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An empire is only as strong as its borders...

I shake my head no, but I'm weakening. I'm starting to not care if I have any power. I just need to feel your tongue on my pussy. Now the need is overwhelming.

"Yes! Please lick my pussy!" I somehow manage to yell and whisper at the same time. I know I can't be louder than you, and I know that you have to lick my pussy or I'll die. I know you've won again.

My hips are bucking slightly in anticipation. You've stopped kissing my thighs and I feel your weight shift on the bed. You are now between my widely spread legs. I can feel your breath on my thighs as you lean in to kiss them once more. This time, you work your way up my thighs to the one spot I'm dying for you to kiss. You run your tongue up one side of my pussy and down the other.

"I love your bare pussy lips. So soft and slippery." You hiss.

I can barely contain myself now. Your tongue is exploring every inch of my pussy. You slide it into me causing me to gasp and moan softly as you mumble something I can't quite catch..."so....fucking....good".

I think that's what you say anyway. Maybe that's just what I'm thinking. My mind isn't really functioning so well right now; my whole being is focused on what's happening between my legs.

Your tongue has made its way to my clit and is doing a magical tap dance on it. I am writhing, making my wrists red from pulling on them. I want my hands on your head. I want to grab you by the ears and ride your face. I have no control over this, no control at all. That realization is what sends me over the edge and I'm cumming. I'm cumming so hard and so loudly that you have to stuff the panties back into my mouth to shut me up.

You don't let up on my pussy, your fingers are flying in and out of me, your tongue still torturing my clit until I cum again. This orgasm shoots an electrical current through my body making me scream into the panties over and over again.

You climb up over me and press against me, holding most of your weight off of me with your elbow. You pull the panties out of my mouth again. You stroke my hair back and kiss me for the first time. Tasting my pussy on your lips is incredible. Your kiss is light at first, then more demanding as your tongue claims more of my mouth.

These wondrous kisses distract me from the fact that you are stretching my legs up and apart by hooking one of my legs over each of your arms at the crook of the elbow. With my arms restrained above me and my eyes blinded, this position re-establishes your complete dominance over me. You've given me pleasure, but you still have more to take.

You reach down and position yourself at my entrance, lubricating your cock with my cum by rubbing it up and down just inside my petal pink lips. You start slowly and my wish that you'll be gentle seems to be coming true.

I abruptly realize that you've stopped what you were doing, there's some shifting going on and you let go of my legs. After another movement, the sleep mask is ripped off my head. I'm blinking in the moonlight trying to get my eyes to adjust. You have taken hold of my legs and I'm stretched wide open again.

As you come into focus, I see that you're wearing the ski mask again.

"I want you to look me in the eyes when I'm fucking you. Got it? Look directly into my eyes the whole time. Don't look away. I'll keep the panties out of your mouth if you can be quiet; get too loud and they go back in." You command through the mask, your voice more muffled now.

When you look down to guide your fully-engorged cock to my wet and willing pussy, I look you over and take in as much as I can before you catch me.

Your build once again seems familiar to me. I know I know you. Your hair is a little long and from the piece I can see peaking out from under the edge of your ski mask its dark brown or black. Your skin is a medium brown, but from your tan lines, it's obviously from the sun.

Why are you so familiar?

The very head of your cock rests just inside my pussy, you look up into my eyes and relish the surprise i

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