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Tankgirl and Booga meet some pirates.

He could smell her scent coming off her and he was ready to comply.

He positioned himself behind her, feeling the taut softness of her buttocks and flicked his thumb slowly over her pink lips and then slipped it into her pussy, massaging her clitoris and the ridge just inside. She raised her ass to him and with his other hand he spread her cheeks revealing her tight pink pucker. He held his head to her asshole and with her slippery juices on his cockhead, began to work his way in. She gasped and struggled, tickled and hurt by his pressing, stretching organ. She squealed as he slipped into her, a little at a time. Both of his hands rose to her splendid cheeks and he squeezed them together, imprisoning himself in her ass. He grabbed her hips and slipped deeper into her, eliciting a mewl of protest and pleasure as he bored into her tightness. When he went as deep as he could, he pulled out slowly, emptying her as she squeezed from within, pushing against him and sliding him out. She relaxed before his head could fall out and stroked her again, slowly, his hardness stretching and spreading her from within. Her hands found the pillow and she kneaded it wildly as he stroked her well enormous feelings in her bowels and driving unstoppable sensations up his cock. His balls tightened and he flattened her to the mattress, riding her heavily from behind, no longer stroking, but just grinding deep inside, begging himself to fire his warm, milky load inside her gulping anus.

He tensed and his balls pumped, shot after shot flinging with ticklish pleasure into her. She cooed beneath him taking in his seed, grinding her pussy against the mattress, aroused by her own movements and the weighty loving from above. Finally, he stopped and laid on her. She continued to grind and squeeze his cock by squeezing her cheeks and milking him from within. He sighed and rolled off, his cock emptying from her and leaving her feel airy and huge, ready for more.

She curled her legs over her back, feet crossed, her anus squirting his cum slowly out and her loving the oozy, gooshy feel of it. She smiled at him slyly, squeezing more cum from her. She wished the camera was set up and chastised herself for not setting it up. Usually it was ready all the time, with fresh tapes for marathon sessions.

Once she had had her husband and three of his friends gangbang her, two at time in her pussy and ass. When they had sent themselves, she just leaked for the camera, milky rivulets sliding between her cheeks and from her pink lips. It was on the web site, and one of the more popular downloads. She thought of that now as James came to his senses.

"The machine definitely has to shoot," she said smiling, fingering the hairs on his chest.

"Hmm? Yeah, that would be great if we can pull it off. That was great. We haven't done that in a while. Not since the party."

'The Party' had been a casual get-together that had degenerated into something of a make-out party. The most amorous couples simply disappeared to the bedrooms to be under cover with their loves, or someone else's, but Wanda and James were sitting in the family room, apparently just being very amorous, her sitting in his lap, facing him, with her ankles on his shoulders as they kissed and groped. To the careful observer, however, he was stabbed through her crotchless panties, deeply imbedded in her tight pucker, rocking her on himself until he blew deeply inside her. Getting up afterwards took a long time but resulted in a mercifully small mess. No one seemed to notice her walk out to the car as if her ass hurt either.

"Anyway," he started, "What else should the Machine do?

"Well, it needs to service you as well, and I should enjoy watching it service you."

"I'm all for that," he said, smiling and rolling to face her. She reached down between his legs and fondled his softening penis, hoping to bring him back again. Her slender fingers worked beneath his balls and massaged him underneath, almost fingering his own asshole. He twitched.

"Well, it should provide an incredible blow

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