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A little kiss between girls and look what happens.

I walked over to her and grabbed the dog by the tips of his ears, calming him down. I then proceeded in untangling the damsel in distress that I was playing the shining knight to. As soon as she gathered herself up, and smoothed her dress down as best as she could, she thanked me and introduced herself as Julie. She also introduced me to Max (Maximum Avalon Thieboult), the dog. I told her my name and asked her if she needed any more help. She told me that she hated to be a bother, but could she trouble me for some more assistance escorting her back to her apartment. Just in case Max got the jump on her again, she explained. I told her that it would be my pleasure.

As we walked the three blocks to her apartment, I noticed her brown eyes made her reddish blonde hair even more striking. We talked like old friends catching up on lost time as we walked. She told me that she was 22, a senior in college trying to get into management, and that she preferred more music in her music than rap or rock and roll offered. I agreed with her about the modern music and told her a little about myself. She was quite striking, breasts that defied gravity, about a 38 D, a slim waist accented by what was known in my day as "birthing hips". I found out that she was single, and employed by a local bank. We arrived at her apartment and she asked me to come in for a soda, water, or something else to drink. I agreed to her invitation because I was thirsty and I was enjoying her company.

We entered her apartment and she excused herself after grabbing me a bottled water, so that she could change her skirt, because she couldn't go to work in the one that Max had messed up. I told her that was alright, I would just sit and drink my water. I was looking around her apartment and she called out to me asking me if I could bring her the light blue skirt off of the coffee table. I grabbed it and headed in the direction of her voice.

She was standing in the doorway of her bedroom dressed in a blouse that matched the skirt in my hand that covered her to mid -thigh, but I stood there like an idiot staring at her legs. In my younger years the only way to see a woman dressed like that was if you were married to her! I know times have changed, but I couldn't help but stare.

She smiled at me and asked me how long it has been since my wife had passed away. I stammered out that it had been a few years, and she reached out and took the skirt from me brushing her hand against mine. I felt the warmth of her flesh against mine and my penis grew hard in my slacks. Julie took the skirt and threw it behind her onto a nearby dresser and then grabbed my hand and led me into her room. She guided me to her bed and I sat down.

Julie asked me if it was alright if she spent more time with me today. I said that that would be great. she turned and closed the bedroom door and turned to face me. Still smiling, she started to explain that between school and work that she didn't have much time for a social life as she began unbuttoning her blouse. When her blouse was open enough for me to see her matching bra and panties, she walked over to her bedside stand and picked up the cordless phone there. Dialing a series of numbers, she told whoever she was calling that she wouldn't be in to work today as something very important had come up. Then she placed the phone back in its cradle and dropped the blouse off of her shoulders.

I couldn't believe what was happening, this girl was young enough to be my grandchild, and yet I knew that I was about to be intimate with her.

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