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Grandfather and teacher find a completely new diversion.

Suddenly an evil thought hit me.

"Hmm..." I said, "ok, but only if you prove to me what a little whore you are."

She looked at my expectantly. I maintained my silence, I wanted her to work for my approval.

She cracked. "What do you want me to do?" she asked timidly.

I paused for a second, then issued my instructions, "I want you to go to the bathroom... take your soaked little panties off... then bring them back to me."

She swallowed. Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened and her expression shifted between what looked like fear, and awe and excitement. She looked down, inspecting just how short her dress was... and it was very, very short.

She looked back up at me, "I..." her words caught in her mouth, "I..."

I stared right into her eyes.


She started rocking back and forward in tension, screwing her eyes shut.

Eventually, she opened her eyes, "ok," she said under her breath.

"Now," I demanded in a stern voice, pushing her with my hip.

She rose to her feet, visibly trembling. Her face was burning red; the tips of her ears too; and her chest. She looked at me helplessly, then at the bathroom door on the other side of the room. She took a deep breath then shakily walked over to it. The tension seemed like it was almost crippling her and revealed itself in every single one of her movements, until she reached the door, and jumped inside.

I squeezed my thighs together feeling my pussy begin to swell and moisten. Poor little Amy, I was really putting her through her paces. I can only imagine how much her emotions must have been churning.

I watched the door intently, waiting for her to emerge. It was a few minutes before she did. Maybe there was a queue, or maybe she needed to give herself a pep talk, I don't know.

As she slowly sneaked out. I could just about make out a piece of pale pink fabric clumped up tightly in one of her fists. Her other hand tugged down the hem of her little dress, I guess in terror that it might ride up. Her face was still burning red. She looked to see whether the coast was clear, then scurried over to me and discreetly pushed her panties into my hand. I could feel that they were saturated with her warm juices.

"Slut," I giggled.

She quickly sat down next to me. Her body was shaking. She crossed her legs tightly, gripped the hem of her dress and pulled down.

"Can we go now Mistress?" she whispered.

"Let me finish my drink first!"

She quietly roared in frustration.

I chuckled, enjoying squeezing the wet fabric between my hand, then bringing it up to my nose to take in a heady breath, "Mmm," I purred, "humiliation excites you, doesn't it?"

"yes mistress."

"Well I can think of lots of delicious little humiliations that I'd like to dish out on you," I said.

She wailed.

"Would you like to hear some?"

She didn't answer, she just bit her lip and stared up at the ceiling, breathing heavily.

I decided to continue anyway.

"Do you remember what everyone did to Jane for her last birthday?" I said, drawing myself close to her, "You know... grabbed her... pinned her down... carried her into the next room... then use cling-film to wrap her poor little body a chair..."

Amy screwed her eyes shut, "Katie..." she squealed.

"She begged everyone to let her go... but they all just laughed at her... and then they all went into the next room and continue to party, didn't they?" I said.

Then I released a little giggle.

"Maybe I'd suggest that everyone does that to you for your birthday... it's coming up soon isn't it... I'd get everyone to grab you... and force you onto the chair... and cling-film wrap you to it... with your ankles tied to the chair legs... spread out wide... like a filthy... little... whore"

I pushed my mouth right up to her ear, "then we'd leave you there... struggling..."

Amy's teeth clenched and her knuckles almost went white with tension as they clamped down even tighter onto the hem of her tiny dress.

"I'd be nice though.

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