washing her stomach and large breasts at the same time, oblivious to her onlooker. As soon as the last drops of pee had fallen from Emma's pussy, Lindsey nipped back into her own cubicle. Turning on her own shower Lindsey started to wash before she too started to pee. From her pussy started to flow a similar sized flow of urine to that done by Emma. Lindsey relished every second of her toilet enjoying the freedom pissing in the shower gave her.

Returning to the present and her current pee Lindsey forced herself to stop peeing.

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