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Changing the job description.

"That depends. What did you have in mind?" I asked.

Megan pretended to consider the question for a moment before looking very seriously into my eyes. Her voice took on a hushed, intense tone and all traces of sweetness disappeared. "I'm a dirty fucking shit whore who loves to eat shit. I want you to use me for a toilet and shit in my fucking mouth. I want you to feed me your delicious fucking kaviar and I want to swallow every last bit of that nasty fucking scat!"

I wasn't stunned by what Megan wanted, but rather how she asked me for it. Her demand for my shit was unquestionably the most vile, completely depraved thing I'd ever heard anyone say. It took every last ounce of willpower I had just to avoid coming in my shorts. "In that case," I said, "I've got a nice hot load of spicy Mexican diarrhea just for you, baby." I thought it was only fair to be up front with her and see how she reacted to my surprise.

Imagine my shock when her eyes practically lit up! You'd have thought Megan just won the lottery. "Oh fuck, Gary, that's the best! Please, squat over my mouth and squirt that runny shit down my throat! Cover my face in diarrhea while I swallow your slimy turds!"

There's nothing quite like hearing a woman beg to be absolutely degraded. I needed no further prodding as I ripped off my pants and underwear. My ten-inch rod was already at full attention from Megan's filthy invitation, and my bowels were on fire and felt like they were about to explode. Megan lay across the bed on her back and I climbed up and straddled her. I started stroking my big cock as I squatted over her face, giving her a close-up view of my pulsating asshole just inches above her face. I knew she could smell the big load of slimy brown fudge that was aimed directly at her hot little mouth.

"Here it comes!" I said, preparing her of the impending release.

Megan just egged me on. "Come on, Gary! Do it! Brown my fucking mouth! Cover me with that nasty shit!"

Finally I couldn't hold the shit back anymore and I completely lost control of my bowels, immediately ripping several juicy, splattering farts. Slimy diarrhea sprayed from my asshole, splashing Megan's mouth and plastering her pretty face with runny brown shit juice. Finally the bulk of the BM began and it was one of those soft ones that firms up just enough to form long gooey turds as it squeezes from your ass. Given the number of burritos I had eaten for lunch, it also figured to be one hell of a massive shit. As I felt the first slimy log begin to slide from my asshole, I wondered if Megan really knew what she was in for.

By that point a nonstop flow of slimy goo began squeezing out of my shithole like soft serve from an ice cream machine. The foul squishy logs of diarrhea pushed their way past Megan's open lips, packing her waiting mouth full of hot brown sludge. Her face was glazed with chunks of oily shit, and the runny BM flowing from my ass quickly overran her mouth. "How's that taste, you nasty fucking shit pig?" I asked her.

"Mmmmmmmfff" was her muffled, gagging response. With a mouth full of shit it was about the only noise she could make. A loud greasy fart escaped my asshole as I finally squeezed out the last of my massive dump. I turned around to inspect the damage and saw that Megan's once-angelic face now looked exactly like a public toilet that hadn't been flushed in about three days. I had packed Megan's mouth full of my soft serve sludge and kept on going, topping things off with a nice thick pile of mush that completely covered her nose and mouth. It was easily the most disgusting thing I had ever seen, and for a moment I thought I might puke just looking at her. That's when I realized I was stroking my dick so hard it was starting to hurt.

Megan sat up, scraped the steaming pile of shit off her face and held it up with both hands.

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