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ible orgasm a woman has ever experienced!" Todd said

"Did it work for Stacey?" I asked, very interested in this cum machine!

"Jen, she didn't even want to try it! Not once has she been curious enough to give it a try."

Running my hand over the unit, especially the vibrating part that rests against a woman's clit, I could just imagine how good this would feel.

"Todd, do you mind if I just straddle it? I don't want to have it vibrating and I'm glad there aren't any of those cock attachments on it."

"Sure," Todd replied.

Getting on top of the unit, straddling it, I lowered my pussy down, pressing it against the VibroMatic. Mmmmmmmm, felt good just doing that, the pressure teasing against my sensitive pussy lips. I rocked my hips just slightly to get the sensation of the machine. Fuck, it felt good!

Todd and I talked just a bit as I stayed on top of the VibroMatic. I loved how the unit was perfectly designed to firmly press against my pussy. (And not fucking for a few weeks made it feel that much better!)

"Todd, why don't you just turn it on really low . . . I'm curious how just that would feel," I said to Todd smiling.

"Sure, Jen" Todd replied. Did I detect a little nervousness in his voice, a little excitement?

As Todd turned the little knob, the VibroMatic buzzed into life. OMG, did that feel fucking good!!!! The entire unit started a slow buzz and the part my pussy was resting on vibrated with even more intensity. And the part against my clit, FUCK!, that was incredible!!!!

Todd saw what the unit was doing at this low setting and smiled at me. "Good?" he asked.

"Mmmmmmmm, yessssss," I moaned, rolling my hips to savor the good good feelings.

I slowly, teasingly rocked on the VibroMatic, my hands on the front of the unit, holding me up. I knew my shorts were getting soaked, my pussy gushing sweet juices. I'd never felt anything this good, ever! The part against my clit was so damn fucking good!!!!

"Jen, you should try one of the attachments. You know I don't mind. Why don't you," Todd urged.

Jeeeeeeeeeze, I knew I shouldn't. Way way too dangerous . . . getting so excited, so turned on. But I had made my mind up that I wouldn't fuck with Todd after that first time. So maybe this would be alright. After all, why not experience this wonderful machine completely!

"Okay, sure, I said," my voice catching slightly.

Todd went upstairs and came back with what looked to be a perfectly sized dildo.

"Get up for a sec, k," Todd asked.

Todd screwed the dildo to the VibroMatic. "There you go, Jen," he said.

Smiling, a little nervously, I moved my running shorts aside, exposing my pussy, my pussy lips swollen and dripping with juices. Teasing my pussy lips over the VibroMatic cock, my juices dripped down and coated the cock, making it slippery and slick. Slowly I eased down, the cock filling me . . . stretching me ever so slightly. My god, but it felt sooooooooooooooo good!!!

"K, Jen, here we go," Todd said after I had eased down all the way, the cock totally and completely filling my pussy.

He turned the little knob and the cock started to vibrate and slowly swivel in my pussy . . . and the part against my clit started vibrating as well. Jesus fuck, did that feel gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAD TO fuck down hard against the VibroMatic, to feel that glorious cock inside me, swiveling, that part on my clit, teasing, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing so fucking good.

Todd was smiling at me as he watched me writhing and fucking on the machine. I glanced at his shorts and saw that his cock was rock hard and straining against the thin material of his shorts. My god, did that look good. I'd felt that cock inside me before and I gazed mesmerized at his manhood, the shaft, hard and thick, and the head, so pronounced.

But this VibroMatic!!!! OMG, was it fucking good!!! Rocking my hips, grinding, I couldn't believe how good it felt to have that cock rotating inside me, touching every part of my pussy, inside . . . and the buzzzzzzzzzing part right tight against my clit.

Todd varied the speed and intensity of the V

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