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Tale of love, sex, beliefs, salvation, and choices.

Cassie looked down at the two men sucking on her tits. One of her hands was still wrapped around the bedpost for support, while the other one gripped the comforter on her mattress. She felt both guys' hands fumbling in between her legs and unconsciously spread them apart further, allowing them more room to play. One of them started undoing her skirt and it dropped to the floor around her feet.

"Mmm, God look at that!" Nate exclaimed as the two stared at her nearly hairless pubic mound.

"Looks good enough to eat." Laughed Bryant as he eased Cassie back onto the bed. He leaned down on the floor and spread her legs apart, exposing her narrow, pink slit. She looked down and Bryant's handsome face, his eyes glinting with sexual hunger. He leaned forward and she felt his tongue against her clit. She let out a surprised gasp of pleasure. The two guys chuckled. Bryant continued to lick as Nate walked around him, undoing his shorts. Cassie stared through slitted eyes as Nate dropped his shorts and underwear. She watched his erect cock bob up and down as he crawled onto the bed beside her.

Cassie narrowed her eyes at Nate's penis. She'd never seen on in the flesh before and wondered if his was typical. It was maybe seven or eight inches long, and curved upward, pointing toward the ceiling. The thick, hairy base tapered to a smaller, mushroom-shaped head. The testicles that hung below it were small and firm, looking more like one big ball than two to Cassie. Nate squatted on his knees beside Cassie's head and reached down and pointed the head of his prick at her face. She wrinkled her nose at it, unsure of what he wanted. "Suck it." He explained to her and pushed it against her lips. She kept her lips closed, unsure if she wanted his thing in her mouth. Then Bryant did something with his tongue to make her moan with pleasure and Nate took the opportunity to push his dickhead in between her lips.

Cassie's eyes widened as she felt the foreign object in her mouth. Her initial reflex was to pull her head back but Nate grabbed the back of her head preventing her from doing so. He began to push himself back and forth in her mouth and Cassie realized that, though the sensation was bizarre to her, she didn't mind the taste of his cock so much. In fact, she rather liked it. She began to play her tongue around it, enjoying the salty taste. "Mmm, yeah that's it. Oh, you like that don't you?" Nate's voice trembled with pleasure.

"Yeah, she likes it." Bryant rose up from Cassie's spread legs long enough to mumble. His chin glistening with her juices, he quickly dove back down, lapping noisily at her cunt. While his tongue concentrated on Cassie's pussy, his eyes focused on his friend's cock as was pushed in and out of Cassie's dripping mouth.

"Oh suck it, girl." Nate demanded and Cassie tried to comply. She wrapped her lips around his head and sucked on it, like she would a lollipop. "Move your head back and forth...yeah that's it." Nate coached her. "Oh, fuck yeah, that feels good. Um, you're a good little cocksucker, aren't you?" Cassie mumbled something as Bryant pushed first one, then two fingers inside her. With his tongue flicking her clit and his fingers fucking her, Cassie felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure coming. She began to buck her hips up and down, rubbing herself against Bryant's scratchy chin. He responded by thrusting his fingers faster inside of her and licking harder and quicker against her sensitive little button. She began moaning around Nate's cock, encouraging him to thrust back and forth faster, making her slurp on his slick rod.


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